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    Price Rise - 23 Nov 2015

    Clearly a misunderstanding. Sounds like someone told him you want a G-wizz.. or he doesn't know what a Tesla is (in which case he is not a proper petrol head! everyone on Piston heads knows of the Tesla, and it has good kudos there too.) A ludicrous Test drive would clear all of this up in...
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    Expected Delivery Timescale Delays?

    There is an order tracking spreadsheet forUK cars here GB Tesla Model S - Dates - Google Sheets you can see on the charts tab how production queue and delivery times are varying
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    Price Rise - 23 Nov 2015

    Bear in mind it could take about 4 months to get your car if you order today. there is an order tracker here: GB Tesla Model S - Dates - Google Sheets
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    Thinking about getting one of these

    The ChargeKing retro fit kit seems like it is battery operated... The Cables with the button appear to have the plugs resin filled... So how do you change the battery? I like the idea of the button to open the charge flap, I don't like the idea of the button ending a charge session and...
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    Supercharger Locations UK

    I think J24A Donington Services would be more likely than LFE or Trowell. It would serve far more "Routes" A50, A/M42, M1 (&M69), A6, East Midlands Airport, and a single site is accessible from all roads/routes. I think that Peterborough area on the A1 does need something, but I'd be happy with...
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    UK Tesla overall so far

    1,600 GB tesla's delivered to UK. Another 800+ on order.
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    Model X tow capacity is too low for me

    I don't think there is any error in Jim Chen's statement, lets break it down a little: “This vehicle will have Class III towing capability. That means over 5,000 pounds,” That's pretty clear. The vehicle is rated as Class III.. “actually close to 10,000 pounds of towing capability,” This is...
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    Is It Possible To Design Out A-Pillar Cross Beam, Visors, Inside Rear View Mirror?

    There are many cars in Europe, from at least three different manufacturers (on owned by GM), with these windshields but you'd need to google "Panoramic Windscreen" to find them.
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    Is It Possible To Design Out A-Pillar Cross Beam, Visors, Inside Rear View Mirror?

    Panoramic Windscreens are on lots of European cars. This is a Vauxhall (GM) Astra: Citroen C3:
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    Sound generator for our Model S ?

    You could always try for a sound like this Chevy Volt bad engine bearing making noise! - YouTube - - - Updated - - - Or get one of these https://speakev.com/threads/for-sale-cost-effective-sound-generator.10831/ - - - Updated - - - lets try that link again...
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    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    @nola_Mike I wonder where is your old P85+ (Vin 13226) lives these days? does it happen to live at a tesla store next to a SC?