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  1. Ciaopec

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    Well, at least someone (the lawyers) will get something out of this. My guess: the enterprise will cost more than any monetary loss suffered and achieve nothing. I've been know to be wrong. 😉
  2. Ciaopec

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    Sure! Have at it. It's a few years along now but perhaps we could ask in tandem about what happened to MH 370, 😉
  3. Ciaopec

    Are you still on the original battery pack with your 2012-2015 Model S?

    2016 90D May build. 165,000 miles. Still get 265 down from 294 at delivery. Lots of supercharging and two instances when the cooling system was compromised. Still my favorite car.
  4. Ciaopec

    Supercharger - Maumee, OH

    When I was through there last time ( a month or so ago) the contractors told me they were installing Rivian chargers. Probably more likely that Rivian was installing DC Fast chargers as part of their business plan but available for all to use. Drive through for pick em ups with trailers. I took...
  5. Ciaopec

    HV Battery Died with 7 miles range left showing on Range display

    Agree ^^^ Try using Battery percentage rather than milage estimate. I find it more accurate.
  6. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    This, recieved from OP via PM, on 9/29: "Lol, we worked it out. I appreciate the feedback and we did find a Tesla charger out in Moscow which is where our hotel room was. It was slow but did the job. Lesson learned and we now have our spare adapter loaded in the car. 😉" Thought she might post...
  7. Ciaopec

    FSD TRIAL… 3 months? One month? No month?

    Essentially, you have the hardware for FSD; not the software. That's either lump sum or $199/month on an as needed basis. We all want different things for different reasons. From my point of view, I'm the sucker that paid the lump sum for something that I like less than the AP 1 I have on my...
  8. Ciaopec

    Tesla App Messages

    I've never found a way to delete them. I don't think it can be done. I've looked in manuals, apps, etc.
  9. Ciaopec

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - East 86th Street

    Now that it has been RECONFIRMED let me say this: if it shows up as open on your nav screen, it's open. Why would you need to verify a new station? When I set off from FL to IN I don't ask someone to verify each of my charging stops, new or otherwise; if they are shown in the data base they...
  10. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    Odd. I have that filter on and I am not listed either. And I don't find anyone around Moscow. Will keep looking. That's nice, I think, that you make that available! Update: Guessing you are JWB. I found you using the listed link. However, I cannot find anything through the app. That to...
  11. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    Too bad you're not listed on the PlugShare App. That may have helped them when there were struggling. Something to consider. I searched in that area for them and found no one listed.
  12. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    ....and then what happened?
  13. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    Sorry, I am out of ideas. Plug share shows no private (home) locations with Tesla chargers. Otherwise, except for destination charger at Holiday Inn, you're out of luck. The other person should be leaving soon with any luck.
  14. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    The adapter and mobile connecter are two different things. One allows the connection from a J1772 plug; the other allows you to plug into a 120/240v outlet. So you don't have a mobile connector? (What many people call a charger or charging cable).
  15. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    Pullman city hall has one and Hotel McCoy but you need the J1772 adapter
  16. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    I've checked Plug Share app and there is no one listed in and around Pullman. Do you have the mobile connector?
  17. Ciaopec

    HELP!! We are stranded in Pullman, WA!

    Holiday Inn Express, 1190E Bishop, Pullman. Destination charger Got your Tesla Mobile Connector with you? Find a 120v or 240v and plug in there. Will take a while but you won't make this mistake again.
  18. Ciaopec

    FSD Price Cut to $12k Tonight, Aug 31/ Sept 1 2023

    Yes! L3 is in the production queue . It, unfortunately, is just behind the finishing touches of full self driving cross country promised by Elon in 2016. Pretty sure you'll get your L3 as soon as that happens. My guess is the cross country trip will be accompanied by flying pigs (don't hold...
  19. Ciaopec

    2021 Model S Plaid Steering Yoke shaking at highway speeds

    Neither rotors nor brakes are used for regenerative braking; only normal braking. Regenerative is done through the motors. So, if I have read your statement correctly, then I would say your rotor/brakes are not the culprit.
  20. Ciaopec

    Will/Can Plaid Prices go lower? (Considering ordering,, or wait?)

    Sorry, I don't see this. MSP or M3/CT is like trying to decide on a savory dish for dinner or a piece of pie. Two different desires. The last two will not do what the Plaid offers. Get the Plaid so you don't feel like you've talked to yourself for a year in vain.;)
  21. Ciaopec

    Will/Can Plaid Prices go lower? (Considering ordering,, or wait?)

    2016 MS was about $94K with fewer features. Unless you plan to flip it why quibble? What will you do when it goes to $105k? Wait for a price drop?
  22. Ciaopec

    Tesla Don't Replace Windshields?

    I had mine replaced (MY) through Tesla by Safelite. Dropped the car at Tesla; Watched Safelite complete the change out in the parking lot; calibrated the camera; Easy peasy.
  23. Ciaopec

    Gear Selection Voice Command

    I agree with @EVRider-FL that it would seem easier just to complete manually. I have stalks so it doesn't apply to me. The MS manual does not list those as items which have a voice command. But while I am on the subject, the manual is a great resource for these and other questions. Model S...
  24. Ciaopec

    Tesla drops prices on X/S $20k. All colors free. Bye bye resale

    Wow. I paid roughly $98K for my MS in 2016; I can now get a MSP for a little over $80k. FML. I'll never buy another Tesla again. Oh, wait: they're depreciating assets. Never mind. You haven't lost anything yet until you sell the car. Then calculate what you lost from original value minus...
  25. Ciaopec

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    Want to add my question here in case @wk057 monitors. I have tried 3 browsers and left a voice mail. I have an open ticket as I reported the error message I received when attempting sign up. Any new one way or the other would be greatly appreciated.
  26. Ciaopec

    Total loss [Is this totaled?]

    Have what appeared to be less damage which cost more than $8500 and put the car in the shop for a month. But you never know until they start tearing it apart.
  27. Ciaopec

    MS Plaid vs Taycan vs EQS

    After driving a MS for over 7 years, I can say that range estimates are overrated from my experience. Seven years ago I was concerned about range knowing I'd be making frequent trips OH-FL. As a consequence we bought a dual motor (billed as more efficient than RWD) and a 90Kwh battery instead...
  28. Ciaopec

    Genrator for back up

    Tell us more about your need to run a generator to charge your Tesla; I'm really curious. Are chargers that few and far between in the west? Are you remotely camping? A little late at this juncture but maybe a hybrid would have suited your needs better. In over 6 years of ownership I've...
  29. Ciaopec

    Tire pressure monitoring system fault

    As soon as they review your request/appointment they should make appropriate change if necessary. They will let you know via app message. I set up for something via mobile service and had it switched a day later after review and took the car in. By the way, have you tried rebooting the...
  30. Ciaopec

    Does HW4 matter

    Not sure @mswlogo was really being sarcastic. Realistic if anything. I have a 2016 MS that was supposed to be many things that it is not. I have a 2021 MY and its FSD is far less capable than the 2016 in some respects (and scarier in others). What to buy now or wait for or hope for in the...
  31. Ciaopec

    Looking for advice for Model S 2015 or 2016 P90D

    My 2016 90D has 156000 miles. Few problems and battery is still good. I always believed that 2016 was a good year but I had a good, though short, experience with a 2017 100D.
  32. Ciaopec

    2018 Model S 75D - are these good?

    I did for a couple winters. The seat heat was a big factor but the cabin stayed remarkably warm with an occasional boost of heat. 2016 90D
  33. Ciaopec

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    It appears that @Guacahummus posted this news about the new charger in Viera (Melbourne) FL about 11 days earlier. Supercharger - Melbourne, FL - Shoppes Dr
  34. Ciaopec

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

  35. Ciaopec

    Roadster 203X

    Where I'm going, Marty, I don't need roads.
  36. Ciaopec

    90 Watt vs 100 Watt

    Initial connection on 90D will usually peak about 120Kw then gradually taper off. I think the 100D (2017 100D vs 2016 90D) was roughly the same but perhaps a current 100D owner can chime in. From about 10-15% State of Charge SoC to about 50% Soc will take about 15 min.
  37. Ciaopec

    90 Watt vs 100 Watt

    Oh, and I neglected to answer one of your questions: 30 miles would probably be more like the difference. My car uses about 300Wh/mi (or a little more than 3 miles/kWh so 3 x 10Kwh=30 miles range increase.
  38. Ciaopec

    90 Watt vs 100 Watt

    I have a 2016 90D. With so many superchargers now available, if cost is a factor, stick with the 90 kWh; the few extra miles no longer make that much difference (IMHO). Two-2 1/2 hours is about my max butt time so 90kWh does the trick. I had, and sold, a 100D for many reasons but xtra range...
  39. Ciaopec

    black car in Florida?

    I'm not arguing that the metal temperature difference will be insignificant. I'm saying that I have two different color Teslas: one black, one white. In the interior we don't notice a significant difference; HVAC takes care of that. Since we no longer ride on the exterior panels since moving...
  40. Ciaopec

    black car in Florida?

    I brought a black/black MS from OH over 5 years ago. I have had the windows tinted. We also purchased a 2022 MY in white. We sense no difference and the fact that you can pre cool the cars is a plus. I'd say get the car you want. IMHO color doesn't matter that much. Certainly black absorbs...
  41. Ciaopec

    Do I have to buy and carry extra charger in the car for long trips?

    In six years I have only carried the J1772 adaptor. I travel in the midwest, northcentral, and southeast US
  42. Ciaopec

    Charge to 100% - Do U Really Need To?

    In 6 years of OH-FL round trips I've only had to charge to 100% once and that was before the proliferation of superchargers in about 2016 when I wanted to take off through the mountains of TN and NC. For my purposes I don't have to charge to 100%. Your experience and driving habits may dictate...
  43. Ciaopec

    Charge to 100% - Do U Really Need To?

    How can you lie awake at night thinking about the second if you're not thinking about the first! ;) I say worry less about the small nuances and enjoy more. With over 160,000 miles on my 2016 90D battery and lots of supercharger miles (75+%) I have about 10% degradation. I do whatever I need...
  44. Ciaopec

    Charge to 100% - Do U Really Need To?

    The very question which kept Stephen Hawking awake at night.
  45. Ciaopec

    Efficiency Explained For A 1st Timer

    Whoa! At this stage of the game you should feel comfortable with your EV. There is nothing that says you cannot charge above 80% nor anything that says stay above 20% I have over 160,000 EV miles OH-FL-IN-IL-NY: you name it I've been there. While driving those trips I rarely have need to...
  46. Ciaopec

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    One of the big reasons Meijer hosts superchargers throughout the mid west is that one of their former high level traveling employees was an early adopter and convinced the CEO to make his tours of the Meijer circuit easier. The CEO (and owner) also ponied up for two Tesla's. Meijer was also...
  47. Ciaopec

    Car will not charge

    But, I believe, the onboard charger controls the ability to supercharge . At least it does on my 2016 MS. Unless I'm very misinformed.
  48. Ciaopec

    How many miles on original battery ?

    160,000 2016 90D 10% degradation No warranty