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  1. elf9

    Dancing cars are back

    Dancing cars for me too ... since day one. I once had a fertilizer spreader show up as a dude on a motorcycle while backing into the garage.
  2. elf9

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    What an abomination to humanity is this latest monstrosity of a UI. What whipper-snapper developer(s) decided to use menus --- I want BIG icon buttons at the top level for freakin' everything. Never mind that I can't use my fingers some of time because of arthritis. Menus are for ordering...
  3. elf9

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Tap the CAR icon, then tap the big RECORDING button (with the dot) on the right. If the dash cam is disabled, it'll say RECORD ... just tap the button to enable the dash cam. To disable the dash cam, long press the button.
  4. elf9

    2021.44.5 Uneven Tire Wear Detection

    Depends on the radius of the circle 😜
  5. elf9

    And here I though, I was the fortunate one to owning a car with no visible misalignment

    Yeah, that's an easy fix --- loosen the mounting screws, tilt the car until aligned with frame, then tighten the screws 😜
  6. elf9

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    So it looks like you transferred your OEM trim/wiring harness to the yoke, which means you still have working scroll button lights, correct?
  7. elf9

    2024.24.1 - is time travel possible?

    May I suggest winning Power-Ball/Mega Lotto numbers ;)
  8. elf9

    Best DIY Project?!

    Well, there you go ... DIY install of hood pins with a CF hood :)
  9. elf9

    Best DIY Project?!

    And hood pins while he's working in the general area ...
  10. elf9

    TesDash Beta - A free Stats dashboard for your Tesla

    Oh, I can use this :)
  11. elf9

    Check List for Prospective Passengers

    9. Have you eaten any bean dishes in the past few hours?
  12. elf9

    Your gonna get it tonight!

    Just release them in front of another neighbor's garage ... you know, the one with the coal-rolling diesel truck :)
  13. elf9

    Blog SpaceX’s Starship Conducts 150 Meter Launch and Land

    Outstanding!! ... loved the view of the gimbaled nozzle. Strange to see a huge stainless steel flying cylinder, though LOL ... can't wait to see future hop tests.
  14. elf9

    Driver Side Mirror Turned Out...Fix, Please

    Hope you had Sentry Mode turned on ... I'd file a insurance claim and police report if you have the video ;):p
  15. elf9

    Vandalized or Someone Tripping?

    Sad to see any damage to a car. I can picture someone intoxicated, stumbling across the parking lot doing damage like this :(
  16. elf9

    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    Maybe detect if the driver starts to nod off ... then play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 at full volume :)
  17. elf9

    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    Hopefully, eventually, it'll be used to monitor a driver's "alertness" --- another way (in addition to keeping your hands on the steering wheel) for AP use.
  18. elf9

    Broke the steering axle of my M3P hitting a curb that was hard to see due to the sun

    Those designs are pretty common in California (and probably the rest of the U.S.) ... lots of tire marks on them too.
  19. elf9

    chrome wrap

    Oh ... shiny. How much did this cost?
  20. elf9

    Blocking or covering the air vent output?

    If it's good enough for Apollo 13, it's good enough for the Tesla Model 3:
  21. elf9

    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    Vacuumed the inside of the car ... then cleaned off the bug guts from the windshield and front bumper.
  22. elf9

    Does tapping "Advanced" in software update actually do something?

    Damn, I knew I forgot something in my ritual to get an update :(
  23. elf9

    Updating a 2020 Tesla vs 2020 Updating a Land Rover - A lesson in WTF

    That and the incredible over-engineered containers they shipped them in. I remember several bamboo boxes with neatly beveled corners ... and then there were the metal "tins". Those containers were worth more than the AOL CDs ... LOL.
  24. elf9


    Haven't seen the cones yet, but as I was backing into the garage, a nearby fertilizer spreader got interpreted as two motorcycles... at least they were in staggered formation :)
  25. elf9

    it shines to a T

    Don't they have a carbon fiber pattern cover for the center armrest? :p
  26. elf9


    And don't call me Shirley ...
  27. elf9


    So what's wrong with dumping several shovels full of hot tar/asphalt into potholes and letting traffic flattening the patch? ... CalTrans ;) Oh, and to stay on topic, updated to 2020.8.1 with no issues :p
  28. elf9

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    Maybe too early to mention this, but when you pick up your 3 and before you sign off all the paper work, INSPECT the car thoroughly! Note any paint defects, panel misalignment, etc. ... see if the doors shut/close without binding ... check door seal alignment ... check interior fit/finish for...
  29. elf9


    Same here ...
  30. elf9

    Tesla Pizza

    Go easy on the go pedal ... and stop with the drag racing at the stop lights ...
  31. elf9

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    BTW, get the blue one :D ... white is the default color, so I guess that'll do too ;)
  32. elf9

    Oh Deer.

    Jeez ... close is an understatement. Where I commute, it's rabbits ... followed closely by coyotes :eek:
  33. elf9

    First road trip in brand new Model 3 LR (with pics!)

    Looked like a firmware update pending during your trip :)
  34. elf9

    Is anyone else unhappy with the way this forum has been re-organized?

    Bah humbug ... too many threads as is ... should only be two threads: * Man, this sucks * Wow, this is cool Makes it easy to chose, depending on how your day is going, which side of the bed you woke up ...:p;)
  35. elf9

    Mirror Dimmers

    I suppose you can pop off the mirrors and disconnect the dimmer wires. There are two sets of wires ... one for dimming and the other for defrosting.
  36. elf9

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.2 - FSD AutoSteer Stop Sign Warning and Adjacent Lane Speeds

    A fertilizer spreader in my garage appears as two motorcycles o_O
  37. elf9

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    That was my first thought (Lockheed F117 Nighthawk) when I saw the pics of the truck... second thought was if it was also efficient in scattering radar signals from traffic cops LOL.
  38. elf9

    Long Daily Commute; Sorry for the Charge Post

    You're fine with your charging plan. FWIW, my daily commute is 214 actual miles; do a nightly charge to 90%, leaving me with an average of 17% by the end of the day. Mountain passes and high winds are my nemesis LOL. For the occasional long trips, I start with 100% SOC (323 miles) from my...
  39. elf9

    Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon

    Just installed mine today ... with silicone adhesive; used more than a dime-sized glob, though, LOL. I'll keep an eye out on it and if need be, I'll use the included screws --- they seem kind of long, though. BTW, found another source for this style of mud guards on Amazon, in stock, with only...
  40. elf9

    Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon

    When mine comes in, I'll be using about dime-sized glob of silicone adhesive at the screw hole to secure the flap ... too lazy to drill a hole, LOL.
  41. elf9

    Extension cord from dryer outlet?

    So, are these guys still alive? LOL
  42. elf9

    Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon

    These look to be the same style. They're less expensive, but there's a long delivery time since it's coming from China: https://www.amazon.com/XUKEY-Molded-2016-2019-Mudflaps-Mudguards/dp/B07W21THGQ
  43. elf9

    Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon

    Thanx for the pics. These are the same ones I ordered yesterday. I was waiting for a more streamlined mudflap version to appear, but it was hard to tell from their pics. There's another vendor with better pics of what looks like the same model, so I was hoping that this version extended to...
  44. elf9

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    6. Ride of the Valkyries (think of Apocalypse Now) ... that outta get peoples attention LOL
  45. elf9

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Some owners of pearl white M3s have done the chrome delete using white vinyl --- looks pretty good from the pictures they've posted. Should look good with the silver metallic if you can get a good color match.
  46. elf9

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    I'm rooting for the garbage-truck beep for reverse and cowbells for slow-speed forward :)
  47. elf9

    Door shuts on all Tesla Models

    Hereford, UK ... I guess that's what the call door jambs over there :confused: