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  1. Kimmi

    FSD Subscription Timing

    Last time I tried auto steer on city streets it felt like Joe Cocker was driving the car!
  2. Kimmi

    Watt hours per mile to attain projected range

    Can someone with more knowledge than me tell what size battery my 2021 Model 3 has from these two photos and amount of degradation it has suffered? Three years old with 29,500 miles. The Monroney sticker showed 353 range, 134 MPGe and 25kW-hr per
  3. Kimmi

    Removing tiny spots from a pearl white M3

    👍 to the Clay Bar!
  4. Kimmi

    Vibration at high speeds, after removing foam

    Road Force balancing machine is what you need.
  5. Kimmi

    TACC Activation

    I don’t think you can without reverting to two down pulls.
  6. Kimmi

    What does the Wall Connector do exactly ?

    I know it senses temperature. My three year-old generation three just started charging it 32 A instead of 40 that it was set for. Per Tesla I pulled the wall face off or the and looked at the wiring. There was no burning. Everything was tight, so they just sent a new one under warranty. I had...
  7. Kimmi

    can I subscribe for a trip tomorrow?

    My $0.02? Be very careful when using the Beta FSD! Especially when the car is presented with the choice of a left turn lane, a right turn lane and a straightahead lane at the same time. I don’t know about others, but mine loses its mind in these situations.
  8. Kimmi

    2023 M3 Floor Mats: What to buy and when?

    Lloyds FTW. Shop around and you can find 30% off. https://www.lloydmatsstore.com/
  9. Kimmi

    Do people who develop AI / robots make more money?

    Where are you renting in California for $1200 a month? The middle of nowhere?
  10. Kimmi

    My first M3 review after 2 weeks of driving

    Enjoy your new car and don’t get lost in the weeds about mileage.
  11. Kimmi

    Why is the odometer hidden?

    Under Trips tick the check box to display total miles, current trip and since charge. All three will now be displayed in the flip cards.
  12. Kimmi

    EPA fuel efficiency rating

    My 2021 LR was rated for 353 miles and 254kWh/mile. I don’t know capacity when new, but with 30K miles Stats shows 74 as maximum battery capacity.
  13. Kimmi

    Is battery calibration pointless?!

    Three year old M3 LR with 29K miles. What was 353 new is 318. I can live with 10% loss in three years. Battery still shows 74kWh full capacity. Happy dance!
  14. Kimmi

    DIY Filter Replacement Tips

    I same stuff, different can.
  15. Kimmi

    True Forged 20" wheels?

    Titan 7?
  16. Kimmi

    Fsd subscription

    Rented FSD for a roadtrip a few months ago and was offered the Beta version, of course I accepted. I rented it again yesterday for another month . Where can I find the version? I am on 2023.32.6 firmware. Hopefully it behaves better than my previous experience with it!
  17. Kimmi

    Has Basic Autopilot improved (and phantom braking decreased) since radar was removed? (About to buy!)

    Lucky you, mine did it last night three times on the 210fwy. Car does not like passing trucks! 🥺
  18. Kimmi

    Are these three MXM4 tires the same (for Model 3 AWD)?

    2oz weight? Does not sound like a quality tire to me.
  19. Kimmi

    Lower control arm bolts backed out.

    It’s a 2018 so the quality control got it this far. I would ask if a wife or husband had recently taken out an insurance policy?
  20. Kimmi

    Erange EV Tires

    Big O tire stores carry them.
  21. Kimmi

    Sentry Mode is Useless...

    Always was, always will be!
  22. Kimmi

    thoughts on Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect for Model 3?

    A first hand review of the tires would also be helpful.
  23. Kimmi

    Premium Connectivity: is it that unstable? (California/Bay Area)

    3 1/2 year old M3 LR. It’s normal. 😢
  24. Kimmi

    Clips stuck behind dash vent

    Did you have it apart trying to fix a rattle?
  25. Kimmi

    Tesla App 4.25.0 - Wall Connector Support

    I’m on IOS and also see nothing? I found this, but I don’t have the original instructions with the code
  26. Kimmi

    Battery Degradation question

    Looks like the place to post this? Does using the battery check in Service Mode cause battery degradation? No problems, just asking. 2021, December 2020 build, LW AWD with 26K miles and lifetime kWh of 261. Stats reports Full Battery Capacity as 73kWh.
  27. Kimmi

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    Look for the music icon in the toolbar to the right of drivers temperature setting.
  28. Kimmi

    Refurbished battery

    I also live in SoCal and can tell you when it gets hot my model three range goes away very quickly!
  29. Kimmi

    Tesla Model 3 Battery Died!

    First world problem.
  30. Kimmi

    Rotating new tires, Tesla service

    I had the opposite. 12 voltbattery was replaced after 3 1/2 years with 25,000 miles on the car. Tech checked tread depth,tread was 5/32 on all four tires and he suggested replacing the tires?
  31. Kimmi

    Cleaner/protectant for 'vegan leather' steering wheel?

    I used to use Zaino on everything. Now I’m using 303 aerospace protectant.
  32. Kimmi

    Navigation voice with Hansshow audio upgrade muffled since 2023.26.7 upgrade

    I noticed a change since the last update. I do not use navigation often so it could just be me?
  33. Kimmi

    Imported 2023 Tesla Y from china ( region issues ) 😔

    I did not realize there was any such thing as a gray market car. Cameras yes, but cars?
  34. Kimmi

    Current M3 owner is looking for another Tesla

    I had a model S loaner when the windshield on my model three was being replaced. I did not like the model S it didn’t do anything for me. YMMV
  35. Kimmi

    Nema 14-50 or Nema 14-30 dryer outlet

    Tesla Wall Connector is well worth the convenience.
  36. Kimmi

    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    December 2020 build with 27k miles, got the low battery warning last night. Scheduled mobile service for tomorrow. Car was dead this morning. 🤬 towed to SC and being repaired as I type. Battery warning seems to be worthless. FWIW car updated last night.
  37. Kimmi

    Went to change the lights in the footwells and now they don't come on

    But, do they work? My understanding is there’s something special about the front footwell lights.
  38. Kimmi

    Lane Assist Only Works with Autopilot

    All lane departure does is jiggle the steering wheel.
  39. Kimmi

    In 2023, who's making the best all-weather, all-season tires for the Tesla Model 3?

    I am waiting for more info on the Pirelli Elect. Perelli has been making tires for Formula One cars the last few years. I assume they have learned a lot EV tire requirements.
  40. Kimmi

    Model 3 2023: Is the liner on the inner trunk well supposed to be very loose?

    Are there missing plastic pins like the front liner?
  41. Kimmi

    Model 3: is this noise normal for so long?

    Teslas are living things. They do very strange things on their own.