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  1. alexucf

    Planning to Trade 2014 Pre-AP MS85 for 2020 M3 SR+ Inventory Car - Thoughts?

    I was a little hesitant at first and worried most about the size difference with kids in the backseat. It just hasn't been an issue, and the polish of the car is just so much better imo. I got past whatever doubts I had very quickly. You'll love it.
  2. alexucf

    Planning to Trade 2014 Pre-AP MS85 for 2020 M3 SR+ Inventory Car - Thoughts?

    I just traded in my Pre AP 2014 Model S 85 for a Model 3 AWD LR. We basically have/had the same car. The Model 3 is a massively improved car imo. Everything about it is better. Tesla's come a long, long way.
  3. alexucf

    New cars coming with 2019.35.108 V10.1 ?

    I applied the update around 11pm at night. By lunch the next day 'sport' showed up.
  4. alexucf

    New cars coming with 2019.35.108 V10.1 ?

    I ended up making a mobile service request over the weekend, per Tesla support chat suggestion. Last night they pushed an update and by noon today boost was ready in the car. Had I not paid $2k for the upgrade, I would have been fine being patient, but if anyone else feels like they're in the...
  5. alexucf

    New cars coming with 2019.35.108 V10.1 ?

    Picked up on 3/15, still on this version. Paid $2k for boost that isn't supported. Not a big deal, but that parts a bad look on Tesla. The app shouldn't let us pay for things we can't use.
  6. alexucf

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    If you have any luck getting it upgraded somehow, let me know! Its not the biggest deal in the world just a little disappointing. It’ll work itself out eventually.
  7. alexucf

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    Spoke to someone on tesla chat. They said to make an appointment at the nearest service center. It would seem prudent to me for Tesla to not make upgrades available in the app if the car can't actually support them yet, but... here we are ;)
  8. alexucf

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    I traded in my 2014 pre-AP Model S over the weekend for a AWD Model 3 and absolutely love it. Tesla's come a very long way in relatively short term in regards to build quality. It seems to have left the factory with pretty old firmware though, and I paid for boost in the app immediately after...
  9. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 2/4, picking up today at 11 apocalypse be damned.
  10. alexucf

    Anyone considering delaying their purchase due to Market Downturn related to Corona virus?

    I'm doing the exact same thing today. Probably shouldn't, and I'm torn, but... at the last possible second I decided to take a loan and get the car, and keep the cash in a separate account in case I need short term reserves. Fairwinds was 1.4%, 36 months when opening a credit card and a new...
  11. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Scheduled for delivery this sunday but still no contract online or payment details (cash/wire). Is that normal? Ordered 2/4
  12. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    My VIN showed up this evening! AWD LR with FSD. Pearl White w/ black interior, 19"s. Ordered on 2/4.
  13. alexucf

    Model 3 100 kWh battery and Ludicrous Mode [speculation about future developments]

    I can drive from the east coast of Florida to the west and back without getting gas. That’s not yet possible in an EV. It’s not a weekly thing and superchargers are nice enough, but a 400 mile battery makes the discussion moot. I imagine that’s true for a lot of folks. The goal for Tesla is...
  14. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    “Delivery timing update - we now expect your Model 3 to be built in the next 2 weeks.” White AWD LR with black interior, 19s and FSD. Ordered 2/4
  15. alexucf

    Trumps Green New Deal

    ok boomer
  16. alexucf

    Performance vs. Performance Upgrade - Confused

    When I bought my S, Tesla was really pushing the “its upgradable!!” type stuff. Six months or so later, autopilot came out and all of the sudden it wasn’t upgradable anymore. I’ve had to watch for the last 5-6 years from the sidelines and the updates just kinda trickle to a stop as time goes on...
  17. alexucf

    Bring back "Always Connected" under "Energy Savings"

    The downside is you’ll increase the speed of decay on your MCU. The flash storage only has some many writes and keeping it awake just causes bigger log files.
  18. alexucf

    Don’t used unapproved 3rd party apps

    I have a 2014 S (pre-AP). The first mcu died 2 years ago, the second is in the processing of dying now. I’ve (briefly) used the remote s app for an Apple Watch but otherwise no apps. I think it’s just shitty quality control / design flaw, personally.
  19. alexucf

    Performance vs. Performance Upgrade - Confused

    My bad. I went with the LR AWD and plan on doing the boost. I debated (still kinda debating) selling the wheels and putting 19s on them, but the reality is I’m just not that guy right now. Life is too hectic to be juggling another project of sorts. I can solve for money, I can’t solve for time...
  20. alexucf

    Performance vs. Performance Upgrade - Confused

    I just ordered a week or so ago and I would have gone stealth even if there were a 1k discount from full P. I just couldn’t stomach paying the same for less. i bet they change it at some point and I check every so often hoping, but... $2k boost it is.
  21. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I'm jealous of their extra characters. There was someone on TMC with it as well iirc. Years ago. He was a chargers fan I think.
  22. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Sweet!! Transferring my plate from my S to the 3 as well. Charge On!
  23. alexucf

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Trading in my early model s85 for a AWD LR w/ FSD. Ordered on 2/4. Trade in value says 24 hours but is still pending. Received a text on 2/7 saying 3-6 weeks for delivery. I'll miss the way my S handles, but super excited about all the new tech
  24. alexucf

    Firmware 8.0

    I feel like I'm going to kill myself driving every time I have to horizontally scroll to find what I want to listen to. For a company that cares so much about physical design, it's shocking to me that they could get this so wrong. I'll learn to live with it, of course, but this is the first...
  25. alexucf

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    We'll see if it grows on me, but so far I'm not a fan. It's even more of a mismatch with the classic S dash. It's like two totally different themes now. I kinda was expecting it to finally be uniform. The full screen map just makes between apps a little more tricky/distracting, but we'll see...
  26. alexucf

    bubbles on touchscreen

    Just noticed a bubble in my screen. Early 2014 model. :(
  27. alexucf

    [Resolved] My P85 has developed the milling noise and Tesla won't fix it.

    My car's in the Orlando SC now for what I think might be this issue. I was told they recorded it and the engineers said it was within it's proper threshold. The fact that just seemed to show up one day after 18k miles is incredibly disconcerting. Basically whenever I hit the accelerator...
  28. alexucf

    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    This still remains the only "un-tesla" thing about Tesla. They just refuse to acknowledge the poor design, even after changing the frunk's instructions. Hope this isn't an issue for current production cars.
  29. alexucf

    Elon Requesting 7.1 Suggestions

    So, just to be clear, people are upset with a CEO asking for feedback from customers? ...Why is that? Instead of complaining use it as an opportunity to share your thoughts outside of sharing them just on TMC. I'm sure they read them here as well, but it didn't stop me from taking 10 seconds...
  30. alexucf

    Will such hospitality among Tesla owner last?

    I waved at another owner the other day and the guy looked at me like I was nuts.
  31. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I just started calling it that b/c everyone else seems to call it that. Seemed easier than typing "the display above the steering column", and I doubt TDATSC would mean anything to anyone ;)
  32. alexucf

    Waze Livemap

    I use this when I'm really looking for Waze on the touch screen instead of on my phone. Not perfect, but something. Waze for Tesla Incidents
  33. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Just to add some positivity to this thread... Non-AP car and I'm really digging 7.0. Much cleaner design, much faster UI response time. Yes, there are some minor usability things here and there with the layout, specifically with the HUD, but I'd imagine I'll either get used to it or they'll...
  34. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I installed it last night when I went to bed. After driving around a bit this morning, I've decided that I think it's a great update. The UI works better in practice than it does in screenshots. The interface is materially faster. Maybe 200ms improvement on touches, which is perceivable. The...
  35. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Based on Elon's tweet, I'm guessing that it gets cleaned up / flattened in 7.1
  36. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0

    That's brilliant.
  37. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Any insight into the supposed RWD performance upgrades with 7.0? Hoping for something more than a new UI
  38. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I don't mind it -- certainly better than a toy car with no data! Elon did say more UI iterations were coming in 7.1. Hopefully they polish things up a little bit. I'm relieved.
  39. alexucf

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I read somewhere else that it has a different hud than the AP cars. Another vote for hoping that's true. I'm curious about the performance upgrades as well. New UI looks pretty slick. If it's a UI + performance upgrade, that's certainly nothing to complain about. Also, as someone who missed the...
  40. alexucf

    Jump seat seat belt failure

    Exactly. As a parent who uses the seats every day with two toddlers, PLEASE contact NHTSA. If there's an issue with the seats structurally, it's important to get a third party to review it. That's why they exist. And if there is a problem, the seats should be recalled immediately. That's not...
  41. alexucf

    Afraid to trust navigation system

    The sad truth is that the tesla nav is... a bit whacky. Sometimes the map doesn't match the instructions, sometimes the instructions take me off the highway and immediately back on, sometimes they add a ton of distance (presumably to save battery?). Whatever the reason, if we're really in need...
  42. alexucf

    Michigan passes bill to ban Tesla!

    complete with an army of sales brochures, laptops and mobile broadband
  43. alexucf

    Getting the 60D versus the 85D

    I would have considered the 60D over the 85 for sure. Happy with my choice, but it makes the 60 a lot more appealing.
  44. alexucf

    Blank screen when in reverse.

    I didn't have it with 5.9 and it started showing up for me in 5.12. I download 6.0 last night but haven't had a chance to test it. Really pissed me off though. I 'love-bumped' our other car in the driveway because of it and had to bust out the touch up paint.
  45. alexucf

    Funny note found under my windshield wiper!

    What? Did they not see the complete lack of sensors?!
  46. alexucf

    Textile or leather?

    Textile all the way. Leather seats in a florida summer is begging for third degree leg burns.
  47. alexucf


    Thanks! We ended up using the super chargers exclusively, worked out great. Water Street looked like an interesting choice but that area isn't what it used to be. Ended up going to dinner elsewhere. We also had a lot more interest in the car up this way than down here in Melbourne. I even had...
  48. alexucf

    Disappointed with the D unveiling

    I'd still buy the RWD, but the new sensors would be worth a few grand to me. I think we'll see a shift in the next handful of years to cheaper insurance for cars with autopilot-ish features. Similar to how when airbags came out.
  49. alexucf


    I'm heading up to Jacksonville from the Melbourne area this weekend. Superchargers will work out fine, but was really hoping there might be some destination charging downtown to reduce the need coming back. The city appears to be a bit of wasteland for ev charging. Is there anything available...
  50. alexucf

    Disappointed with the D unveiling

    Just a point of clarification, Tesla isn't emulating Apple. Apple releases new iPhones once a year at an early Fall event. iPads typically follow in October. Computer hardware gets refreshed with major upgrades once a year, and minor bumps occasionally. A dual motor and autopilot can't be...