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    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    got the email as well, but the mytesla page has a form for scheduling a service visit
  2. K

    Ann Arbor grand opening

    sadly I couldn't get away from work and back to AA for this, hopefully lots of people showed up!
  3. K

    Ann Arbor grand opening

    mind posting a copy of the details here?
  4. K

    Ann Arbor grand opening

    I just picked up my car on Thursday from Cleveland but they didn't mention anything about it, maybe they didn't know it's happening? I'll try to make it, but I work in Farmington Hills, so I'd have to leave there around 1pm to get back to AA in time.
  5. K

    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Picked up my Model S today, was such a great drive home with Autopilot! Got the two key holders which seem standard now but definitely needed (the other keys I carry would tear the little Tesla FOB apart), and the DS gave us a goodie bag with snacks/drinks for the long drive home along with a...
  6. K

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    got word that my Tesla is coming across the country via truck instead of rail, I get to pick it up next week instead of next month, so excited!
  7. K

    Ended: $2K Off Instead Of $1K From Current VA & OH Owners, Confirmed

    mine showed up when the final paperwork arrived, the preliminary paperwork you get once you have access to the mytesla page will not show it. I got my final paperwork on the mytesla page about 2 weeks after my order was finalized.
  8. K

    Ended: $2K Off Instead Of $1K From Current VA & OH Owners, Confirmed

    There used to be a limit, but it was removed if I'm recalling correctly from one of Bjorn's videos
  9. K

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    my order just went from being in the queue to 'In Production', a week sooner than the DS had originally told me it was planned for :biggrin: I'm sure a nice slow train ride across the country will make up for it.
  10. K

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    2002 Honda Accord V6, bought for $14k in 2007, now worth maybe $4k. +70-80k
  11. K

    Ended: $2K Off Instead Of $1K From Current VA & OH Owners, Confirmed

    I confirmed with my DS that the $2000 credit was being applied, I didn't have any issues from anyone about it. They said it will show up on my final paperwork closer to delivery. Thanks again to TheAccuser for your referral code, I'm glad you got your 5th!
  12. K

    Tan and grey old-gen seats discontinued

    I'm glad I finalized my order last week with the grey original leather seats. :biggrin: The next-gen seats didn't allow enough air to move around me to be comfortable. If ventilated/cooled next-gen's showed up as an option I'd be tempted to take the change fee hit before my car enters production.
  13. K

    And now for the wait...

    Thanks to everyone on the forum for all the great info and discussions, at long last I've pulled the trigger on a new 70D! Deep Blue Metallic Pano Roof Standard 19" wheels Grey Leather Seats (next-gen hug me too tight for un-ventilated) Piano Black Black Headliner Autopilot Premium Interior and...
  14. K

    Order and Deliver question for Michiganders...

    Did my test drive in Cleveland today. Wow what a car! I just need to pull the finances together to be able to place an order. Spoke with the saleswoman at length about service and support, didn't even think to ask about delivery options, was more concerned with car ride and highway...
  15. K

    Order and Deliver question for Michiganders...

    I'm in Ann Arbor, MI and just requested a test drive, curious if they'll send me to Cleveland or to Columbus. It'd be real nice if I could do this in the state, but that won't be happening anytime soon. I'm also curious about people's maintenance experience from Michigan, I drive over 20k...
  16. K

    Buying a Tesla for all the wrong reasons?!

    I've been driving a 2002 Honda Accord V6 for the past 7 years, and I am now driving that car 75 miles round trip each day. It could probably last me another 3+ years, but I'm spending quite a bit on gas and maintenance now, almost more than the car is worth each year in gas alone. Before that...