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  1. kevincwelch

    2023 Model S wheels and tires

    Are the current wheel and tire specifications for the 19 inch Model S wheels on the 2023 model the same as earlier models? I like my 2013 OEM wheels and my Rial Lugano wheels. While I really like the arachnid wheels, I don’t want to pay extra for them, so that leaves me with the 19 inch...
  2. kevincwelch

    Model S Door Handles - Original v. New Cars

    I’ve had loaners through the years. Probably one for every year, and I took a test drive in a new model with a yoke. Hate the yoke, but I know that’s for another thread! Glad they give you a regular wheel option now. I see similar fit and finish issues with the newer models too, but if the...
  3. kevincwelch

    Model S Door Handles - Original v. New Cars

    I do not push the door closed this way. In fact, because I have gone through so many, I am very deliberate and careful with pulling the handle with just enough force to get the door open. I’ve also disabled auto-present thinking that would eliminate the extra wear and tear. So, I have to...
  4. kevincwelch

    Model S Door Handles - Original v. New Cars

    Tesla has replaced all handles with components they’ve supplied. Therefore, I predict they are all new or refurbished and certified by Tesla. I haven’t purchased any from a third party.
  5. kevincwelch

    Model S Door Handles - Original v. New Cars

    I have a 2013 Model S, so I'm 10.5y into ownership. The car has had its problems; Chicago is not kind to vehicles, but overall the car runs well and is low mileage (75k). Now that it is long out of warranty, costs are adding up due to needing the usual things replaced + predictable technological...
  6. kevincwelch

    MCU2 upgrade downsides?

    I just had my 2013 Model S upgraded. The incentive was that my instrument cluster went dark and the MCU was slow and poorly responsive. I think it’s a fantastic upgrade. However, I’ve encountered a problem. It seems as though voice activation no longer works. Once I hear the beep, I get an...
  7. kevincwelch

    2013 Model S HID Bulb replacement guide

    Here's a question for you all about this issue. I replaced both my headlights (bulb and ballast). Now, the right headlight is again failing. However, if I turn off the headlights and then turn them back on, the right headlight seems to be working again. My issue before was the right headlight...
  8. kevincwelch

    2013 Model S HID Bulb replacement guide

    I did not get the Tesla compatible stands. I got these things when the Model S was still quite young, and I don't think the Jackstands had been out that long. I got the standard pads with a rubber ring, and they work just fine. I've been very happy with them. I've used them for about 8 years...
  9. kevincwelch

    2013 Model S HID Bulb replacement guide

    Oops! I didn't turn off the car at all! Didn't power down, and I certainly didn't disconnect the battery. Gads. I ordered the bulb+ballast. I didn't want to troubleshoot, so I replaced the whole thing. I use Jackpoint jackstands. There's a thread I posted in the forum in 2013 or 2014 about...
  10. kevincwelch

    2013 Model S HID Bulb replacement guide

    As a follow-up, I did this today. I purchased the two bulbs/ballasts from ReedDeal and the fasteners you recommended. I'm very pleased I had those, because half of the stock fasteners were so brittle they fractured. I've got big hands, so I took my wheels off. It's likely someone smaller than I...
  11. kevincwelch

    2013 Model S HID Bulb replacement guide

    Thank you for writing this article -- very well explained. I am about to do this myself for my 2013 MS whenever I receive the bulbs. I submitted a service request to have both bulbs replaced, and I got an estimate of $3500! I suspect they thought it was the entire assembly, but maybe that is...
  12. kevincwelch

    EV plates getting popular

    Haven't seen anything in the 40k range yet, but the plate is usually the first thing I look at when I see a Tesla on the road (esp 3 or Y). I have 507, and I get really excited when I see one lower than mine AND is a classic model S! :D
  13. kevincwelch

    CT Steering Wheel Replacement

    I have a reservation for the CT. I am no fan of the yoke; I understand that lots of people like it or are indifferent. This has essentially been a deal breaker for me when it comes to a new Model S (I've had mine for 8 years now). I don't intend to get any kind of autopilot (or whatever it's...
  14. kevincwelch

    Pixel 5 and text messages

    I'm not sure what I did, but my pixel 5 and Textra seem to be working with the car now. I can receive text messages on the car, and I can dictate as well as send messages using the car. However, I can respond to only one person if I receive an MMS message. This was an issue with my OnePlus 6t as...
  15. kevincwelch

    Pixel 5 and text messages

    Thanks - let me know your outcome.
  16. kevincwelch

    Pixel 5 and text messages

    It is my 9th Android phone, and it is my second pixel device. I use textra, but that hasn't been an issue before (and that certainly doesn't mean it can't be an issue now). I am noticing some issues with the MCU in general, so that may be part of this. It is my 3rd MCU. A reboot did not...
  17. kevincwelch

    Pixel 5 and text messages

    For those of you who have successfully paired your Pixel 5 with the Model S, I'd love to hear how you got your MS to display the messages. I can make calls from the car, and my Pixel 5 is clearly connected with "sync messages" enabled. Didn't seem to have this issue with my Oneplus 6T.
  18. kevincwelch

    Driving with a mix of summer/winter wheels

    Thank you. Indeed, it was not a problem at all.
  19. kevincwelch

    Driving with a mix of summer/winter wheels

    This seems to me like a silly question. People drive with a spare tire all the time, but I am checking to see if there would be any issue with the temporary use of one of my winter wheels/tires while my other tire is repaired or replaced. I have stock 2013 Model S wheels and Michelin Primacy...
  20. kevincwelch

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Did you happen to order these? https://www.tirerack.com/tpms/detail.jsp?ID=2172&autoMake=Tesla&autoModel=Model+S&autoYear=2013&autoModClar=85 If not, anyone know if these will sync with my 2013 MS? (I purchased the Lugano wheels about 6 years ago from Tire Rack, and I think the pre-installed...
  21. kevincwelch

    Text messaging Model S 2.0

    I enabled this on my 2013 MS, and I actually like it. However, it appears that some of the pop up notifications are behind the speedometer rather than spaced apart so the notification is fully readable. Should have taken a picture. Does anyone else experience this?
  22. kevincwelch

    Oneplus 6T Bluetooth Issues

    Does anyone else have trouble receiving calls while using your OnePlus 6T connected via Bluetooth? I had no difficulty setting my phone up. I frequently play music from my phone through the stereo. I can make calls using the Tesla interface without a problem. However, frequently when there is an...
  23. kevincwelch

    Model S Lemon (NY Lemon Laws)

    I feel for you, man. My Model S has creaked since Day 1, February 16, 2013. I had Service check it out 5-6 times. There's still a little gremlin in there. Still love the car, though.
  24. kevincwelch

    EV plates (Illinois)

    Saw this the other day. New MS...old plate.
  25. kevincwelch

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    Not sure there is anything practical about this update if you don't have an autopilot car. It's harder to do just about everything.
  26. kevincwelch

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    Count me in as well. I absolutely hate this update, which is clearly designed without any regard to classic MS owners. I hate having every feature as an accessory to the map, which I rarely use. I've lived in Chicago for 10 years and don't need help getting around on a daily basis. I want my...
  27. kevincwelch

    Recommendations for Chicago Area Body Shop

    I went to Gold Coast first for an estimate. The basically put everything back together and with the exception of a dimple and paint loss near the passenger side, it's hard to notice. Now I have to decide if repairing it at the cost of $1800 is worth it. I will probably head to Ultimate Paint to...
  28. kevincwelch

    Recommendations for Chicago Area Body Shop

    There are several older threads that discuss O'Hare and Gold Coast, but the sites listed on Tesla's website appear to offer a lot more options - the most favored being Ultimate Paint Shop in Highland Park. I always take on-line reviews with a grain of salt, but who has used Ultimate Paint Shop...
  29. kevincwelch

    Car door window seal moisture problem

    That was a few years ago, but I think it is just the felt liner that wipes the window. I haven't noticed it to be a prominent issue except for a day or so after washing the car in the winter. Summer -- no issues.
  30. kevincwelch

    -30C(-22F) this week. How is your car handling it?

    I recommend the Xi3 tires as well. 5th winter, and they are well worth it.
  31. kevincwelch

    Door handle defect (within two weeks of delivery)

    That happened to a couple of my handles. They both failed some time after that.
  32. kevincwelch

    Door handle defect (within two weeks of delivery)

    Make that 8...driver's side passenger this AM. Bummer.
  33. kevincwelch

    So cold, that frost crept inside headlights

    It's pretty bad in Chicago now. No regen at all. Air suspension often doesn't work when this cold. Steering wheel sometimes weighs a ton. But, there's relief in sight! It will get colder soon!!!
  34. kevincwelch

    Door handle defect (within two weeks of delivery)

    This is a long-standing issue for the Model S. The extending door handles are cool, but they must be an engineering nightmare for Tesla. I've had 6 or 7 door handles replaced in 5 years. I wouldn't consider it a lemon law issue, rather a very annoying issue.
  35. kevincwelch

    Letter to Mr. Musk from a 1-day old outdated Model S owner

    My car has one camera that I know of -- the backup camera. My maps load slowly. The web browser is SAS. There's a rattle around the passenger C pillar. I have a black nose cone. No autopilot. No parking sensors. My firmware hasn't been updated in about 6 months because they had to order a new...
  36. kevincwelch

    Does the car look terrible without pano?

    Looks pretty good from where I'm standing.
  37. kevincwelch

    Software update fail

    Thanks, guys. I guess there are a plethora of other software/hardware issues that could be causing the failure. Looks like I'm gonna have to head in...
  38. kevincwelch

    Software update fail

    Anyone have a OTA software update that has failed multiple times despite resetting the console, installing immediately or selecting different times/places? What have you done if successful? I'm trying to avoid a dedicated trip to a service center just for this issue...
  39. kevincwelch

    Thoughts On "Pseudo-Badging"

    Mine never came with the "85" designation on it. I didn't like the MODEL S badge in general, so I took the whole thing off. Easier to clean, polish and coat now.
  40. kevincwelch

    Clearcoat and Paint Thickness Measurements

    It's going to depend upon the quality of the paint thickness gauge. The thickness of the clear coat cannot be measured. However, the thickness of the clear coat + base coat + primer can be measured. On early model Teslas (not the multicoat red or pearl), the thickness does range from 75 microns...
  41. kevincwelch

    AAA premiums: 30 percent rise

    I'd love to hear differently, but this is Tesla's fault. Restrictions on whom can do repairs, the outrageous inflation of repair costs by said restricted repair shops and the unacceptable time delay for parts. This was predictable years ago, and now Tesla is "outraged?"
  42. kevincwelch

    bubbles on touchscreen

    I had a small number of these on my screen. At my 4y service, I brought it to their attention. It was more of an FYI, because they weren't bad. They replaced the entire unit under, as it was under warranty. I generally do not have major problems with the car, but I'm glad I purchased the...
  43. kevincwelch

    Help! Doors shift down when opening: become difficult to shut

    Definitely not normal and in no way acceptable.
  44. kevincwelch

    Back up camera unusable in rain

    Gyeon View is what I have applied. It works very well, but it isn't like a wiper, obviously. This or any legitimate hydrophobic glass coating.
  45. kevincwelch

    $90 Topfit silicone center console video review

    What are the dimensions of the "box" at the top?
  46. kevincwelch

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Ah...the original blue. Can't beat it! Shiny metallic flake in the bright sun and midnight under low lighting conditions. Gloss and candy wet look thanks to Gyeon Mohs with ECH2O.
  47. kevincwelch

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Which part?
  48. kevincwelch

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Just had a bath and cruising the village. Wash: Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash Topper: CarPro ECH2O cut with Gyeon Cure Spot corrections: CarPro Essence Plus Tires: Hyperdressing 2:1
  49. kevincwelch

    Can scratched wheels be fixed?

    Alloygators - sacrificial use, and they probably would save your rims from some damage. I haven't used them myself. After I damaged 3 out of 4 rims with curb rash and having all of them repaired and powder coated (changed the color of all 4 intentionally), I have become super vigilant and...
  50. kevincwelch

    Can scratched wheels be fixed?

    Yes, it does work. But sanding cast wheels can take a lot of effort sometimes. You'd have to get a variety of sandpaper grits and damp sand the wheels. Plastidip is incredibly cheap and it can look incredibly awful when done poorly, especially if it drips at all. Once it scratches or peels, it...