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  1. Dhesi7

    Steering wheel switch

    I’m looking to replace the right steering wheel switches set (voice control side) on my 2018 model x. Typically I would just hit the junk yard for little parts on my other vehicles but does anyone know where to find Decent used parts for a tesla? Btw, If anyone is selling these switches, I’m...
  2. Dhesi7

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Spoiler alert. Before you think it’s gone, it’ll be back. Just stop smashing the gas unless you’re in “very low” unfortunate but it’s the truth
  3. Dhesi7

    Auto wipers on in autopilot when it's not raining

    A w A windshield tint is applied from the inside of the car. It doesn’t cover your cameras. My wipers are doing the same thing (dry wiping) and it’s absolutely annoying. All my cameras are clean and I don’t even bother using AP on my daily 200km commute
  4. Dhesi7

    2022 Model S. Missing update features.

    Didn’t know this was an option! I’ll try something for my garage doors as well. Thanks
  5. Dhesi7

    2022 Model S. Missing update features.

    Ohh! Okay I thought they were supposed. Thanks for clearing that up Yes it’s hella annoying lol, I’m Button bashing to close the garage doors, unlock the car etc. etc. you get my pain
  6. Dhesi7

    2022 Model S. Missing update features.

    The icons are what I’m referring too. It’s a general picture. The ANC feature did show up now that I checked. It wasn’t in the release notes
  7. Dhesi7

    2022 Model S. Missing update features.

    I have a 2022 Model s LR running 2022.12.1 in the Toronto Ontario Region and I'm missing features from prior updates. for example: update 2022.4.5 included 'Icons in the Status bar" Another update enabled the Active Noise Cancellation option under settings. I still don't have these...
  8. Dhesi7

    2022 MS Refresh - “howling” echo sound at cruising speed

    Im running version 2022,12.1 and dont have the option for ANR whats the beef? im in Toronto Ontario Model s 2022
  9. Dhesi7

    Model S Heated Windshield?

    Range Rover has this.. its a fine element that doesn’t obstruct view. works the same way as rear defrosters
  10. Dhesi7

    Vendor Rear Adjustable Camber Bushings for Model S/X Group Buy

    Do these work for the model x ?
  11. Dhesi7

    Running cables from frunk to cabin?

    Yes you’re right but just imagine the worst case scenario. The upstream fuse is for the fuse box only. It is sized to compensate the factory fuse box loads. If you add another, potentially increasing the risk for a unsized fused load. You wouldn’t want your fuse box to all blow. Bad on road...
  12. Dhesi7

    Model X Screen Burn in

    Also noticing the same. Sad.
  13. Dhesi7

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I’ve had the shudder problem within my first 15k miles. Had the SC replace some motor mounts as a band-aid approach. And then later, after multiple complaints they went ahead and did the full “fix”.. okay fair enough. About 1k miles later it came back and now it’s back even worse. The vehicle...
  14. Dhesi7

    Running cables from frunk to cabin?

    The reason I say don’t use it is because, whatever you’re installing, if the device shorts to ground your power to the fuse box will be lost and then you’ll be dead in the water
  15. Dhesi7

    Running cables from frunk to cabin?

    Hey sandman don’t use that point for power! That feeds your fuse box and is fused upstream. Instead, look at where the connection is on the battery terminal (upstream) and use that point. cheers, PS. Wish I saw this earlier to give you a hand, I’ve done the same thing
  16. Dhesi7

    Model X run wires thru firewall problem

    I want to see this when you're done
  17. Dhesi7

    Cranking noise when turning

    Had the same issue, showed the service center and they had replaced control arms. Make sure you go on a dry day to present the issue. Good luck!
  18. Dhesi7

    Aftermarket Sub-woofer Amplifier Installation using DC-DC +12v Power Source

    could you help me locate the “12v acc blue wire ?”
  19. Dhesi7

    Model X run wires thru firewall problem

    I found another way instead of the firewall. I ran them from the frunk, through some panels on the driver side. Then down the a-pillar and into the vehicle through the “door wiring” harness.
  20. Dhesi7

    Tesla builtin Subwoofer wiring

    this is important. I am looking for a “acc” type signal as well for the amp. I ended up leaving my amp on all the time and ended up draining the 12v battery of its “life cycles” Tesla ranger is going to be swapping it out for a new one this week.
  21. Dhesi7

    V10 Model X100D

    I downloaded v10 with my mobile hotspot. It was 2gb flat. 100% my guarantee
  22. Dhesi7

    V10 in Canada: No Enhanced Summon

    If we do get it, you’d have to walk beside your car as it was summoning
  23. Dhesi7

    V10 in Canada: No Enhanced Summon

    I don’t even have V10 yet. 2018 model x 100d. I can’t wait!
  24. Dhesi7

    No tutorial on the internet for Model X Sub Install??

    I was successful in installing the sub. I didn’t use the firewall instead On the driver side, I found a gap from the hood hinge thru the panel to the door hinges. Then I used a opening in the a-pillar to fish the wire through the door cables in the lower footwell behind the carpet. Will...
  25. Dhesi7

    Routing Cables Through the Firewall

    Hey beta V. Is it possible to upload a pic of exact location?? I am having a hard time finding this as well
  26. Dhesi7

    Running wire through firewall

    Hey TMC, I am installing an amplifier in the frunk. I have a few cables I am trying to get cleanly into the cabin. Does anyone know a trick? I have tried searching the internet and everyone talks about the runner grommet on the passenger side of the frunk. (Applicable to the model s only)...
  27. Dhesi7

    No tutorial on the internet for Model X Sub Install??

    Hey guys, I have searched the forums here and internet and believe it or not, I haven't found a DIY for a subwoofer install on a Tesla Model X. I will just beleive my reseach skills suck cause thats impossible lol. Pls hlp me...
  28. Dhesi7

    Sun visor rattle?

    Take it to your SC and have it replaced under warranty. This is a known issue and i had mine replaced free of charge.
  29. Dhesi7

    Model X Front Bumper Removal

    Tesla Model X Service Manual -- FREE @manic was nice enough to post a service manual. check it out!
  30. Dhesi7

    Purchase and install of wheel well piece

    I am having my piece replaced by my SC. Here is the breakdown from SC: Part name: Driver side Fender Garnish Price (CDN): 68+tax. Labour to replace is ~$30$.
  31. Dhesi7

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    Confirmed. I have a Canadian VIN 2018 model x 100d. Running version 2018.49.12.1 399e961 Which enables Noa. And the new Easter eggs
  32. Dhesi7

    Factory sub location

    Looking to do a self upgrade and install an aftermarket sub. Does anyone know where the factory sub is actually installed on the model x premium audio? Thanks
  33. Dhesi7

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    Weird thing. I drive between USA and Canada in my MX all the time. Connecting to a US supercharger sometimes enables the feature for me. As soon as I connect to a Canadian super charger, it disappears. I managed to use NoA in Canada between highways and it worked fine.
  34. Dhesi7

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    @DCGOO: I looked through all the settings and also tried checking when I was on a highway.
  35. Dhesi7

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    TMC, I have the V9 2018.42.2 update which I received this weekend but I still don’t have drive on Nav. I am in Canada. Any suggestions?
  36. Dhesi7

    HEPA filters without PUP

    If I need to install this from non-pup to pup am I required a new housing? I ordered the filter online and only got the filter. In the video there’s a new housing.
  37. Dhesi7

    6 seat config - one touch seats

    can someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong? I’ve got the 6 seat config on my model x and I cannot get the middle row seats to work with one touch moving forward or back. At delivery I managed to get them one way but not the other. I am running v9 Thanks
  38. Dhesi7

    Door window rattle when lowered

    That sounds very annoying. Definitely get that checked by your service rep.
  39. Dhesi7

    Windows struggle to operate?

    Thanks! I will do
  40. Dhesi7

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Lol my dude. I’m sure “biodefense” button is nothing but a gimmick. You want fresh air? Frank thank baby to fresh, and to high speed and take a deep breath. The installation video by @Jays200 was so satifying!
  41. Dhesi7

    Best way to install Model X windshield sunshade

    Oh nice. Didn’t think of bringing the sun visors forward.
  42. Dhesi7

    Door window rattle when lowered

    anyone notice closing the door with the window fully down and a unpleasant window rattle comming from inside the door panel? I only encountered this on the driver side door. Let me know.
  43. Dhesi7

    How fast can I drive with FWD open?

    I don’t get that reference. I just watched the movie :cool:
  44. Dhesi7

    Windows struggle to operate?

    We are all n00bs. Went into service today and didn’t realize the window runs up the rubber channel. When the door was open it was fine. The service rep said he would lube the rubber as it felt dry. I am 100% IF HE LUBED IT IT WOULDVE BEEN FINE LOL. he forgot to lube it. My fault though. I...
  45. Dhesi7

    Windows struggle to operate?

    I’ve got service booked for Friday. Will do!