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  1. PoitNarf

    FSD Transfer and NJ’s Charge Up Incentive

    I’ve got a 2018 Model 3 LR with FSD and I’m considering getting a Model Y to take advantage of the FSD transfer deal. I’m in NJ and the state recently restarted their “Charge Up” incentive program which gives you a $1,500 rebate for vehicles with an MSRP between $45K and $55K. This is where I’m...
  2. PoitNarf

    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    I doubt it. I've noticed this for several weeks now in a variety of weather conditions, both wet humid days and hot dry days.
  3. PoitNarf

    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    My Model 3 is about to hit 3 years and 1 month since I got it. I've gotta look at the screen in some different lighting conditions as well as day vs night mode to see how the corners look. Considering putting in a service request if it starts to get worse.
  4. PoitNarf

    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    The screen on my Model 3 has developed some slight fading at the top corners of the screen. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. Wondering if this is similar to the screen yellowing I’ve read about on older Model S cars.
  5. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    Honestly other than it obviously looking brand new, it does not appear to have any additional sealing or protection on it. I’m certain that I will see the same wear in another few years.
  6. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    Well Tesla mobile service tech stopped by earlier today and replaced the trim piece / vent cover in less than 5 minutes. Probably the quickest mobile service appointment I've ever had. Everything was covered under warranty like the invoice estimate I received said. I'm glad that it's replaced...
  7. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    Well just got the appointment confirmation and cost estimate to approve in the app. $0 charge listed in the estimate so it looks like the photos I provided them are convincing enough that this is a warranty issue.
  8. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    If yours has been wrapped all that time it probably looks like new underneath.
  9. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    Mine is a 2018 as well. I wonder if the newer wood trims have some sort of extra protective coating on them. I’m convinced that the wear that mine has is mostly due to UV exposure. However I wouldn’t be surprised if the wide temperature ranges seen in the North East are a contributing factor too.
  10. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    True. I took the photos after my post and sent them to Tesla when I scheduled a service appointment through the app. Mobile service appointment scheduled for this Thursday. If they’re not going to replace it under warranty I’ll just tell them to forget it. Here’s the photos, not so easy to...
  11. PoitNarf

    Dash wood trim replaced under warranty?

    The wood trim on the dash of my now 3 year old Model 3 is showing some major signs of wear. Lots of cracks, some small parts of it seem like the veneer is lifting up slightly. Really starting to look like crap now. Thinking about putting in a service request with Tesla to replace it but I’d want...
  12. PoitNarf

    Supercharger - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

    Stopped by today hoping for a quick charge since this is advertised as a V3 supercharger location. I tried stalls 2B and 2D, neither gave me more than 36kW. There was another 3 and an S also charging at stalls 1B and 1D while I was there, not sure what charge rate they were getting. When I...
  13. PoitNarf

    Spotify Issues

    Regarding your first question, yes it’s only one account at a time. There is no ability to tie different Spotify accounts to different driver profiles, although this is a regularly requested feature by many. If you want to use a different account you need to sign out and sign in with the other...
  14. PoitNarf

    Dash Cam issue on 2021 Model 3 LR

    Try reformatting the drive?
  15. PoitNarf

    Cracked windshield: should Tesla, Safelite or fix it?

    Got a chip in my windshield that turned into a crack a few weeks ago. Scheduled service with Safelite to seal the crack but it was bad enough that it can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced instead. Scheduled another appointment with Safelite for windshield replacement and got a call...
  16. PoitNarf

    GearIT 50-Amp Extension Charging Cord

    Just going by the photos it looks like the cable is a bit thin. The extension cord I’ve used is definitely thicker and more heavy duty. I’ve used it a few times with zero heat issues, although I was only running 24 amps through it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0024ECIP0
  17. PoitNarf

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    I was having some issues with unlocking my 3 for the first few weeks after getting my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Things seem to be working normally again since I updated to the iOS 14.3 beta.
  18. PoitNarf

    Door Shutting Window Rattle When Down

    This is 100% normal.
  19. PoitNarf

    Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

    Orvis all the way. Those cheap Amazon dog hammocks wouldn’t last 3 months against my 90 pound Labrador.
  20. PoitNarf

    Spotify search to kill you

    Probably a software bug on a recent version. What version is currently installed on your 3? Btw I've been reading a few rumors on the Tesla subrebbit of a Spotify interface re-write/update coming in the near future, likely with V11.
  21. PoitNarf


    Federal? None. The EV tax rebates expired for Tesla a while ago. Don't know about CA.
  22. PoitNarf

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    If you’re selling body parts why not see if anyone would bite for the FSD price? :D
  23. PoitNarf

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I was lucky enough to grab FSD for $2K during their fire sale last year. At these prices I don’t think I would pull the trigger on EAP or FSD. A bit too much to swallow for a good number of owners. Surprised Tesla hasn’t launched their monthly subscription option for FSD yet. It would surely be...
  24. PoitNarf

    Paper based manual and roadside assistance

    I don’t see why not. Glove box opens automatically in case of an accident to try and prevent this. I can always pull up my insurance info on my phone if necessary.
  25. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    Hah, nope. This is more like Chrome Assault since it sliced my index finger open...
  26. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    The problem has become worse. The chrome overlay has become extremely loose on the bottom edge of the door handle. Most times the handle isn't able to sit flush anymore because the loose chrome catches the door. I may have to cut the loose sections off the bottom of the handle so I don't have...
  27. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    Yes, my garage is cluttered with crap and my 3 has not had the pleasure of parking in it for many months. I’m not sure if sitting in the sun for months on end caused this but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. If it were an option I would certainly look into getting the black handles from the Y...
  28. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    Yes, that is exactly it. There’s a whole edge of the chrome overlay that has come loose and was sharp enough to give me a pretty decent paper cut.
  29. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    It appears to be.
  30. PoitNarf

    Chrome coming off door handle

    Anyone else have this happen to their door handles? I noticed today that the rear passenger door handle wasn’t sitting flush. When I was checking it out I ended up slicing my finger on the edge of the chrome that is separating from the bottom of the handle. I already had a service appointment...
  31. PoitNarf

    Disable App Features for Secondary Users

    Not possible to restrict functionality in the app and only the official Tesla app can be used as a key. If you want to restrict their access have them use the key cards or buy them FOBs: Model 3/Y Key Fob
  32. PoitNarf

    Grumpy vehicle safety inspector

    No inspection on EVs in NJ since all they do now is plug into the car and see if it’s throwing any error codes, primarily for emissions testing. It’s nice to not have an inspection sticker in the bottom corner of my front window :D
  33. PoitNarf

    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    Tool sounds AMAZING in my Model 3, because, well... TOOL!
  34. PoitNarf

    Lowest wh/mi

    I’ve heard if you’re coasting down a big mountain/volcano like Haleakala in Maui that you’re charging the battery the whole way down, so negative Wh/mi. But you’re gonna use a lot of juice going up a 10,000 foot volcano.
  35. PoitNarf

    Dirty sock/mildew scent

    You need to clean it as well to prevent the smell from coming back. Just replacing the filters is not enough. I replaced the filters and cleaned everything last August and the smell has not returned since.
  36. PoitNarf

    Air conditioning cycling on and off

    I’m not convinced this is a part failure. Several Model 3 owners here and on Reddit are reporting that this started happening just a few weeks ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/i8fhr1/my_ac_fan_blower_cant_maintain_a_high_setting/ Hopefully Tesla fixes this soon. This bug, when...
  37. PoitNarf

    Home Charging in an Old Home

    Panel looks small and quite full. You’ve also only got 100 amp service. It looks like the last breaker on the right is a two pole 50 amp circuit? Does that go to an electric dryer by any chance? If so you might be able to plug into the dryer outlet to charge.
  38. PoitNarf


  39. PoitNarf

    Air conditioning cycling on and off

    I experienced the exact same issue for the first time 2 weeks ago or so. The problem seems to have corrected itself on its own. First time in over 2 years the AC has acted up.
  40. PoitNarf

    Police Palaver

    What was the topic of this thread again? o_O
  41. PoitNarf

    is lifetime 270wh/mi high?

    Like others have mentioned, there’s a lot of factors here but that 80mph on the highway certainly isn’t helping your efficiency. I’m at 262 Wh/mi, nearly 28K miles. Highway speed is typically 75mph but nearly all of my work drive (when I used to drive to work at least) is on local roads. I also...
  42. PoitNarf

    Interesting new API in iOS 13.4

    I only saw Apple mention it working with BMW vehicles during their keynote the other week. No indication yet if Tesla will try to take advantage of the new CarKey API.
  43. PoitNarf

    Question about model 3 order in NJ

    You don’t. To qualify for the free year of supercharging you had to take delivery of an inventory vehicle from about a week ago till the end of June.
  44. PoitNarf

    Problems with "early" M3 production cars??

    Let’s see if I can recap everything replaced on my March 2018 build 3: Charge port replaced twice (early versions of this part had a water intrusion issue) Mid aero shield replaced (drove through large puddle and it ripped, this is a very common issue) Rear tail lights replaced due to...
  45. PoitNarf

    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    Yeah, I mistook the original intent. If it’s just the hub then that’s a lot easier to manage.
  46. PoitNarf

    Why hide the VIN #?

    Back when you could still get a federal tax credit it was important to try and keep your VIN private. I’ve heard of some instances where scammers claimed the tax credit for themselves for vehicles they did not own. Ended up being a mess for the real owner of the vehicle when they tried to claim...
  47. PoitNarf

    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same console used on the Y and the recently built 3 vehicles. But it seems silly to swap the entire center console just to switch from USB-A to USB-C.
  48. PoitNarf

    Undercarriage mat hanging down

    I guarantee you that is it. You probably drove through a puddle and the water ripped part of the mid aero shield on the undercarriage. It’s happened to many of us as you discovered from your thread search. Try ripping the loose piece off (it’s just some reinforced fabric material) or using some...
  49. PoitNarf

    Snippiness 2.0

    Apparently you don’t love me. I can’t believe you spent the time to disagree with 247 of my posts all because I disagreed with one of yours because I find you a bit obnoxious. Anyway, I’m blocking you now. Bye.