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  1. rocketshipp85

    Purchase 2008/2009 Roadster

    Look on CarGurus and Gruber’s for sale list
  2. rocketshipp85

    2011 Tesla Roadster Sport, 4,500 Miles. $169,420

  3. rocketshipp85

    2011 Tesla Roadster Sport, 4,500 Miles. $169,420

    Some more interior and odometer picture. TPMS light occasionally comes in, will require new sensors at some point.
  4. rocketshipp85

    2011 Tesla Roadster Sport, 4,500 Miles. $169,420

    2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5. One Owner Up until Early 2022. Clean Title. New 225/45R-17 YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA AD07 tires in the rear. Less then 200 miles on them. FULL BODY CLEAR PAINT PROTECTION FILM AND CERAMIC COATING. All old PPF was taken off a few months ago and replaced with fresh PPF...
  5. rocketshipp85

    2016 Model X 90D vs 2017 Model X 100D (Features vs Budget)

    I have a 2016.5 AP2/Free Supercharging, FSD 75D X. 6 Seats. Midnight Silver on Black. $50k, 104k miles. You will have money left over to buy warranty
  6. rocketshipp85

    2018 M3P White/Black/FSD 60k miles

    Buyer at $28k
  7. rocketshipp85

    Model X reservation (delivery soon)

    How’d you get Tesla to give the $7,500?
  8. rocketshipp85

    2019 Model X Standard Range - Worth it in 2022?

    How much do you want?
  9. rocketshipp85

    2014 Model S 85, with AP1 Autopilot and MCU2

    Think about it and send me a message. I can purchase very soon
  10. rocketshipp85

    2014 Model S 85, with AP1 Autopilot and MCU2

    I’m a buyer at $20k assuming that the odometer does not go above 130k.
  11. rocketshipp85

    WTB Model X reservation

    I am looking to split the savings with someone. 10k for the reservation
  12. rocketshipp85

    WTB Model X reservation

    I have one at $99,990
  13. rocketshipp85

    Model X Reservation, $99,990 base price

    I have a Model X LR reservation. $20k below current price. Looking for $12.5k MVPA Below, FSD can be added/removed at $10k as well. Vin assigned, delivery soon. Save money and take delivery now. Located in Maryland.
  14. rocketshipp85

    Want to buy Thunder Gray top

    I have one, send me a message
  15. rocketshipp85

    2022 Tesla Model X Long-Range 7-Seater September 16th Deliver

    I have a midnight/silver 6 seater in MD if this is gone
  16. rocketshipp85

    Sweet Spot Model X $84,395

    AP2? FSD?
  17. rocketshipp85

    2022 White Model 3 Standard Range Plus San Diego

    Still have it?
  18. rocketshipp85

    Sweet Spot Model X $84,395

    Did you already purchase a Rivian? If not I have one available I may be interested in working out a trade for your X
  19. rocketshipp85

    ‘22 MXLR Res- Hoping to sell/xfer.

    What price is your reservation at?
  20. rocketshipp85

    2012 Model S P90

    Wow, where did you find a buyer for that much?
  21. rocketshipp85

    Model Y Reservation (Black on Black) ready for delivery on 15th Sept-27th Oct

    SOLD. I will take it, sending a message
  22. rocketshipp85

    2022 New MX LR for sale in Tristate area for RETAIL

    I’m interested. Can you send me a message?
  23. rocketshipp85

    Buy today or I cancel MX-7 Seats. Full options

    I am interested, can you send me a message?
  24. rocketshipp85

    Tesla Model Y LR reservation

    Sending a message
  25. rocketshipp85

    2016 Model S P100D Ludicrous + HW3

    Sold it yet?
  26. rocketshipp85

    Anyone interested in selling their Roadster?

    I’ve been somewhat interested in selling one of mine, #451. Thunder Grey, 1.5 with about 40k miles if you’re interested
  27. rocketshipp85

    MYLR reservation : june 07-july 19 EDD

    Still available?
  28. rocketshipp85

    MYP Reservation - $63,990 Base Price

    Still available? I think I can get registration details changed
  29. rocketshipp85

    2022 Model Y Performance Gray exterior/Black Interior Registration transfer Phoenix, AZ

    Do you still have it? I know how to transfer it
  30. rocketshipp85

    Model X Plaid -- What to do?!?

    Willing to transfer the vin to me?
  31. rocketshipp85

    Early 2016 P90D Model X Signature Titanium Metallic 7 seats

    How much did it sell for?
  32. rocketshipp85

    Founder Edition Model S (#25) For Sale

    How much? Signature red?
  33. rocketshipp85

    Jan 2021 White Standard Range Model Y for sale in Bay Area (Marin)

    I am interested, sent you a message
  34. rocketshipp85

    MY LR - Blue/Black 7 Seater Reservation - NJ - 8k below current pricing

    Interested in a Plaid S reservation?
  35. rocketshipp85

    Looking for Sell/Trade my Model S Plaid with Model X Plaid / LR

    Would you do a straight trade for a LR X?
  36. rocketshipp85

    2019 Tesla model 3P-

    What’s your highest offer currently?
  37. rocketshipp85

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I’ll beat that offer. Do you have FSD?
  38. rocketshipp85

    2022 Model X Long Range Reservation - NJ

    Still have it?
  39. rocketshipp85

    Tesla Model X 2022 LR FSD delivery for sale

    Still have it?
  40. rocketshipp85

    Model S LR White (blk interior) reservation at Pre-price hike in DC area

    I’m local and interested, can you dm me what you’re looking to get?
  41. rocketshipp85

    2022 Model X LR Reservation for sale (3-4 weeks delivery)

    Do you have a vin? Sending a message
  42. rocketshipp85

    FS: 2022 MX Plaid VIN assigned NYC

    How much do you want?