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  1. aollivierre

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Now I know and thanks you very much for the input and feedback.
  2. aollivierre

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Thank you for the help feedback. Much appreicate it!
  3. aollivierre

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Thank you for the help feedback. Much appreicate it!
  4. aollivierre

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Yes! The car is supposed to protect you and guide you and it did not. So yes, I blame tesla But if you wish to get into verbal discussion regarding this issue please go ahead. I am ready.
  5. aollivierre

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    I am not having a happy tesla day. I have been a customer for a long time. And this happen. Incredible. Driving home, almost home, 3 percent battery left and car dies. A bit surprise since I “assumed” car should of at least made it up 1percent or less. Right? And what really sucks, I...
  6. aollivierre

    Usb usage

    I have never used tn USB port for anything other than charging. What other usage does this port have for our cars today? I have a 2014 P85
  7. aollivierre

    Noisy Sunroof Model S P85 2014

    Hello all...hope you can help. My sunroof just started squeeking and making noisy during my daily drive. Any quick way to fix this without taking my car into the shop?
  8. aollivierre

    LTE question

  9. aollivierre

    LTE question

    Thought it was updated. But our can I tell my mcu?
  10. aollivierre

    LTE question

    So my internet still says LTE and it loads slow or not at all at times. Is there a fix it so I have to upgrade?
  11. aollivierre

    USB Port

    Can the 2014 Model S P85 record camera footage if I plug a usb drive into it?
  12. aollivierre

    Wall Connector Issue - Help!

    We can charge everywhere else with no issues and yes the voltage can be seen but it starts at zero snd it never changes.
  13. aollivierre

    Wall Connector Issue - Help!

    Hello all....Well, I have a charge that has been connected and working fine for over a year. Yesterday the following happen... Charger light on the wall is green showing no issues When I first connect my charger, it acts like its going to charge like normal then I get a charger interrupted...
  14. aollivierre

    Repairs, Repairs & More Repairs

    Well, I have been gone for a long time but I am now back....I am also happy to say my car is back! You might wonder, what do you mean....well.....we had a slight accident....Wifey’s foot slipped off the break and we believe she hit the accelerator as we were parking and CRASHED into my in-laws...
  15. aollivierre

    Yes this happen!

    Silly me...Went to work, minded my own business and had the courtesy of having my landscaping group break my passenger side window! Recommendation on where to get my window replaced? I've called safelite but they are at a week out since they have to order the glass....I live in the Dallas/Ft...
  16. aollivierre

    Lost Key

    well it happen. I lost of one my keys. Need help. Can I buy a used key and reprogram myself? Should I do anything do deactivate the old key? And if I can’t buy a used key, how much is a new key? Hey Elon, we need trackers or an ability to find keys via our app.
  17. aollivierre

    Time for New Tires

    My little toy needs new tires. All suggestions needed :) 2014 P85
  18. aollivierre

    Summon Mode

    Why don’t tesla give us all who have sensors summon mode?
  19. aollivierre

    Exclusive Club

    I have officially crossed over the 100k mike mark. I am now part of this new exclusive and elite group. :) Car still looks good.
  20. aollivierre

    The Club

    Well I am quickly approxahimg NYR 100k club. I am sitting at 99,150 miles. Milestone here I come. The baby is heading to the secure ship today. Any suggestions on items I should have checked out as I quickly hit this milestone?
  21. aollivierre

    Should I accept the answer!

    When I purchased my model s, I was excited. I am still somewhat excited about the car until I have to take it for service. The good thing, I purchased a certified pre owned vehicle. It has saved me a great deal of spin buying a car with this service option. I am quickly approaching 100k...
  22. aollivierre

    100k Club - Model S

    As I slowly approach the ever famous 100k club, what are some of the items I should look out for or take care of on my vehicle so it become a long lasting fun vehicle to drive?
  23. aollivierre

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    What is Tesla wind?
  24. aollivierre

    Phone Options for Tesla

    Thank you very much. Actually it’s not blacked out. It’s the natural look of the car. Love the color, wheel and tint. Makes the car look pretty good. Thanks again for the compliment.
  25. aollivierre

    P85D Ludicrous Upgrade still available?

    I wish Tesla would allow summon to be an upgrade on P85’s with sensors.
  26. aollivierre

    Phone Options for Tesla

    So do you think Tesla will update our phone options on our vehicle soon? We should be ahead of everyone else, yet I can even get a notification in my car when I get txt or reply, etc. Car Play although I hate it, is a bit ahead of our vehicle today! Help Elon....Lets get ahead of these...
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  28. TeslaPic1


  29. aollivierre

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    very hard to use this system. Its always freezing and it doesn't refresh very well. I am removing from my vehicle today!
  30. aollivierre

    Solid blue

    Charge port
  31. aollivierre

    Solid blue

    Got a solid blue light. What does that mean? The car is uploaded.
  32. aollivierre

    No AP 2014 but summon?

    Any chance of getting Simpson feature on my 2014 085 with no Autopilot?
  33. aollivierre

    Used Center Console

    You still have it?
  34. aollivierre

    Vendor Skyline Case-Friendly Phone Dock Kits

    Is this the complete center setup? Have a 2014 will this work?
  35. aollivierre

    Tesla Eve App

    Anyone here using the app and have you had any luck getting the app to work with your exchange email?
  36. aollivierre

    Bluetooth phone as key is coming to Model S and Model X

    Is this feature on yet?
  37. aollivierre

    Climate control

    Can someone breakdown climate control for me? Thai morning my car turn climate control on at 3:40 am? Any ideas why?
  38. aollivierre


    So yes. It should be available to all.
  39. aollivierre


    I think Tesla should turn on summon mode for all model S users who want it regardless of year. :) Let’s start a petition
  40. aollivierre

    New tires

    it’s almost time to buy new tires. Any recommendations? 21” wheels
  41. aollivierre

    Blog Tesla Enables Speed Limits Through Mobile App

    Great option...When will we see it?
  42. aollivierre

    Software update

    Any good rumors on what is coming next as far as fun updates for our model s outside of autopilot?
  43. aollivierre

    Stupid Question so don’t laugh...but....

    Why is the silly option to be notified via the app there if I don’t have AP?
  44. aollivierre

    Stupid Question so don’t laugh...but....

    How do I know if my car has summon? I see the option to get notified on my app, does that mean I have it? I have a 2014 p85 Thanks
  45. aollivierre

    On Vacation

    It’s pretty bad as I sit at a beautiful resort on Maui at the Four Seasons and I am thinking, would of been cool if I would brought my Tesla with me to Maui? Lol
  46. aollivierre


    Well, so I was minding my own business on saturday and someone placed their SUV in reverse instead of drive and backup into my car. The good thing, not too much damage.....bad thing, I now have to take my care to a bodyshop so we an get some items handled. Suggestions on great places to take...
  47. aollivierre

    Dashcam Install in DFW

    Looking for a great place to install a dashcam on my Model S. Any recommendations in the Dallas Ft. Worth area will be greatly appreciate it. I am looking at purchasing a BlackVue camera.
  48. aollivierre

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    Nope! Keep your original and get another one....I think in the long run, the original will be worth more....and you will be happier. I've been to so many trips to the service center, that I am not really ready to start all over
  49. aollivierre

    Tesla App Recommenations

    The "Apps" screen on our Tesla sure is empty, how about an option to add some cool apps like but not limited to: Open Table Movies Weather My Tesla has feature to basically book restaurants quickly while you are driving....Finding places with open table so can quickly book them on the spot via...
  50. aollivierre

    Tesla App Recommenations

    I think we should start a section or thread like this one to recommend new features and benefit that we Tesla owners would like to see added to our apps so we don’t have to go 3rd party..... So with that said, go! What would you like to see Tesla add to our current App? I would Iike to have...