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    Supercharger - Ocala, FL - W. Silver Springs Blvd

    Ocala supercharger on sr40 not open yet but looking good
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    water temp gauge

    Just asking, Would you like to see a temp gauge for the water, battery, and motors if they could program a read out?
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    Ludicrous upgrades starting in Tampa

    what's the requirement for the upgrade 85D, P85D, or for all
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Bernie Sanders? you want to give half of your tesla to some dummy who don't want to work for one ?
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    OBD II Power Output/Constraints

    I bought a hd dash cam on line for $65 mounted it to the right of the mirror routed the wire under the headliner to the pass pillar down to the floor under the passenger seat and to the 12v power plug as for the radar dec. just don't go that fast, it just tells you when you are going to get a...
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    Any performance difference between 85D and P85D in standard sport mode?

    MS still blows the doors off a ford:tongue:
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    If you are up Ocala way underglass auto tech 324 us 441 Lady Lake 3m dealer great work with no tint lines 352-753-5267 http://underglass.vpweb.com/Services---Products.html
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    I just totalled my Tesla!!!

    cant beat a dash cam
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    Auto lock and unlock doors

    msnow thanks for the thread
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    Towing eye

    so that's what that dam thing is, I found it in the charge cable bag and have no idea where it goes, thinking it goes under the nose peace up front for pulling the car onto a flat bed or maybe a seat belt hold down for a very big person:tongue:
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    Auto lock and unlock doors

    when you approach the car all doors unlock, this is ok, but when you or your wife are alone in a parking lot or parking garage it would be nice to have just one door unlock so someone cant jump in from the other side. I know I can select which doors unlocks on my truck. do you think you would...
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    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Thanks Ingineer got them out had to pull the center part also (this car is all snap together like legos ) I also put the lights under the seats, got to watch with the zip ties, I got the motor shaft with one tie and it made the seat sound like it was coming unglued, the shaft is just on the...
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    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    anyone come up with a easyway to get to the wires in the trunk of the cars with just one light. like how do you get the side panel out of the way
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    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    great thread and sounds like a great product I am in just waiting to push the button
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    A nice place to go this time of the year

    http://www.callawaygardens.com/ Hi just though I would let you know of a nice place to go and if you never been there it is something to see, it Callaway Gardens at Pine Mountain Ga. southwest of Atlanta on rt.27 and at this time of the year they have a lot going on, they have the Fantasy in...
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    Cost of waranty work

    Have you had warranty work done and was there a cost? I had to have warranty work on the arm rest and I either had to drive 160 mi to a service center or pay$100 to have them come and fix it, or fix it my self. I called the service center tec. and on the phone we fixed it (had to take off the...
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    Supercharger - Ocala, FL

    Hi all we have a new addition to the Ocala supercharger area , its a Japanese steak house called EDO Japanese Steak House, about 100ft from the chargers. I went there tonight and they had just open today, they are doing what they called a soft opening their grand opening will be in Nov. when...
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    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    Hi they charged me sunpass rate. the toll-by-plate is if you are not a sunpass customer they will mail you a bill. I just didn't have my transponder with me and it didn't seem to make any difference. 09/23/2015 01:21:12 AM 09/21/2015...
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    PAST EVENT: Ocala Elks Car Show

    anyone interested in doing this show let me know and I will try to get us parked together Dave
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    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    the toll is sunpass rates. I just did it this week end, and you get a nice pictures of your car
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    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    Hi I just went to Key West from Ocala on the Florida turnpike and I forgot my transponder, but it worked just fine from my gun safe at home:biggrin: every one hit my CC
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    how do you fill washer fluid with no spills

    Just had to fill the washer fluid on my MS, its not in a good location for a jug of fluid to pour so I got some clear tubing and syphon it in with no spills. Has anyone come up with a better way?
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    2nd-row foot lighting only on one side of car?

    I don't have premium lights and no lights under the seats I wonder if the wiring is there and just need to plug some lights in
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    PAST EVENTS: National Drive Electric Week Events in Florida

    Hi all we will be doing Pinecrest on our way to Keywest from Ocala. we will be stopping at the Hampton in homestead for the night
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    Cup Holder for Tesla on Amazon...anyone use this?

    go to GM order cup holder for a 2011-2015 Silverado 1500 put Velcro on it and stick to the inside and when you don't want in there just take it out
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    How do you remove the sliding armrests?

    sorry about that(ALIGN) my typing is not that hot. please stick to the intent of the topic . you English majors are on a different thread
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    has anyone used the e brake when the car is in motion for a emergence to stop ? does it come on gradually or do you hit it and all hell breaks lose
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    my tag from my corvette (NO TIN) vette is fiberglass, to my MS (NO TIN) still worked tesla is all aluminum
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    How do you remove the sliding armrests?

    Dave is right, move then forward then pull up they are hard to pull off and do not take the bracket out with the ball in it unless you are good at Chinese checkers. anyway to put it back on alien the track in the armrest with the fixed track getting the outside edge engaged first then push it to...
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    Hotels in Florida with Charging Stations

    I was planning on a quickly at (Tours in the Glades & Everglades Hostel ) I will be stopping at the Hampton in Homestead for the night. Has anyone used this place for charging ? Dave
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    Hotels in Florida with Charging Stations

    Hi all I will be going to Keywest on the 19th of this month, I would love to stop there, better yet I would love to charge there, any bets on if it will be open by then?
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    PAST EVENTS: National Drive Electric Week Events in Florida

    Hi Larry I registered for Jax. and Tallahassee is their any plans for charging when we get there? and it would be cool to have a caravan of tesla's going up if we could get together on a start time like everyone meet at Lake City like 7 or 7:30 what do you think? Dave
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    need help finding a thread on how to drive to sc by states

    Hi Larry I try see if this works http://my.teslamotors.com/forum/forums/supercharger-tips-and-reviews
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    need help finding a thread on how to drive to sc by states

    found it. it on the Tesla motors forum (supercharger tips and reviews)if you cant find it just google it. some good info if your going to a charger for the first time
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    need help finding a thread on how to drive to sc by states

    thanks, I have seen them ,this was a write up of info on all the SC station and how get in to them and what was there to do and if there was anything to lookout for
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    need help finding a thread on how to drive to sc by states

    When I was working on my pc I came across a write up on how to get to supercharger and what there was to do there. it had them listed by state , I don't remember if it was on the forum or not but I cant find it to print out. Has anyone seen this and know where its at? thanks Dave
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    DeFuniak Springs SpC to Lake City SpC in 70D doable?

    Hi gimmi80 I am going to do that run on the 25th of this month, I plain on doing a 90+% charge at Lake City and head to DeFuniak Springs and checking before I get to Tallahassee see how it looks, will post on here on how it went. I guess if the battery goes dead I can call AAA and tell them I...
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    Using trip planner on a recent road trip

    I think I will use my Garmin and load the chargers in it and use the tesla nav sys as a back up until the tesla nav lets you add or remove way points
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    Biink charging sta. ok or not

    Blink charging station are all over, has anyone joined the blink network, and what do you think of them?
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    Ocala to Biloxi the gps needs help

    Hi Karma will let you know but it will be about Oct when we will go Dave
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    Ocala to Biloxi the gps needs help

    Hi would you do a 220mi run with a 85d ?(Lake City to DeFuniak Spring) planning to drive all the way to Biloxi after Mobil charge
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    Ocala to Biloxi the gps needs help

    Ocala to Biloxi What am I doing wrong the gps tell me to charge in Ocala then Lake City and then Tifton GA. what the hell is wrong with this gps:cursing: and then to DeFuniak Spring and then Mobil to get to Biloxi. I loose enough gambling . don't need this. Lake City to DeFuniak Springs is 220mi...
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    NE FL Get Together - Any Interest?

    maybe everyone works to hard in the NE and no one wants party:wink:
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    3G not working a few times until reboot after 6.2

    Hi I just had it happen to me just like DonD said and I have 6.2 I just had to hold the 2 wheels in for about 10sec seem to have fix it . I think they have a bug zipping around in there dorking things up. the only thing I did different was in crease the charge for 80% to 85% for the trip to NAS JAX
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    Dual Motor 19" Wheel Owners Poll On Tesla Recommended Tire Pressure

    Hi my 85d is 5800lbs and has Michelins that has a max tire pressure of 51psi written on the tire, that don't leave much for heat build up if TM says to put 50psi in them . that is the reason they went to 45psi. that is till to hard for me. the same tire on my truck would have 30psi. I think I...
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    Window tinting

    Hi I agree with Phinfl you can leave pets there is no laws but plenty of ordinance with fines. here is the Fl law on kids in cars http://www.kidsandcars.org/userfiles/state-laws/florida-state-law.pdf http://www.kidsandcars.org/state-laws.html
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    Window tinting

    not legal to leave pet or kids in the car in Florida with or with out air
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    Big and hard to get out of your ms

    Hi I am tall and long legged and its hard to get out on the driver side, I always had to move to seat all the way back and the wheel up. A fix is to make another driver, I called it (get out) I moved the seat all the way back and the wheel up and saved it to the get out driver and when I get...
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    NE FL Get Together - Any Interest?

    Hi Jeff Sounds good to me let me know if I can be of any help with anything. Dave & Sharon