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    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    Several months later update....the car is awesome, love it. I had lots of work to get it up to speeed. The mobile ranger’s been to my house 4 times to sort out various small issues it had. Its first owner wasn’t kind to it. One wheel was cracked, so I had that prof repaired and amazingly Tesla...
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    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    If fsd isn’t a firm requirement id strongly recommend buying new instead.
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    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    Yeah! lots more I won’t go into. Bottom line I think it’s worth it—in order to get fsd. Buying a used car from Tesla wasnt a good experience overall in my opinion. It’s going to take several weeks and multiple thousands to get the car right enough.
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    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    Totally correct. The instant it appeared on my phone app I scheduled it. Hw3 goes in Monday at my SC.
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    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    What is full self driving capability? Does this used car have it? If so, why would it still have hw2.5? Why won’t they install hw3 for me? Hope this helps someone in the market as it’s confusing for sure....I bought a 2018 MR a couple months ago from Tesla, and had it shipped to my nearest...
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    Driving Down I-5 - Seeking temporary solution for protection again rock chips

    Just get a roll of 2" masking tape, the blue stuff. I've used this method for several long distance drives in the days before clear bra was a thing. $5 or so. 10 minutes to apply it. Comes right off so long as you don't leave it there for months. Doesn't look awesome but it'll protect the...
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    "Hold" mode regeneration in new SW

    Same! Love it. I’m ready to saw off the brake pedal entirely and abandon it. Push the accel to go, have the car stop if not. Don’t need the brake for 99.9% of driving. It’s really just for emergencies. It drives like a video game car now. Love it. Thanks Tesla!
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    Anyone else think the new Hold mode is TOO smooth?

    I totally love it--hold mode rules. It remedies my lone complaint of the car. For me, it was 99% of the way there. if you dislike the decel, just keep your foot on the accel just a touch and it'll decel a bit more slowly
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    Newb Q--why must I use the brake pedal at all?

    'member this??? back from the dead....Hold mode is 100% exactly what I asked for. Thanks Tesla! I just took a test drive with the new software. No need to use the brake pedal at all anymore for me. I realize others won't/ don't like this and think it's possibly even unsafe as I somehow may...
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    What sound do electric cars make?

    No. Only sound it makes is the tires right at the limit of losing traction
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    Order agreement legality

    I actually had paid for my whole car and had the price subsequently raised. I then paid the difference. In better news, the car is totally worth it.
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    Downgrade SR+ and get $2000 back?

    I've personally talked with both service and sales this weekend. neither know yet what it will cost. I even scheduled an appt to upgrade, as Tesla's email to me asked me to. They cancelled it and said there is no such process yet.
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    SR downgrade finally coming!

    After receiving the email, I scheduled a service appt, as the email from Tesla asked me to. They just called and cancelled my appt. The service center said they do not yet know how to undo the SR regression, and they also don't know what to charge me even if they did know how. They did say...
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    SR downgrade finally coming!

    I physically went to Tesla today to sort out what it’ll cost to upgrade and keep my SR as an SR+. They have no idea. They said they’ll call me with the answer. If I get one I’ll post it here. I really like this car and so long as the price isn’t silly lll happily pay to keep the features I’ve...
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    SR+ homelink

    Got tailwind after reading this thread. I’d never even heard of it before. Thanks! Wow, it’s incredible. Everything now is totally automatic. The major advantage over the Tesla kit is tailwind knows if your garage is up or down. That is really nice to have. The auto up/ down is also pretty...
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    EXPERIENCE: 2400 miles trip Model 3 SR Plus

    I've been chasing this down the last week or so, to try and determine if FSD is worth it before the price goes up. here's what I'm fairly sure of, after talking to several Tesla folks.... -there is no FSD trial if you have autopilot, as you and I do. there's a trial only for people with no AP...
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    EXPERIENCE: 2400 miles trip Model 3 SR Plus

    same here, with EAP, and thinking it'd leave at some point. Got my first software update today and EAP is still there. I don't get it.
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    FSD price increase?

    I talked to the mobile ranger today about this, and also called the local SC. Both of them knew only what's been tweeted, and nothing else.
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    Had M3 home delivered, but not happy with paint and interior flaws

    Get the ranger's number from someone there local who's an owner. The mobile ranger is an actual human who cares, and in my experience will answer and help you. Tesla corporate doesn't seem like they want to give you his number. I had to get it from another owner.
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    Trade in inspection during Tesla delivery

    I received an updated quote a couple weeks after the initial trade in quote. The "updated" quote was several thousand dollars less, and caused me to back out of the trade. They hadn't seen the car. No idea what prompted the change. I sold my car for well in excess of either the first or second...
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    BSA Electronics Dryer Buddy

    I have the auto. It's completely obvious which is being powered. if somehow, they were both powered, which isn't how it works. it would be apparent. And, I'd expect the breaker to trip. I get that isn't the primary plan, but that is actually why the circuit breaker exists.
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    Trial of Autopilot

    I bought AP. I guess I'm not in the trial. it says trial nowhere on any of my screens, and I never signed up for one. I do have nav on autopilot, and I don't exactly know why. Do I somehow have EAP? Since I ordered on Feb 28, the day of the changeover? I just chatted online with, and called...
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    LR AWD with AP or SR+ with FSD

    As a new owner on the FSD trial, I predict you'll buy FSD at some point. Whether or not you get it now, you'll want it. You can afford it, seeing the prices of these cars. The question is simply whether you're getting it pre delivery, or post delivery and paying more. You're going to want it.
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    charging adapters that come with model 3

    I took delivery a week ago. It included the 14-50 adapter, as well as the 1772 adapter which I wasn't expecting. Lastly, it had the standard 110v wall plug.
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    Trial of Autopilot

    I had never test driven. Had I, not a chance I'd have gotten a car without both AP and FSD. They're totally worth it, in my opinion. Based on what I'd read, I sort of doubted they would be. They are awesome. Now that I own one, I can't imagine having one of these cars without both.
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    Trial of Autopilot

    how can you tell this? I've had my M3 for a week. it currently has FSD, but I can see no indication of the fact that is a trial, or how long it'll last.
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    FSD reduced cost during trial? Newb help please

    I’m currently in the fsd trial on a one week old SR+. I purchased autopilot at delivery. I’d now like to add fsd. On the website, it shows a $7k charge for it. I’ve heard that during the trial it’s only $5,500. I know I could have gotten it for $,5000 prior to deliver.my. So.... 1- is there a...
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    BSA Electronics Dryer Buddy

    My dryer buddy showed up today, right at 8 weeks after I ordered. It’s nice. Installed in 5 min and it’s working well. Powers the car when the dryer isn’t going, and cuts power to the car automatically when I turn the dryer on. I like it so far, just what I was looking for. With 110v I was...
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    Before you purchase a Tesla...know this.

    Only Holmes Tuttle specifically. The only way I could get them to work on it was to leave it there on Sunday when they were closed, with the keys inside, and a note on the door. Once I found that process I could get service. It's so close to my house I never tried any other dealers in Tucson...
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    What defects have you found at/after delivery?

    Mobile guy came today and fixed my radar. It wasn't configured properly during the build. Autopilot is now working well. First service was about as painless as could have possibly been.
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    Before you purchase a Tesla...know this.

    First service today on my Model 3. The mobile guy came to my house to fix a faulty radar, after I texted him last Thurs and asked him to. I'll compare that to my last dealer visit to my local Ford dealer, who told me they were too busy to fix my Raptor...ever.
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    BSA Electronics Dryer Buddy

    I ordered a Dryer Buddy on Feb 28th, the same day I ordered the SR. Got the car last week, and supposedly the Dryer Buddy is shipping tomorrow. I'll report back when I've had a chance to get it installed. Makes the 6 weeks I waited for the car seem fast..er.
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    Standard Range Plus Supercharging Speed

    First attempt today on our new SR, with the battery initially at 35 miles remaining. Supercharged at 102kW, 464 mi/hr.
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    What defects have you found at/after delivery?

    March build. I found a March 29th inspection sticker. the fit and finish is amazing. Only issue is the autopilot won't work. auto steer and cruise both disabled even when turned on --seems the front radar is either not configured or inoperative. The mobile guy is checking it out Monday.
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    Before you purchase a Tesla...know this.

    Sorry you’re having trouble. I have the cell phone number of my local Tesla mobile guy. I text him and he texts back, anytime. So far I don’t see how that could be any easier. If you know anyone there near you with a Tesla, ask them for the local mobile number.
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    Newb Q--why must I use the brake pedal at all?

    I'm not actually wanting it to regen down to zero. I just want the effect, I don't care how it works. I know it can and will brake for me sometimes using the actual hydraulic brakes, true? If it thinks I'm going to crash? I just want that same feature, applied at 4mph until 0 when slowing...
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    1) Can you turn on the heat in either the front or rear seats? 2) Can you turn on the fog lights? 3) Is your range showing 220 or 240 at 100% 2 day. SR owner 1- Yes 2- Yes 3- 240 but, it's SR+ software. I fully expect these to be changed once my car gets "updated" to an SR load OTA.
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    This is EXACTLY how I feel as an SR owner.
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    Picked up my SR+ 2 weeks ago, feeling misled

    As of today, absolutely nothing. I bought an SR, which says SR+ right on the screen. There's no SR software yet to "downgrade" mine to what I paid for. No idea how long for that to show up, and then turn my heated seats, immersive sound, and fog lights off.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    $3k before you take delivery. $4k after. Just took delivery of mine yesterday, I paid the $3k before. I think potentially it's $3500 during the trial, but I'm not sure about that since I already had it. The FSD is $7k to add for me today, even during the trial.
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    Phone App for 2 People, One Login or Two?

    Just got mine yesterday. The app asks for permission to track you when closed. If you say "yes", it'll know where you are and unlock the car for you as you get close. If not, which I haven't actually verified, I suspect you'd have to open the app to unlock. I allow it to know my location...
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    Delivery problem - no temporary tag after 1 week, can't drive car

    As a new owner loving mine this week....if my temp registration blew away, I'd just keep right on driving. I'd keep my insurance handy, and plan to tell a sad story if required.
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    Newb Q--why must I use the brake pedal at all?

    Took delivery of my SR yesterday. Love it. Took me less than 15 minutes to get used to regenerative braking and one pedal driving. So....why won't the car completely stop with regen? Why make me use the brake pedal for only 4mph til 0, then hold and I can remove my foot from the brake...
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Got my SR yesterday in Tempe, ordered 2/28. It's incredible. Seems too good to be true that I actually got the SR+ leather interior at $35k. I did have to pay the $3k for autopilot that I momentarily wasn't supposed to, but whatever. Delivery was easy. The paint and panels are really...
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    same....I got a request to pay $35k this AM. I did. I got a vin. it said 35k for a car with included autopilot. It was all done, with a vin and a planned delivery. Now...they updated it and claim I owe them $3,200 more. Hmmm...Tesla is wild. They're a bit like my 5 year old, lots of...