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  1. Shortmanz

    Official Tesla Charging Sign $25 Maryland

    I'll take one if you have any left.
  2. Shortmanz

    Spotify connection issues on every drive

    Thanks @SilverSp33d3r for the tip. I have noticed that when I want to use Spotify on my PC that I have to manually switch the playback device from the Model 3 to the PC. It makes sense that the Tesla MCU would have a similar issue when going the other direction. It would be great if they...
  3. Shortmanz

    Spotify connection issues on every drive

    I have noticed this exact problem as well and have been using the same solution you described. It is very annoying. I also have a similar issue with the FM radio where it sometimes fails to switch to the selected station. Sometimes it will switch to the station, but not to the HD2 channel. I...
  4. Shortmanz

    What did you name your car?

    Red Fury
  5. Shortmanz

    Tesla Service Paint Repair/Repaint Experiences...Please Share

    Which shop was good and which to avoid? I am in Plano and need to get my Midnight Blue model S repaired from a hail storm. I don't think it needs to be painted, but the hood has several that look like they will be difficult to fix.
  6. Shortmanz

    ESA - now eligible even with dealer in chain of ownership?

    I bought my 2013 Model S from a dealer in 2014 and successfully purchased the ESA last year. It was not a slam dunk and I had to point out to them that there was no CPO program at the time and that there were also essentially no private sales taking place at that time. They agreed with me and...
  7. Shortmanz

    Would you rather...2017 Inventory MS 75D or Used Panamera 4S

    If you were contemplating the as-yet-unreleased but stunning Porsche Mission-e, I would say go for it! I can't really say that about a used Panamera though. The Panamera seems like it is on the cusp of being obsolete due to its complex hybrid gas/electric power train. I really like the...
  8. Shortmanz

    Need help deciding, CPO P85 with no tech package

    I agree - hold out for one with the tech package, even if you have to pass on a P.
  9. Shortmanz

    How much more would you pay for a driver instrument cluster?

    I agree with the OP that Elon is likely to be surprised at how important an instrument cluster is to a lot of people. A car without a dedicated instrument cluster feels like a cheap cost-cutting measure to me. Tesla is an aspirational brand and should not be taking a risk like this that will...
  10. Shortmanz

    Opinions on options, toys, bells & whistles – and how it affects your decision on battery capacity.

    I agree with you in principle on maximizing range, but if I were to replace my 85, I would have a hard time justifying the extra cost of a 90D over a 75D, but for road trips, the 90D would be the better choice. The only suggestion I would make is that you may reconsider leather seats. When it...
  11. Shortmanz

    Supercharger - Springfield, MO

    Can't seem to see your pictures. Can you try to repost them? Thanks!
  12. Shortmanz

    Screen hardware specs - do newer models have better graphics hardware?

    I think newer Model S and probably Model x have higher res instrument screens. I don't know if the CPU's/GPU's are any faster, though. the old screens were approx 1280x400 and the new ones are approx 1920x600. This started around VIN 44xxx in 2014.
  13. Shortmanz

    Pano or No-Pano

    Time's up! What did you decide? Pano?
  14. Shortmanz

    Requesting Advice to Decide Between New S 60D vs Used 85D

    I bought a used 2013 85 almost 2 years ago - about 3-4 months before Autopilot was announced. Sometimes I wish I had AP, but I doubt I would really use it that much since my daily commute is only 11 miles each way and only half of that is on the Interstate. I initially really wanted dual...
  15. Shortmanz

    How anal are you about parking spots and door dings?

    I always make sure to park uphill from the shopping cart cages. I never park next to them either. Several years ago a friend borrowed my truck and was sitting in it when a shopping cart rolled into it. He said he saw it coming, but thought it would miss the truck. Needless to say I was not...
  16. Shortmanz

    Any configuration regrets?

    I originally thought the dual charger was a must-have option, but I ended up getting a car without it and don't miss it at all. Fortunately, it is one of the few post-purchase upgrades available, should I ever decide I need it. I am also happy that my wife held the line on not getting the 3rd...
  17. Shortmanz

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    Is this what you are looking for? http://www.ovt.com/release.php?release=263&lang=english It is a press release dated October 16, 2012 from OmniVision about Tesla using their OV10630 image sensor SOC running at 720p. I found the link on this page: http://teslatap.com/undocumented/
  18. Shortmanz

    Tesla's Autopilot - an in depth at the technology

    Great article - it answered a lot of the questions I have been wondering about. Thanks for posting it!
  19. Shortmanz

    70 or 70D - Is AWD Necessary In Texas

    I live in Dallas and have had my 85 for just over a year. I don't really see a need for AWD here except for the 2 or 3 ice storms that we tend to get every year. The Tesla is certainly much better on slick roads than my RWD Tacoma, but I don't drive the Tesla on ice days. There are way...
  20. Shortmanz

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I have a non-AP Model S. 1. The change to gray numbers on the speedometer on non-AP cars is a huge mistake. They are not visible with sunglasses on. How was this missed? Seems like they didn't bother to test this on non-AP cars and just tested in in the lab. 2. I like being able to see...
  21. Shortmanz

    Flat towing the Model X (four wheels on the ground behind an RV)

    As long as the car is not energized, the AC-Induction motors will not be capable of generating back EMF and recharging the battery. That is the reason torque sleep works in the 'D' cars. They only act as generators when the car is on and the field windings are energized. You can always try...
  22. Shortmanz

    CPO verse private sale

    Per the CPO web page, "Every pre-owned Model S comes with a 4 year, 50,000 limited warranty." The one issue I don't know is whether or not a CPO is also eligible for the $4,000, 4 year extended warranty. I am almost 100% certain that if you were to buy one from a private seller that you can...
  23. Shortmanz

    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    I would have to say that I may not drive more aggressively, but I do accelerate more aggressively in my Tesla - but it's really hard not to. There is no loud engine to rev or transmission to shift. The car just makes a whooshing sound and then it's gone. I really love the acceleration of the...
  24. Shortmanz

    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    jpd - Thanks for posting the pictures. That chalk line looks like a horrible place to put a fence. Is is just me or does the line go between the supercharger pedestals and the sign posts? Even worse, it appears that the pad-locked door to the enclosed space won't be able to open without...
  25. Shortmanz

    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    Thanks - I do have an 85, but don't have a Chademo adapter (yet). Is there any problem going the other way (from Tucumcari to Shamrock)? I guess it mostly depends on the elevation change and if there is a head wind. With the fence line pic today, it looks like it may not bee too long before...
  26. Shortmanz

    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    Hey Chapo - how was the drive through the Salt River Canyon in your Model S? Were you able to use regen all the way down or did you need the brakes? I grew up near Show Low, and always loved driving through the canyon. I live in Dallas now, but am planning to drive out to Fountain Hills later...
  27. Shortmanz

    Out of State Sales Tax when Purchasing used Tesla

    I live in Texas and purchased my Model S from a Porsche dealer in Chicago, Ill. I had the car transported to Dallas where I paid the sales tax when I registered it. I did not pay any Illinois sales tax. Texas sales tax is 6.25% on vehicles. It was really hard to write a check for $5K just...
  28. Shortmanz

    Is the new software update of more significance than usual?

    Here's a pretty good article about the hackers vs Tesla: http://www.wired.com/2015/08/researchers-hacked-model-s-teslas-already/
  29. Shortmanz

    Tesla P85D does sub 9 minute BTG run at Nurburgring

    Thanks for posting! The car did a lot better than I would have expected. Tesla has made a lot of improvements from the initial P85's to the P85D. I think the main factors holding the car back now are the cooling system and the lack of a two-speed transmission. Roadster 2.0 Elon? Any idea...
  30. Shortmanz

    Cost of ownership spreadsheet -- need help to find

    Your G/F provided the perfect opportunity for you to get a Tesla! Congrats! - - - Updated - - - Ditto the thanks for the spreadsheet! We are seriously looking at replacing my wife's 2003 Honda Pilot with a new 2016 model, but the lure of a Model X is very strong with me. Not so much for...
  31. Shortmanz

    Cost of ownership spreadsheet -- need help to find

    I tried using this spreadsheet justify getting a Model S with my wife too. I armed myself with a lot of research, but never could quite justify it on economics alone. When I was finally ready to talk to my wife about it, the conversation lasted all of about 10 seconds and went something like...
  32. Shortmanz

    Help the wife and I decide between the 70D or the 85!

    There is always the new RWD 70... You could use the $5K savings to get a couple of more options.:biggrin:
  33. Shortmanz

    Supercharger - Sheridan, WY

    Hooray! I've been waiting for a path from Dallas to Montana for the last 9 months. Way to go Tesla!
  34. Shortmanz

    Top 5 reasons for buying a Model S

    I spent $50K more for my Tesla Model S that I have ever spent on a vehicle before. I seriously doubt that I would have bought my Model S if it did not meet my top 5 reasons. 1. It is fast and drives like no other car. 2. It is a beautiful looking car. 3. Free supercharger network and 85KW/hr...
  35. Shortmanz

    Is anyone interested in Tesla NOT because of any environmental reasons?

    Finally decided to buy my first American car. Driving the Dream!
  36. Shortmanz

    Used Tesla Model S

    You can also get a CPO car from Tesla with a 4 Yr, 50K warranty. You lose the tax credits, but can still come out ahead. Here is a site that tracks the CPO cars: http://logmysc.com/cpo-reports.php
  37. Shortmanz

    Ahhhh Please help with color option

    Sorry for such a late reply. I took these picture in the garage tonight. My wife suggested that I put something in the picture to use as a frame of reference, so I put a piece of white notebook paper and the new book about Elon. I apologize for the car's appearance - it has been raining here...
  38. Shortmanz

    Austin to Fredericksburg/Enchanted Rock One Day Trip

    Nice writeup. Thanks for posting it. I have been wanting to take a road trip to Enchanted Rock but have been worried about the lack of charging infrastructure for the return trip. I'm glad to hear that you made it okay and in spite of the heavy rain. We live just north of Dallas, but have...
  39. Shortmanz

    Ahhhh Please help with color option

    Sorry in advance for making your decision even harder... I have the older dark blue with gray interior and love it. I originally wanted blue with tan, but after seeing the blue/gray together, I feel that the gray really compliments the blue and gives the car a very sophisticated look. I get a...
  40. Shortmanz

    Model 3 dual motor AWD optional

    I think that Tesla will be struggling to hit the $35K price point just as they did trying to hit $60K with the short-lived Model S 40's. For this reason, I think that the base model 3 will be either front or rear wheel drive with AWD available as an option. There will also most likely be a...
  41. Shortmanz

    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    Nice set of options! I am a bit surprised by your choice of premium interior, but the interior lighting, power liftgate, and black alcantara all add to convenience and overall ambiance to the car. Be sure to post some pictures when you get it!
  42. Shortmanz

    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    Man, this is a tough one, but I voted for SAS. I have SAS and standard audio. I originally thought that the audio sounded pretty good, but after 6 months, I now wish that I had the premium audio, but not enough to spend the money on an after market solution (yet). The bass just isn't there...
  43. Shortmanz

    Must have accessories?

    1. USB flash drive for music. I got the Sandisk Cruzer (USB 3.0) from Amazon. It is very low profile and looks pretty good. I don't think the car supports USB 3.0, but it helps when copying files from your PC...
  44. Shortmanz

    Is the Premium Stereo upgrade worth it in a new p85D?

    I don't have the premium stereo upgrade and wish I did. While the sound quality is not bad, it is mediocre. I had to set the bass on the equalizer to 5 or 6 just to get things to sound right. Given the chance to do it again, I would get the premium system for better quality sound. Yes...
  45. Shortmanz

    Is the 85D worth the additional $10k over the 70D?

    As an 85 owner, I have to admit that the 70D looks like a compelling value, especially since the 240 mile range is pretty close to the 85D's 270 mile range. Another thing to consider is what happens if (when?) Tesla comes out with a ~100D, possibly in support of the Model X? It seems like it...
  46. Shortmanz

    Change of Policy on Tesla Ranger Service

    I agree with you that Tesla should honor the promises they made to you. Btw, Tesla has published the Model S service manuals. They are only available online and require a subscription to access. Link to the service manual subscription page: Welcome | Tesla Service Forum thread discussing...
  47. Shortmanz

    Why buy a new S when one can save 20-40K on used?

    I bought a used S85 with 8300 miles on it last August and saved about $20K in the process. This was a few months before AWD and autopilot were announced. My VIN is around 11xxx, so it didn't come with folding mirrors. While folding mirrors would be nice, my car fits fine through my standard...
  48. Shortmanz

    If you have grey leather how is it holding up?

    Mine is blue with grey leather. It has 12.5K and was built in the summer of 2013 and still looks brand new. Granted I am usually the only one in the car, but the drivers seat is holding up very well. I originally wanted tan, but am very happy with the Blue/Grey combination and would get it...