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  1. rayfound

    what are these new yellow lines on the "energy" screen in dash?

    I'm seeing this line and my battery is around 60% and the car's been sitting in weather between 40-50°f all day... Output seems to limit out at 300kw also.
  2. rayfound

    Trading in X for accord.

    Cynic in me says: maybe he just wants to save the cost? I mean. 2 X in a family is pretty extreme.
  3. rayfound

    Why a rated range instead of a rated efficiency?

    MPG makes sense for Gas vehicles because fuel is ubiquitous and fast. The only constraint on the buyer is the cost to drive, so mpg addresses that concern. Range makes sense on EV because charging is sparse and slower, the constraint on the buyer is distance, so range addresses the main concern.
  4. rayfound

    Used Tesla unlimited mileage powertrain warranty

    All Model X are Dual Motor.
  5. rayfound

    Longest time in service?

    Honestly, I think I would be pretty good with that deal. Once you get your car back, you've saved 20,000 miles.
  6. rayfound

    Mismatched tires on CPO 90D X

    Nexen is a budget tire manufacturer. FWIW - I had a set on my 4runner and they seemed to wear well for a long time. Not a bad tire I don't think, just not a big brand.
  7. rayfound

    V10 and Battery "Degradation"

    Right, it could be as simple as basically changing where the "low fuel" light activates.
  8. rayfound

    Used Model X buying help

    I think your admonition to be courteous and forgiving to the employees we come across is valid, and good advice for how to treat people of all ALL service industries. But the reality is that it isn't their fault... TESLA, organizationally, is absolutely garbage at managing the service process...
  9. rayfound

    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    Its this plus being almost deliberately uninformed on everything.
  10. rayfound

    Used Model X buying help

    I have to assume most people (like me) buying an X want the 6-seat, which pushes you with tan/white interior to $92,900+$1200 Fees = $94k+... compared to my 2016 I bought for $61,900... I mean I get for some people $30,000 isn't a deal breaker, but we were barely willing to spend in the 60s for...
  11. rayfound

    Used Model X buying help

    Tesla runs a dutch auction. The prices always start high and come down to establish market price.
  12. rayfound

    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    I'm driving a S75D Loaner at the moment and I am seriously impressed how violently it accelerates 0-40 or so.
  13. rayfound

    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    I think Lithium cells, in general, will output more power at a higher state of charge, simply because for the same amperage, their voltage is slightly higher. Hence, if current limits are held steady, the higher voltage at higher states of charge will allow for more total wattage output.
  14. rayfound

    Gods, Guns and America

    I think conflating religion, gun culture, and trucks with patriotism is foolish in general - including as it relates to Electric Vehicles.
  15. rayfound

    Acceleration numbers on MX Raven Long Range...

    That's great but its not clear they have much interest in learning about their model X or getting it right, the clicks are too good from their current shtick of willful ignorance.
  16. rayfound

    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    Aero drag wouldn't be much of a factor on 0-60 I wouldn't think, but my understanding is that as a partial remedy for the Model X shudder propensity, a software update limits power output above Low setting.
  17. rayfound

    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    I believe power output is reduced if suspension is STD or higher due to the shudder issues. 4.4 would be with rollout I believe. (motor trend test procedure)
  18. rayfound

    Costa Mesa repair station has my car and does not respond to text or calls

    Did anyone ever figure out a way to get them to respond or get some update? Costa Mesa Service has had my X for a week now with no updates.
  19. rayfound

    Some dumb home-charging questions

    For the small cost of the neutral wire, a 14-50 gives you a lot more flexibility later. In case you desire to use that wire run for another purpose (subpanel, RV hookup, 120V plugs, etc...) - the 14-50 will give you an available neutral wire. the 6-50 will never allow you to use an 120V fixture...
  20. rayfound

    How does Tesla charge all of these cars?

    I mean... there's no reason they can't be discharging into chargers to charge other batteries. I can't imagine they just dump all the energy if they're fully cycling during testing. I am also not clear if Lithium Cells come out of the manufacturing process with no effective charge, or if they...
  21. rayfound

    Rivian Shows Off New Blue to Reservation Holders

    I agree there - I think that truck looks terrific in the Silver, and will probably look great in White/Black/Dark grey also, but the blue is meh... I think even the Subaru-eque World-Rally Blue would look better than the flat muted blue.
  22. rayfound

    Rivian Shows Off New Blue to Reservation Holders

    Ummm if you're going to be towing, you're going to need a seriously large pack. I've seen the silver prototype in the flesh and it's a terrific looking truck. The inclination Tesla fans have to *sugar* on other brands is... Weird. Rivian has an interesting product, appear to be well capitalised...
  23. rayfound

    Used MX recent (3-4 months) buying experience

    I was 4 days from deposit to pickup. Transferred car from San Diego to Costa Mesa.
  24. rayfound

    CPO Decision: 2016 P90D vs 2016 90D

    From the time I was looking, the performance model seem to be worth about $8-10,000 More than a similar non performance, but the accident history on the report would tend to lower that why about 4,000 or so. If you're comfortable with the repair and the damage that was done, which you will not...
  25. rayfound

    CPO Decision: 2016 P90D vs 2016 90D

    What's the price
  26. rayfound

    what is best 12v battary for tesla model X

    LiFePO4 would definitely take the discharge abuse better.
  27. rayfound

    Used MX recent (3-4 months) buying experience

    I probably would be more thorough and make due bill at delivery. But whatever.
  28. rayfound

    WTB (or get) Black lug covers

    They're like $10 on Amazon.
  29. rayfound

    Used 2016 Model X P90DL Order Process

    As far as I was able to tell when I got mine, there is absolutely no way to get a salesperson to do much of anything besides send you a carfax report, and tell you "No we don do ____________" when you ask for anything.
  30. rayfound

    Navigation Versions/Idiodic Routing?

    What does your navigation version say on software screen?
  31. rayfound

    Navigation Versions/Idiodic Routing?

    After I got the navigation update, mine has been completely fine. Not quite as good as google/waze from a traffic prediction standpoint, but better at estimating city streets.
  32. rayfound

    Is Tesla making their resale value obsolete?

    Which seating arrangement do you have on your X? I can harldy imagine an easier vehicle for ingress egress than the 6-seat Model X, between the wide aisle, the FWDs, and the single post seats for rear legroom.
  33. rayfound

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    Yes, they are planning to add WiFi at Superchargers.
  34. rayfound

    Layout vs efficiency

    Yeah, West Arrays will produce more in the afternoons as you get closer to peak (4-9pm) times, so you can eek out a few more $$ that way. I think a SW orientation is ideal from a $$ generated standpoint.
  35. rayfound


    No Waze. You get Tesla Maps/Traffic which seems to perform well. Can always run waze via bluetooth on your phone (like any other car).
  36. rayfound

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    I'd really like to see navigation waypoints and the "estimated charge with round trip" allow me to choose "current location" or "home" so if I am not starting from home, it gives me estimated charge after i go to destination then go home.
  37. rayfound

    Is Tesla making their resale value obsolete?

    Counterpoint to the Tesla's advancement hurting resale: A 2016 Model X has zero 3-row competition through at least 2020 when Rivians start to show up (at $72k+) I'm also fundamentally pessimistic about autonomy development/regulation, so I don't place the value some others do on ap2+...
  38. rayfound

    Is Tesla making their resale value obsolete?

    Also, fwiw, ap1 is great on the highway and how you value The newer autopilot really depends on how much faith you place in their development, and how fast you expect more capable self-driving to happen. Ap1 as it is makes long highway trips way less taxing.
  39. rayfound

    Is Tesla making their resale value obsolete?

    Fwiw - I recently purchased a 2016 X90D. your battery degradation assumptions are fairly pessimistic, most people see more like 5% drop first couple years and then very little after that. Mine follows this - I'm seeing 244ish rated miles at 100%... 95% of 257. I also payed essentially $61,900...
  40. rayfound

    What is your beef with Tesla?

    Its communication plus their inability to respond in meaningful ways when they do communicate. No one has any agency to make decisions, so the communication you do get is hollow and pointless.
  41. rayfound

    Used Model X from Tesla. Noted Issues at Pick up.

    Fwd closure scuffs - touch-up if they bother you. The seals seem... Weird/wrong . Test with hose. Badges - mine was a 90d but I took off everything including the T on the back. Prefer the clean. Shudder - you'll know if you have it. It feels like the power delivery isn't smooth from about...
  42. rayfound

    Cpo cars have no location now?

    I mean CPO is used to distinguish "used with new comprehensive warranty from manufacturer" and "used from anywhere"
  43. rayfound

    Cpo cars have no location now?

    If your goal is to be pedantic... Fine. Imgur Every Carfax from Tesla comes from "Tesla CPO". CPO with most manufacturers is a warranty the dealer buys from the factory. Tesla's isn't much difference, but they could do more in the cleaning and refresh department.
  44. rayfound

    Forgoing BMW / Mercedes / Lexus for Tesla?

    Same. I wish I could keep the function of the FWDs but without the flashiness. The "Getting attention" was literally the part that we DID NOT want with our Used X Purchase.
  45. rayfound

    Forgoing BMW / Mercedes / Lexus for Tesla?

    NOT IN ORANGE COUNTY. I live 20 miles inland and i feel our car turns heads more than I'd like (FWDs)... but drive to costa mesa, newport, laguna? Nah, there's Teslas everywhere.
  46. rayfound

    Used MX recent (3-4 months) buying experience

    Yes! I'm about 2 weeks into my 2016 X90D. I mean, the process isn't great. Pick out a car online, pay deposit. Do most paperwork/financing bullshit through account page. Get an appointment for delivery. Then you show up and you either accept the car or you: Attempt to haggle over items...
  47. rayfound

    Navigation Versions/Idiodic Routing?

    I don't propose to understand exactly how their hybrid system of incardata and over the air map data works exactly. Obviously if they are downloading 5.5GB of mapping data, there is a significant on board system. But either way, my software screen now shows a navigation version, it is up to...
  48. rayfound

    Is it possible to increase range

    I've kind of wondered what a "max range" tire might be around that would be narrow but still have the weight capacity needed for the fat-bottomed-girl (model x).