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    Order went thru but no confirmation email

    Hi all, perhaps I’m misunderstanding how the Tesla app works but despite having a truck reservation since the morning after the reveal I cannot see the truck listed in the app. I’m using the same email address in the app as per the reservation and received the confirmation email. Is it because...
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    Where do the written off Teslas go in Aus?

    Another model X repairable write off, front impact, 6 airbags visibly deployed also a minor dent visible on the rear. Looks ok from the images. 2017 TESLA Model X - Pickles
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Nice plate but don't find the front or rear decals do anything for it. The side ones are kinda cool.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Interesting, very similar plate to a grey model S that I spotted yesterday DAH82J on the Hume heading towards Liverpool.
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    Tesla Ad - This is not a Dream

    Tesla short film -
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    90D spotted today in Rose Bay - NSW DBV 75Z.
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    Alarm Activation

    While the model S is very nice, just because it's a high end EV with innovative & alternative design, etc, etc, etc, doesn't make it the "best" vehicle ever. Just an especially well designed and innovative vehicle that like all vehicles before it (and after) will benefit from further improvement...
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    Tesla short film - "Not a Dream"

    Wow what a great short film, truly impressive. Those were the words spoken by Nikola Tesla himself? How incredibly right were his statements, must have sounded like a madman at the time...
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    Goulburn to Sydney advice

    I wouldn't be concerned, I've taken that scenic route a few times as an alternative way back to the mountains and apart from the occasional monkey that insists on speeding like their life depends on it I've not had any issues. Majority of drivers on any road want to arrive at their destination...
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    Red P85 on CarSales

    Think that's Jon in Chatswood. Best of luck to him, I literally hope he lives to regret selling it.
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    Victoria Registrations - the most short sighted legislation of the year award!

    So does this mistake and a pending amendment apply to all EVs or just Teslas?
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    Servicing in Australia

    Perhaps there's too much activity and risk of injury having the vehicles charge during services?
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    Keyless Entry for Dummies ...

    I agree with you, nice as it is Tesla failed to compensate for human nature in that instance. My car is the same as your Jags and it works.
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    New member brucesurf has a question about charging

    Thanks Chuq, Tapatalk isn't showing it. I'll log in with my laptop some time.
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    Aussie Electric SUV planned

    An electric SUV with true off-road ability is the first vehicle planned by a new South Australian-based automotive start-up called Red Automotive Technologies (RAT). Electric Aussie SUV planned – Car Reviews, News & Advice - carsales.com.au
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    New member brucesurf has a question about charging

    We need a thank function in this forum. Very true about electrical fittings, on eBay or other online sources you will often pay half or even a fraction of the prices quoted by electrical wholesalers. Same applies to high amperage wall outlets, best to buy what you need first and then organise an...
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    New member brucesurf has a question about charging

    No problem, melocomm is in the know. I would ague that by "make up" means either you or whoever makes the adapter is actually qualified electrician or has a cert 3 electrical qualification. Otherwise you open yourself up to potential problems should there be any smoke. Little known fact...
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    New member brucesurf has a question about charging

    Sorry for not researching this but does the portable charger have the ability to feed off 3 phases? If so and as long as there are no proprietary plugs involved that cannot be obtained, then just get an electrician to make you one. Ask them to tag it too so you don't have to deal with questions...
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    Victoria Registrations - the most short sighted legislation of the year award!

    Tesla obviously isn't the first electric car so I'd suggest Victorian EV drivers have been banging their heads for some time now...
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    Red or Obsidian Black, 85 or 90 kWh?

    I'd reason that black would have the aircon working harder and therefore less range in warm weather. The solar suggestion is 100% the way to go. The red is especially nice IMO.
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    Red or Obsidian Black, 85 or 90 kWh?

    I can feel the excitement!
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    Bowral meetup - January 17

    Good point Jude, I just didn't want to get too carried away. I'm in the lower Blue Mountains, although willing to make meeting up more convenient. I understand that I'm effectively asking for someone to pick up a stranger, but if I don't ask... Thanks for asking.
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    Bowral meetup - January 17

    Would anyone like to take a passenger along? I'm an EV convert from way back, originally joined AEVA in the 90's. I do tend to generate oohs & aahs whenever I see a model S but please don't hold that against me. [emoji14]