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    Garage door replacement suggestions

    So I’m basically in the market to replace my 2 car garage door. I’ve been looking into getting a glass panel garage door. With so many options, I was hoping to get my fellow Tesla owners opinions on what to get/what not to get. My garage door faces west, so it sees plenty of Southern...
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    Supercharger - Los Angeles, CA - Alameda St. (LIVE 17 Sep 2020, 16 urban stalls)

    Can someone tell me if this charger is open? I’m very low and need to charge. November 5th
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    FS: 22” Brand new black turbine wheels for model X or S

    Picking up my referral in the next week. brand new 22” black turbine wheels for model x. They will also fit the model s. (I currently have 22” aftermarket wheels on my model x and s) Southern California pick up preferred. Will ship at buyers expense $3000 firm
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    21" Arachnids referral for sale

    I am going to pick up my 21" referral Arachnids this Saturday. They will be sold with tires and tpms. I have no need for these wheels as I already have aftermarket wheels on my cars. You can meet me at the service center or you can pick them up from my house. Local buyers only in Southern...
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    Custom Socket Tool for Refresh Front Plate License Screws

    I have the tool needed to take it off. $7 shipped and its yours! pm me 90 degree pliers
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    Opening charging port when vehicle is locked

    Today I was parked in a spot with one free hpwc charger at a local hotel. After charging, I noticed an older model s that was parked next to me and I figured I would try to see if his port would open by simply pushing the button on the hpwc handle. Guess what, it worked and I plugged it in for...
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    So, sideskirts & diffuser are coming to Model X

    Is this a real possibility for the upcoming deliveries in a month or 2? I’m on the fence on which color to get because of the black plastic trim surrounding the car. If it is all solid body color, it would be an easy decision for us on which color to get
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    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    Is the immersive sound option only with new mcu’s with pup? I don’t see an immersive sound option and I have the updated mcu.
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    Lowering the Model 3

    By far the funniest/true post on this whole forum
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    Lowering the Model 3

    All you have to do is reverse park and you wouldn't have to deal with the parking strips.
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    This doesn’t look right

    I believe what I’m referring to is the parking brake. (Part with only tesla logo on it) I checked both rears and they both don’t have it. Guess things have changed
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    This doesn’t look right

    this is a shot of my rear brakes/rotors Isn’t there supposed to be another part on the rotor? This is a new model s picked up recently (march build) this
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    What is the website that tells you if you have the new MCU?

    That is incorrect. There have been reports that whatsmyua.info is giving false info for those who have the updated mcu. http://teslamcu.xyz/ is the correct website to check which mcu you have.
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    Wind & road noise with all glass roof?

    Did you buy a demo car?
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    Wind & road noise with all glass roof?

    Didn’t you just take delivery of your car? What other problems do you have?
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    I go to my S 100D today. No vanity mirrors or upgraded MCU

    new mcu a minor upgrade? an upgrade that can't/won't be retrofitted by sc is hardly a minor upgrade
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    Your Tesla's value just dropped about 4-5k overnight

    Just another one who got shafted.
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    Your Tesla's value just dropped about 4-5k overnight

    A couple months from now, people will start to ask if the car has the new mcu when they are shopping for a used tesla s/x. They will also pay a premium to have the new mcu and if the difference between the old mcu and new is 5k, i would bet they pay the premium. Let’s be real, everyones car...
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    What kind of model s did you get? I’m surprised you got yours that early too.
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    CA HOV White sticker

    When driving with the sticker in the metro express lanes, (Southern California) I assume you will have to set your fastrak module to 3 persons. If you are riding solo in the tesla without the sticker attached to the car with your module set to 3 persons, how would you get caught other than...
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    Lease takeover

    If you can find me this deal, I’ll use your referral code
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    Lease takeover

    I’d like to know as well.
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    Model S - Window Tinting

    Would anyone know what the best tint to keep the uv and heat out that offers 5% (limo) for a tesla?
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    Gauging Interest in a "Charging Reminder Service"

    free? count me in
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    22" forged wheels + unplugged lowering kit = ?

    Why couldn't you fit a 285?
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    22" forged wheels + unplugged lowering kit = ?

    I would say a majority of people will say 255/30/22 285/25/22 What I would like to know is if it's possible to run a 30 series tire in the rear while lowered!
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    @noble_auto Are you having any rubbing issues with running a 30 series tire in the rear?
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    22 inch wheels lowered ?'s

    Is it possible to run a 30 series tire in the rear without the rear rubbing while lowered on air suspension?
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    22 inch wheels lowered ?'s

    @BigCity , is there a certain spot up front where you are rubbing? For instance, are you only rubbing when making a full left turn or right left turn or is it both ways? I've read others were rubbing when only in reverse full turn, but i find it strange how they could only rub in reverse.
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    22 inch wheels lowered ?'s

    I have experience in my current car with 21" wheels and haven't had a single problem with them for 3 years. My current car is similar size, to the model s as well.
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    22 inch wheels lowered ?'s

    I have many questions regarding 22" wheels and I hope you guys will be able to take some time and help me out. I have searched for days trying to find the correct answer for 22 inch wheels. These questions are primarily for those who have 22" wheels WITH air suspension AND lowered with either...
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    holder or hook for suit jacket or dry-cleaning

    anybody want to go half on this? EVamped | Tesla Aftermarket Products
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    Just ordered model S need exterior help

    Front 21x9 +23 (33.4lbs) Rear 21x10.5 +28 (34.9lbs) Bolt pattern: 5x120 Hub Bore 72.6 (these wheels have PFS rings which can be changed to any size hub bore Would anyone know if these sized wheels would fit?
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    Just ordered model S need exterior help

    Seems like the bolt pattern is now an issue as BMW has now gone away with the 5x120
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    Just ordered model S need exterior help

    Thanks for the replies. My questions have been answered Now let's hope I don't regret this car purchase.
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    Just ordered model S need exterior help

    Let's say perhaps the air suspension didn't sit low enough for my liking, then what are my options to lower it even more?
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    Just ordered model S need exterior help

    So I just ordered a new Model S and I am in need of help of future cosmetic changes. Please help me out if you have the time. Wheels: Since the car will have the smart air suspension included, what will I need to get to have the wheels sit flush? I will be upgrading to aftermarket 20" or...