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  1. Evil Twin

    A cautionary autopilot video

    Tesla never promised moron detection/protection.
  2. Evil Twin

    First 3rd party extended warranty for Tesla’s

    Good to see someone enter the market.
  3. Evil Twin

    Question about lease returns

    For those of you who leased, did any of you get offers from Tesla to purchase for a lower price than your stated lease-end buyout amounts?
  4. Evil Twin

    Greg Sorbara - Toronto Star Article

    I wouldn't line my birdcage with the Star. I tried to read just one article and it has a paywall. F U......Sun rules!
  5. Evil Twin

    WTB P100D

    Sure, why not....don't get your panties in a knot.
  6. Evil Twin

    Tesla as a 1st car?

    Get something cheap and easy to fix, not an aluminum car. She's going to hit things, guaranteed.
  7. Evil Twin

    WTB P100D

    PM me with the details. I'm in LA.
  8. Evil Twin

    [Speculation] Tesla Critical Youtube Videos Receiving Community Guideline Violations

    "Free speech" only applies to the Government. YouTube is a private company.
  9. Evil Twin

    Is my unicorn dead and what next?

    Totaled? I could see the spirit of the car gently floating towards heaven in those pictures....
  10. Evil Twin

    Advice request: used P100D vs used 100D

    There is no time when a non "P" should be chosen over a "P"
  11. Evil Twin

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    Tesla changed its mind....non-issue now.
  12. Evil Twin

    2018 Tesla Model S P100DL

  13. Evil Twin

    Tesla rent in San Francisco and return to LAX

    I thought you would find nobody, then Bridor came to the rescue.
  14. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    Hey, Bruce....where is the Snippiness Police when I need them? No, worries....hold my beer, I got this. Stupid old guy - just because you THINK something is true DOES NOT MAKE IT SO. Use you head for something other than a hat rest. Come here and make that joke about me being dropped on my...
  15. Evil Twin

    2018 Model 3 P3D+ White EAP for sale

    it is an enigma...
  16. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    Yes, I've read dozens of stories in these forums. Tip for the future; just because you think something doesn't mean it's actually true.
  17. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    I have....there is something going on with the rear bumper that I can't figure out. Oh, and they raised the price again.
  18. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    which car?
  19. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    and on the other hand, there's those people who got socked for 5 k in repairs right out the door. Glad you had good luck.
  20. Evil Twin

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    am I the only one who won't touch a third party dealer car because you can't get extra warranty?
  21. Evil Twin

    Model S : Why did Alex need to download 166GB last week?

    I'd watch out for the Feds if I were you....
  22. Evil Twin

    Owner Frustrated with Tesla Depreciation

    I bought I 2 year old sl550 for over half off the sticker price, CPO. That's why I don't buy new cars, but I thank you for doing so.....
  23. Evil Twin

    2015 Tesla Model S P90DL - 45k miles, $70,000 OBO

    Does it have a V1 battery?
  24. Evil Twin

    2018 Model S P100DL Red 4k/miles. LOADED

    I live in California so I am only familiar with our State law, other than to know that, generally, there are a lot of states that work that way. You need to look up your own state laws. California even set up a narc line where you can rat out people with expensive cars and Montana license...
  25. Evil Twin

    Fed Tax is cutting in half. What is Tesla’s strategy?

    Tesla responded by making their CPO program the best it can be.... :)
  26. Evil Twin

    2018 Model S P100DL Red 4k/miles. LOADED

    Doesn't matter where you buy your car. It's the laws of the state where you OWN it that determines whether you pay tax (sales or use) on your car purchase. You can buy your car on the moon but, as far as California is concerned, as soon as you drive it in California, you owe Cali tax. Check...
  27. Evil Twin

    This passed the "70-point mechanical inspection"?!

    check your invoice...they charged you for the screw.
  28. Evil Twin

    How do I contact Tesla?

    You don't contact Tesla....Tesla contacts you...
  29. Evil Twin

    2018 Model S100D for sale

    great, you increased the total to ONE.
  30. Evil Twin

    P85D -> P100D upgrade decision...

    Interesting....it's been a long time since I've seen snow, and i intend to keep it that way :)
  31. Evil Twin

    2018 Model S100D for sale

    This forum has gotten stale....first time in months someone posts one of the better Tesla's and it sells in minutes....Meanwhile, there's the same ol' ton of lesser cars still lingering around.
  32. Evil Twin

    P85D -> P100D upgrade decision...

    There isn't a single situation where the P100D won't murder the P85D in acceleration.
  33. Evil Twin

    P85D vs P90DL - Questions - Please Help

    you may find v2's in facelift, but you won't find a v3 in a pre-facelift unless you find someone who had a failed v1 or 2 and got Tesla to replace it with a v3 (talk about unicorn hunting, but they exist).
  34. Evil Twin

    P85D vs P90DL - Questions - Please Help

    There have been many stories of people buying CPO P85D's and ending up with a bonus, unplanned Ludicrous.
  35. Evil Twin

    P85D vs P90DL - Questions - Please Help

    Someone else who understands the difference between off the line and highway passing.....
  36. Evil Twin

    P85D vs P90DL - Questions - Please Help

    Really? Because I tested it, extensively. I don't need to blow you away at the light because I'm not 16. However, when I need to pass you because of an emergency, you can enjoy reading the licence plate on my SL550 in your non- "L" P85D. I offered facts, you offered opinion.
  37. Evil Twin

    P85D vs P90DL - Questions - Please Help

    You won't find a 90 with + suspension. It died halfway into the 85 run. The suspension became standard on all cars after that. I wish people would stop thinking of ludicrous from a 0-60 perspective. It matters on HIGHWAY PASSING POWER. I bailed out of a P85D (insane) because I read a...
  38. Evil Twin

    2014 vs 2015 model . what is major difference? Is 2014 still good deal to buy?

    Where is that great list that used to make its way around these forums that described every change made by Tesla by week.
  39. Evil Twin

    Does Tesla's parts and service policies violate state and federal consumer protection laws?

    As an attorney, I can state with a high degree of certainly that I don't know.... :) Perhaps I should look it up....
  40. Evil Twin

    Can scratched wheels be fixed?

    Yes - very, very easily.
  41. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    Now we all know, and knowing is half the battle. :)
  42. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    Please clarify your comment on "mass 'disagrees.'" Under my understanding, "mass 'disagrees'" represent the ENTIRE COMMUNITY disagreeing with someone's post. That is NOT "anti-social" behavior; it's the expression of the MAJORITY. Or are you suggesting that one user can "disagree" with a post...
  43. Evil Twin

    Tesla V9 - please bring back the green free moving traffic lines

    Maybe, someday, someone will invent the technology to add a menu that allows color selection for fully color-sighted and non-color sighted people to choose from.
  44. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    Daddy S. It's a WELL-KNOWN and PROVEN fact that charging to 100 percent regularly will damage your battery.
  45. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    you won't know until you see the battery number. also, a p85d (ludicrous) has a 1500 amp fuse so, unless they upgrade the fuse to 1600 amps, you wouldn't see v3 performance.
  46. Evil Twin

    Sell Loaded Model S P85DL+ White Loaded or still will trade for X

    Looks like a gem at a great price.
  47. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    or V2 replaced....some 15's had a v2 (according to the Tesla battery parts sheet, the V1 was never supposed to be used in a factory P90D ludicrous).
  48. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    No. The V3 was introduced in the refresh 2016 p90d. The ONLY way you will find a '15 with a V3 is if someone with a V1 got their battery replaced (and there are a few on this forum....I spent months researching the issue).
  49. Evil Twin

    P90D - What battery versions should I avoid?

    I tried, they told me no.