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  1. Ryan MF

    Key fob not working after battery replacement

    Good to know. Thanks
  2. Ryan MF

    Key fob not working after battery replacement

    Interesting...thanks for sharing. I still find it strange they would need to order new keys if it was a reset of the car's fob programming. you would think they could reprogram the existing ones. Hopefully there is no charge for the keys.
  3. Ryan MF

    Key fob not working after battery replacement

    One of my MX key fobs stopped working this winter and the other key fob had a low battery warning so I went ahead and replaced both batteries. They were more than two years old. After replacing the batteries neither fob worked. I ordered the same type of batteries and tried resetting them a few...
  4. Ryan MF

    loud fan in "hot" weather

    I usually get the loud fan noise for the first 30 seconds when turning the car on in the heat. After that it seems to settle down.
  5. Ryan MF

    MInor mishap today

    Thank you for not insisting you were pressing the brake and the car accelerated on its own.
  6. Ryan MF

    Model S cannot be ordered with a metal roof AT ALL now?

    My guess is that so few people are ordering solid metal now after the introduction of the relatively cheap all glass option that it saves money by simplifying the manufacturing line. I understand your stated point about why you want it dark, but I would say try to be open minded about it. The...
  7. Ryan MF

    HPWC Crashing

    Mine has done this a few times. Only once I had to flip the breaker. The other times just holding the reset button down resolved the issue.
  8. Ryan MF

    model x - no auto drive - australia

    Welcome to the forum. Just so you are aware it is not required to have a poll in every new thread. Looks like your three posts are each new threads with polls.
  9. Ryan MF

    Model X service - couple of issues

    I have the complete stop noise only. I assumed it was breaks engaging.
  10. Ryan MF

    Happy 2017 and a bit of perspective from a 2012 owner

    Thank you to all the early adopters!
  11. Ryan MF

    "Dislike" has changed to "Disagree"

    I was just testing out my new disagree privileges ;)
  12. Ryan MF

    $2000 Across the board price decrease January 1?

    I would venture to guess 90%+ supercharger enabled cars do not even charge 400kWh/yr. Many people only take one or two long trips a year but need the flexibility. So it's more of a theoretical reduction in value. Conversely having a more accessible, less busy supercharger network is an increase...
  13. Ryan MF

    Have recently delivered Falcon Wings gotten better?

    I've had the car since June and have not had any FWD issues. Have not actually been to the service center even once for anything.
  14. Ryan MF

    Massive battery drain at airport during 3 week trip

    Key things would be to turn "always connected" off. I would assume you would do that if you were traveling but this would make a huge difference in vampire miles used.
  15. Ryan MF

    Trump's Dept. of Energy Witchhunt

    Further to this point, XOM was one of the major companies that was aware of climate change since the 70's and has funded climate change denial research to spread the idea that there is not scientific consensus: Beginning in 2004, the descendants of John D. Rockefeller, led mainly by his...
  16. Ryan MF

    Trump's Dept. of Energy Witchhunt

    I don't get your point. So let's take it as true that there are people in the DOE who made a mistake or are charlatans or whatever. Are you implying that because of that climate change is made up or the vast majority of scientists who study it are wrong? I think you are missing the forest for...
  17. Ryan MF

    New MCU computer in AP2.0 cars?

    Back in the day we benchmarked cars by putting them on the dyno. Nowadays we are more interested in the performance of the processor so we run javascript benchmarks on the MCU and compare it to our phones. Who would have thought?
  18. Ryan MF

    Get Elon to discuss Climate Change with Donald Trump! Petition

    As much as Elon would make for a great advisor it would probably be a pretty terrible conversation. Can you imagine Elon, with his pure science based rational thought process, talking to someone who just says literally anything that pops into his head.
  19. Ryan MF

    Model X center console freezes every trip

    It should not freeze. I've never had that happen. Did you call service?
  20. Ryan MF

    Regressing to pre 8.0?

    Do you struggle with change generally in life? May I suggest a copy of the book 'Who moved my cheese?'
  21. Ryan MF

    Nav 8.0 - UI not made for driving

    I had pretty much the exact opposite reaction to the new UI. I think the design overall is cleaner and a needed refresh. The top bar not showing is a good use of the space. This is how I set the navbar to work on my computer. Also, I had the opposite experience with things being position closer...
  22. Ryan MF

    FWD door issue after 8.0 upgrade?

    Also got 8.0 yesterday and noticed that the doors open faster but no issue with false obstacles. I've had this once in the past and it just went away on its own.
  23. Ryan MF

    Closing FWD after....

    The door can close in extremely tight spaces and will adjust the arc based on the proximity of the other car. so I really doubt this would ever be an issue. You can drive the car slowly to back out of the spot with the door open.
  24. Ryan MF

    Should I charge to 100% (night before trip) if my first supercharger stop is only 80 miles away?

    Want to caveat that range charging one time won't hurt your battery, but every day will degrade the battery faster.
  25. Ryan MF

    Vehicle Location Not Updating in Nav App

    Nope. Sounds like something service center will have to check if it persists.
  26. Ryan MF

    Jersey City Condo Tesla Owners!

    I would usually just plug in on the weekends. I think you can get like 20MPH or range, so 4-6 hours was usually enough.
  27. Ryan MF

    Jersey City Condo Tesla Owners!

    I lived in Jersey City for a while in a condo wth the Model X. We kept the car parked in a garage which did not have any charging options. I would usually charge at the charge points on 1st and Bay. There are two dedicated to the public and usually open. Otherwise when going long distance would...
  28. Ryan MF

    Tune in integration is a disaster

    I use tunein all the time and also listen to radiolab. Trick-- when you are getting out of the car PAUSE the show. This usually prevents it from starting over. I don't understand why you can't fast forward by dragging the place indicator. That's what I usually do.
  29. Ryan MF

    BMW management to skip Paris show over electric car impasse

    This is illustrative of why it will take so long for major car companies to shift to electric. It won't happen until the culture of the company changes which could take as long as waiting for the current generation to retire. Tesla clearly already has that culture.
  30. Ryan MF

    Can anyone guess what this is????

    Cargo Hold
  31. Ryan MF

    Model X EZ pass mounting

    Even though they gave this to you at delivery for the X I think that issue with the transponder is specific to the S. They have different glass. I have had no issues with the EZ pass transponder being mounted under the rear view mirror.
  32. Ryan MF

    Tesla's 2016 supercharging map

    How do you figure slowing down on construction? By a quick count I see 16 sites under construction in North America. Without having the stats that is as many as I've ever seen.
  33. Ryan MF

    Firmware 8.0 imminent. AP does highway interchanges

    Where did you hear it might be released this weekend?
  34. Ryan MF

    Best level 2-3 autonomous car on the market?

    Here is a good, fairly objective comparison. Skip to the graphs at the end for the punchline: Testing (Semi) Autonomous Cars With Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, and Mercedes - Motor Trend
  35. Ryan MF

    I sometimes can't pull the charger wand out of the port...

    Highly recommend reading the pertinent page in the manual. It explains the need to unlock and hold down the button, not press.
  36. Ryan MF

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    I'm so glad Tesla Superchargers exist. They are vastly more reliable than chargepoint, blink, or other public chargers not to mention much faster. It goes without saying no other car company has created a network of high speed chargers. I will gladly accept reduced charging rates in certain...
  37. Ryan MF

    Tesla Volunteer Network

    Other ways to support Tesla: - Be an advocate online and IRL - Support the political debate with states that have banned direct sales - Buy Tesla products!
  38. Ryan MF

    6 seat versus 7 seat - need HELP please

    It was a really tough call for us and I still often switch back and forth on the 6 vs 7 choice.
  39. Ryan MF

    Why does Tesla website trick people....

    Tax calculation is really really hard. They would have to ask you a bunch of questions before being able to even trying to calculate it.
  40. Ryan MF

    Wow, just wow. Forbes is ok with printing some BS.

    Same here. I would suggest not clicking on these articles, it just encourages them.
  41. Ryan MF

    Is the SCTY/TSLA merger a brilliant way to direct sale in MI/TX/UT, etc?

    Undoubtably this is exactly what they will do. It will be tough for auto dealer lobbies to pass laws restricting direct sales of solar panel and batteries. This is one more way Tesla is breaking the rules on what is an auto maker.
  42. Ryan MF

    Too Fat for Tesla? (Model X)

    She definitely should not have asked you that. I wouldn't take it too personally. They will have to sort it out.
  43. Ryan MF

    "Ghost Car" problem with auto-pilot. Anybody else?

    Have never had this happen. Sounds like you might want to get this checked out, maybe sensor related as you said.
  44. Ryan MF

    Elon Musk's recommended books

    Thanks for sharing
  45. Ryan MF

    Consumer Groups Point Finger At MB

    Tesla comparison is pretty stark if you haven't seen it: The War For Autonomous Driving: 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class VS. 2017 Tesla Model S
  46. Ryan MF

    MIchigan Govenor signs bill dictating auto sales

    "Earlier Tuesday, General Motors urged the governor to sign the bill." One more reason not to consider a Chevy Bolt...
  47. Ryan MF

    Autopilot vs. Drivepilot

    That was also my first though about it not being called Beta: "I got the Drive Pilot to “drive” itself for as long as sixty seconds, which is as along as Mercedes-Benz deems it safe. Trust me, you don’t want to take your hands off the wheel that long unless your car’s on fire and you’re...
  48. Ryan MF

    I can't believe they allowed it..

    This is possibly the most elaborate attempt ever at trolling this forum.
  49. Ryan MF

    Share Your Autopilot Saves for Elon

    FCW works really well. I took my eyes off the road for 30 seconds today and the car in front of me stopped. Didn't notice until BEEP BEEP BEEP. whoa. Very glad this is a standard feature on all models. I can see this preventing a ton of slow speed fender benders.
  50. Ryan MF

    Seat Control Wishlist

    It did not go away the last time I tried. It's possible I wasn't using it correctly so would like to hear feedback from others.