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    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    I think you've got your wires crossed, I don't even understand your argument! Bowing out of this one.
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    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    I think you might be confusing me for someone else! I don't own a Model 3 (yet), though I would if I didn't live in car-unfriendly Manhattan. But agreed, purchasers that hadn't even taken delivery when the pricing change was announced do seem to be more deserving of some special treatment.
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    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    In that case, assuming you elected to not purchase the PUP for the reason that it contained option(s) you didn't want, then it would be fair to say that even if the PUP had been a $0-cost option at the time, you wouldn't have taken it. I think, if we're trying to figure out what refunds...
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    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    Aah, got it! Thanks for the info, will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    Excuse my ignorance, but isn't the refund only available for those who bought the Performance Upgrades package at the additional cost of $5k (ie. the "+"?)
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Few lazy Sunday spots...
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    Supercharging to become limited for new cars

    Teslas ordered from the start of 2017 will have free "supercharging credits" included annually, with usage on top of that amount charged - sign of things to come and an attempt to keep the supercharger infrastructure available once they start shipping all those Model 3s? An Update to Our...
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    Tesla in Australia

    Model S P100DL now available on the Australian configurator: Order a Tesla Model S | Tesla Australia Total cash price for a fully-optioned vehicle is as high as $307,687 in WA. Ouch!
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    Model X Launch In Oz

    I think a lot of them were sold as demos, I remember being offered a non-autopilot P85+ ready for delivery at a pretty good price as an alternative to buying new in mid-2015.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    I'm sure this one's already been spotted, but I enjoyed driving behind this new-blue interstate visitor in Melbourne this morning!
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    Model S instead of X

    I'm not sure that's correct, I wouldn't suggest giving up your 3 reservation just yet, particularly if you got in early. While Tesla have said that priority will be given to existing owners, I'd assumed that meant "out of those who had made a reservation", not that existing owners without a...
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    Borrow a Telsa Model S 2-4 May in Sydney

    Website looks cool, as soon as you guys offer the service in Melbourne I'd definitely take a day or two.
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    Model S Facelift is Here (poll)

    Wow, that price rise... a maxed-out P90DL is now $287k in WA. Will it push over the $300k mark once the 100kWh battery makes an appearance?
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    Model 3 Reservations List - Australian TMC Edition

    I wonder how resale value of the S might go in a few years, once there are plenty of Xs about and the 3 starts delivery locally. Be interesting to see, we might finally get a more active second-hand Tesla market like the US has had for a few years now.
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    40 amp vs 32 amp for your home

    Surely at a length of 6 metres, the cost difference in cable gauge isn't a big deal?
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    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    Hopefully, hold off after #199,999 and deliver all the overseas orders ;)
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    Model 3 Reservations List - Australian TMC Edition

    RN10003509X / VIC / in store / non-owner / 31st march. Glad to be back in the Tesla game, nice work with the spreadsheet, timpoo!
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    Looks like the queueing has already started, haha... Meet the first person in the queue for a Tesla Model 3 in Australia
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    I'm gonna head to Richmond on Thursday morning :) Hope the queues aren't too crazy!
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    Predict when your Model 3 will be Delivered

    Australia (right-hand drive) - expecting first half of 2019 here, if we're lucky :)
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    I'm kinda hoping we'll be able to place reservations next Thursday (the 31st) in store, though of course we'll have no idea what we're reserving at that time! Dunno if this article is at all accurate, but it suggests we might... Tesla Model 3: Australian buyers to get first bite at cherry |...
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    Anyone planning on rocking down to the Richmond VIC store next Thursday/Friday (which day will it be)? ;)
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Despite there being a whole heap in Melbourne, and driving to work every day to the legal end of the CBD, it's still pretty rare that I spot Teslas on the commute! A few hundred isn't as many as you'd think in the context of a city.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Has this P85 been spotted before?
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    Alarm Activation

    The only way that the car could know that someone is inside, would be if they had a key on them. (versus say, a thief breaking / reaching through an open window to use the interior door handle)
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    White vs Pearl White

    The one in front is Pearl, right? Cool photo!
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    Any Tesla's for hire? - Melbourne

    Great community response, nice work guys :) Can I ask what sort of stuff you're doing at Tesla, Joel?
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    Evoke.limo - our experience

    Can't wait for them to expand to Melbourne! Pretty sure the owner is on this forum?
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    Tesla in Australia

    Not having the internet browser on the centre console would not preclude the car from offering a hotspot, as far as I'm aware. However, as noted, it seems like hotspot isn't a feature available anywhere in the world.
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    Fake and Spam article about 2016 Model S

    Yeah, sounds very outdated. 18" wheels? Unlikely.
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    P85 for sale second hand

    I'm betting that it was purchased for less than the asking price, too. When I called up a few months back to ask about inventory/demo cars here in Aus, I was offered a pre-autopilot loaded P85+ in sig red with all the goodies for about $140k.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Looks like the new blue!
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    I'm definitely seeing more on the roads... during a short 20-minute trip from the Melbourne CBD to South Yarra the other night, passed three Model S on the way!
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    Used Tesla on carsales

    Yeah I think this might be "ZAPZAP" that was listed a while ago in Victoria - the seller had it listed for private sale at $140k for a while, then put it up on eBay and I think it got to $85k or something before bidding stopped. Reason for sale sounded pretty dodgy at the time too - apparently...
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    2013 Model S 60kWh

    The seller will definitely struggle to get $50k now, since the CPO launch. Should've sold when he could!
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    Haha, that article is so obviously a fake. Littered with typos and the second half reads like a (poorly written) advertisement for the company.
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    Tesla S 85 2014 17K miles, red color - SOLD

    Not so sure about that.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Wow, nice. I think that's the first of the three new colours we've seen locally!
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    Very nice spec!
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    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - SOLD

    Man, I wish I lived in the US, would be all over this in a flash!
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    2013 Model S85 Grey/Tan/Lacewood with Pano Tech Sound Air & 3rd Row Seats - No Longer Available

    Congrats on the sale, and good on you for reporting the final sale price!
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    Mobile charging for Australia

    Nope, except for supercharging the charger is inside the car (hence dual chargers vs single as an option), so what enters the vehicle in Australia/Europe (3-phase) is different to what enters U.S. models.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Spotted: Silver P85 with what looked like non-Tesla dark rims with the plate "LWI" travelling up William St in the Melbourne CBD this morning!
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    2013 Model S 60kWh

    This thread started off well - the OP seemed to recognise that people on this forum hold pretty strong opinions about the value of used Teslas, and actually invited honest opinions from the masses. But then, as soon as the opinion doesn't match the convictions he obviously already held, goes on...
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    2014 Tesla Model S 60 Tons of add-ons - No Longer Available

    Indeed, I was including the federal and CA rebates, as the seller is in CA so considered it a fair comparison.
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    2014 Tesla Model S 60 Tons of add-ons - No Longer Available

    Heh. Needless to say, you can buy a new car with the same options, plus the next-gen seats and autopilot hardware, for $75,570 if you're in CA.
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    I don't think there's any shortage of enthusiasm in the younger generations for the Tesla, the means to purchase one, on the other hand, are more of an issue. If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you do for a living that has enabled you to buy a Tesla at 22?
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    Definitely not to my taste, but that's some great workmanship, and it looks like it was fitted at the factory!
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    Australian Model S pics

    Yeah, it was great! Heaps of interesting speakers. Sorry, didn't make the connection until you mentioned the conference. I work with Sebastian and co. Not surprised that there's so many Tesla fans within the dev world! Giancarlo