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    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    I drove my Model 3 SR+ from Houston, TX to Tucson, AZ along I-10 over Thanksgiving 2019 without any range problems. Going towards Tucson there was a pretty heavy rainstorm, so that probably negatively impacted our efficiency but I ended up having to slow down due to such poor visibility during...
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    Order change, subject to fee now

    Yep, I cancelled an order earlier this week after I had the VIN assigned and was less than a week from delivery. The $2,500 deposit was fully refunded by credit card within 4 days, even though they say it may take up to 6 weeks. (I am in the process of re-ordering.)
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    Order change, subject to fee now

    If you want to make a change that might cause a fee, you always have the option to cancel the order without any penalty. Then you can make a new order with the options you want. Of course your delivery date gets reset with a new order, but if you were about to make a significant change then that...
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Can you determine your manufacturing date (and whether your have the FSD computer in the glovebox)?
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Mine also just started saying 4/23 to Austin, TX with no VIN yet.
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Yep, I ordered about a month ago but hadn't been assigned a VIN or anything yet.
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    I just got off a very quick phone call with sales and simply requested that they update the pricing on my SR order. Within the hour, my total dropped $3700. Autopilot is indeed included in the base $35k price now, and the price for my paint selection went down $500. Interestingly, my order had...
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    Toll Tag

    Did anyone else get a letter from TxTag about them deactivating older license plate tags (effective May 12, 2017) and requesting you to contact them for a replacement? I've called them 3 different times and have been promised that a supervisor would be shipping a new one, but still I've never...
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    Transporting a Kayak on Model S

    I've carried a kayak on my Model S on the Whispbars without kayak saddles nor J-cradle. For the front anchor, I lashed a strap into the frunk latch mechanism and closed the latch on it. For the rear anchor, I also lashed another strap into the trunk latch. There are a couple of pictures in this...
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    Austin - new facility coming

    Here are some pictures that I took of the new Service Center on last Saturday, probably just a few days after the signage was installed. I looked around but didn't see any electrical conduits that would indicate they might be intending to install superchargers.
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    Kayak on roof rack Whispbar

    Since I haven't seen too much discussion about actually carrying a kayak on the roof rack, I thought I'd share a picture of me doing so... I have a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 kayak (10 foot, 42 lbs) on a Whispbar, without any saddles or other rack attachments. I used one long strap that...
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    2016 SC for NA page was updated

    Here is a photo that was posted by another user to the Houston Tesla Club group on Facebook showing the flooding at the Columbus, TX supercharger... This is the same location that is used as the featured background image at the top of Supercharger | Tesla Motors Fortunately, it looks like they...
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    Condo EV Charger install (sort of complicated)

    Can you get a better/longer antenna installed to allow it to get a 3G signal? Perhaps just a long wire running to the outside with an antenna on the end?
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    USB Charging with 12V taken up?

    There are 12V splitting adapters available to let you plug more than one thing into a single cigarette lighter outlet. Search Amazon or eBay and you'll find lots.
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    Cost of power lift gate retrofit?

    Did your invoice list the factory price of the power strut?
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    I've tried putting my TXTag sticker on the outside top center of my windshield and using a few strips of black electrical tape to hold and cover it completely, but it doesn't seem to be getting picked up by the toll roads. I seem to only be getting billed when my license plate is optically...
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    Cost of power lift gate retrofit?

    It looks like one would need to install at least this "Power Liftgate Module" (1007511-00-A) and then probably the actuator and the panel buttons? Perhaps this would be doable by the owner if you could figure out all of the part numbers you'd need to order from Tesla? Teardown Tesla 2013 Model...
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    Not a Tesla - But Dash Cam FTW

    That facebook video seems to be taken down now, but you can see an article with the same video in it and news that he's been arrested: [VIDEO] Man Keys $150,000 Car, Is Caught on Dash Cam, Is Arrested | The News Wheel
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    Dash Camera for Model S

    Look at page 4 of this other thread to see a picture of the pin outs. It has 12V and 10V lines on it... Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)? - Page 4
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    Lets discuss TX 152.090 sales tax exemption

    Yes, that's the argument. You aren't saying that the Tesla is "hydrogen powered", but that it is "hydrogen power capable" and that it could be recharged using electricity derived from a hydrogen cell. As an example of this possibility, see the "Hydrogen House Project" in New Jersey, which uses...
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    Houston to New Orleans Superchargers

    These two Best Westerns have chargers: Best Western Bayou Inn | Westwego, LA | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare Best Western La Place Inn | Laplace, LA | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare There may be other options if you look around on PlugShare.
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    Lets discuss TX 152.090 sales tax exemption

    The basic idea is that on your "Application For Texas Title" form, you go into box 21 and check the box next to "Exemption claimed under Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax law because" and write in something to the effect of that you're claiming a Texas section 152.090 for CERTAIN HYDROGEN-POWERED...
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    Keeping your ChargePoint card with your key fob

    I just put all of my charging network cards (ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink EV) on a keyring loop, and then attach that to the zipper pull of my Tesla charging cord bag. You need to get that bag from the trunk in order to find the right charging adapter anyways so it's no additional effort and you...
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    Installing Charging In Apartment/Rental

    I was able to convince my apartment community (Houston, TX) to install a private NEMA 14-50 outlet for me, powered by my unit's electrical meter so that I would pay for the actual electricity used. Although there aren't assigned parking spaces here, I can usually get one of the covered spots...
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    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    As another data point, my Model S 70D (May 2015, VIN 0821XX) also has the unused 3-pin 10V/12V connector in the roof under the mic grille.
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    Lets discuss TX 152.090 sales tax exemption

    I realize this is an old thread, but I've heard of at least one other person just recently getting this exemption in Fort Bend county, so it probably varies greatly depending on where in Texas you live. I have the contact info of another Houston-area lawyer that is willing to work with people...
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    Anyone want to get the source code for the Linux (etc.) in your car?

    Even if third-party GPL code is used in a product and not modified, that vendor needs to be prepared to re-distribute the original source code for those components upon request. If they made any changes to those GPL components, then those changes should also be included.
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    I think my new S70D is supremely awesome and it's really fun to drive, particularly the acceleration. It definitely seems to get noticed by other people, even by some that don't recognize it as a Tesla or for being an electric vehicle. I haven't yet taken it outside of the city or on a very long...
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    There was at least one minor complication because I am in Texas and the foundation running the raffle was in Colorado... The foundation had already paid Tesla for the car and the Colorado vehicle sales tax within that state (but had not yet registered it, so that the raffle winner could be the...
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    Yeah, I was a little skeptical of them before even buying the ticket, but I felt that $200 was not too much to lose even if it was a scam (or just didn't win). Of course I wasn't exactly expecting that I would win a 1:1000 chance, even though I hoped it, but I figured that the chances were...
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    You can see the IRS document that describes how this is handled here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/notice_1340.pdf Basically, you have to pay 25% of the retail value of the prize to the sponsor of the raffle, and they have to in turn pay it to the IRS on your behalf. You'll also have to pay...
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    Hi guys! Indeed, I was the winner of the raffle and I just took delivery of it on this past Thursday. The Messner Foundation updated their webpage with a picture of me picking up the car too. The Messner Foundation I bought only one ticket in the raffle just a day before the end of the raffle...