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    Parking brake guide pins, springs . (Defective by design)

    The pins rust as designed to do, by Brembo. Brembo wants to sell ridiculously overpriced complete calipers. There is this place: Tesla Model S, X Parking Brake Caliper Spring & Pin Kit, 2012-2021 But they do not deliver outside US. Anyone know an European or Asian /Chinese alternative?
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    Button To Open Garage Door Gone After Latest Update

    By any chance... did Tesla discover yet the possibility of backing into the garage yet? The pinnacle of stupidity is not to decrease distance to target when backing up.
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    OMG What the F is this?!!

    That's the master-bolt, once removed, the car can just fall apart. No, I doubt that's a part of the car at all, possibly some road debris?
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    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    It's simply stops counting down at x meters (at the spot I start reversing. I did not try auto-close after leaving.
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    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    The whole auto_open / close feature is broken. Mainly because Tesla does not acknowledge that you can get to a physical location when reversing. I do not drink and drive, so I prefer to back up into the garage, but Tesla can only approach the set position while driving forward. This is beyond...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Oh.. this was actually a nice UI refresh, i like the new phone part very much.
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    I'm mostly afraid of further sabotage by increased nagging, as Tesla did before. The hope for UI upgrade is sadly over, Tesla apparently does planned obsolescence just like nasty companies like Apple.
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    Wear inside front wheel well

    Absolutely not normal
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    Musk agrees.. Interface needs work!

    Geez, Google glass worked faster as a browser than Tesla AP1 browser. But can we hope for AP1 to get a serious utdate. ...or is Tesla practicing planned obsolescence.
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    Vendor Poll: The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Rims?

    Hidden damage, then sudden death by disintegration at high speed/load ... "exciting" should be an option too.
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    how to disassemble the front center armrest (access 12V outlet)

    In my 2016 model S - I plan to make a hole for USB-C (PD) outlet in one of the places marked in blue: How do I disassemble that unit in order to access the 12v, and mount the USB_PD electronics behind? (the electrical stuff is absolutely not an issue, I just wonder how to get to the inside of...
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    AP1 stops working on road trips after a few hundred miles. Fine the next day.

    I had the same issue fixed a few times by Tesla. They replaced the camera. How it is possible that it needs "next day" is hard to understand.
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    Installed a kit to mirror phone on MCU1

    meh... overpriced, given that they did not even bother to fix the audio sync issue by having an video delay. I expect some Chinese Aliexpress version to make it better, and cheaper soon.
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    Air conditioning reduced - DC Fast Charging / Supercharging rate may be reduced

    The AC compressor output got redirected to cool the battery battery. It would be nite to have an option to reduce charging speed instead. But it was probably the best choice for the battery.
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    AP1 : Simple calibration? can I just offset camera & radar ? (it's driving about 20-30cm too much to the right side)

    I see it by watching where my wheels roll, vs the car in front of me. Infrastructure had never been a priority in northern Norway, with narrow roads and occasional potholes, most of us know exactly where the wheels are rolling. there is no "camera calibration" in the menus of AP1
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    AP1 : Simple calibration? can I just offset camera & radar ? (it's driving about 20-30cm too much to the right side)

    AP1, works fine as always. On narrow winter roads, (following traffic) the car tends to drive 20-30cm too much to the right. Is this an issue I need Tesla to calibrate, or is it somehow possible to offset sensor(s) like camera or the radar?
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    any word on active noise cancellation in the refreshed X,S ?

    I got my model S soundproofed , they mounted precut parts in doors, and all over the body and trunk. It works very well.
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    any word on active noise cancellation in the refreshed X,S ?

    Don't bother, several German cars got it, and it's always an disappointment. You can't effectively cancel noise from all directions for all occupants. You enable and forget it, until on gravel or heavy rain, then you almost get dizzy by the annoying effect of the odd noise it generates. Then you...
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    What would I "lose" if I opt for AP instead of FSD?

    With AP1, you will totally miss the random phantom braking.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I find this funny, are you vetting the CEO of other bosses of every company you do business with, and every product you buy ? What's your opinion on the tire manufacturers, or LEDs in the car ? And what about socks!? How are the board members for those vendors?
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    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    That's not entirely true, they hope you WILL discover that THOSE parts are missing, so that you oversee that there's no front motor. :)
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    Reflective brake calipers

    Vinyl in parts that can/will get very hot? This sounds incredibly stupid.
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    I disassembled my driver door handle, please help me fix it ! :)

    the "left driver side" - won't ship to Europe.. hooray :) I reassembled the door as-is , there is some soft of hall effect sensor with high angular precision inside, and I do not even know if it is a reed relay based device or a semiconductor.
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    Redesigned door handle installed

    the main connector has 6 pins. the two middle pins are to/from the hall switch/sensor. Can somebody please confirm that they are shorted/open when the handle is in/out (it's easy to push the handle with your fingers.) I see no change on measured signals on mine... regardless of position.
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    I disassembled my driver door handle, please help me fix it ! :)

    Symptoms, three long squeals instead of going in/out then it gives up. The motor moves fine when applied 10v/ limited to 0.5A The handle works well when stowing, but clearly don't know its position. There are two internal connectors on top; LED and motor. The lower 6-pin connector had some...
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    Only receiving 2020 updates in the UK?

    Watch out for what you wish for. Recent updates continue to destroy the autopilot by idiotic nagging every 15 seconds to tug on the steering wheel for no reason!
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    2021 Model S Door Handle Position (Not Coming Out Far Enough) Issues Impacting Light Pipe

    Same was supposed to work on my 2016, but it proved to be an advanced technological challenge to have all adjusted property, so they fixed only two of the four to work as expected.
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    Tesla never answers the phone

    You should try to call Marconi or Bell, phones are not something Tesla dealt with.
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    Car will not de accelerate

    Reduced regen power due to cold battery? Maybe wheel rotation sensor error, this would disable ABS and stability systems. In any way, bad /sensational description and "jab and smoke brakes" does not make it more sane or reliable.
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    Explain all the Gates

    BS buzzwords for the simpletons, ignore.
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    Battery Replacement Nightmare. Would like input!

    Gremlins. Or maybe driving off a curb/edge and "falling down" on something. Or incorrect lifting tools, then it took time to get moisture inside before it was detected by the system as a grounding fault.
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    Blog When Elon Musk Wanted to Sell Tesla, Apple’s Tim Cook Refused the Meeting

    Great, if the evil apple was a part of Tesla, then it would reduce speed and battery for all cars whenever a new was released, and with every new software release. Any warranty issue would be a endless fight as they claimed water damage. And forget innovative features, apple was slow to offer...
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    3 Unintended Acceleration events when parking my Tesla S P in my garage.

    Ah, layers, they will surely figure it out... Get a few cameras and reproduce, that would get response if it's an actual issue. The accelerator pedal have no single point of failure, one potmeter must go up, the other down, to verify position.
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    3 phase charger but Tesla only uses 2 phases

    Yes, that would be interesting. And yes, that defeats not only 32A , but reduces charging power for all who installed 3-phase charging equipment.
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    3 phase charger but Tesla only uses 2 phases

    The Tesla charger sucks at this. The truth is that if you charge at for example 16A then it will load L1 with 16A , L2 and L3 with only 8A , so you get a little more power than a o e phase 16A, but no real 3 phase. And yes, the app lies about it. I've told Tesla like thee years ago.
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    Service now blaming MCU failure on aftermarket stereo

    When the symptoms got too many, (crashes, and fail to boot up) they confirmed that it was due to file system corruption, and uploaded all firmware. And they tried to blame me on my OBD2 diagnostic device (a read only CAN bus listener) It was pathetic, a few weeks later it would not boot again...
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    How to attach new key to my Tesla model S 2013?

    Or.... Ducted tape
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    Model S won't forget bluetooth phone

    While spinning, just navigate away by pressing on media, or Tesla logo.. then try to get her to modernize away from Apple :)
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    Peeling clear coat on carbon fiber wing

    I have seen it on mine, hard to spot, but yes.. is your significantly bad ?
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    Model S help with dead bug stuck in turn indicator unit

    With LED , one need bigger vents to let moisture out....and bugs in. That goes for all cars. A little disassembly and high pressure air will blow it out, you will find the vents on disassembly, glue on some tiny mesh/fabric if you live in bug infested areas or are unlucky.. this is not related...
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    So... No advantage of faster MCU2 ? Or is the replacement Tegra faster too?
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    Is it possible to fit a 30X30X48" box into a model S ?

    And now.. learn metric units like the educated people.
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    Upgrading from 19inch to 21inch in Arachnids - do I need a calibration ?

    What a scam ! I would not do business at a place like that.
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    Blog Tesla Publishes Q2 Vehicle Safety Report

    And yet that cannot convince the corrupt EU to not nag us every 15 seconds, causing a unsafe practice of constantly hanging on to the steering wheel which in case of unconsciousness will be catastrophic.
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    Turn Signal Safety? Really?

    I'd say "just start using orange lights like the rest of the world" ... But given that USA sill is using imperial units... I dont have faith in any progress over there. :)
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    Funny. Not Funny.

    There are clearly no metrics on that "goals" If it worked this way, it would be great.
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    My MCU1 died in a bizzare way an hour ago.. Anyone seen this?

    Is this the eMMC failure then ? - somehow I imagined it would be different. No, it says charging scheduled, but it did not charge this night at all. I hoe SC has replacements.. it is still under warranty - with some luck I get a faster one.
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    My MCU1 died in a bizzare way an hour ago.. Anyone seen this?

    It became unresponsive, and I thought it rebooted. I waited... much longer than the usual time it takes to display the logo. Then I realized nothing was going to happen, I did a two-thumbs reboot , I can hear a little change in the noise from the speakers.. no logo. I checked the wifi...