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  1. wayneco

    Founders Series Powerwall for Sale. Ready to Install.

    By the way I am interested in your award gateway install, will try to wrap my head around the tax and other issues above people,are citing. I don’t mind paying some extra for the signed one, as long as it’s not double the cost of the ordinary one or something like that.
  2. wayneco

    Founders Series Powerwall for Sale. Ready to Install.

    Provide them another address with a clean history (ie no powerwalls before) let them install everything, take what you like afterward and do what you want with it. Much easier than fighting about the extra gateway, simply look like what they need you to look like to give you what you want.
  3. wayneco

    Anyone Bought New Inventory Tesla Model S/X "Raven" got free unlimited supercharging before June 30

    I now regret not trading in this Nov 2018 P100D for a Raven at end of June, it would be close to a wash for me, but I don't follow Tesla stuff close enough to see a tweet announcing FUSC "for the next two weeks" or whatever. I'd love it if I could sign up for a "FUSC" alert system via SMS, I'd...
  4. wayneco

    Anyone Bought New Inventory Tesla Model S/X "Raven" got free unlimited supercharging before June 30

    I wrote delivery@ ... we'll see how hard they want to make it for themselves. Sales tax in Nevada isn't capped, I had to pay $12k sales tax on my Mercedes G500 Cabrio back in 2000, we had to pay sales tax on our 2014 S P85+, I had to pay add taxes on the 2018 X P100D, over and above what we...
  5. wayneco

    What Is Your Line Of Work

    Mostly retired 20 years ago, I was a tech founder/exec in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, I had a career in tech that began when I was in high school. I'm now an investor with a portfolio of commercial and residential real estate assembled over the past couple of decades, mostly really in the...
  6. wayneco

    Anyone Bought New Inventory Tesla Model S/X "Raven" got free unlimited supercharging before June 30

    Thanks. I was bounced around between so many "delivery advisors" it was comical, never the same person more than once or twice, then contact by another. I'm a Nevada customer who took delivery at the Fremont factor delivery center, which made it all the more confusing for people. Been contacted...
  7. wayneco

    Charging Raven Long Range on HPWC

    90% is fine, even. 80% seems unnecessarily cautionary.
  8. wayneco

    Anyone Bought New Inventory Tesla Model S/X "Raven" got free unlimited supercharging before June 30

    Where do you file a case? I have some post delivery issues on my X I need to contact someone about before too long. My delivery was a nightmare, like delivering my $150k+ X to me in Fremont was an afterthought in a sea of Model III deliveries. I have a short list of important issues I need...
  9. wayneco

    Lifetime removed, now six mos supercharge - Tesla lied

    Now only a couple of months after Free supercharging became six months of supercharging, they are now bumping six months of free supercharging to nine months. Watch how, wait six more weeks and Tesla will either make it a year or will be back to offering free lifetime supercharging again. I...
  10. wayneco

    Lifetime removed, now six mos supercharge - Tesla lied

    I placed (date the ACH or wire was received by Tesla I presume) my $40k deposit for a Signature Edition X on Feb 5, 2014. I confirmed my X and let it sit in the configurator a few times over the next few years, but never pressed order due to life circumstances and other more important business...
  11. wayneco

    Best car cam

    Does the blackvue have LTE built in for real-time cloud uploads? I saw some cam featured in a story recently that has a cam view into the cabin and reel time uploads video if glass breaking occurs. It’s apparently caught quite a few dirtbags breaking into cars. I want to say it was Owlcam?
  12. wayneco

    Do I even own this car?

    If it’s been in for service for that long. Use the lemon laws to make them buy it back.
  13. wayneco

    Lifetime removed, now six mos supercharge - Tesla lied

    I’m having an equally bad second delivery/post-delivery nightmare, this time with my newest Tesla a fullllly spec’ed MX P100D. One of the issues I need resolved is the life supercharging, which was the deal when I placed a five figure deposit and I began my order but somehow ended a couple weeks...
  14. wayneco

    Parting out three (3) 2017 Model S vehicles

    What would an entire 100kw battery pack cost? Is that a straightforward swapout of my 2014 Model S P85+ battery pack? Also looking for a rear camera from a recent model S, they are much more crisp and seemingly higher res than the one on my early 2014 Model S
  15. wayneco

    Brand new in box - Matte black Wall 24 ft Connector from the Referral Program

    Where are you in nor cal? When in the bay area I’m in San Rafael (Marin.) I also have someone in SF who works with me who could connect with you. I’m looking to buy as many as six of these.
  16. wayneco

    Do I even own this car?

    Stop calling Tesla to force them to bill you for your car. It’s not your job, you signed in good faith, now let it go. Enjoy your car. If someday they sheepishly call to ask, tell them you reached out, they were their typically chaotic post sale selves and you eventually gave up trying., You’ve...
  17. wayneco

    Do I even own this car?

    Tesla so screwed up my 2014 Model S P85+ registration back in March 2014 that it took six months and Tesla to give up and abandon me and the process completely, so I was finally free to go to the dmv and register my own car. Got so used to not having plates that once I got the plates i threw...
  18. wayneco

    Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheels & Tires

    These things still around? Are those winter tires? Good enough for north Lake Tahoe winters? When we are in Tahoe we live in Incline. I ask because I wasn’t thinking and ordered our X (VIN was assigned on Friday, being built ‘soon’) w/ the 22” wheels, completely forgetting about the fact I’ll...
  19. wayneco

    Gen 1 HPWC for sale

    These are also popular with non Tesla owner people to cut off the Tesla plug and install a J1772. It’s a great 80 amp charger in its own right.
  20. wayneco

    Vendor DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits

    PM me pricing on: Model X - thinking specifically about a 100% satin install on my new midnight silver X being built right now, I’m told for delivery by Thanksgiving Also pricing for Model S 1.0 (w/black nose cone) Pricing on clear and satin, both S and X. Heck send pricing on 3 as well, we...
  21. wayneco

    HPWC - Model S/X/3 Wall Connector

    Is it the silver one? The gloss black one? The matte black one with Elon’s signature?
  22. wayneco

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I’m interested. Looking for two actually. I’m in Marin.
  23. wayneco

    FS: Tesla Wall Connector (24'; w/ Wall Cable Organizer)

    I'll pay $500 as well. I was about to order the gloss black one from the web site, but I'd prefer the matte one with elon's scribbling on it. I posted the same on another Elon signature black connector for sale listing on purpose, we are moving to a new home in a week and I have two Teslas in...
  24. wayneco

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    I'M INTERESTED. Excuse the all-caps, despite my fanboy excitement. I'll message you as well.
  25. wayneco

    Is this outlet correct?

    TOTALLY unnecessary. Your electrician was giving you good advice if you were plugging in something that would create a big load the moment it is energized, but there is no load coming from the mobile cable (or the HPWC) when the cable or charger is first plugged in, even if it's already plugged...
  26. wayneco

    Blackvue DR650S Review + Tesla Model X Install

    The whole point of using the OBD II jack for power is that there are many, many, many OBD II plugs available on Amazon that allows one to plug into that jack and take power without needing to cut into or splice into any wires in the car, making it completely reversible simply by unplugging the...
  27. wayneco

    Model X P100D Deliveries

    DOT compliance is not something requiring submissions and approvals, as far as I know. manufacturers generate a letter stating they are DOT compliant, and that is that. YOu may have confused DOT with EPA compliance, where in fact EPa requires engine and emissions testing of new model vehicles...
  28. wayneco

    Why you should never let friend drive your Model X. CEO of Coffee.club runs a Red Light

    There is no reason for someone to ever pay a red light camera ticket, it wasn't witnessed by a sworn peace officer therefore there is no witness. The tickets are basically unenforceable. Even more importantly, no one is obliged to surrender the info of the person driving, there is no reason to...
  29. wayneco

    Model X Launch Event: Plus One Requests / Plus One Offers

    I am a Sig reservation holder and missed the Sep 21st invite (tesla actually send me two invites that day) once I realized it was there in my inbox and I clicked on it, event is showing full. I'd like someone to make me their +1 - but our MS P85+ is in the body shop this week, so I'll be...
  30. wayneco

    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    What email address did the (assumed email) invite come from? I need to search my IMAP inbox and see if I received an invite and don't know it. I was offline for the last four days camping and the unread emails have piled up. I'd hate to miss this event unnecessarily! Thankfully I'm in San...
  31. wayneco

    Tire patching in SF/Bay Area?

    I've taken our P85+ to Larkin Brothers on South Van Ness and about 13th-14th St several times - I,mediate raid, very fair pricing for patching, and honest about what could and could not be patched. Especially when we still ran the 21" wheels on,our car. SF potholes won and we now run the 19"...
  32. wayneco

    What the heck is this orange stuff oozing from the frunk?

    Tesla saw my post and contacted me the following day (July 3rd) to let me know a new hood is on the way, and that once it's painted and ready, they will be installing it sometime soon. If all goes well, then *that* is service.
  33. wayneco

    What the heck is this orange stuff oozing from the frunk?

    Our 2014 P85+ vin 340xx, silver color started crapping expanding foam from the same places in the hood. We are in Lake Tahoe and Reno NV and apparently it was our time. Will be contacting Tesla Service after the 4th of July holiday to have them take care of it.
  34. wayneco

    19" to 21" 70D WHEEL UPGRADE Questions

    We went the other way. Our P85+ came with the fancy 21" wheels and low series tires but where we drive the road conditions are such that we had to replace a tire due to road hazards in the first few months of ownership of our car. And we live in an area that gets serious snow, so I ordered and...
  35. wayneco

    Yet another good reason to install a dash cam

    When I got my Tesla 15 months ago and read on the forums that it had the OBD II "because it's the law" I thought how absurd, but quickly came to the same realization that it's super handy to have some easily accessible +12vdc on a connector that is likely easily sourced, and then decided it was...
  36. wayneco

    19" Tesla Base Wheels - Brand New

    Are these tires mud and snow rated? Or is the 19" winter tire set on the Tesla motors web site different tires than the ones on yours?
  37. wayneco

    Did you feel that? The rapid acceleration of depreciation of your P85

    Gizmotoy: Good to know on the trade-in sales tax credit, thanks for letting us know.
  38. wayneco

    Did you feel that? The rapid acceleration of depreciation of your P85

    I'm so glad you posted that Mitch, I wondered myself the viability of trading up from a fairly new purchase. I finally broke down and ordered our MS earlier this year because I had grown impatient waiting for the Model X, for what seemed like years. I said at the time I'm buying what they have...
  39. wayneco


    Are there regular builds of the mac app wrapper version of visibletesla? I've now had my tesla S for about 2 1/2 months - the most pleasure filled driving of my life. And as a computer geek I love that the car has net and app integration. Thank you so much for putting together something to...
  40. wayneco

    Cinematechs' Delivery

    That is almost what I ordered but at the last minute fell back to silver and silver 21s (P85+) telling myself that the gray / gray will look great on the Model X I reserved. I took delivery of our Model S at the Fremont factory last Thirsday and immediately proceeded to drive from the Bay Area...
  41. wayneco

    200, 300, or 400

    I'd do the 400 amp service simply because the cost to get it done is always less now, these things only get more expensive later. And if you can have a single 400 amp load center that's going to be more tidy than several 200 amp load centers in a row. Also the line from the street would either...