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  1. KJD

    Model Year 2024 Model Y

    Now that it's December, do we have any 2024 VIN's showing up ?
  2. KJD

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    I would not be so sure about that Mike. I have noticed that I can see some users activity and on other users this activity is not visible and I am NOT a moderator nor do I have any special privileges on this forum. Must be a user setting some where.
  3. KJD

    057 Technology

    More exact numbers can be found in Wikipedia. History of Tesla, Inc. - Wikipedia
  4. KJD

    500 mile range? LOL

    The same people that think they can get a dual motor version for only 49,900. That's a good one too. :) Design Your Cybertruck | Tesla There is a reason that the specs are no longer listed on the Tesla web site. Good thing some people saved them so that we can compare to actual numbers some...
  5. KJD

    Nephi, UT Tesla / UDOT / NEVI charger

    No one here knows for sure, but it will be interesting to watch. Some discussion in the other Nephi thread already. Supercharger - Nephi, UT - South Main Street
  6. KJD

    Utah Tesla Owners

    Yeah I try not to read the comments for that reason. 😢 The thing that I noticed was that south eastern Utah was going to get a couple of locations. Monticello and Bluff. My guess is that you would need a CCS adapter, but I have one for my car. It seems like it should make travel in that area...
  7. KJD

    Utah Tesla Owners

    In case you missed it the NEVI roll out of DC fast chargers is starting in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power, Maverik to operate 11 of first 15 state EV charging stations 'It's exciting': Utah set to double fast-charging EV sites by end of 2024
  8. KJD

    Supercharger - Nephi, UT - South Main Street

    It sounds like Nephi will be getting the magic dock treatment soon. Rocky Mountain Power, Maverik to operate 11 of first 15 state EV charging stations
  9. KJD

    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    While I do agree that everyone has said 2025 is the year for changing over to NACS, I just do NOT understand why it is going to take 2 years to change the charge port ? Sure they have to write some software to go along with it so that they can do billing, but so what. They have all done this...
  10. KJD

    Supercharger - Scipio, UT

    Drove around the lot here today and still did not see any sign of construction yet. Maybe when they finish Richfield, they will ge busy on this one.
  11. KJD

    Easiest way to find list of businesses at each charging location?

    Not sure what is the best source, but in the past I have just used Google maps and zoomed in on the area to see what is close by.
  12. KJD

    Supercharger - Richfield, UT - W 1250 S

    This is the south end of the stalls.
  13. KJD

    Supercharger - Richfield, UT - W 1250 S

    They are getting closer, but still have some work to do.
  14. KJD

    Supercharger - Columbia, SC - Forest Drive

    Do all V4 stations have magic dock or just some of them ?
  15. KJD

    MagicDock upgrade vs V4 dispensers

    Columbia SC looks to be a new V4 site. https://x.com/TeslaCharging/status/1722739283034066973?s=20
  16. KJD

    Supercharger - Richfield, UT - W 1250 S

    I should be going through there in the next few days. I will post some pictures when I do. My guess is that it should be pretty close to finished by now.
  17. KJD

    Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S

    Looks like Lucid is going the NACS route. https://x.com/TeslaCharging/status/1721654811962294371?s=20
  18. KJD

    Will Tesla Buildup Superchargers to Accommodate Anticipated Demand from Ford, GM, Rivian, and whoever else, Adopting NACS circa 2024/2025?

    You can now add Lucid to the list https://x.com/TeslaCharging/status/1721654811962294371?s=20
  19. KJD

    057 Technology

    What other conclusion could there be ? The place of business is empty and up for sale or lease. No one answers the phone or the emails or posts on TMC anymore. The LLC has been dissolved in North Carolina. Seems pretty obvious to me 057 technology is no more.
  20. KJD

    EVgo Announces Plans to Expand NACS Deployments

    Pre fab charge stations. Where have I heard that before ? 😉 EVgo’s Prefabricated Charging Infrastructure Deployment Model Expected to Cut Installation Timelines by 50% on Average | EVgo | Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations - EV Fast Chargers Seriously I hope they do really well with...
  21. KJD

    A few out in Quartzite AZ at the big SpC... PICS..

    Did anyone else notice how tight the charge cord is stretched due to the poor placement of the charge port ? How many charge stations will be damaged the first year of CT production due to drivers backing up into them ?
  22. KJD

    Ford Announcement appears to indicate Full access to Supercharger Network (including V2) as a part of an expanded NACS agreement

    While I share your skepticism over the V2 V3 restriction, there could be another explanation. It could be that Tesla just plans on building new V3 stations very close to the V2 stations that are heavily used. In Moab UT there is a new V3 station a couple of miles from the old V2 station. In...
  23. KJD

    Consequences for blocking EV chargers

  24. KJD

    Choosing between two options when paying for charging?

    Most non Tesla fast charge stations have a card reader. If you have a CCS adapter you could use one of these stations and scan the company card. Just beware they are not as reliable as they should be. Not sure about Connecticut, but out west the third party charge stations are mostly Charge...
  25. KJD

    Prediction, in Which Year Will New Electric Vehicle Sales Exceed 50% in the United States "Poll"

    Ford EV's biggest problem is that they have to compete against traditional Ford products. This statement is only half true. Look at the numbers the base F150 starts at 34,585. The 150 Lightning starts at 49,995, and that is one with range of only 240 miles. If you want one with 320 miles of...
  26. KJD

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    This thread one page back. See post 836
  27. KJD

    Tesla car design is on the wrong track?

    That Cybertruck is ugly as sin. When I saw that it also has a yoke and stalkless design well that was the end for me. I like driving Tesla vehicles, I really do. I have bought 4 of them over the years, two of them are in the garage right now and no gas guzzlers at this house. Also would...
  28. KJD

    Tesla car design is on the wrong track?

    I really hope that Fisker stays in business and produces the Alaska pickup. Looks the right size to me. Fisker Alaska | Advanced. Versatile. Powerful. This new Toyota concept truck also looks interesting. This Tiny Electric Toyota Truck Could Be the Maverick's Worst Nightmare
  29. KJD

    Tesla car design is on the wrong track?

    The yoke and stalkless design was and is a horrible design blunder. Have you noticed how sales numbers have gone down since they did this ? I have test driven the model S several times to see if I could just get used to it and the answer is hell no. Don't want any part of that mess.
  30. KJD

    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    According to plugshare it looks like two. Chargepoint Bluff | Bluff, UT | EV Station
  31. KJD

    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    Only 2 Major Automakers Haven’t Adopted Tesla’s EV Charging Standard
  32. KJD

    Supercharger - Sparks, NV

    Hopefully the rest of the stations will be online soon. Does the magic dock work for non Tesla EV's ? Does the card reader work or do you have to use the Tesla app ?
  33. KJD

    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    The list is getting pretty long now. Any thoughts on who will be first non Tesla auto with an NACS native port to be available for purchase ?
  34. KJD

    Supercharger - Richfield, UT - W 1250 S

    Stopped by Richfield today (10-17). Really looking forward to completion on this one.
  35. KJD


    Not sure if I want to buy one these just yet. However I will say that I like the fact that Lucid does have a real gear shift lever and a real turn signal lever. Bonus is 410 miles of range.
  36. KJD

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    This is post #2 of this thread. Just curious what "Early 2023" really means anyhow ????
  37. KJD

    Bingo Card for 23Q3 Conference Call

    1) Two weeks away 2) It will blow your mind
  38. KJD


    Would that be called the lesser of two evils ?
  39. KJD

    EPA is not good, we need a new standard.

    As others have stated the EPA numbers are not great, but still not as bad as WLTP that others use. I prefer a more consistent test like InsideEVs. What's The Real World Highway Range Of Today's Electric Cars? We Test To Find Out
  40. KJD

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Well done. Thank you for the links and the pictures.
  41. KJD

    Marine Shore Power Connector

    There is no need to convert the L5-30 to something else. Much better to just buy the adapter from EVSE that works directly and sets the amps correctly for you. L5-30 120V Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3 Gen 2
  42. KJD

    V4 location plans/cables on wrong side of V4 charger?

    A V4 installation under construction in Sparks NV according to a picture on Reddit.
  43. KJD

    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    Hyundai Motor to adopt Tesla EV-charging standard from 2024 in US
  44. KJD

    Stalk or no stalk argument settled

    In the past before the yoke stalkless design blunder, Tesla would have no problem clearing out ALL of the inventory on the lot at the end of each quarter. Now despite a recent 10,000 price cut the day right after quarter end and we still have a bunch of S and X still on the lot. The data is...
  45. KJD

    Stalk or no stalk argument settled

    It's really very simple to decide. Go down to the local Tesla store and test drive the stalkless model S and then go test drive the model Y with stalks. For me the old style stalks are a clear winner. I would really like to have a car with 400 miles of range like the model S has. I also think...
  46. KJD

    Supercharger - Richfield, UT - W 1250 S

    I did drive thru and see a fenced off area by the gas station but no Tesla crates anywhere at that time. It really could have been construction for anything so I did not take any pictures.
  47. KJD

    First Ever NACS Adapter

    Really looking forward to seeing who is going to be first OEM to market one of these adapters. My guess is that it will also take some software updates to make the billing work smoothly.
  48. KJD

    Supercharger - Scipio, UT

    I drove thru there last Friday (Sept 22) and did not see any sign of construction.