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  1. RayK

    rear camera stopped working

    I had tried to schedule the work a couple of months ago but was told that I had to wait until I was notified that the part was available.
  2. RayK

    rear camera stopped working

    I just had a mobile tech here at my house 30 minutes ago to replace the trunk harness as part of the recall on this issue. I believe that there were two times in the last 5+ years that the rear view camera was either slow to respond or dropped frames; I don't recall it ever being MIA. I had...
  3. RayK

    208 volt 20 amp

    A photo of the outlet you used to plug in the table saw would help immensely. From that, people here can figure out what kind of adapters are needed; presumedly to convert the assumed twist lock plug into an outlet which a Tesla NEMA adapter of appropriate amperage can be used.
  4. RayK

    Key fobs, key cards

    For the first several months I owned my 3 (July-Dec 2018) I exclusively used a keycard. It was simple and worked reliably. I then paired my smartphone to use as a key and ever since, reliability has hovered around 90-95%. I don't always have the app running but it doesn't seem to me to make...
  5. RayK

    Model 3 RWD Purchased November 2023

    USB-C ports have a thin printed circuit board located in the middle of the hole: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB-C#Receptacles
  6. RayK

    replacement 12V batteries for 2018 M3: OEM or 3rd party "group 51r" ok?

    If Tesla charged $$$ for the 12V battery, it was not under warranty. Either the 4yr/50K mile warranty expired or the battery was requested to be replaced (i.e., it did not fail or was flagged by the software as being bad).
  7. RayK

    replacement 12V batteries for 2018 M3: OEM or 3rd party "group 51r" ok?

    I initially thought that I'd install the Ohmmu Li-ion battery once the factory 12V battery died but I changed my mind after reading about some of the difficulties involved. So, just short of 4 years old and around 24K miles, I had it proactively replaced by mobile service (~$120 parts and labor...
  8. RayK

    Pizza oil in front seat.

    I keep a medium-sized cardboard box in my car for containing largish take out food; pizza, chinese, japanese, etc. Stuff that doesn't fit inside a single sandwich-sized paper bag; those go on the front passenger seat, sometimes on a towel I also carry (e.g., take out from Five Guys as the...
  9. RayK

    1 month old Tesla Model 3 Long range T-Boned [Is this totaled?]

    Probably the best result that you could expect; sorry for your loss of your new baby. From a couple of articles I read today, if you maintain this vehicle on your Tesla account, you might see it resurrected in Ukraine in several months...
  10. RayK

    80%Soc Still charging at 90KW

    There's also an Urban Supercharger which is limited to 72kW. They are popular around shopping centers as a "full charge" (from near empty to 90%) will take about an hour; plenty of time for shopping or maybe a quick meal. If you used one of the higher power Superchargers, your shopping time...
  11. RayK

    Didn't Tesla used to sell the mobile connector with the 14-50 plug built into it and would charge 40 miles per hour?

    Maybe not exactly 40MPH, but 37 is what's currently mentioned: https://www.tesla.com/support/charging/wall-connector#vehicle-charging-speeds As far as the difference between 32A and 40A charging, it amounts to about 7MPH for a Model 3. So an "overnight" charge of 10 hours (ignoring any...
  12. RayK

    Low voltage battery errors

    Member SOGMDL3 was last seen logged on here on Mar 22, 2023. It's probably safe to say that you will not be getting a response to your question. You can find this information by hovering your cursor over the big "S" icon in they postings. I would say that most 12V battery failures are around...
  13. RayK

    Any M3 with Aftermarket HV battery?

    Even if such a thing exists, I personally would be extremely wary of putting a huge Li-ion battery pack into a vehicle. At this point in time, an "aftermarket" source would have very little history on their design, safety or qualifications in offering something like that.
  14. RayK

    Trunk drain plug?

    I have a 2018 and as far as I know, none of the Model 3 year variants have such a drain hole.
  15. RayK

    Tires Don't Hold Pressure

    Maybe they do live atop Haleakalā (astronomer?) and Honolulu is their winter home :) .
  16. RayK

    Tips how to keep my battery healthy using mostly fast charger all the time?

    If by "fast charger" you mean a Tesla Supercharger or other DCFC (i.e., Level 3) charger, then I'd opt for one of the lower power ones. The Urban Supercharger is rated to deliver a maximum of 72kW. They look like this: When you use a Tesla Supercharger there is no way to "dial down" the...
  17. RayK

    How to purge air for nitrogen

    But if that's done, the interior volume of the tire(s) will not change (lower) so you wouldn't evacuate all of the air possible. You might get 0 psi differential when compared to the outside pressure but there's still air inside.
  18. RayK

    Please Charge for Zero Minutes

    Newport CoC paid off Tesla to have people stop there.
  19. RayK

    How to purge air for nitrogen

    If the nitrogen fill doesn't cost any extra, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use it. The (very slight) benefits from using N2 over regular air shouldn't hurt anything. If, on the other hand, filling your tires with N2 costs $$$ then I'd seriously reconsider. Air is 78% N2 and...
  20. RayK

    longest extension cord you've tried thats worked

    I also agree that extension cords should not be used as part of normal charging. That said, I have one of these in my trunk for emergencies: https://www.evseadapters.com/shop/en/adapters-for-ev-chargers-with-nema-14-50-plug/114-heavy-duty-nema-14-50r-extension-cord-for-ev-50-ft.html
  21. RayK

    Deer hit - how long will it take to get fixed?

    No video? Sorry for the damage to your car but I'd say the deer probably got the worst of it.
  22. RayK

    Tesla Model 3 charging slow.

    It's been over a year since OP registered here before making this (first) post.
  23. RayK

    Tesla Model 3 charging slow.

    I'll make a guess and say OP is mixing up A (amps) with kW. Which means both vehicles are not operating to spec. 40A circuit means 32A max. for charging current. At that rate one would expect around 27-30 miles of range per hour. However, there's no NEMA plug rated for 40A so there's a...
  24. RayK

    Do you guys always precondition before charging?

    I think that you're talking about two kinds of pre-conditioning.... The only way that you can pre-condition (i.e. heat) the battery for Level 2 (L2 - 240VAC) home charging is if you tell the navigation system in the car that you're headed to a Supercharger. And you really won't gain all that...
  25. RayK

    Holding a charge

    Yes and yes. A 1% loss per day is usually due to Sentry Mode running. There is an option to automatically turn off Sentry Mode when your car is at home; check that. Another thing which can cause loss like that is Cabin Overheat Protection. If you don't care about that, turn it off. As far...
  26. RayK

    Wonder why the 97 corridor from Canadian border thru Omak and Okanogan is being ignored?

    Okanogan, WA is supposed to get a Supercharger install sometime in 2024. That puts it in the middle of existing stations at Entiat, WA and Osoyoss, BC. In my mind there's lots of secondary highway corridors that are devoid of Superchargers. Theory: Tesla is concentrating their expansion of...
  27. RayK

    Reporting a Autopilot Safety Issue?

    I'm not sure but I don't think so. From what I've read here in this forum, doing a bug report takes a snapshot of the vehicle's current condition and puts a "flag" in the system logs which Tesla then can find when they query the car. I don't know if your verbiage is stored for them to hear...
  28. RayK

    Reporting a Autopilot Safety Issue?

    If these problems are repeatable, you might want to state exactly where this happens. Since you're in SoCal, you are allowed to use "The" in front of the highway number and direction. Us NorCal members will translate (i.e., ignore the "the"). I think just saying "Bug report" is enough to put...
  29. RayK

    What charger(s) do I want/need for 2023 MY or M3?

    32A charging current requires a minimum of a 40A breaker. Because there are no NEMA outlet designs rated for 40A, one can use a 50A design (e.g., a NEMA 14-50) along with a 40A breaker (as long as you use the correct gauge wire AND label the outlet as having a 40A breaker). I believe this is...
  30. RayK

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    My daughter (32) just quoted me on Tuesday: "Looks like he picked a bad day to start taking mushrooms...".
  31. RayK

    CCS Retrofit Availability (2023)

    I say they are dyslexic. I think that they really mean 2032.
  32. RayK

    What charger(s) do I want/need for 2023 MY or M3?

    It's generally called the "80% rule" when talking about the continuous amount of current that is provided to EV chargers. So, 80% of 60A is 48A, 80% of 30A is 24A and so on. Yes, as far as the second mobile connector is concerned. If you don't see yourself buying another EV (Tesla) in the...
  33. RayK

    What charger(s) do I want/need for 2023 MY or M3?

    No, all Teslas can Supercharge. It's only a question of Level 2 (240VAC) charging where the 32A limit kicks in for SR/RWD models. There's charging modules in the car that convert AC voltage to the DC voltage of the battery. Two modules of 16A each are in the SR/RWD cars. The AWD/Performance...
  34. RayK

    Can I share a charger and have my neighbor bill me?

    That would work if the billed party has an electric rate which does not have off-peak/peak hours, or a tiered structure (cost per kWh increases upon exceeding a set number of kWh consumed). Otherwise, at the very least, you'd also have to keep track of when you are using the charger.
  35. RayK

    What charger(s) do I want/need for 2023 MY or M3?

    I don't think it has been addressed so far in this thread, but if you are contemplating getting a current model Standard Range or RWD 3 or Y, know that the maximum charging current those cars can take is 32A. You can certainly plan on installing a 60A circuit for a Wall Connector and have it...
  36. RayK

    1 month old Tesla Model 3 Long range T-Boned [Is this totaled?]

    Ask if AAA can reimburse you if you call another tow service. I have AAA Premier membership but don't know if they can do this. I've never had to resort to a third party when I've had AAA tow me.
  37. RayK

    Issues with Gen 2 Mobile Connector?

    Do you know exactly who is the manufacturer of the outlet and its model number? If a Leviton of any kind, you should probably get it changed out for a Bryant or Hubbell.
  38. RayK

    Lost Power Steering.

    Enter Service Mode and check logs? I'm assuming that you didn't put the car into Park and exit the car until you got back home? Chemical smell seems strange - battery coolant maybe? Have you checked under the car for any damage?
  39. RayK

    1 month old Tesla Model 3 Long range T-Boned [Is this totaled?]

    @Soul Surfer Harsh, but a fair assessment if OP was really asking about "is it totaled?". I don't see that in the post; rather there's a couple of questions asked. @EVowner1 As to your direct question: I have never filed a diminished value claim. Really never knew about it until I joined this...
  40. RayK

    Do you change all 4 tires on a RWD Model 3?

    I have a 2018 LR RWD. Put on almost 28K miles on the factory fronts (Michelin MXM4 18") before I thought it was time for new rubber (4/32nds depth). TWO pairs of rears lasted 14K miles each before they were also at 4/32nds. First rear set was replaced due to one of them having a second...
  41. RayK

    Weird math at ChargePoint DCFC in San Jose, CA

    Thanks moderator for splitting this off into it's own thread, as requested. I took at trip today from San Jose to SFO and back. Got home with <90 miles and I had to do a few things around the house so I couldn't charge my car until later this evening. I went to my usual ChargePoint station...
  42. RayK

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Sorry for the slight delay..... So I checked with one of the companies that exist to service aftermarket parts for Teslas (EVANNEX). This is an expensive locking lug nut set for Tesla but contains some good information*: https://evannex.com/products/lug-nuts-for-tesla-owners (* Maybe it's...
  43. RayK

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Just put in the entire https:// string as is, no @ needed, nor any extra slashes at the beginning. Here's the one I think you are talking about: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091KPYYJR Another note: Sometimes the forum software includes a preview of the page. Other times it's just a link (like...
  44. RayK

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Both badly formatted link but I found what you're pointing to... Description says they are for Tesla 3/X/S and it's Amazon so they should be able to accept returns if it doesn't fit. Note, however, they are 22MM hex, not the 21 which I think are standard. Just means you have to have two...
  45. RayK

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Follow the first link in my post above (shop.tesla.com) and there you will find the Tesla Mobile Connector's various adapters that can be used in many different kinds of outlets.
  46. RayK

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    @classychris92 For future reference, here's a table of commonly used receptacles used in the USA: Note that the matching plugs would look like you viewed them from behind the receptacle. So a 14-30 plug (not one you appear to have) should look like this: ref...
  47. RayK

    Is there a single source to view ALL EV charging stations?

    I have a TT-30P to 14-30R adapter in my charging kit. Never had to use it so far but with my daughter traveling around in an RV, it's probably only a matter of time before it's useful.
  48. RayK

    Garage to small to reach charging port

    Sounds like that the only way to solve this problem, and still keep the Tesla, is to move to a place that has a bigger garage....
  49. RayK

    Camera recalibration

    I think it's fairly common for the Tesla techs to declare that some owner-installed hardware is to blame for things not working correctly, whether or not it's actually true. I don't know if your Hansshow device falls into this category. However, when I got HW3 installed back in 2020 my camera...
  50. RayK

    M3 Alignment+Tires after 5 years

    I recently replaced all four tires on my 2018 LR RWD. Fronts were original MXM4s (just over 5 years old), while the rears were replaced with the same factory MXM4s about 14K miles ago, so in other words, half the life of the fronts. Both rears were replaced around 14K miles on the car; one had...