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  1. Premiertint

    PPF - air bubbles?

    They need to be fixed by the shop that did the installation. It just needs a tiny needle to let the air out. Should only take them a second to fix. Sometimes these appear as the film cures. Don't poke or push on them. Let the shop handle it.
  2. Premiertint

    Your Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Window Film Experts

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Your Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Window Film Experts. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Your Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Window Film Experts

    Service Your Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Window Film Experts

    $750.00 to $8,500.00
  4. Premiertint

    Product idea - wrap for ‘19 wheels

    I love this idea on this particular wheel. I have matte black, if you're willing to come get it, I'll give you enough to do your wheels.
  5. Premiertint

    Xpel PPF

    If you used a pressure washer and hit the edge of the film, it can get under the film. The shop that installed it should have gone over that with you.
  6. Premiertint

    Model Y DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF

    Most Saran Wraps are extremely thin, only 0.0005 inches thick. ... compared to 0.008 inches thick for most Paint Protection Films. You'd need 16 layers to match the thickness.
  7. Premiertint

    Model Y DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF

    They make a lower strength adhesive PPF for this exact purpose...;) https://www.xpel.com/products/paint-protection-film/tracwrap
  8. Premiertint

    2019 M3 Full Vinyl Wrap Quote Northern NJ - Input?

    That price is par for a basic color change wrap with those specific brands/colors here in northern California. My shop would be a touch higher, but not much. Just make sure they are taking the right steps like removing the fender cameras. I'd also see if they have pics of prior wrapped Teslas...
  9. Premiertint

    FS: Custom Match Vinyl Wrap (PPSW)

    I'd like to look into buying larger pieces or rolls of this. Please share your source? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/members/jesse_le.175547/
  10. Premiertint

    Did I get scammed? [on tint and PPF install]

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/members/woolymammoth17.261072/ Are there any new updates and pics after you went to get the work redone?
  11. Premiertint

    How much did you pay for tint/chrome delete?

    For a Full Chrome Delete, we charge $850 Window tint, covering all glass for the Model 3 (1 seamless piece back window) is $900. This price is using XPEL Prime XR Plus film, any shade combination that you want.
  12. Premiertint

    Obligatory Tint/PPF Question...

    PPF won't stick to the raw (unpainted) plastic trim pieces, unfortunately. It can stick to the satin black door handles and window trim though. It will definitely make those parts glossy black. For the raw plastic parts, they'd need to be removed, wet sanded to a 600 or so, and then you can...
  13. Premiertint

    Discussion: Model Y General Waiting room for orders placed After January 2023

    Delays are frustrating, for sure. We have had numerous clients need to reschedule their Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, and Ceramic Coating appointments with us due to various delivery delays. Argh
  14. Premiertint

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Looks Great!
  15. Premiertint

    Model Y DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF

    pro-tip: Typically, our shop does not cut around the sensors. However, if the client ever wanted them cut out after we have installed the PPF, we have placed a nickel over the sensor and traced around them for a clean perfect circle. Obviously, dont press too hard to harm the paint under it.
  16. Premiertint

    PPF is no joke

    🤣 That would be a lot of tape, for sure. I'm not confident the durability will be the same as PPF though. lol. It is a bit surprising that you only OP only had the PPF on the vehicle for such a short time though.
  17. Premiertint

    PPF - Cleaning Dirty Seams

    We've never had any clarity issues or reduction of light from PPF installation.
  18. Premiertint

    Bad PPF Install - My Poor Model 3 :(

    Unfortunately, the stretch marks and bubbles are "installation errors". I don't know of ANY manufacturers that will do anything about this. The warranties they provide are for Product Issues only, such as changing color, lifting, peeling, forming bubbles due to adhesive failures etc. Your only...
  19. Premiertint

    PPF + Ceramic Coat - Bay Area/North California

    Yes, same-day installation is not a problem. Give us a call to schedule your appointment. :)
  20. Premiertint

    PPF + Ceramic Coat - Bay Area/North California

    We offer 2 levels of heat-rejecting films by XPEL. The XPEL Prime XR Black Series is $700 OR the Prime XR Plus Series is $900. Both options include using any shade you choose for all 4 doors, the small quarter glass, and the back glass, as well as tinting the full windshield in a nearly clear...
  21. Premiertint

    PPF + Ceramic Coat - Bay Area/North California

    Just saw this thread. We offer Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF, full front-end packages starting at $,1900. Includes full hood, full front fenders, headlights, full bumper (with no seams), top of edge of rear bumper, and mirror backs. We also offer discounts for first responders, military, and...
  22. Premiertint

    PPF installer in Roseville/Sacramento area

    Dang it! I missed this thread earlier. Hit us up too. :cool:
  23. Premiertint

    PPF covering sensors - can I trim this off?

    yup, just let it dry and maybe push on it in a week or so. no need to cut it out. :cool:
  24. Premiertint

    Window Tinting ruined my Door....

    There are a few specific vehicles that need the door cards removed to do the best installation possible. With that said, Teslas are not one of them. The little dents in the door card shown in your pictures are from a tool that they insert into the internal window sweeps to provide a slight gap...
  25. Premiertint

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Tesla has added IR and UV blocking to the SUNROOFs of their vehicles. They have not done anything new to the side/door glass, windshields, or rear windows.
  26. Premiertint

    Ceramic Coating on top of PPF

    The above prices people are quoting are for applying PPF to the WHOLE car, not just the front bumper and partial hood for $1k.
  27. Premiertint

    Front Windshield on 2021

    I believe the DOT has a regulation for windshield glass. I agree, it's somewhere around 85%-88%.
  28. Premiertint

    Best place/price in LA for full body color change wrap?

    Businesses only charge what they think they are worth.
  29. Premiertint

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    Xpel is a great product and is a great company.... and has great lawyers that write crafty fine print in their warranty verbiage. If an XPEL told you that it would be covered in a claim, that's awesome. I have a long list of clients that will LOVE this information and my off-season will be...
  30. Premiertint

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    The self-healing qualities in ANY PPF will only last about a year and is not part of their 10 year warranties. There are other products like ceramic coatings containing Graphene that do have self-healing qualities that you can add once per year. To answer the question about swirls accurately...
  31. Premiertint

    PPF, question on quality

    When it's installed correctly, you shouldn't see any cuts, lines, bubbles, seams.... it should look like it's just painted. You can barely see the edge of the PPF material in the lower "mouth" in this top pic.
  32. Premiertint

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    Maybe you just haven't heard about it yet? :cool: Unless your $2k budget is just for buying the material and doing it yourself, you won't get very far. For a full-color change PPF wrap, expect to spend $7k and up for materials and installation at a reputable shop. The upsides to these...
  33. Premiertint

    Bay Area recommendations for window Tinting?

    We totally understand El Dorado Hills is not the Bay Area. However, we have customers who travel from all over California for the excellent quality work we do. Especially our Tesla's and exotic cars. We are worth the drive.
  34. Premiertint

    Bay Area recommendations for window Tinting?

    HI! We are worth the drive and we always offer the best XPEL ceramic window films. Give us a call for pricing and scheduling.
  35. Premiertint

    Xpel XR Prime Plus vs Spectra Photosync

    The windshield was not tinted at the moment we did the video.
  36. Premiertint

    Xpel XR Prime Plus vs Spectra Photosync

    This was using Xpel's highest performance feat blocking film, the Prime XR Plus series. It is comparable to the Crystyline and Spectra. I had no intention of threadjacking here. I just wanted to show that Tesla has an IR blocker built into the sunroof glass of the Model 3.
  37. Premiertint

    Xpel XR Prime Plus vs Spectra Photosync

    I just took this video a few minutes ago. 81 degrees outside. 2021 Tesla Model 3
  38. Premiertint

    Xpel XR Prime Plus vs Spectra Photosync

    I have a BTU meter and few Teslas coming in this week. Ill do some tests with the film vs no film and post my findings
  39. Premiertint

    Xpel XR Prime Plus vs Spectra Photosync

    The sunroofs of the Teslas have an IR blocking coating that is extremely efficient at blocking UV and IR. Adding a layer of window film won't result in a noticeable difference. Don't confuse this with the side glass and back glass though. The factory darkened glass does not have that same...
  40. Premiertint

    Will there be Roadsters at Cars & Coffee / car meets?

    I couldn't agree with you more on this. Car people are car people. Our local Cars and Coffee and other car shows LOVE the variety. I see everything from old barn finds, to brand new Lamborghinis, all parked next to each other. Take your car out there, you'll enjoy it and you be surprised at how...
  41. Premiertint

    Exterior Color...Logic / Feedback

    I have not seen or heard of clear bra (PPF) having any negative effect on the cameras.
  42. Premiertint

    Should PPF look OK from 5 feet away?

    Unfortunately, our shop sees a lot of bad installations of PPF and window film that was installed at other shops. These pics are really shocking for a professional shop to have done and charged for. I can't give you any legal advice on what to do regarding the transaction with that shop. I CAN...
  43. Premiertint

    Full body wrap PPF rear hatch seam?

    A full XPel Stealth Wrap for $3,400 is very low. We charge $6,500 for a full Stealth Wrap (No Seams). PPF is for Paint Preservation, Not Financial Savings.
  44. Premiertint

    New wrap and chrome delete

    With all respect, the geographical location typically has less to do with pricing than the quality of installation and products used. If you are finding a large price variance, Typically, that "cheaper" shop is not as detailed in their installations, using inferior product, or a combination of both.
  45. Premiertint

    New wrap and chrome delete

    There are multiple factors in pricing a "wrap" for a vehicle. Vehicle size, complexity of the specific vehicle, wrap material, prep work needed for the specific vehicle, longevity and durability expectation will also play a part in what material/cost will be used. My shop starts around $3,500...
  46. Premiertint

    Front Bumper damage from shopping cart

    This debate is difficult argue toward a goal of everyone in agreement. Price vs. Value For the client that wants to preserve the ORIGINAL paint as best as possible against minor damage like the above example and not have to deal with timely body shop repairs and repaints and blending and so on...
  47. Premiertint

    Got my MYP wrapped today..

    We did one similar to this last year. I agree, it's a classy, custom, and subtle look while giving some protection to the original paint.
  48. Premiertint

    PPF & Ceramic Combo Vs Vinyl

    They are limited in the variety of colors/textures of their PPF options. Honestly, if you are worried about IF they are applying the Ceramic Coating or not, ask if you can watch them install it, and observe. Explain your concern. I think you are referring to swirl marks when you say the spider...
  49. Premiertint

    Roof Tinting Yay or Nay?

    The roofs of the Model Y and X have a very good IR built into the glass. Adding a light film isn't going to be very noticeable for the heat blocking. The screens are cheaper and relatively easy to install for shading the car.