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  1. MiamiEV

    2020.4 Anything New?

    MX in Miami,FL updating now
  2. MiamiEV

    Where is the update Tesla? AP2.0 2019.40.50?

    It is just a waiting game. They roll out updates by areas they say but I am a two MX family and the 2019 received the update but the 2018 did not.
  3. MiamiEV

    Tesla .. going downhill?

    I had my X100 for about a year and a half. Yes it has had a few issues but my previous car (BMW 435) had more. It is a new technology and there are some things that could pop up but the car is well worth it. My wifes lease was up 2 months ago and after test driving a few other options...
  4. MiamiEV

    i will left my car for 6 days ? it's better to keep it in charger

    I agree. I had gone away for 11 days and left my X plugged in at 80%, When I returned I drove to work, parked, when I went to leave the car would not even unlock. Had to get towed in and the (small) battery had to be replaced. I asked my service tech and told him how I had left the car. He...
  5. MiamiEV

    Should I Copy My Wife.....

    I did the same as well. I initially got the 2018 MX 100 and loved it, my wife’s lease was up (Audi Q7) and she wanted a hybrid or electric car. In MIAMI we have express lanes that can get up to $10.50 per use but are free with electric or hybrid. We recently picked up a MX long range but made...
  6. MiamiEV

    Installing HW3 unit!

    Follow up with the HW3 upgrade. Does it allow for Netflix and additional games vs. the older computer? I assume it has nothing to do with one pedal driving which Raven is getting but would be nice.
  7. MiamiEV

    2018 Model X Floor mats

    I have them as well. I love them, the only downside it you can not easily remove to clean them as you place clips in particular spots to hold it in place. That being said, I still love them. I vacuum them and wipe them down.
  8. MiamiEV

    Is Model X good for 2 young kids?

    One recommendation, as they get older and use a booster with the car seat belt buy a seat belt extender on amazon. As it is built into the leather, the booster will typically cover the adapter. The extender makes it quick and easy. Keep in mind, the extender clicks into the adapter so your...
  9. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    Update: Still a work in progress. As the car is in the shop due to my being rear ended, the parts are taking forever. Everything except for the bottom spoiler is done, waiting for that one to arrive. So, the chrome. The shop has quoted me like $4,000 for the paint on the chrome delete...
  10. MiamiEV

    How to keep car on without key inside?

    In the past I would open the app while getting out of the car and once I shut the door I would kick the air on. Would keep the family cool while I did whatever I had to do.
  11. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    Thank you, you guys do nice detailed clean work. Any chance you have a closer shot showing the windows and door. I like the total color match but just not sure if it is to much.
  12. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    I hear you and that is why I am debating it. I just keep thinking, the chrome is going away so it is a blank slate not having to match anything else specific. Then figure matching the car will make it look cleaner vs the black bar. While both look nice I am still leaning toward the body color...
  13. MiamiEV

    Brown Marks Around Screen

    Had mine replaced by Tesla (no charge). Only wish I looked I checked the top of the speedometer screen first. Would have made sure they swapped both screens. Not so noticeable and will have fixed next time. Basically I see a similar bar on the top of the screen, I assume the other sides are...
  14. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    OK, I am about to have my chrome deleted but I look at other photos on this forum and see black door handles. I am leaning toward having the handles painted to match the body vs. black. I was wondering what everyone else thought about this. Side note, I was rear-ended so the car is having some...
  15. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete and Powder Coat Wheels

    I am looking at chrome delete as well just can't decide on the door handles. Black or car color (Midnight Silver). Are you happy with the black or do you think matching the car color would have been better? Thank you.
  16. MiamiEV

    Door window rattle when lowered

    I had it and a mobile tech came out and identified. Then came once the new part was in to install. Apparently it is the chrome molding at the base of the window (top of the door) that was misaligned. Essentially applying to much pressure in the wrong areas. They replaced both moldings and...
  17. MiamiEV

    What Are You Wearing (WRUW) Today? Share a photo of your Tesla with your watch!

    While I do not wear it any more I still have my Pebble Kickstarter edition.
  18. MiamiEV

    Model X flat tire story true?

    I had a nail in my tire and stopped at a Discount Auto Parts location (it was close) and picked ups a pump with the slime built it. While I had no intention of using the slime I figured it was better to have it should I need it. I filled up and made it to a tire repair shop (not Tesla). They...
  19. MiamiEV

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    I stopped in the Tesla store this afternoon, 5/12 and asked when it will be open. They said they do not have an exact date but expect it to open by the end of the month. So should be open within 2 weeks.
  20. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    Good point, read quickly.
  21. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    Thank you everyone for your input. My first stop was Chargepoint and I have just toured 5 properties with their rep and an electrician they work with. They are currently working up proposals for each of the properties. They are providing me with quotes if I rent the charging station or buy...
  22. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    While a great idea we have small strip centers so not an ideal location for super charging stations.
  23. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    Looking to make the properties better by offering it so our tenants may get more business.
  24. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    I am a Commercial Property Manager in South Florida in addition to owning a MX. I am looking to install some pay per charge stations at a few of the properties and would like to get some input. Yes, we all prefer to either use a supercharging station and/or charge at home. When not...
  25. MiamiEV

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Looks like the installation in Aventura is coming along nicely. Looks like the system is being mounted away from the charging station. Then they are installing a large conduit to run all the lines. Simple posts with the super chargers by each spot. Can’t wait.
  26. MiamiEV

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Still looks far from finished today. some things of note. 1. Should the white boxes be the charging stations then I have good news. The reported 8 is wrong, I counted 20. I am a new owner so excuse me if I am wrong about the white boxes. 2. Location. Not a fan of the brand new parking...
  27. MiamiEV

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Supercharging app says 8. Could just be an educated guess on their part but all I could find.
  28. MiamiEV

    New sensor in Falcon Wing doors. No more bruised heads.

    Sorry, my loaner did not have it and the tech told me it was Maybe it was upgraded. The tech said it was brand new. I had the loaner for a month and it was a new MX. It did not have the sensor. I did a search and could not find a post about it, will look again.
  29. MiamiEV

    New sensor in Falcon Wing doors. No more bruised heads.

    I took delivery of my MX this week and while going over the car I was told about a new sensor that is now built in to the interior of the Falcon Wing doors. The sensor checks if anyone is present underneath the door prior to closing. I have tested and can confirm that it works. Before I...
  30. MiamiEV

    Delivery day

    They are keeping mine an extra 4 days. I do not think they were excited about it but did not give me a problem. The impression I got is they want to make you happy and if it takes their holding the car a few days they will.
  31. MiamiEV

    Delivery day

    I got the call that I have been waiting for as well. I was told it will be in on Wednesday but I am going to be out of town. The rep suggested the day before I leave. She said she was pretty sure she could pull it off. I assume this was suggested as they typically look over the car and fix...
  32. MiamiEV

    MX production line

    They are producing the MX now. I must have been one of the first inline once they started up. My order was confirmed Jan 30th. Monday I was notified the car was in production and today (5 days later) I was notified that the car is on a truck being shipped to Florida.