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    Is it reasonable to ask Tesla delivery service to improve sound proofing the car?

    They've had two years of production to get this stuff situated. Looking at all the threads on initial quality, what is it going to take for them to get their stuff together? This is why I'm not in a huge hurry to give them 50K. You shouldn't have to buy kits on amazon to make your car the way...
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    Bought a model 3 at auction and repaired it [2019]

    Good luck! It looks like a fun project. I watch some young guys on youtube, the Gonzquad. They've inspired me to hopefully take on a project like yours one day. Would you mind sharing your budget and projected all in costs to get it back to form?
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    Model 3 with an S/X style P100D badge [Update: obviously added by the owner]

    I think what we have here is the equivalent of owners slapping M badges all over everything in the BMW community, on anything but an M car.
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    Non-Tesla Trade Ins

    I guess I caught some bad luck, or my car doesn't have much value wholesale. At the EOQ I order a 3, went through the trade process and Carmax and Tesla came in way too low. I was offered $10,400 on a 13 335i Xdrive with 98,800 in really good condition (new tires, brakes, all records ect). I...
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    Thanks to Dashcam, got out of reckless ticket and potentially very expensive lawsuit

    I can't see where anyone would fault the driver at all after seeing this video. As others have stated he's within his lane and not driving irrationally zig zagging in his lane, looks perfectly normal. This feature alone would be very valuable for a person like me that does 25-30,000 miles a...
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    To fix the rim it would be more than $180... I'd want a dollar per mile reduction at the very least, too.
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    Vancouver Model 3 Pickup Issues...

    I'm always taken aback at what we're able to overlook or ignore when we're emotionally invested. If some of these issues aren't a big deal, then why are they not taken care of, or proactively corrected at a SC? Lowest tier or not, this model along with the Y will ultimately decide whether...
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    2020 Model 3

    I guess that's my bias kicking in. I wouldn't consider anything but the LR AWD (add $4,200+ just for tax and delivery). Also, if you look at inventory of the SR+ a lot are optioned very close to $50k. I understand the value of what the 3 is, but, off this forum and in the real world I'm not...
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    2020 Model 3

    As the Model Y get closer don't you think people will just hold off on a 3? I'm not so sure the demand is going to stay strong, as some think. A hefty premium is in place for a TM3 and it's space limitations. For the average person, the thought of paying 50K and what you get for the money...
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    New Tesla? Nope, never again! Cherry Hill Tesla the worst.

    I have a BMW now, and was about to pull the trigger last night. For service do they not have a specific loaner program? I use my car for work and can't be without a vehicle. BMW and Mercedes are great with their loaners. I'm also not far away from you, and possibly would have to go here to...
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    Pennsylvania EV Rebate price cap

    So if I was to get an inventory car with the 2 option discount, technically I would fall a couple of dollars below the $50,000 number after discount, but the base price would be higher at $52,4xx. It should be what I technically pay that would qualify me, not listed price right? Thanks in...
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    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    The model 3 isn't going to save much, if any money for the normal driver within the first couple of years. If you plan on keeping the car for a while, or drive 20k+ miles a year (like me), that savings realization could be sooner. But the average consumer keeps a car 71 months, that's about...
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    High Milage Model 3

    15-20k per set of tires, wow! Are these high performance or all-season high performance? I spend about 800-1000 on good 18' all-season tires rated between 50-60,000 miles at Costco. I do 25-30,000 miles a year, $1,000 on tires every 8-10 months would be alarming for me. Thanks for sharing...
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    Realtime Production Updates...?

    So I took a test drive of a M3 AWD and I've seen the light. I'm resigned to the fact that I'll most likely never buy a ICE vehicle again. I have a BMW 335 now and the wind noise drives me crazy (60 MPH+) along with the smell from the AC. Similar problems are apparent in the M3 from what I've...
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    Model 3 - LR RWD/Pearl White/19”/Black int/EAP/FSD

    When I build a white LR AWD with 19's is about $50k before any applicable rebates. That's the car I'm looking for.
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    How many miles are "too many" miles for a used MS?

    They depreciate just like any other luxury car, if not more. The market is much smaller and it's a hybrid market of technology and automobiles, not a good combination. This isn't a asset that protected from market norms.
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    Looks really nice. Refreshing to see a clean well taken care of vehicle with a realistic seller.
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    Fading Tax Incentives and Used Tesla Prices

    And used cars will continue to depreciate. To think a mass production vehicle has a chance to appreciate is misguided thinking.
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    Trade-in vs. selling

    I wish you the best of luck on your sale. But, why do you think KBB is an accurate gauge of value? Your strategy of splitting the difference is a good start. The market will tell you right away if your price is on point. Luxury vehicles, plus the technology aspect has created a second hand...
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    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    Is Carfax writing the check? If they were the number would be a lot lower. Their estimates are as reliable the KBB value the novices think means anything. Until a party is willing to hand over money, something is only worth what people are willing to pay.
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    75D Silver Model S, NH $45k, 36,000 miles

    I was just posting a reference as to how good the market is right now if you're a buyer. If this is a real positing it's good for the buyer and seller, is all. If you were an early adopter in the brand and want to upgrade or move on, depreciation is only getting more accelerated. The...
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    75D Silver Model S, NH $45k, 36,000 miles

    Great price. Win win for the buyer and seller, each party makes out. CPO site is listing 75Ds in the low 50s. I bet trade-in offers are in the high 30s. I also just noticed a bunch of 2016 90Ds listed in the high 40s.
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    P85+ prices

    I'm amazed, just looked and found P85s (not the +) sub $35 with less then 70,000 miles. It's a two fold hit on values. These cars are not the refresh model and the announcement of the new one. It's will be a great time to be in the market if you're okay with the original look. Personally I...
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    2013 Model S P85 RWD

    Congratulations. It was a great looking ride.
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    Info on a CPO S85 - FYI

    Nice of you to give a heads up to fellow members. I'm curious, too, on what they gave you. You'd think they would want to move clean inventory as soon as possible? Months of capital tied into a depreciating asset doesn't seem like a good plan.
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    2015 Model S 70D, sunroof, rear facing seats, AP1, 27.5k miles for sale

    When KBB says they'll pay you what they say it's worth, then it'll be a relevant guide. Nice ride.
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    Checking Interest in 2013 Model S 85 Fully Loaded for $30k

    Do you know what your battery range reads at 90%? Thanks
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    FOR SALE - 2013 Model S P85 (Florida)

    Great deal. Congratulations on the sale. This was on my radar as a purchase.
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    2012/3 Model S P90 89k mi asking $36,900

    I don't understand the 12/13 year designation. I'm assuming it's a 12?
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Factual data in link below, I think could be beneficial to those buying and selling here. Anyone selling a 4+ year old Model S that gets a fair market offer, early in their sales process should really think about accepting a perceived lower offer. If the car sits it's likely they miss out on...
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    2013 Tesla Model S P85 Rebuilt 25k

    With the thousands in maintenance needed (tires, windshield and heater core) and that title issue, I thought 25 was a great price for you to fetch.
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    2013 Tesla Model S P85 Rebuilt 25k

    Honest, straight forward description. Congratulations on the sale.
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    FS: Model S P85 w/ Warranty to 100k Miles! [Eastern PA]

    I sent you a private message, not sure if the car is still available. I noticed you had the car on craigslist for a lower amount posted here. My offer was based on another P85 that was sold here in Atlanta.
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    2013 Tesla P85 for sale

    Nice buy for that person. Congratulations on the sale.
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    FS: 2013 Red Model S 40, 55k miles

    $31,800 today
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    FS: Model S P85 w/ Warranty to 100k Miles! [Eastern PA]

    Beautiful car. I live in Collegeville and would be interested if current market price is what you'd consider for a transaction price. We've seen some great posts on 2012s here lately with motivated sellers. If you don't receive offers you find acceptable it's a nice ride to keep rolling in.
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    2016 75D Model S w/ AP1 (2,200+ mi/mon left) - Seattle

    Unless you have a friend or family member that wants to try the car out for a short period of time, not really. Lease restrictions with short time remaining are industry standard. I'd offer the car at -$600-700 a month to someone you trust. You're then not on the hook for the full 10k and...
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    2016 Model S 75 (Upgraded from 60) - Philly Area

    Beautiful. I'm your neighbor right in Collegeville. GLWS
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    Model S as work car?

    Thanks for the insight and things to think about.
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    Model S as work car?

    Just checking in to see if others on the forum are using their Model S as a company car. I was getting an allowance of $700 (taxed) with fuel covered by the company in my expenses. I just learned we are switching to mileage reimbursement at .56 a mile, or higher depending on geographic...
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    I was on that one. In DC near me, didn't move fast enough. Nice buy, congratulations! Please post pics when you get a chance.
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    Provided that $43k wasn't abused, that's the best deal I've seen. I see the location listed for the car is not always listed. Where can I dig a little deeper to get the location? Thanks in advance
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    These found CPO deals is why some of the above posters want this thread to die. It shows where the Model S market stands, moving forward. These are great deals for those fast enough to move.
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    Advise Needed - CPO: Take delivery or not ?

    That seat alone in a $52k car would be enough to say no. You worked really hard for that kind of money. If may not seem like much money to some people on here, but in reality nothing what you posted should be acceptable.
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    2016.5 Facelift S75 CPO LOADED $54,600 in LA

    I don't think sunshine has to sell anyone on anything. The information he's passing along is pretty black and white. WIth the safety of being able to refuse a car, getting a better warranty and often times a newer car with fewer miles it looks pretty simple. The sellers here often times don't...
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    2013 Red Model S P85

    Sorry, forgot to ask about battery range at 80/100%?
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    2013 Red Model S P85

    Looks really nice. GLWS. Being on the opposite coast makes this one hard, otherwise, you've peaked my interest.
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    2016 Model S 75D - AP1, 17k miles

    Am I missing where the price is listed?
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    "people posting on the FOR SALE section are whack...wtf is this "putting out feelers to sell" thing...also, a lot of owners don't understand that no matter what special tint or coating you put on your car with light treatment and trunk organizer, 95% of the time that means zero when you sell...
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    I'm excited at the opportunity to see cars with options, mileage, and age that correlates with a price structure that that looks attractive to a prospective buyer. I'm often taken aback at some of the asking prices observed. I can't fathom spending 45k-50k on beta vehicle with no warranty. I...