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  1. alstoralset


    Same terrible problems here with "deep wipe." I recently switched to Rainx winshield washer fluid, and have found that wiping is as bad (or worse), especially at night. But I no longer care that much, as the beading rain doesn't reduce visibility much.
  2. alstoralset

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    They did enable voice commands, but I find that voice commands in general work only about 70% of the time due to connection errors (though it's able to stream Spotify and update the map just fine when this happens). Also, the voice commands are counterintuitive: IIRC saying "wipers up"...
  3. alstoralset

    Delivered with a deep gouge in the falcon door

    I suspect that the best, and perhaps only, way to get Tesla to stop doing this is a very high rejection rate.
  4. alstoralset

    Just completed 10 day Road Trip with 2023 Model Y RWD - Mixed feelings

    Thanks for the very interesting review! The BMW sounds like a superior car in terms of fit and finish. I'm not very knowledgable about BMW EVs - do they offer something with pricing/range/power similar to the MY? I looked at the BMW website but I got a bit lost, due to my lack of...
  5. alstoralset

    FSD beta avoids roadkill

    FSD beta avoids running over its own kind. ;)
  6. alstoralset

    You baby your car and then 5 minutes with a valet....

    FWIW, my aging USB drive would sometimes fail to record. Replacing it solved the issue.
  7. alstoralset

    How many PCS have failed?

    To further burden this thread, I had the issue in 2022 with my late 2018 M3 AWD (one of the 3 banks failed). It was covered under warranty. I must admit being slightly impressed with the PCS's triple redundancy. ;)
  8. alstoralset

    Just got rear Ended

    OP, sorry to hear about this issue. A couple of observations: a) thanks for introducing me to the word "Hooptie." That is awesome! 😁 b) I recently had a similar rear-end experience. I went through my insurance company - it was super easy and they handled the subrogation. They had a...
  9. alstoralset

    Goodbye all; Good riddance Tesla

    As was mentioned earlier, early adopters like Barry led to Tesla's improbable success. Thank you! Of course, Tesla is hugely grateful, and continues to treat early adopters with the deep respect they deserve: a) Yellowing screen borders - Sometimes glue needs to be cured a few times before...
  10. alstoralset

    Phantom braking without self-driving features?

    I briefly enabled the FSD trial back in 2018, and became an ex-user after getting flipped off due to phantom braking. Best I can tell, there have been no significant improvements with TACC wrt PB over the last 5 years. It is absurd that the option to enable "dumb" cruise control is not...
  11. alstoralset

    Model Y - Fatality - NHTSA FARS Data Just Released for 2021

    That's an interesting database. I was curious about the circumstances of these accidents, in case I might learn something to avoid doing. Here's the list: 320285 - single vehicle, DUI, speeding, hit wall 40867 - single vehicle, DUI, speeding, drove into median 360468 - single vehicle...
  12. alstoralset

    Car died. BMS errors f123, w123, w073, w035, w142, w158

    This is a very interesting thread! I recall from our house flood that the crew ran dehumidifiers until the rooms reached a target humidity. What if, when you believe the pack to be dry, you temporarily seal the pack but place a humidity probe in there (safety first!) for some period of time...
  13. alstoralset

    Mercedes approved for ACTUAL self driving in the USA. And will accept responsibility.

    https://electrek.co/2023/01/26/mercedes-benz-drive-pilot-sae-level-3-autonomous-driving-certified-us/ https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/news/mercedes-benz-beats-elon-musk-29087778 It's limited to 40MPH (and initially to Nevada), but very interesting if it actually works. Pricing starts at $5300.
  14. alstoralset

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    The thread title "FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)" is a misnomer and I keep getting fooled by it. :rolleyes:
  15. alstoralset

    Windows opened themselves in rain storm - what to do?

    Oh, my. Sorry to hear about this, OP! Tesla would be at fault for rolling down the windows during the light show if the auto-wiper system detected rain, but since it doesn't detect rain, Tesla will claim they are not responsible. ;)
  16. alstoralset

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I don't understand this, maybe because I don't understand NN. How can there be a "bug" of that specificity in a CNN inference engine? Maybe he means a detection response bug in the planner?
  17. alstoralset

    "Text Wife" voice command not working

    "wife" is more portable. ;) I have an even worse problem. Since 'wife' didn't work, I changed her contact info to her name. But, there are two accepted spellings for it. TEXT uses the variant she uses, but CALL uses the other variant. So, I have to spell out her name to call her. Hmm...
  18. alstoralset

    Elon Musk

    I've updated my shrine. The Ayn Rand one was getting a little dated.
  19. alstoralset

    Elon & Twitter

    Long line today at the Twitter shredders.
  20. alstoralset

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    I own neither an X or a Y (M3) but a couple of years ago a Tesla mobile service technician was lamenting about how bad the X reliability was (in the context of saying how thrilled he was with M3 reliability). Breakdowns or extended service visits does not equal happy wife. But, maybe X...
  21. alstoralset

    California bans small gas engines including gas generators

    I've switched from "gas" to electric three times: * with model airplanes * with power tools (including chainsaws) * with cars I was at first skeptical about each of these transitions, but would never consider going back to gas with any of them. Now boats, please.
  22. alstoralset

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    This is a win-win. My car came with the mobile connector, increasing its resale value, and now I can get another one for $200 cheaper. ;)
  23. alstoralset

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    I suspect that these became unobtanium due to the chip shortage, and were hence removed. Same as the passenger seat lumbar support and the radar.
  24. alstoralset

    My first accident

    That's encouraging about the pants. The NHTSA guy here showed up in a wrestling singlet. ;)
  25. alstoralset

    My first accident

    I'm no expert, but I hear that those skilled in the art can locate people with an online presence in about 15 minutes. :) That said, you're probably right about the guy just seeing the car. Will be interesting to hear how it turns out - assuming diplomat33 decides it's our business ;)
  26. alstoralset

    My first accident

    Diplomat33, sorry to hear about your crash. I enjoy your posts and hope you will continue posting even if your car is out of commission for a while. Here are a couple of thoughts: Insurance: in my experience, it's common for insurance companies to send you a check for their (always absurdly...
  27. alstoralset

    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    No, I don't have any more details. Note that the breakdown I posted is visible by clicking on the manufacturer bar graph in the OP link.
  28. alstoralset

    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but the Model 3 does relatively well - on par with some of the cars of the top rated car manufacturers. The other models bring the score down dramatically.
  29. alstoralset

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    I've been wondering the same thing. With "traditional" product development, typically you iterate on releasing to an audience just large enough to uncover bugs, then fix those and and expand the audience as appropriate. But, NN training is (at least to me) a dark art, so who knows how much...
  30. alstoralset

    I messed up my new Tesla Model 3 LR !

    I did something similar to my pickup truck. Since it was an out of pocket repair, I had it bondo-ed and sprayed at MAACO. Very inexpensive, virtually unnoticeable, and it can easily be replaced with a new bumper later - after a few more dings, maybe, This feedback may (and probably...
  31. alstoralset

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    Who is John Galt?
  32. alstoralset

    New FSD Beta Button for 2021 Refreshed Plaid and Long Range

    Tesla realizes that only unsafe drivers would even consider using Autopilot? ;)
  33. alstoralset

    Replacement battery pac [replaced with remanufactured per warranty]

    I speculate that range calculations (based on historical BMS data) are handled by the main CPU. If the results of those calculations are not reset when the battery is replaced, it would explain why you are seeing similar range prediction with your old and "new" battery. If this is the case...
  34. alstoralset

    2021 MXP “Low Coolant- schedule service” safe to drive?

    Is there any blue (or other) liquid under the car?
  35. alstoralset

    A yoke or a joke?

    Good news. A more traditional wheel option is now available.
  36. alstoralset

    Can I lock my car without the screen or phone?

    Oddly, voice commands require the mobile data connection. I'm confident the data connection is lost during screen reboot, so it's unlikely voice commands will work in this scenario.
  37. alstoralset

    Lets get an official TMC Vote on the Horn Location Change

    I think left-handers may struggle the most with the change. The M3 has/had a defect that caused the left upper corner of the horn button to malfunction, but this design takes anti-left discrimination to a new level. ;)
  38. alstoralset

    Strange behavior with Voice Control

    I had that problem but then realized it was my wife talking to me.
  39. alstoralset

    Car Crash 6/10 [is this repairable?]

    Do we have information on how many are unable to come here to post that question? Hopefully the number is very small.
  40. alstoralset

    will yoke steering be non-linear?

    Yes, but steer-by-wire will only be available with radar equipped cars (while supplies last).
  41. alstoralset

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    There is this product: https://ingenext.ca/collections/bonus-module/products/bonus-module-tm3 My preference would be to dedicate the right scroll wheel to the wipers, as I rarely use speed control, but that wouldn't work for many. From the manual:
  42. alstoralset

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

  43. alstoralset

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Cool! Confirming this is the Ghost mod?
  44. alstoralset

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    It appears from the photos and descriptions that it is on top of the motor, on the right rear side.
  45. alstoralset

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Mine does appear to be an outlier. Haven't seen any others before 2019. There's slight hope that they just ran out of labels and grabbed a 990 one instead of a blank one, but that's pretty flimsy. It looks like at least some of the RDUs have another indication of the motor type. Will check...
  46. alstoralset

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Just a heads up that I have an early November 2018 AWD M3 with a 990 motor (or at least a 990 label). I'm in a dubiously exclusive club apparently. Looking to buy a better label.
  47. alstoralset

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    Based on that, driver/passenger demographics, and others' speculation, I'd think an Occam compatible sequence would be: 1) two guys go for a test drive. 2) driver (or collision avoidance?) swerves to avoid hitting a deer, presumably in the middle of the road. 3) battery damaged by tree impact...
  48. alstoralset

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    There are apparently deer in that area. I wonder if the driver swerved to miss one.