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  1. NCM3

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    That was me. Typically I assume many in these forums know more than your local SA, however she seemed fairly confident. Given that I was trying to figure out how to release our freemont VIN (already on hold twice, so system will auto cancel if we don't take delivery) it wouldn't make sense for...
  2. NCM3

    Built in Austin? Look for the "A" in VIN digit 11

    I agree and assumed someone would have screenshared an Austin VIN if they were assigned. But also realize many people don't know or care if they have an F or A.
  3. NCM3

    Built in Austin? Look for the "A" in VIN digit 11

    Had the Model 3 in for service today and stopped by sales to talk about our new Model Y. We have a freemont VIN assigned (after 2 holds) and she said the system would immediately cancel the order if she released this car. The good news for others, bad for me, she verified they have assigned...
  4. NCM3

    Safety Score Still Not Showing On App!

    What MCU does the X have? Didn't they say MCU1 wouldn't qualify?
  5. NCM3

    Pre-Owned Location

    To close the loop on this, we ended up canceling our order(s) for a used Model S. The vehicle we wanted was advertised in Florida at purchase, Sales Advisor and local Sales Manager later found it in Saint Louis, then it was loaded onto a transport and is now en route to Bellevue Washington...
  6. NCM3

    Pre-Owned Location

    Is this SA someone at a physical store, via chat, or over the phone? The local store says they aren't responsible for used. Chat said they would have someone call me, didn't happen. Last call into the 1800 phone tree sent me back to the local store. The only person I've had meaningful contact...
  7. NCM3

    Pre-Owned Location

    Rich's story is scary. I'm glad they have actual photos online now to view prior to purchase, but not sure the rest of the process has improved. Every used car we've bought has been a disaster but I had high hope going directly through Tesla with 4yr warranty would yield quality control...
  8. NCM3

    Pre-Owned Location

    Anybody else bought a used Tesla that isn't actually located where the website stated at the time of purchase? I'm trying to buy my wife a pre-owned Model S as a placeholder until her Y is built. We ordered a 2016 MS on 12/31 showing it was 2 hours away in Charlotte, NC. Great, I'll rent a...
  9. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    My F150 had an old fashion key. Some upstanding citizens jammed a screwdriver in the driver keyhole and cleaned it out. I replaced that hole with a reinforced steel plate. Happy with the tech and ease of use on Pixel, just perplexed by the Samsung compatibility issues.
  10. NCM3

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2014 F150 Platinum
  11. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    Love the car more than Samsung phones. Will continue using Pixels.
  12. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I've tried all the tricks to kill battery optimization, cleared cache, reset network, etc. etc. - really anything I could find online that might solve it. It sounds like you narrowed the issue to your car...what was the solution?
  13. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    Those with Samsung phones and no issues... Do you often enter the car on a call? My speaker will typically transfer but mic will drop out completely so the other person cannot hear me. I end up throwing it in speaker phone or telling the other side I'll call back. If I approach the car on a...
  14. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  15. NCM3

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Downloading in NC. LR RWD FSD HW2.5.
  16. NCM3

    Improved Wipers

    During this morning's drive in light rain I noticed a drastic improvement in the automatic wipers. They have been way too inconsistent in the past, but today it seems like the camera is picking up even small drops and speed is dead on to keep the windshield clear. I know Elon promised they...
  17. NCM3

    iPhone X losing GPS signal in the phone dock area

    Also just switched to a Pixel 3 (XL) which solved all of the bluetooth issues I was having with various Samsung devices. Car instantly unlocks with no failures and I maintain a stable audio connection for calls/media when driving...FINALLY! However, I have been having terrible 4G/3G/1X phone...
  18. NCM3

    Bluetooth call transfer

    Any update on this? I have the same problem with our Model 3 and a Samsung Note 8.
  19. NCM3

    Possible solution for Bluetooth key for Android

    Thanks for the post. My Note 8 works 99% of the time but wife's S8 is hit or miss. It always discovers but she has to stand there for a while. If the fob isn't released soon I'm just going to buy her a new phone. It seems the newer Samsung models (Note 8 and beyond) must have different radios or...
  20. NCM3

    Bluetooth call mic quality - recordings attached

    Any update to this issue? Had our Model 3 for a couple months and bluetooth quality is pretty awful. I've heard the apple watch airplane mode suggestion but we're on a Samsung Note 8 and S8. I have a Samsung watch but wife does not...in other words that's not the problem. Both phones have poor...
  21. NCM3

    Auto Lane Change on secondary roads w/ 2018.42.3

    I updated our Model 3 LR RWD to 2018.42.3 last night. Much of my testing today was on the highway but coming home I noticed the grey lane lines appeared on minor roads while AP was engaged. Put on the signal and she moved right over. There were a few less-than-graceful hesitations in areas with...
  22. NCM3

    2018.42.3 spotted on Teslafi

    Updated overnight and taking for a drive shortly!