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  1. augkuo

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Seen on 12/13 around 3pm going north on 280
  2. augkuo

    How to remove passenger seat?

    Ok got that - but before you can move the rear seat, you’ll have to remove the plastic trim which means removing the emergency brake handle as well. Thanks to ML Auto for all his suggestions - I've documented my progress in the following pictures: On the bottom of the emergency brake handle...
  3. augkuo

    How to remove passenger seat?

    Great thanks for the advice! That worked to get the last seat bolt out. I used a 6mm ball-end hex bit and that was the right tool. Now how did you get the bolt from the emergency brake off that’s connected to the seat? Thanks!
  4. augkuo

    How to remove passenger seat?

    Hi everyone - just wondering if there’s a trick to removing the last bolt on the passenger seat towards the door and glove compartment. It’s a tight fit with the seat and manual tray it the way to get a tool in there. I can loosen the bolt with a hex key but I can only turn in small increments.
  5. augkuo

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    My 2010 roadster has almost 100k miles on it and is 12 years old. Battery had 185 miles (standard range 80% SOC) new, now charges to 160 miles. Maybe in another 12 years the battery would be at 135 miles which would still have over 70% of the original battery capacity.
  6. augkuo

    Group Buy- New Reupholster Seats

    I am interested - Pm sent - thanks! Augie
  7. augkuo

    Anyone looking to sell a roadster right now?

    This R80 up for auction in Monterey - https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mo22/monterey/lots/r0086-2010-tesla-roadster-r80-30/1258378
  8. augkuo

    Roadster 3.0

    This R80 up for auction in August down in Monterey - https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mo22/monterey/lots/r0086-2010-tesla-roadster-r80-30/1258378
  9. augkuo

    No volume for theater with 2022.12.3 update

    I have 2022.12.3 m3P and I have an M3P with the same issue. Rebooted and still no sound for netflix etc. Radio and streaming music works fine
  10. augkuo

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Not my model 3's but clearly my neighbor loves them better than his Ferrari which he leaves out on the street (left hand side).
  11. augkuo

    Epic Road Trip

    Great pics and write up - just curious how much your average Whr/mi was for the trip?
  12. augkuo

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Just some cheap winter wheels from tire rack. 18” Pirelli Sortozeros.
  13. augkuo

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Out in Joshua Tree National Park -
  14. augkuo

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    Going from San Diego to Dallas (and vice-versa) means that you'll most likely be driving above 55 mph (max speed limit of 75 MPH in AZ/NM/TX) so your Wh/mile will be much more than 250. We just completed a short trip to Bisbee AZ from the SF bay area and our average Wh/mile was 353 in a 2018 M3P...
  15. augkuo

    Two Tesla destination chargers capped me at 10 kilowatts/he. Do i have a wrong setting?

    Back in the old days, people had 70 or 80A chargers onboard their cars (Roadster/Model S/X) when superchargers weren't very prevalent. 80A*208 = 16kW max. Now that lots of superchargers are around, it didn't make sense for people to spend extra money for fast AC charging.
  16. augkuo

    Supercharger - Gila Bend, AZ

    Charging stalls are in and trench being dug for their connection
  17. augkuo

    Is it safe to use 70 amp breakers for home wall connectors to charge Model 3?

    Basically what the Canadian code is saying is that because the gen3 charger could draw a maximum of 48A you need a breaker size of 48A + 20% margin = 57.6A or a 60A breaker with at least #6 gauge wire. If you had a 40A breaker, you would be limited to 32A charging and if somehow there was a...
  18. augkuo

    Hit a pothole and got 2 flats on my Model 3 Performance

    I've had 7 tire punctures and 3 bent wheels before I switched to the Titan7 T-S5 18" wheels. So far no problems!
  19. augkuo

    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    The navigation map will now let you know if stalls are out of order or if all stalls are being used. There are 3 supercharging stations right before Tejon ranch so you can use those to get over the Grapevine.
  20. augkuo

    Passenger restraint system fault - Tesla replacing seat?

    The issue is that the magnetic field generated by the passenger seat harness will screw with the sensor. You can move the seat back/forth to get rid of it or pay Tesla (if not under warranty) to put in a magnetic choke on the harness. No seat replacement is needed, just tipping it down to get...
  21. augkuo

    In progress: Model 3 pulling loaded 1,900lbs~ 5x8 utility trailer 1,700 miles

    Great info! Which apps allows you to get this info on your car?
  22. augkuo

    5000 Mile Road Trip Lessons Learned (Tesla Road Tripping for Dummies)

    Also for remote places where there are no L2 or superchargers available, make sure you bring your mobile charger with the 14-50 and 14-30 adapters. There are always RV parks nearby - Charging your EV at an RV Campground | It's Electric
  23. augkuo

    Charging Rate Control with Tesla App

    So you're saying you don't see the left arrow on the 48A button for the Model X? On a different note, I've seen at least two Gen 2 wall chargers that can't handle above 56A (breakers, DIP switches, etc are correct) but you're able to charge your Model S at 80A.
  24. augkuo

    Spiderguy SF bay area roadster drive 11/13/2021

    More pictures and some other fauna while we stopped at Alice's -
  25. augkuo

    WTB 2008 - 2012 Tesla Roadster

    Carl Medlock and Sons might have this beauty come to market soon - Roadsters for Sale - Medlock & Sons It's not listed on the website yet since it might need some more work but you can contact them about it -
  26. augkuo

    Spiderguy SF bay area roadster drive 11/13/2021

    Some more pics -
  27. augkuo

    First road-trip with snow

    They will just close I5 if there's too much snow/ice - UPDATE: I-5 over Grapevine closed again due to snow, ice
  28. augkuo

    Decaying Level 2 public charging infrastructure

    I think at least Tesla keeps their L2 chargers current and up and running. We had to use this charger in New Mexico - we were so glad it was there!
  29. augkuo

    Do Tesla folks not enjoy driving their cars anymore?

    It's just the novelty factor - once people realize FSD drives like a grandma then I'm sure it'll go back to "how high is your average kWh/mile?"
  30. augkuo

    Late-2010 Roadster 2.5 - Twilight Blue - Original Owner

    you might get a lot of offers now that 30 roadster are gone!
  31. augkuo

    Pimp your Tesla Model 3 (Accessories)

    Make sure you get some rim guards to prevent wheel rashes!
  32. augkuo

    Saying Hello From L.A.

    One thing to check is the camber of your tires especially the rear ones - when I first got my roadster I would wear out the rears in less than 10k miles and it would be mostly on one side of the tire! If you have it in your region, change your electric billing to an EV rate - usually that would...
  33. augkuo

    Roadster needs to be charged

    This is not an ad for Gruber but taken from an email they sent me - Today’s topic - ESS Battery Pack Declining Range Roadster ESS Battery Packs are going on 10-13 years of age. A declining range issue is the new uptick in service for these legacy vehicles. Individual cell failure, often one...
  34. augkuo

    Roadster Appearance on Modern Family

    Model X and roadster in Gavin Newsome's house (now sold) promo video 11 Rock Road Kentfield
  35. augkuo

    NorCal Roadster Drive Photos from 30July2021

    Maybe Earth Day in Santa Barbara 2022? This was a group in 2012 - (Stephen Casner's red car is there but sadly my white 783 got totaled)
  36. augkuo

    Mach-E road trip becomes a charging fiasco...

    It's 117 miles from the Pismo Beach SC to the Ventana Big Sur SC plus you really can't go 75MPH on highway 1 so even with the elevation change that's plenty of charge. On highway 101 you have even more options like Atascadero, Paso Robles, Greenfield, etc. I agree that some places out in the...
  37. augkuo

    Tesla Supercharger network

    The costs for supercharging have been going up and some locations have peak pricing - I had been keeping track of my supercharger "costs" just out of curiosity. From Oct 1st 2018 to now I've been "charged" $3859.38 for 299 supercharging sessions for an average of $12.91/session.
  38. augkuo

    Tesla Supercharger network

    It looks like if you have free supercharging, the cost of supercharging is not displayed anymore. Now it just shows the cost for idle fees.
  39. augkuo

    Farmington, NM to Page, AZ Superchargers - Sweat it or not?

    Make sure you stop off at Shiprock for some cool pics!
  40. augkuo

    Found a LOT of Model 3's in a Tesla lot - Pictures inside

    July 27th 2021 around noon - not too much action going on, lot is relatively empty