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  1. barjohn

    New Model Y LR cost is 53000$ today onwards (excluding Tax rebate of 7500$).I bought my model Y in December for 65000$

    At least with the Model Y P I purchased in Dec., I am only down $3,400 from the price today configured as mine is, which is what I wanted. With the free 2 years of Supercharging I am probably only down $2,400. It wouldn't qualify for the $7,500 tax credit anyway unless the IRS changes their...
  2. barjohn

    Model Y comfort suspension?

    I had a 22 MYLR (before it was totaled) and just purchased a 23 MYP. I was fully expecting the MYP to have a harsher ride given that it has the 21" wheels and the MYLR had the 19" wheels and that every review I read said the performance version had a rougher ride. I found the opposite to be...
  3. barjohn

    Anyone here order during Tesla's deal and actually received by 12/31/22?

    Did yours have the parcel shelf? Mine didn't, but I ordered the parts and installation and approved the invoice. From what I have read it helps reduce noise from the trunk. I wasn't worried about people looking in and seeing things as I never leave any valuables visible.
  4. barjohn

    Anyone here order during Tesla's deal and actually received by 12/31/22?

    I placed my order for one of only two inventory cars that were available in Florida on 12/21. One was a new 2022 MYP and the other was a showroom 2023 MYP White/B/W interior and Tow hitch. I complete paperwork and financing by 12/23 and picked up my car on 12/26 receiving both the $7,500...
  5. barjohn

    10,000 SuperCharger Miles?

    Right now, with 90% around town driving I am seeing an average of about 4.6 miles/Kw. With highway driving at 70mph + I would expect that it will drop to less. That translates into 2,174 Kw. Using $0.40 Kw pricing that equals about $870.
  6. barjohn

    Free 10000 super charger miles with Dec 2022 deliveries won't get added until January 2023

    I can't find it on the Mobile app or at my account on Tesla.
  7. barjohn

    IRS definitions of what's a car vs SUV by manufacturer for $55k vs $80k price limit

    I think this ruling is challengeable under the IRA law. The following is the law as written: `(11) Manufacturer's suggested retail price limitation.-- ``(A) In general.--No credit shall be allowed under subsection (a) for a vehicle with a manufacturer's suggested retail price in excess of the...
  8. barjohn

    Model Y’s sold out in the Midwest supposedly

    Better than we knew with the new IRS ruling that only the MY with 7 seats qualifies as an SUV. The 3 RWD and any with an MSRP below $55k will qualify.
  9. barjohn

    It Appears Only the 7 Seat Model Y will Qualify For The $7,500 Tax Credit

    The IRS just release the list of Vehicles that qualify for the new tax credit and only the 7 seat variant meets their definition of an SUV that is based on GVWR. Lots of discussion on reddit and it is leaving a lot of buyers that chose to wait for January angst. Personally, where the...
  10. barjohn

    Model Y’s sold out in the Midwest supposedly

    There were a few model Ys and 3s this morning available in Florida but they are all gone now. The only place I see with inventory is the CA Bay Area and that is only for Ys. No 3s even in the Bay Area.
  11. barjohn

    New MY has 15 miles on the car. Is this acceptable?

    The paper work said 15 miles but it had 30 when I took delivery. They had to drive it from the show room to the delivery center and it was a demo. They took $2,400 additional off for being a demo. I can't complain.
  12. barjohn

    Picked up 2023 Model Y today

    I have had problems with rim protectors coming loose and beating my cars paint surface (luckily, I had PPF). I don't recommend and would not buy again.
  13. barjohn

    Chances of taking delivery this year?

    Almost all of the model Ys and 3s in inventory are in CA and you have to order an inventory car to get delivery before 1/1/23. Unless you ordered an inventory car you probably won't get delivery this year. With inventory cars, you get the VIN the same day.
  14. barjohn

    2023 Model Y Performance ride quality + tire issues

    I may see if I can convince Tesla to sell me the Parcel shelf parts and install them. I know they quit selling them in general, but I will argue that the 2023 Performance have them and I would like to make mine a fully 2023 model for future resale. They certainly cannot argue that they aren't...
  15. barjohn

    Current spec and build differences for MYLR between Austin and Fremont?

    I'm not sure when or which models of MY, MYLR and MYP started having rear emergency release for doors but my 2023 MYP has them and I am grateful after surviving a totaled 2022 MYLR and the only way out the front was the emergency release handles (wife and I both in front seats). Everything...
  16. barjohn

    2023 Model Y Performance ride quality + tire issues

    I had a June 22 MYLR that was totaled on Dec 8th. On 12/22 I ordered an MYP and picked it up yesterday. The MYLR was pretty rough riding (It had Conti all season on 19" wheels), the Oct 2023 MYP I just picked up rides substantially better and quieter, it has the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season...
  17. barjohn

    Picked up 2023 Model Y today

    I picked up a new Model Y Performance yesterday (Tamps), and while things were hectic with lots of people picking up cars, the staff was friendly, helpful and courteous. It was overall a pleasant experience. I had totaled my 22 MY (not P) and thought I would be without a 2nd Tesla for months...
  18. barjohn

    Some customers are getting offer of $7500 off + 10k free miles

    The auto industry has standard codes that define their vehicles. The Tesla Model Y has a Style code of UT. UT is for Utility vehicle. An SUV is a Sports Utility Vehicle so it seems it would qualify...
  19. barjohn

    Some customers are getting offer of $7500 off + 10k free miles

    BYD is priced higher in the US (recent article on Electric) than the comparable Tesla and they have a very tiny profit margin which means they can't reduce price without losing money. Tesla has a large profit margin so they can cut price and still make money.
  20. barjohn

    unadvertised differences between model Y performance vs LR? 11/2022

    I think all MYPs (late 22 and 23) now come with Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires. They are very good highly rated tires. They must also have the comfort ride as I drove one (an 11/22 model) the other day and compared to my June 22 MYLR it rode better, quieter and with more compliance.
  21. barjohn

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    Virtually all Birds Eye view setups are creating a virtual image by combining multiple camera images and filling in the gaps with computer generated imaging. I would be happy with having that instead of USS. It can fill in gaps in image as the car moves by calculating distance moved and...
  22. barjohn

    Flickering Backup Camera on 2019.20.4.2

    2018 Model S 75D and up until this release the backup camera would stay black until a reboot. With this version of the software, the camera will intermittently start flickering with a pink band at the bottom. Anyone else have this problem and if resolved, how was it fixed? See posted video...
  23. barjohn

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    I requested it from the Costa Mesa service center and they said they haven't received any for retrofit.
  24. barjohn

    Mac Menu Bar for Tesla

    This app currently has a bug in that it reports erroneous state information. I have found that it will report the car is sleeping and TeslaFi shows it in P. A visual inspection of the car and the items I have plugged into the rear USB port and the 12V lighter shows me that TeslaFi is right and...
  25. barjohn

    RPMTesla not responding to e-mails

    I was there most of the day yesterday and I can tell you first hand that Mark cares about his customers. They are extremely busy but Mark took out time to help me do a very big install. I know from having conversations with him that one of their problems is finding reliable young people. Here...
  26. barjohn

    Tesla Model 3 Electric Lift Gate with Soft Close

    I thought you all might enjoy seeing an installed version of the newly available Tesla Model 3 electric lift gate setup with soft close feature. This kit is available from Teslaoffers.com in Hong Kong and may soon be available from RPMTesla.comin CA. including installations for Southern...
  27. barjohn

    Tesla Releases New Software Updates, Includes Immediate Forced Update

    So where is it? It may have released to early access but it hasn't been released to the rest of us. Usually released means released to the general public/population or it should say to a select group.
  28. barjohn

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    Thanks to help from @ppamidimarri I now have it working. There were some errors in his files and I made some typos I missed. Go to his branch on GitHub : ppamidimarri/TeslaDashcamWeb to find the latest. There are still a few bugs, one being that you can't delete empty folders and on occasion...
  29. barjohn

    Has anyone really used a 12V pump to fill tire?

    I have plugged in a high powered compressor into the 12V socket and it worked just fine. I'm not sure why yours didn't but you need to get it checked.
  30. barjohn

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    After many hours of work I got a version quasi working with a web interface. However, even though the files are on the pi I get the following error when trying to operate from the web interface: forbidden. See the screen shots below. Anyone have any idea what causes this? I have looked at...
  31. barjohn

    PSA TezLab App & Software Very Buggy

    TeslaFi is still the most accurate and now has many added features including auto activating sentry mode based on location or disabling it based on location (like home). Stats is a very nice app but up until the last release today, it kept the car from sleeping. I am still testing the newest...
  32. barjohn

    Pi Zero W - Dashcam and Music Sync Control from Browser

    I was never able to get your scripts to work. Can you provide an updated step by step procedure to make it work on V9?
  33. barjohn

    Pi Zero W - Dashcam and Music Sync Control from Browser

    If you have to unplug it to use the WiFi connection it kind of defeats the whole point. What would be desirable is to have a dual ported device with a WiFi connection to the storage on one port and the USB connection on the other port. Then you could read the storage video from the WiFi...
  34. barjohn

    Pi Zero W - Dashcam and Music Sync Control from Browser

    If its like the one I tried from a different vendor it is not dual ported so you can't have it plugged into the USB port and access over WiFi at the same time. They don't show the manual being available so that one can verify but I would call them and ask that question.
  35. barjohn

    Pi Zero W - Dashcam and Music Sync Control from Browser

    First, the RPI should work through USB. I know mine does. Second, there are now multiple sets of instructions which is very confusing. The quick method, I have never been able to get to work. Third, with V9, major modifications are needed to make it work. I haven't had any success with it...
  36. barjohn

    Regenerative Braking Reduced on 2019.5.4?

    I too have noticed that on 5.15. I almost called Tesla on it but then figured maybe it would be fixed on the next software update. It also broke the ability of my Raspberrypi as a USB device to work on the dash cam.
  37. barjohn

    Sentry Mode

    I completely rebuilt my Pi-cam and the drive is freshly formatted FAT32. There are no files on it when I plugged it in. It worked perfectly before the update. I have two, one I kept as a backup and the result was the same with both. One is 64GB and the other is 128GB.
  38. barjohn

    Sentry Mode

    Those of you that have used a Raspberrypie as a USB device will find that after the Sentry Mode update, the dash cam feature will no longer detect the device as a USB drive, which is a real pain as with it, it automatically uploaded the files to my home computer when the car was in my garage and...
  39. barjohn

    Trade: Wood Dashboard for White

    That is a front facing camera and it's own 5" display. Makes parking a whole lot easier.
  40. barjohn

    Trade: Wood Dashboard for White

    Here is a better picture with the embossed look logo.
  41. barjohn

    Trade: Wood Dashboard for White

    The RPM Tesla has an option for an embossed look Tesla logo. While it doesn't show in these photos, it is really cool.
  42. barjohn

    Trade: Wood Dashboard for White

    I used RPM Tesla's and here are a couple of quick snaps.
  43. barjohn

    Trade: Wood Dashboard for White

    I did that swap recently and then wrapped my center console in satin white and I love the look. Makes the car seem more modern. Wood seems more appropriate to an older error for luxury cars. The sleek white aluminum or carbon fiber seems more modern to me.
  44. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking Assist

    There is no lag I can detect. It appears to be near real-time.
  45. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking Assist

    You will strike and scrape on many parking blocks in CA as the car is not high enough even when not lowered. Backing in works great when you are in a parking area that is not crowded but most parking in SOCAL is very busy and if you go far enough past a spot to back into it someone else will...
  46. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking Assist

    I would suggest buying it directly from the company if possible. I don't see any pricing on their web site but if they don't sell direct, they can certainly direct you to other sellers. I know Amazon sells them and their return policies are excellent. When I called their CS and told them I...
  47. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking Assist

    I thought I would give you all some additional information. The one that Costco was selling has a version number on the back of the display of 1011US2. You want it to end in US3 which is their more current version. It should also have the US3 update. If you order directly from the company...
  48. barjohn

    Best 19 tires replacement

    For Floridians, your advice is probably accurate but even Southern Californians occasionally drive into the local mountains where we get snow, or drive out to Utah or up to Mammoth where we encounter snow and there are two passes driving to northern California that get snow so while not an...
  49. barjohn

    Clearbra/Wrap = No AP guarantee

    I have 3M clear bra wrap on my front and no indication of any sensor issues. Ultrasonic locations are cut out but not the radar location.
  50. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking Assist

    Hey, if you don't mind paying for tickets and risking having your insurance rates go up be my guest!