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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    We have the official numbers for France in December: 1250 Tesla Model 3 102 Tesla model S 83 Tesla model X Total for December: 1435 Tesla cars delivered. Source: http://www.avere-france.org/Uploads/Documents/1578561037dfcf28d0734569a6a693bc8194de62bf-BILANANNUEL2019.pdf
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    In France, we already have numbers for the Tesla Model 3 (1250) for December, although there is yet no indication for total Tesla cars sales in December as it lacks Tesla Model S and X numbers: Voiture électrique : 42.764 immatriculations en France en 2019 For Portugal, there is only an...
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    I found this link in an article from a french site of car news that I don't remember the name anymore. Sorry.
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    Glad I could help.
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    Troy, be careful, the numbers for France are wrong. Unfortunately, in the site of AVERE, they put the same PDF for September than the one for July/August with 518 Model 3 delivered for example. In fact, the true numbers can be found here...
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    Last Monday, soon in the morning, I was driving in traffic jam caused by an accident arriving in Lisbon by the A1-North (coming from Fátima) when I saw for the first time a truck full of Tesla 3! No photo as I was driving but seeing in flesh what I had only saw in internet so far, gave me...
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    For France, Arvere-France publicized the last sales numbers: http://www.avere-france.org/Uploads/Documents/1554462213a58da558147631652560897fe8b30dee-immats-avril-2019.pdf These indicate that 51 Model S and 46 Model X were delivered in France in March.
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    You are right. Sorry,my bad:)
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    For Portugal, ACAP had updated their numbers for Tesla sales in February with 124 Tesla cars sold (instead of 109) with 97 of them being Model 3. With the 15 Tesla sold in January and then the 355 in March (don't know yet how many were Model 3), the total number for Q1 should be 494.
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    Yeah, unfortunately, it seems there is no way to obtain official numbers for 2018...But for 2019, it seems that, thanks to the Model 3, and after USA and Canada in 2018, the sky will be the limit for Tesla, in Portugal and in most other European markets...:) P.S.: Thanks for the other sources...
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    Troy, since this year, the ACAP (Automobile Association of Portugal: Estatísticas), is including official Tesla cars sales numbers in its monthly statistics. Sadly, you have to be a subscriber to access it. However, economic news papers and automobile sites has unveiled these statistics for...
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    problems in the European delivery hell

    Understand your point, but all of that are not mistake, they are lack of means, read money. You need money to have more service centers, more show rooms, more people working at each service center, each show room, etc...Tesla simply to afford to built in ten years the same service center network...
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    Texas Hold Up!

    Magnificent blue S, with the beautiful red 3 and the small pure white, you have the right colours for French flag and...Texas flag! And I'm very jealous in the best way. Congrats!
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    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    This remember me when I was reading a comment in Yahoo financial page about TSLA, one or two weeks before the Shareholders Meeting, and TSLA was at 290 and going down, and a short was commenting that TSLA will never hit the 300 again, "EVER", he wrote. This made me laughing so much to see how...
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    Nouvelle carte des superchargeurs

    Trois et demi plus tard...premier superchargeur de Tesla en construction au Portugal: . Le plus surprenant, c'est qu'alors la dernière carte de Tesla prévoyait la construction de sept superchargers au Portugal jusqu'à la fin de 2018, aucun d'eux n'était prévu dans ma commune. Et bien, c'est...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Hope @BlueShift is checking this thread. There is a new Supercharger working in North Scotland at Aviemore and it is already shown in Tesla official map and in reddit: The most Northern UK Supercharger is now open in Aviemore, Scotland • r/teslamotors
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Quoting @yargok: "Reading the tea leaves, I think they are going to have disappointing deliveries this quarter and are more scared of the impact of that (viability of the Model S and X) than the absolute profitability" Or...they can have a record delivery month...my little finger is telling me...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    It would be a little off this thread, but it's always interesting to know about changes in EV taxation in other countries, so, if you don't mind, could you explain this taxation change that I presume, by your choice of a 2nd January delivery, it will be more favorable to EV after December 31st...
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    Troy, it's just a kind input/opinion from me, but maybe it will, soon, be opportune to substitute Denmark by Spain in the chart, even the "other countries" lines (both for S and X sales) don't reflect Tesla Spanish sales any more, as you can see there: EV Sales: Spain July 2017
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    Supercharger - Hermitage, PA

    I saw this Blog this morning and had already sent an e-mail to Blueshift about this.
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    35,000 for how long?

    Do you remember this article from Randy Carlson in Seeking Alpha, in 2015, Will Tesla's Model 3 Compete? - Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha I kept it (printed it) and this weekend I took time to read it again, and his assumptions about standard and long range Model 3 were correct at...
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    All X now come standard with 2" hitch receiver for towing, no longer an option

    I was playing with the design studio and couldn't see any reference of towing package, nor any hitch reference. Is this because I'm from Europe? Where the reference to the hitch you cited is wrote in the design studio? Thanks.
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    I guess Tesla batteries could help for a better grid management and to handle the wide-spread use of electric cars. I guess too, that the wide spread of solar panels could both, help to complete some "holes" in the Indian electric grid (especially in isolated villages and small towns) and give...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    I would guess one in East Coast USA (maybe near the triple frontier of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia), mainly for cars, but the last one could be in India which is hungerly and loudly awaiting for Tesla there. China would be great to feed China (and Hong-kong), South Korea, Japan...
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    Unpublished Superchargers

    Thanks for the enlightening!
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    Unpublished Superchargers

    I didn't know where to put this post, so moderators, please put this post in the right thread if this one it's not appropriate, thanks. My question is about the supercharge.info site having, or not, problems with the map. I don't know for you guys, but here in Portugal, both at home and at...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Wonder which we will see first: VIN 200XXX for the Model S or VIN 50XXX for Model X? Exciting times for sure!
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    How many Tesla's in New Zealand

    Thanks for the informative link too!
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    @Troy, I had a doubt about Switzerland numbers, so a sent a twit to auto-schweiz asking. They answered me today saying that Tesla S figure for February is 19 and Tesla X is 30. They explained that 68 and 84 figures were the total of sales for January and February.
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    How many Tesla's in New Zealand

    Thanks Miggy. Would be interesting to know and to compare with other countries where Tesla recently had entered in, like Taiwan, UAE, Portugal,...
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    How many Tesla's in New Zealand

    @Miggy, Are all these 21 new Tesla's registered only Model S or some of them being in fact Model X?
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    Yea, weather conditions for CRS-10 launch Saturday seems to be improving and should give us a spectacular first first stage daylight landing at LZ-1, if all runs flawlessly, so he is in an good mood...and hopefully, 2016Q4 Tesla results are better than anticipated too, or orders for Powerwalls...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    The news is once more a "super accurate" valuation of Colin Langan UBS analyst...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    Same analyst that make this before M3 revealing last year: UBS continues to say sell Tesla ahead of upcoming Model 3 launch If someone refused to follow its "fair" analyse and bought Tesla stocks instead, they were, yesterday, gaining almost 100% against his $140 per stock action valuation he...
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    Tesla Superchargers In UAE

    It is near the Airport, in Masdar City like this picture from Electrek site with a screen-shot from the official Tesla supercharger map is showing: I wonder why the supercharge.info site is late on this as it is not showing these two new UAE supercharger locations in its map, which is very...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    This make me remember having a discussion in an EV site (maybe Insideev, but not sure), one year ago, with someone that seemed to be part of a sort of some delusional and bashing Tesla group. At that time (when TSLA was at some 155) his quote was: "TSLA will be at 100 six months from now, and at...
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    Message to Elon Musk: Stay focused

    Exactly! Now, the right question would be, with Tesla, SpaceX (with all the odds against him and these two companies), attending meeting every where in the world, time to pass with his boys (in the 12 to 14 years, if I'm not wrong, so one of the most difficult time of their life), and now with...
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    Maybe I can help: -For France this article (La voiture électrique passe le cap des 20.000 immatriculations en 2016) says 120 MS for December and a total of 785 for 2016. The number for The X in December is not given but until November there were 81 X delivered in France (EV Sales: France). For...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    Atlantis, Dec 16, 2016 I was very optimistic at the beginning of this quarter, expecting Tesla delivers some 26.500 cars, but rumours of delays in Ap-2 hardware supplies, QC of this hardware taking more time and delaying deliveries, 5 seats and RDH Tesla X seeming a little late, put me in the...
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    Model X January 2017 Deliveries

    Congrats! If it's not asking too much, can you give us the first three digits of your VIN?
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    Le déploiement des SUC prends du retard

    Une 46ème station de recharge rapide au Nord de Grenoble (Grenoble Supercharger | Tesla Europe) indiquée par le site supercharge.info . C'est tout bon pour les amoureux de la glisse...
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    The Last Founders X?

    Congrats Bonnie! Funny, yesterday as checking randomly in this site (Transport Department - Monthly Traffic and Transport Digest 2016), I was wondering if any Hong-Kong owner will receive a Founder Tesla X with AP 2.0 hardware, or any other RHD Founder Tesla X not yet delivered in UK, Australia...
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    Q4'16 Delivery Estimates

    I was very optimistic at the beginning of this quarter, expecting Tesla delivers some 26.500 cars, but rumours of delays in Ap-2 hardware supplies, QC of this hardware taking more time and delaying deliveries, 5 seats and RDH Tesla X seeming a little late, put me in the reserve about total...
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    [Moderator note: this post was moved from the Twentynine Palms Supercharger thread] Seeing this supercharger poping-up from nowhere surprise me a lot. I'm from abroad but I like to follow the growing process of Tesla Superchargers Network (hungerly awaiting for it, here in Portugal, in next...
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    Model X December Deliveries

    So, they had built three cars for you! The first one maybe was put in demo for show rooms, the second which came to Europe with the AP 1.0 might go a cheap inventory (by the lack of AP 2.0 hardware), and then the third will be yours! Congrats!
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    Model X December Deliveries

    I can be wrong but were not, until recently (as it seems that they are only beginning to be produced now), all the 5 seats and RHD car orders awaiting for VIN assignment? This could implicate/explain some jumps in VIN numbers, no?
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    Cobalt shortage really an issue?

    Hum...Well, I only see this as one more reason to bring here to Portugal the Gigafactory 2, more specifically in Alentejo region, where there is the Iberian Pyrite Belt, with mines of copper (useful for Tesla AC engines) with a lot of cobaltite associated. Then, with at a few hundreds kilometres...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    The letter of this "non partisan" organisation let suppose that most of Tesla actual or potential clients doesn't know the limitation of the auto pilot system. Maybe, it was true before the fatal accident of May, but after that, with all the bashing against autopilot (inclusive by this "non...
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    Model X Year-end Deliveries

    Portuguese Constitution prohibits retroactive laws. Is it not the same with US Constitution? Because if so, I think the tax credit can't be remove...but it's almost sure now that it will not be renewed!
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    RHD VIN assignment and delivery

    I remember seeing somewhere recently that TESLA is negotiating with Hong-Kong Gov the extension of this tax exemption.