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    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Elon is quoted as saying that the Model 3 will be "compelling" ie better than any other alternative out there. Remember he said that the Model S would be "superlative" and that turned out to be true. I would love to get a drive of one too! PM with Ideas.
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    Importing tesla model s into south america

    For Argentina for now I am going to buy a Honda Fit (imported for Mexico) as a family car. I also think that they need to reduce the import taxes on cars before I would consider anything luxury here. A Toyota Prius here cost around $60,000 USD so too pricey to consider. Sticking to renting or...
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    Capital Raisings

    Hi Fellow Tesla Investors, I am making a list of all of Tesla's Capital raising's and wondered if any American's on the forum can help me the best way to find these? I don't know the relevant SEC filing code to look for or if there is another efficient way to locate these as a google search...
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    Importing tesla model s into south america

    Nice point Tam. I even hear Tesla has registered their company in Chile so keeps getting more interesting.
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    Importing tesla model s into south america

    Hi Jon, No I didn't . But like the Brazilian guy JB got his fix by investing in the US I am investigating my options in overseas markets.
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    Advice re: factory tour

    Do you have to be an owner to get a factory tour?
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    Importing tesla model s into south america

    Hey Tesla Motors Club members, I am Australian living in Argentina and want to import a Tesla Model S. How long does it take to charge a 85kwh Model S on 240volts 50 hz standard power outlet that we use here in argentina... Similar to the European standards. Will the GPS work ? Do I...
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    Rent a Tesla Model S

    Hi Sunkat, Larry, ZachShahan, Really appreciate all your feed back. Would love to connect with the Tesla community when in Jan. Cheers, John.
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    Rent a Tesla Model S

    Hi Tesla Members, I am planning a trip to Miami Florida Jan & Feb 2016 and would like to rent a Tesla Model S for my stay. Anyone have suggestions where I can rent one. Thanks, John.
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    Tesla Model S for Rent

    Hi There Tesla Fans, I am travelling with family now 6 - 20 Oct 2015 would like to rent a Tesla Model S. Thanks,