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  1. msp85+

    Parting Out 2013 P85+

    I'll take the chrome rear diffuser under the rear bumper.
  2. msp85+

    Tesla Motors email addresses

    Supercharger problems or support. I emailed them yesterday so I know this works. [email protected]
  3. msp85+

    Anyone else ticked off the Model S has no spare tire?

    I had a flat tire in Lake Tahoe the other day, I did the same as @mknox, I just pumped it up and drove to Stones in Truckee and they fixed it instantly.
  4. msp85+

    Black seats in hot climate?

    Tint is key
  5. msp85+

    What Do You Do During the Wait? Anticipation ~

    Did you opt to getting a HPWC? Might be a good time to figure out if you need one based on your daily driving habits.
  6. msp85+

    drivers seat

    Does any know of a good product to clean the seats?
  7. msp85+

    Black seats in hot climate?

    I have tan seats in San Diego, I agree with @Khatsalano, its hard to find out if you use pre-cooling, but that being said, I've never had hot seats except for the time I drove to Palm Springs for the week and left my phone. I must say the tan seats were hot that day.
  8. msp85+

    Will Falcon Wing doors start to irritate you?

    The electric sliding doors on a mini van also take time to close as well. I don't think the 3-second falcon wing delay will be irritating.
  9. msp85+

    I dipped my Model S

    Nice to see photo's of how it comes off. How well does plastidip hold up to scratches and stone chips?
  10. msp85+

    Pano Roof Leaking

    Has anyone had problems with the panoroof not opening? It gets stuck in vent mode and just clicks when you try to go past vent?
  11. msp85+

    Overnight energy usage

    Do the usb ports charge when the car is off and in park or just when it's plugged in?
  12. msp85+

    Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

    What are the best tires for a staggered setup with wear speed in mind? Michelin Pilots or ContiSportContact?
  13. msp85+

    Feature Enhancement Idea

    How about just a popup that shows "Two phones want to connect to car, which phone would you like to use?" and show the phone names to select as buttons?
  14. msp85+

    Automatically Alarming ADT with Smartthings hub

    Anyone looked into automating their ADT alarm system when they close the garage and disabling the alarm when they get close to home? I saw an ADT module you could build to accomplish this at ADT Integration - Devices Integrations - SmartThings Community Anyone have experience setting up an...
  15. msp85+

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA (Qualcomm / Pacific Heights Blvd., 12 V2 stalls)

    I noticed a new pin on the "Coming in 2015" supercharger map, does anyone know about the location of the second supercharger? I'm thinking maybe it will be in Fashion Valley now there is a Tesla store here?