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  1. matts99

    Replacement Speaker Cover

    Thank you! This is helpful!
  2. matts99

    Replacement Speaker Cover

    The speaker cover on the back door ripped. I'm not sure what caused it. Tesla is saying that they will have to replace the entire door trim which costs $700 before labor. This seems expensive. Any ideas or recommendations?
  3. matts99

    2022.28.2 missing alternative routes

    I got the 2022.365.2 update last night as well. It look hours to download but finally completed 10 hours later. Perhaps they had a problem with their update infrastructure.
  4. matts99

    Relaying Wi-Fi to detached garage at a distance

    The simplest way would be to tether your mobile phone to your Tesla. That way, you can download updates using the mobile hotspot and rely on the onboard cellular connection for everything else.
  5. matts99

    Model Y OEM roof rack + Yakima grand touring 16

    I have one and haven't experienced any whistling or other sounds.
  6. matts99

    Car Wash

    Be careful when using a car wash with rails. The 20" Induction wheels can get easily damaged if you accidentally tap the sides. I know this from personal experience! If possible, you're better off finding a stationary car wash or one with a conveyer belt. If you have have no other option...
  7. matts99

    Autopilot and Auto High Beams

    Whenever I use Autopilot at night, it turns on the auto high beam feature despite having the feature disabled globally. Is this expected? I can handle ceding control of the steering to AP but I just can't let go of my high beams!
  8. matts99

    Software update

    I received my Model Y in June and am still on 2021.4.21.3. I have no idea how the updates get distributed!
  9. matts99

    Using phone for key/access

    I believe the Tesla app also allows you to open the frunk using Bluetooth rather than WiFi/LTE. When I open the frunk from the app and am close in proximity, it opens fast.
  10. matts99

    Got my Model Y, Got my wall connector installed... now what?

    My power company in Northern Virginia offers an off-peak plan with three different periods -- peak, off peak, and super off peak. I charge my Tesla at 12 am when super off peak begins. They are currently charging me $0.07 a kWh at super off peak! The only catch is that you have to have a...
  11. matts99

    Using phone for key/access

    Keep in mind that your phone's Bluetooth will not work if the battery is dead! That's my primary reason for carrying a key card.
  12. matts99

    No Premium Connectivity - Tricks?

    It’s being rolled out now. Not everyone has it yet but it’s coming.
  13. matts99

    No Premium Connectivity - Tricks?

    I believe this is fixed in the latest software release. https://evbite.com/tesla-latest-software-updates/