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    Tein EnduraPro Plus adjustable shock absorbers fitted

    Has anyone put extended adjusters on it? Wondering what size: https://www.tein.com/products/flexible_controller.html
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    Rally Armor mud flaps - clips are falling out

    Is your car lowered? Looks like it. No issues with clearance or scraping? I just lowered on H&R and debating whether to use Rally Armor since they are one of the only truly flexible ones.
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    Rally Armor mud flaps size

    I'm debating which set to install (Rally Armor and Rokblokz) between two cars (MYP stock suspension and MYLR lowered). Can anyone give me the dimensions of the Rally Armor front flap? Most useful would be length from lower mount points (the side by side inserts) to the bottom of the flap. The...
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    Best Mud Flaps Head-to-Head comparison?

    I have a set of RokBlokz I'm debating whether to put on or not. The plastic retaining clip piece is a pain and a half to get on. The flaps are hard plastic, unlike the flexible RA. So if they hit anything it could potentially stress the mounting points. I'm interested in whether the dimensions...
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    Model Y Suspension Suggestions

    I have 2023 MYLR comfort suspension coming out tomorrow, but I’m out in California, probably not worth the shipping costs.
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    Tein EnduraPro settings suggestion?

    Thanks for the explanation. I’ll have to see if I can check out some local cars like you suggest. I may have you guys do it if I ever decide since you’re close. EnduraPro + Eibach sounds promising. Are new bumpstops or rear camber arms or anything else needed for that setup?
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    Tein EnduraPro settings suggestion?

    Interested in both height and damping, but undecided at this point if both are critical. For several hundred dollars in difference I may give up one or the other. I'm trying to understand why you recommend EnduraPro but not Flex Z, whether there is a difference in the damping ability of the...
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    Tein EnduraPro settings suggestion?

    are the Flex Z struts inferior to the Endurapro? It seems like worth the few hundred dollars more than Endurapro plus lowering springs to get the adjustability.
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    Expired Tuxmat Model Y trunk mat [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has expired and has been removed.
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    Expired Tuxmat Model Y trunk mat [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has been removed.
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    Replika R241 Wheels

    The offset is away from the center line of the wheel, so reduce.
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    Expired Tuxmat Model Y trunk mat [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tuxmat Model Y trunk mat. Please add to the discussion here.
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    FS: JL 8” subwoofer 8W3V3-4 and amp package (SoCal)

    bump. I can include a mounting bracket as well.
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    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    How do you know it reads off the front wheels? The wheel setting would be pointless then. Others have said there are sensors on all wheels. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/speedometer-sensor.164378/
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    FS/FT SoCal: Suma side mirror

    i sent you a dm with my number.
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    FS: JL 8” subwoofer 8W3V3-4 and amp package (SoCal)

    You can get mounting brackets here https://www.ampedgarage.com/collections/model-3-aftermarket-speaker-brackets/products/amped-garage-tesla-model-3-y-oem-trunk-subwoofer-conversion-mounting-bracket https://www.ebay.com/itm/134495911307 Wiring harness here...
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    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    I don’t have the numbers on hand, but the 21” Uberturbine standard rear tire size is a lot closer to the overall diameter of 255/45-20, so people who switch over a MYP will not have much difference, or if you set the wheel in the maintenance menu in MYLR to 21” Uberturbine. Also, some tires...
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    Screw for a Homelink

    I didn’t want to risk dropping the bolt and it’s really hard to get a tool to reach to screw it in. I just zip tied it which works just as well.
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    FS/FT SoCal: Suma side mirror

    yes. only interested in trading.
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    Tint vs no tint measurement

    Same here. We have two Model Y’s. One with 70% XPel XR Black on windshield and 35% XR Black on front windows only. One with 30% XR Black on front windows only. Have been constantly debating whether to do rear windows, but this data confirms our experience that the tint on the front already cuts...
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    FS: JL 8” subwoofer 8W3V3-4 and amp package (SoCal)

    works in any car. just have to get it wired in properly. if you mean the sub driver drops into stock location, I’m not sure. it should if stock is 8”.
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    FS: JL 8” subwoofer 8W3V3-4 and amp package (SoCal)

    I’m just never going to get around to installing this in our Model Y. All parts new in box. JL Audio 8w3v3-4 (drops into stock location with spacer) Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amplifier Audiocontrol LC2i line out converter Rockford Fosgate 8 gauge amp installation kit over $650 retail. asking...
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    Temai roof sunshade for Model Y - SoCal

    Thanks. Let me see if I can find a box. It’s really long and flat so difficult to find.
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    19” stock Gemini wheels new from Model Y

    message me an offer if you like.