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    Making my model Y safer

    I have a general dislike for rearview mirrors. For whatever reason (tall guy/long torso) the mirror really hampers my forward view to the right. I am constantly ducking around the mirror to see in that direction (especially at narrow 4-way stops). My perfect solution would be a rear-mount...
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    Snow tires?

    Got lazy and kept them on all year for another vehicle. Not a good plan.
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    Snow tires?

    They will wear out much faster in the summer, plus a hit to your efficiency. Ask me how I know ;)
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    Updates to Referral Program: no AB anymore?

    I'm still seeing it under the Redeem-> Upgrades tab; 9,500 credits
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    Snow tires?

    Continental Viking 7s (P235/55R18 MYLR 18") Michelin X-Ice (255/45R19 on MYP 19")
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    Snow tires?

    At the rate I am going my winter set will last 4 seasons. ~25,000km per year, not sure of the summer/winter split. More of a slow poke driver though.
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    how do i pick a charging station?

    It's very odd, both chargers have minimal use when I am routing there (both usually at 50% or less capacity). The charger that I am being routed to (150 kW) takes me off the highway and 5 to 10 minutes into a city. The other one (which is the one I go to, 250 kW) is on the highway access road...
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    how do i pick a charging station?

    Yeah, I definitely mess around the navigation during the trip. For some reason the navigation tries to send me to a slower supercharger (150kW vs 250kW) which is further out of the way and I have to override manually. I make this trip fairly often and can't seem to figure out why the computer...
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    how do i pick a charging station?

    If you put in your final destination the navigation should automatically route you there, not need to tap on anything. If the trip is long and requires multiple stops then those additional stops will appear on the route. The computer will also let you know when you have received enough charge...
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    Seat Cover Recommendations

    edit* Deleted, looking for cover, not replacement.
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    So, I’m sitting in my car, setting stuff up, and have MORE questions, of course.

    1. Just to confirm, the USB type on the car are USB Type C, which is different from the older Type A: 2. To add to the above, (if I recall correctly) the free version of Spotify does not work on the Tesla as a direct log-in, only a paid-for account works. We have a family spotify account (5...
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    Canadian Owner and Dissapointed with new MY LR Range

    I do not rely on the CCS/Chademo network (for now) when travelling either and only use superchargers during trips. The several CCS/Chad that I came across were non-functional at the time (I use plugshare quite a bit as well). The reviews are helpful but I don't rely on them as I try to drive...
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    Ugh... Turkey "juices" in the trunk

    *Edit, sorry, not really helpful but I'm stuck in a boring meeting. Rent a small steam cleaner?
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    Canadian Owner and Dissapointed with new MY LR Range

    So if you average 230 km by using up 55% of the battery (80% -> 25%), 100% battery usage with the same driving efficiency achieves 418km. That meets your 400km+ target no?
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    Has anyone installed Gen 3 Wall Connector in Ontario (Canada)?

    Yeesh...not compliant for several reasons. You can also take the WC with you if it is hardwired, and house will still be EV ready.
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    I paid full price for this car, why am I forced to deal with so many ads?

    Interesting, and not in a good way. If the ads got more intrusive I would struggle to keep the car as well. However at this point there is no other EV I would replace it with due to the lack of a reliable/problem free charging network, and there is no way I am going back to ICE.
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    Took the jump to...Tesla MYLR ownership!

    Welcome, need pics! That is interesting, I never thought of towing the Tesla behind an RV but yes, I suppose that is not currently possible. Is there a dolly-type system that is available? That is too bad about the issues, hopefully they can sort it out quickly. The dried fluid on the floor is...
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    10% better range by servicing brakes

    There are quiet a few other variables that need to be controlled to come up with anything statistically significant.
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    No real-time supercharger status visible in car

    When you mean status do you mean how many are currently in use at that location? If so then tap on the red balloon/bubble beside the charger spot in question. A new window will appear with stall availability/charge fees, etc.
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    Ontario Ivy Home Charger $1000. rebate

    I would definitely try a few others, specifically some that have installed the gen 3. The gen3 doesn't need to be connected to your home WiFi to operate. It creates its own WiFi network that you connect to with your phone to commission it. Set it once and done. Good luck !
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    Ontario Ivy Home Charger $1000. rebate

    No worries, these forums are a great place to get some information. Not sure which vehicle you have but I would suggest heading over to get Model Y charging subforum and post your question there. Lots of experienced people there can give better explanations. Specifically RockyH and JCanoe. I...
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    Ontario Ivy Home Charger $1000. rebate

    Errr...what? Not sure if I missed something but this statement from the electrician doesn't make sense. The gen 2 connector went up to 80A (iirc). There should be no reason the gen 3 connector could not pass inspection. Even if you only had 100A service you could set the wall connector to...
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    Supercharger - Calgary, AB - 130 Ave SE

    So glad this opened up. Hit 220kW with minimal preheating.
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    Updates to Referral Program: no AB anymore?

    Yep, still shows up for me
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    Why do people use their phone in the car as if they were outside the car?

    A small sample size here but I have never seem to have issues with my android. My wife/daughter with their iPhones are another story lol.
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    Climate control issues

    Good to rule that out. I just checked mine and I am withing a degree or two (C). Maybe monitor for another week and create a service ticket if no change?
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    Why do people use their phone in the car as if they were outside the car?

    Have a look at some of the research if you have time. It's fascinating to see why a passenger is different from a cell phone conversation.
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    Climate control issues

    Interesting; I have not noticed that in my vehicle. How confident are you on the accuracy of your gauge?
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    Supercharging and Navigation

    I should automatically route you to it and pre-warm the batteries for fast charging. You can also tap on the supercharger icon on the screen (red drop-like icon) and it will show you how many chargers are open and what speed the chargers are (72 kW, 150 kW, or 250 kW).
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    Tire Cost > Electricity Cost

    Not a fan of grammar?
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    Diecast Model Y?

    Dang, that is really cool, thanks for sharing link. *Edit: forget it, they didn't get the front end right ;)
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    Supercharger - Calgary, AB - 130 Ave SE

    Thanks for the updates.
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    Supercharger - Calgary, AB - 130 Ave SE

    Coming down to the area this weekend; fingers crossed this is up by then otherwise I will be checking out the one in Enoch Park.
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    2023 Model Y: Performance vs Acceleration Boost vs Long Range

    Glad she is happy with her car, we both love ours. Dumb question; why would you consider upgrading hers if you have a '22 plaid? Somewhat generalizing but my wife doesn't care about acceleration and keeps her LR in chill mode all the time. Resale is hot in TO right now? It's terrible in...
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    Model y OEM steering wheel fit model 3?

    I bought a yoke for my Y and the description said it would fit both a 3 and a Y, so maybe it would work? All the install videos I watched on YouTube had the same wiring harnesses for the 3 and Y. This was for 2021+ model year though, you would have to confirm for a 2018. Swapping the air bag...
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    Why do people use their phone in the car as if they were outside the car?

    I don't find the in-car mic very good so I use my phone on speaker. As to why I hold the phone as you describe; when I hold it to my ear the side of my face often hits the hangup button.
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    Lug Nut Cover Tool Included?

    Mine did not. 2022 MYP.
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    Questions about Snow Chains for 2023 X with 20" Rims

    They will match nicely with my grill.
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    Charging excitement? (Was: you know you bought the right car when…)

    Yes, this exactly. I was brave (dumb?) enough to run it down to 3% on a trip this weekend.
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    How is it Possible my 2023 MYLR Trade in value is so low?

    I gathered as much, it's all good. Somehow I even question if Elon is in charge of setting prices. He probably doesn't care and has other things on his mind.
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    How is it Possible my 2023 MYLR Trade in value is so low?

    I bought at close to the peak but don't consider myself a financial illiterate lol.
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    Charging excitement? (Was: you know you bought the right car when…)

    Not just you, I love messing around with trip routing and finding new charge spots.
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    model Y Performance with downsized wheel to increase range?

    Yes, Wheels, tires, and TPMS sensors. They are not Gemini/induction rims but look close. Search for the Replika wheel thread for photos. I have them on both of my Ys and they look great.
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    model Y Performance with downsized wheel to increase range?

    Any reason you don't want to use a non tesla shop? 2400$ cdn for a full set delivered to my door. 5$k is crazy town IMO.
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    Tesla Charger

    I believe the QR code is also on the back of the unit. Just have to kill the power and take the wall unit off.
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    model Y Performance with downsized wheel to increase range?

    I ordered winter tires/rims from a dedicated wheel/tire shop. You can absolutely run 19" wheels on your MYP. I have 19"x9.5 with 255/45R19 tires (square setup). Can't comment much on efficiency but definitely notice a smoother ride vs 21's.
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    Advice on Model Y Winter Tire Modification to 18"

    You don't mention if you have the Long Range or the Performance version of the Model Y. For our Long Range I have a set of 235/55R18. New wheels/tires do not affect the warranty (unless you break something during install I guess?). I bought a set of Replika 241 rims and Continental Viking tires...
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    How is it Possible my 2023 MYLR Trade in value is so low?

    As noted above that is what Tesla will give you, maybe not a representation of true market value. But of course remember that they have to re-sell to make a profit and, at least I've found, that they typically low ball as they would rather deal with new cars only. You will likely get a better...
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    Model Y creaking noise from wheels

    For me the creaking was coming from the lugnut wheel cap (only on a single wheel); I removed the cap and the creaking went away. It's a two minute check that can be done at home so give that a try first. Try driving around without caps and see if that makes a difference. I popped them back on...
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    100% trip on road trip (multiple times)

    It depends ons several factors; how far you are going, frequency of SC available, and desired arrival state of charge (just to name a couple). For my first few trips I charged to 100%. After several more trips I realized that I could start the trip with 80% and still make it with the same...