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  1. Hayseed_MS

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The rule is that if something is posted two places on the internet, by default it is made true. In this case, it was posted on X and TMC.
  2. Hayseed_MS

    HW4 and Center Horn on 2023 Model S?

    How about just figure it out for yourself and believe your real world experience instead of strangers on the internet. Brownlee is a good guy and very entertaining but he is not an expert in what works for all - especially me and Mrs. Hayseed. Almost 100K miles on this yoke and still loving it...
  3. Hayseed_MS

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    My SC was able to confirm this non-confirmation may or may not be true.
  4. Hayseed_MS

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    Found this of an engineer carrying the new front camera near Freemont. So you are all wrong...
  5. Hayseed_MS

    Goodbye all; Good riddance Tesla

    Started reading this thread again. Not directed at the OP but this is still one of the all-time top five posts on TMC...
  6. Hayseed_MS

    Suspicious influx of Demo Model S/X in new inventory

    @WilliamG and @jebinc will finally get their new hinges with the 24's.
  7. Hayseed_MS

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    The car is a tool for me to use. I charge what I need and let the chips on degradation fall where they may. I have enough to keep my mind occupied and charging limits is not one of them. I have a referesh Model S since June 2021. 94k miles on it and only about 7% degradation. Charge to...
  8. Hayseed_MS

    Model S Plaid All-Season Tires?

    If going the winter tire route, keep the 21's and put the 21" Pirelli winter tires on there. Tesla marked for the Plaid. Very expensive but ride and wear is great. I drove on them for a few thousand miles last winter and loved them. Kind of overkill for most midwest weather but felt solid...
  9. Hayseed_MS

    What has changed?

    Changed to add the implied...
  10. Hayseed_MS

    What has changed?

    This sounds about right. Also, keep in mind that your tires lose air in the cold and that will impact your mileage as well. Mine can drop 2psi in 30F drop.
  11. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    More fiber may help with the fierce wiping needs.
  12. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    Same here and it worked. We live in our own reality apparently. Could also be a midwest v west coast thing.
  13. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    Now you are just making that up...
  14. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    It Mine works.
  15. Hayseed_MS

    Model S Plaid All-Season Tires?

    I have the LR version but my 21"'s came with the PS4 summers. I switched to the Goodyear Tesla 21" tires and love them. You do give up some in handling/braking but they are more quiet, better efficiency, all-season traction (can go below 45F), and they do not fling pebbles all up the sides...
  16. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Can that be patched or is that too much on the sidewall?
  17. Hayseed_MS

    Drive unit failure with a Lithium LV battery - What you probably didn't know!

    Ok, I give up - what is the answer to the question and bonus?
  18. Hayseed_MS

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    But that optimism is sometimes all we have to cling to...
  19. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Just replaced my 21's with approx 3-4/32nds left. No uneven wear and zero signs of separation. 15k miles. All original equipment.
  20. Hayseed_MS

    Tesla drops prices on X/S $20k. All colors free. Bye bye resale

    I have the first refresh in my state. Delivered June, 2021. Now at 88k miles. Paid $87 (LR, blue, 21") - today it would be approx. $80k new. Trade-in today is $35-40k. Been through lots of tires and a few wiper blades. Love the car - it is a tool and not an investment. Not crying over the...
  21. Hayseed_MS

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Rec'd 4.7 over the weekend. Have not had a chance to use it much but so far I like it. I have noticed a few streets where there were issues on the previous version is now gone.
  22. Hayseed_MS

    FSD Beta v11.x

    And my point is?
  23. Hayseed_MS

    I got HW 4.0 but NO FSD Beta

    Are the cars going to 2023.26.10 (FSD 11.4.4) on HW4?
  24. Hayseed_MS

    Model S SR reintroduction / would you have waited?

    I drive several trips frequently that involve charging at home to at least 90% and then charging once enroute to my destination. Or not charging until the destination just enough yo make it back home to plug in. At 40k miles per year, the $10k saved is not worth it. Also, I like the approx...
  25. Hayseed_MS

    Looks like Tesla brought back the standard range Model S and X!

    We still do not know that it is not a smaller battery or only a software lock. Their website may not be up to date on the weights yet - that has happened many times to have the website not most recent on issues. We are just going by influencers, that have a track record that is not always...
  26. Hayseed_MS

    Ride quality for refreshed S with lowering links

    They are working on the OTA for it and it will be out in two weeks.
  27. Hayseed_MS

    Model S existing inventory and pricing

    Anyone know why some cars in existing inventory have discounts and others do not?
  28. Hayseed_MS

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    I travel 40k miles in my S per year. At first I thought I needed 500+. I have put the 21s back on and find the need for more range an overstated nothingburger. This is for me so YMMV.
  29. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    I am no service tech but the solution is to just not drive between 80 and 95...
  30. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Speak from my experience on current set of OEM (T2 marked) 21"': Approx. 8k miles in 2 months. Down to an even 5/32". Normal wear on inside edge but no sings of delamination coming and no air loss. Car is completely stock.
  31. Hayseed_MS

    Smelly AC on refresh S

    Check the filter. I replaced mine and the smell went away.
  32. Hayseed_MS

    Totaled 2020, replace with '23... what will I like and hate?

    Do not let these guys prejudice you about the car - the yoke and lack of stalks is refreshing (pun intended) but it may not be your cup of tea - you decide. Regardless, it is a great car and a step up from the 2020.
  33. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    Some of you just need to get away from your Tesla and move on. I could not stay with a car I am so bitter towards. There is no doubt in my car there is a difference (for the good).
  34. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    I have "tested" multiple times on different roads. Also, tested with a passenger who was unable to see when I toggled. The passenger could hear the difference every time. There is a low frequency droning noise when off on most roads - that goes away when on. On a few roads, there was no...
  35. Hayseed_MS

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    I have toggled it back and forth. It definitely works as a reduction but does not eliminate. It works.
  36. Hayseed_MS

    I planned to immediately replace the yolk/yoke, but now having mild second thoughts.

    I do not think the 4" heels will fit on the yoke.
  37. Hayseed_MS

    I planned to immediately replace the yolk/yoke, but now having mild second thoughts.

    While I do not agree with his melodrama, @DayTrippin has my repsect for trying and then making his opion. Same with @bmah I respect his honest experience. Great if it works for you, great if it does not work for you. Too many panties in a bunch over the wheel/yoke. The robe tearing and...
  38. Hayseed_MS

    Just come across the phantom braking issue, considering canceling my order

    Right there with you. I paid a lot of money for a Tesla and it cannot make coffee like my wife can. But neither can back out of the garage so that is a tie. Those bastages at Telsa...
  39. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    No - all wear has been good. Most of my tires go flat from known punctures and do not have time to wear out.
  40. Hayseed_MS

    Charging other EVs from Tesla Level 2 home charger

    They bought a third party NACS to CCS adapter.
  41. Hayseed_MS

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Only in winter flavor. I had them and they wore great. Put approx. 15-20k miles and still have 6 or 7/32nds left. Just put a new set of the T2 marked 21" OEM's on. With 6k miles no signs of uneven wear.
  42. Hayseed_MS

    To Tesla Service Leadership (I know you read these threads)

    I thought it was the sense of entitlement not conspiracies...
  43. Hayseed_MS

    Smart summon accident and liability

    The tree moved into the car's path and there is no video evidence.
  44. Hayseed_MS

    FSD Beta v11.x

    If I had a nickel for everytime I saw a court document where @Ramphex and @jebinc were mentioned together in the same sentence with "full release", I would be a rich man.
  45. Hayseed_MS

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Maybe tell her you are waiting for a tug and not a push?
  46. Hayseed_MS

    Bring back the odometer TENTHS digit!!!

    I think it is sad that tesla does not put a AC outlet in the car. Where do I plug in my portable microwave for hot pockets?