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    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I noticed this as well. All research into the Ohmmu battery problems only seems to happen with Model 3 and Model Y cars after Tesla added some additional checks due to the horrible reliability of AGM batteries. Also, LFP batteries are more tolerant of charging at low temperatures. My experience...
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    12v Battery life

    I'm sure it's at least that much for my 2013. It's really buried under everything and not easily accessible without disassembling a fair bit of stuff to get to it, and even then there's a lot of wiring that needs to be shoved out of the way. I was getting around 2 years of life out of the OEM...
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    Ohmmu Model S lithium battery

    My first 12V battery died within a year. My second lasted a couple of years, and it seemed every two years I needed to replace the AGM battery on my 2013 Model S P85. Unfortunately, Tesla designed the Model S to make replacing the 12V battery a painful experience and made it very awkward to...
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    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I installed an Ohmmu battery in my 2013 Model S P85 a couple of years ago. So far I have not had a single issue with it. I'm guessing all of these issues are with the newer vehicles that have more advanced 12V battery charge controllers. I got sick and tired of replacing the AGM battery in my...
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    CCS retrofit for 2013 Model S P85

    Doing some research it looks like there are some significant differences in communications between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 chargers. For example, it looks like the Gen 1 chargers drive the contactors directly and handle some of the communications. This is different than Gen 2. Sadly it looks like...
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    CCS retrofit for 2013 Model S P85

    It's possible my car is compatible since I replaced the primary charger in my car with an eBay unit. After all that it turned out only a 50A fuse in the charger blew from old age (constant charging at 40A). I'm not sure what year the replacement charger is.
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    CCS retrofit for 2013 Model S P85

    Yep. Tesla said it's available for 2014 and newer vehicles, but as far as I can tell there is little if any change between 2012-2014.
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    DIY fixing a failed charger in a 2013 P85 and how to fix and prevent failure

    I should add that anyone doing this should be aware that high voltages could be involved and to use caution. If you aren't familiar with using a volt meter and don't know how to protect yourself from high voltage, don't do this. During the process of doing this I never once saw any voltage on...
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    DIY fixing a failed charger in a 2013 P85 and how to fix and prevent failure

    I figure I might write this up to help anyone else who experiences this. First thing first, if you're regularly charging at 40A (or more), stop. If you don't need to charge this fast, back it off to 30A. The charger contains two 50A fuses and over time charging at 40A can cause them to fail...
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    CCS retrofit for 2013 Model S P85

    I contacted Tesla about having CCS support installed in my 2013 P85 and was told that only 2014 and newer cars are supported. I went into the service mode, however, and the software implied it is supported and offered to reset the PLC gateway for it. Note that I have upgraded my center screen...
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    My 2013 Model S needs new battery (I'm told)

    I didn't have any issues with the Fremont service center.
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    My 2013 Model S needs new battery (I'm told)

    That seems in line with what I paid last year to replace the batter on my 2013, though I paid a bit less. After I had the battery installed I was told they should have charged a bit more for labor (they charged me $400). I paid out of pocket. My battery replacement fund (bought Tesla stock when...
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    2013 Model S charge port pops open on its own

    On my 2013 Model S P85, I often close the charge port door only to have it pop back open a few seconds later. Once in a while, it seems to pop open all on its own long after it has been closed. Has anyone else experienced that? When it's locked it feels secure. Also, it looks like the LEDs...
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    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    I was scheduled to retrofit my 2013 Model S but it was canceled. Apparently, the older cars are not supported yet and they were not clear about that. In the meantime, I have a Setec Power, now Lectron in the US, CCS to Tesla adapter. It works or at least did the last time I used it, but Tesla...
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    Superchanging but not charging at home

    I had this same problem. It turned out that a fuse blew in the charger in my car, most likely age-related. Good as new now.
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    Just replaced the master charger in my 2013 S

    In my case, Tesla pushed one for me before I replaced it. It might automatically do it as well since it gives an error that says a software update is required.
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    Tesla to have salvage title supercharging reinstatement process by the end of the year, no s or x.

    I hope this doesn't happen to me, though late last year I replaced the original battery in my 2013 S. It was a lot less expensive than I expected.
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    Additional 12v power socket in trunk?

    I added a second 12V outlet in my trunk hooked up to the 12V battery that's always on. I have a 2013 S. I use it to power a 45-watt camping refrigerator and it's worked out great. Note that I also replaced the 12V battery with my S with an Ohmmu LiPo battery. So far it's been great.
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    Just replaced the master charger in my 2013 S

    A couple of weeks ago my P85 refused to charge at home right before leaving for vacation. Interestingly supercharging still worked. After a day, Tesla said that it was not recognizing the 1KHz square wave coming back from the wall charger and they suggested replacing the master charger with a...
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    Roof Rack Cover on Pano Roof broke

    Tesla had to replace the entire panel on the roof. They charged me $175 at the time, but in the process, they broke the other panels and had to replace those too.
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    This Record-Setting Tesla Model S Has 900,000 Kilometers On Odometer

    I'm at 73K miles on my P85 and it's a bit over 6 years old. The battery is still going strong. I just drove back from the eastern Sierras to the Bay Area without a recharge.
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    I'm waiting to have mine replaced again. I'm over 50K miles. The last time it was the inverter making noise, this time it's the drive train making not so nice noises.
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    Rocklin, CA supercharger destroyed my tire

    The edge is quite sharp and sliced the sidewall open. It is not rounded, despite looking slightly rounded in the photo. It also is not a normal parking spot stop but is much lower profile, When the back tires rest against it the car is in about the perfect location to charge, not too far back...
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    Rocklin, CA supercharger destroyed my tire

    On Monday when driving back from Reno to the Bay Area I went to charge at the Rocklin supercharger near Sacramento. Shortly after backing in and charging my low tire pressure warning came on, which I thought odd because the tires are less than two months old and I hadn't hit anything. Anyway...
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    Supercharger - Bend, OR

    That's perfect since the event I'm going to is a camping event just east of La Pine. I won't have to drive up to Bend and back.
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    Supercharger - Bend, OR

    That's awesome. I'd just like to see another one off of 97 around Klamath Falls. There's a trip I'd love to take this summer to a spot near Bend and coming up from the Bay Area it looks like 97 would be the main route.
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    [Rant] locals clogging the Highland Park, IL supercharger

    I've used my local supercharger station a handful of times when I needed it to continue on a trip or when I don't want to wait several hours to charge at home, otherwise I use my HPWC at home. I think what Tesla needs to do is change the terms for the model 3. If you're charging at a...
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    Temporary / Emergency charging via direct attachment to the Electical Panel

    This sounds like typical PG&E incompetence. My parents had a significant gas leak between the street and the meter and it took years of complaining before PG&E finally admitted there was a problem and fixed it. Recently my father contacted PG&E to change the rate schedule since he has a plug-in...
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    Mt Shasta charger to Bend, OR worth it?

    I agree. There's a camping trip I'd love to go on but there's no way I can drive there. It's only about 30 miles south of Bend on 97 near La Pine but without a supercharger in Bend I don't think it's easily doable unless I wait forever at an RV park. I'd love to see a supercharger in Klamath...
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    Bent rim in San Jose, glad I bought the wheel insurance

    I don't think I can do anything since Tesla replaced the tire and wheel free of charge. I have the 21" rims and according to Tesla since they are cast aluminum the rims cannot be repaired but must be replaced. If I didn't have insurance, the cost to replace the rim would have been $1100. Back...
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    Bent rim in San Jose, glad I bought the wheel insurance

    I looked over at the spot today on my way to work and I could clearly see a nice big gap in places between the road surface and the steel plate.
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    Firmware 7.1

    I'm having nothing but trouble with 7.1. Tesla installed the latest firmware yesterday on my car and the radio is totally broken. The mute button doesn't work at all and every time I start the car I have to re-select the FM radio station I listen to. Also, this morning it took 2 minutes for the...
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    Bent rim in San Jose, glad I bought the wheel insurance

    A few years back Tesla briefly offered tire and wheel insurance. I immediately jumped at it since I have the 21" rims and drive in San Jose, who has some of the worst roads in the country. Anyway, I'm glad I did. Only a few weeks later they sadly dropped that option. Early Saturday morning I was...
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    Should Model S have a solar panel?

    Unless you're using the inefficient thin-film solar cells, normal solar cells are extremely brittle, unlike aluminum which will deform and return to its original shape (unless deformed too much). I've already had my windshield cracked by a rock and my replacement windshield required repair a...
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    Should Model S have a solar panel?

    Putting that much solar on a car will be hideously expensive since unlike rooftop panels the car is curved. Add to it the fact that it needs to stand up to hail and the elements. Additionally, car mounted solar is far from optimal. Rooftop solar is typically pointed towards the sun, i.e. south...
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    Dogs in a Model S??

    I got this for my dog: Amazon.com : Noz2Noz 667 N2 Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 36 inches for Pets up to 70lbs : Pet Kennels : Pet Supplies My Australian cattle dog likes it and it folds flat. It fits in the back of my Model S nicely.
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    They're replacing my DU for the second time in my P85. The first time it didn't need it as far as I'm concerned. I just commented on the new sound that was coming from the inverter under high output that everyone else had commented on. It made no difference after they did the swap. They're...
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    Free CHAdeMO Adapter borrowing is now available! for N.A.

    Thanks Chris! That's awesome. I always thought someone might do well to rent ChAdeMO adapters.
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    Speed ticket in Fremont

    The HOV stickers are not mandatory. I don't have them, but then again, I don't drive in the HOV lane unless I have a passenger. - - - Updated - - - CA is not broke. We've had a budget surplus the last few years.
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    I wonder if my DU will be replaced. The inverter on my P85 is buzzing at low output (20-30KW) and it's loud enough to where I've had passengers mention it. They replaced my DU fairly early on when I mentioned the sound the inverter made under hard acceleration, but it didn't change (and everyone...
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    How Long Till Solar Powered Car?

    Fisker did it on the Karma. Reading the forums someone did the math. It's estimated that the solar panels on the roof cost $5000 due to the curvature of the roof. The ROI was estimated at around 500 years. It gets far more complicated trying to put solar elsewhere on the car. It adds weight and...
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I installed the update last night and the UI was updated in my 2013 P85 (VIN050XX). - - - Updated - - - I agree with you. I do not like the look of the new UI compared to the old. Given that at least for the main screen that the UI is written using the QT toolkit, themeing it should be...
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    NEMA 6-50 adapter "engineering"

    Tesla used to make this adapter and I have one. I guess they dropped it due to lack of demand. I also have the NEMA 14-30 adapter that they also dropped. Last week when driving back from Seattle I stayed with some friends in Oregon and came across a NEMA 6-20 outlet where there's no adapter...
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    Problem installing a Blackvue camera on a tinted rear hatch window?

    I have no problem with the tint. The hardest part is that the cable that comes with the Blackvue camera has a right-angle connector that won't fit through the silicone cable guides between the hatchback and the body. I ended up having to buy some connectors and cut off the connector on the cable...
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    How many miles on your Model S?

    I'm a bit over 32K. I just finished a 1600 mile road trip without any major problems, though the inverter on my car is buzzing at low speed. I'm taking it in in a couple weeks for them to look at it.
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    Why I almost never use Tesla's navigation

    Your comments are spot-on. I used the GPS to travel from the Bay Area to Seattle and back and had a number of issues with it. On the way up, it refused to route me past the Springfield supercharger, like it didn't know about the Woodburn one. I had to manually force it to go to the Woodburn...
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    80 Amp wall charger potiential fire hazzard?

    I'm on my original cord with no problems and regularly charge at 80A. Any high-current electrical device will overheat and fail if the connections are not properly torqued down since a poor connection will get hot. It sounds like the electrician that installed the unit did not tighten things...
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    GPS Issues

    I just took my MS on a 1600 mile trip from the Bay Area up to Seattle and back. One problem I had was that when heading north the GPS refused to route me through the Woodburn supercharger and kept telling me to turn back to Springfield, even though I had over 90% charge there. I had to manually...
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    Near annual replacement of 12V battery is typical according to Tesla Service Tech

    I wonder if adding desulfate support to the battery charger would help? From my experience it can significantly extend the life of a battery. I periodically ran a desulfate cycle on one of my older cars with my battery charger and the battery lasted 10 years. I guess another solution would be to...