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  1. DCGOO

    2023 Model X Front Windshield Tint Installation Methods and Warranty Questions

    Personally, I skipped the windshield and just did the front sides. All the rear glass, including the tops, is already tinted. My shop can do the windshield with one piece. But it costs a thousand bucks, plus it is quite likely you will have to replace the windshield a few times in the life of...
  2. DCGOO

    Bluetooth Headphones + Rear Screen?

    I see what you did there... a Game Changer. Clever!
  3. DCGOO

    Model 3 and Model X insurance

    Progressive: 6 Mo premium for 2019 Model 3, $405. 2022 Model X $569. 70 yo, male, married. Claim free. No higher risk drivers in the house.
  4. DCGOO

    I like Nexen tires on my Model X

    That may be true. However if all the other adjustments are correct, it minimizes the negative effects of the fixed camber. I just replaced my original Contis with Hankook evo ion after 16,000 miles. I was surprised at how even the wear was on my rears. Especially since I always drive with...
  5. DCGOO

    Charging Connectivity

    Has the mobile connector ever worked for you? Did you confirm that the outlet actually has 240V on it?
  6. DCGOO

    I like Nexen tires on my Model X

    Your main mistake? "...on the factory alignment." There is no factory alignment. You have to get that done after you take delivery. The difference it made for me, was huge, albeit not a Plaid.
  7. DCGOO

    23 MXLR energy consumption

    It is because when plugging it in, the car charges to its programmed maximum SoC. It will not charge again until it drops around 5%. Usually a couple of days. It is perfectly normal. To improve the situation, you can set the car to charge based upon your projected Departure time. The car...
  8. DCGOO

    Should app say when raven cabin is preheated?

    I have no other suggestions. You do have to request a change remotely I believe. Example, cold car outside at. Log in and turn Climate on to heat things up. It should tell you when it reaches the desired temp. Does that function work? IOW there is not a thermometer problem. I would imagine...
  9. DCGOO

    Should app say when raven cabin is preheated?

    Turn notifications on for the Tesla app in your phone settings. It is phone optional feature. For an iPhone, go to Settings->Notifications->Tesla. "Allow Notifications" toggle at the top. I am sure Android has basically the same thing.
  10. DCGOO

    Pre-refresh 2021 Model X: Dashcam/Sentry USB solutions

    I used to use a 256GB Sandisk stick, that was very fast. Whatever you choose needs to have a USB3 interface and a fast disk. You do not need a lot of storage. I partitioned 16 GB for music, the rest went to sentry mode. It worked fine, and I never ran out of space, even recoding six video...
  11. DCGOO

    A few Model X Plaid issues that the service center can't take care of

    Easier fix might be to permanently mount the FasTrak to the windshield glass, above your head. My EZ-Pass and Kansas Turnpike sticker sit up there and are invisible from anywhere inside the car. I keep masks in the door pocket. Glove compartment is too far away for the driver to access anyway.
  12. DCGOO


    Not enough information to tell. I carry two different types. One is a 6 gauge RV extension cord. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Extension-PowerGrip-Convenient-Carrying/dp/B0024ECIP0?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1. The second is one of these, with no Neutral. Which makes it compatible with a 14-50 and a...
  13. DCGOO

    23 MXLR energy consumption

    It is really too early to tell. But the X consumes far more energy than the 3, and your numbers are not that far out of whack. If they continue to be high, you might want to consider getting a wheel alignment. Teslas are often not aligned, coming out of the factory. Remember, unless you are...
  14. DCGOO

    Charge efficiency, 20A vs 40A vs 48A?

    The answer is, it depends. How much time do you have to get to your desired state of charge? Frankly, 48 amps is so far below what the battery can actually handle, there is nothing to be gained by any value lower than the maximum possible. Remember, if the vehicle is doing anything else, that...
  15. DCGOO

    Loud hum with heat on full blast?

    I’d bet it is the heat pump running, it makes a kind of strange sound. Humming is not the word I would choose to describe it. To me, it sounds more like a small motor running, but it is not very loud IMO. It is easy to hear when approaching the vehicle.
  16. DCGOO

    Purchased Hankook EV tires for my 2022 LR

    With 16,000 miles on the car, I figured this was probably the last set of tires I would need. Why would I want to spend the next two years riding around on tires I was not particularly fond of.
  17. DCGOO

    Purchased Hankook EV tires for my 2022 LR

    I mainly wanted to reduce the noise, and hopefully improve the fuel efficiency a bit.
  18. DCGOO

    Car Alarm went off, stereo, blasted at full volume?

    You *could* just search for it in Apple Music or whatever music app you use in the car.
  19. DCGOO

    Purchased Hankook EV tires for my 2022 LR

    I purchased a set of Hankook ION EV tires for my 2022 X today from Discount Tires. They are slightly quieter than the OEM Continentals, by roughly 3 to 4 db measured, so not a lot, but noticeable. Mostly in the very low frequency range. The amount of low frequency rumble is definitely reduced...
  20. DCGOO

    Regeneration not fully restored after 45 (!!!) min drive.

    I m insinuating that study was prepared by an organization that promotes or sells DC fast charging systems. I'm not saying it is inaccurate, just that I would prefer to take advice from a manufacturer of EVs. That's all. Most Teslas use NMC batteries, a few (now) use LFP batteries. LFPs can...
  21. DCGOO

    Regeneration not fully restored after 45 (!!!) min drive.

    If you have free, then no, obviously. However, Supercharging is hard on the battery, and it discourages good charging habits, like slow charging overnight, every night, and you not being as inclined to preheat the vehicle on those cold winter mornings. Back when I had free supercharging, I...
  22. DCGOO

    Regeneration not fully restored after 45 (!!!) min drive.

    At 23% the battery is essentially dead. All non essential functions are stopped at 20%, to hopefully save the battery from irreparable damage. I would recommend you maintain it around 70% to 80%. Besides, charging at home should be much less expensive, even in NJ. 400-500 wh/mile would be...
  23. DCGOO

    Half shafts and wheel hubs replaced...now minor tire vibration. Alignment needed?

    I would caution you to only mention the symptoms, "it vibrates at speed" and let them figure it out. Do not attempt to troubleshoot for them, because even unconsciously, it might narrow their scope.
  24. DCGOO

    Half shafts and wheel hubs replaced...now minor tire vibration. Alignment needed?

    Properly set up, the X should be completely smooth. Changing out the half shafts requires an alignment (or at least set up on an alignment rack). Something else is off. I assume the same wheels/tires were used? Might be worth checking the wheel balance. In any event, something is not right...
  25. DCGOO

    Regeneration not fully restored after 45 (!!!) min drive.

    This appears to be pretty normal. At 37°F and only 14 miles driven, it can take a while for the battery temp to come up. To improve that, while the vehicle is still plugged in to shore power, turn on the climate about an hour before you want to leave. Charging also helps. Did you really have to...
  26. DCGOO

    Range of Model X Plaid refresh 2022+

    250 is actually very easy to obtain, even running 80 mph. If I drive 250 miles, I will have 15-20% remaining. Poor weather can reduce that some, but still 250 should not be a problem.
  27. DCGOO

    Model X 6 seater or......

    Actually, the five set version is less expensive, and [now] qualifies for the federal EV credit. There is a ton more storage in the rear of the five seat version. The area under the floor is fully accessible, great for those out-of-view high value treasures. There are only two of us in our...
  28. DCGOO

    Model X 6 seater or......

    That is correct. No radar on any currently shipping Tesla. There is some chatter about a new tech, high resolution radar, maybe coming someday. But right now, no radar.
  29. DCGOO

    Model X Road Trips

    It would help if you included the model year of your X, and whether the Supercharger was a V2 or V3 (150kW or 250kW). I've found that on a 700 mile trip to Kansas we take a few times a year, in my 2022 X, we can make it with three stops instead of four, reducing the total trip time by an hour...
  30. DCGOO

    Assistance requested identifying noise from axle

    If there was an engine running nearby, do you think you could hear it? IOW, would the noise be audible if the vehicle had an ICE?
  31. DCGOO

    Assistance requested identifying noise from axle

    I'll be honest, I could not hear anything in your videos that sounded remotely like your reported symptoms. Mostly wind noise in the first, the others nothing but normal Tesla Silence AFAICT.
  32. DCGOO

    How well does phone key work compared to the old key fob?

    ...and the answer to that is always YES
  33. DCGOO

    2019 X battery died and replaced. How to condition?

    If this was my car, I would force a complete cycle. Charge it to 100%, then drain it down to just a few %, say 5%. Then charge it up to the normal value you choose, say 75ish %. That will serve to calibrate the BMS. Remember though, it is much cooler now, than in June, so reduced range is...
  34. DCGOO

    Model X 6 seater or......

    Couple of other factors worth mentioning (for me anyway). If you are 6 feet tall, or more, the entry and exit from the X is a huge improvement over the S. That was the biggest complaint I had about the S, being a very short car. Even the Model 3 is easier to get in or out of. Rear seat access...
  35. DCGOO

    Stealth grey/cream combo?

    Only the Model S. The Model X has always been Black.
  36. DCGOO

    Yoke turn signal and high beams buttons no longer responsive

    If you opened a service ticket on your phone to have your turn signal fixed, the only option is for them to come and fix it. I have no idea how that could reflect a "decline in Tesla's culture." They either fixed it, or they didn't.
  37. DCGOO

    Charge to 100% - Do U Really Need To?

    1. Pick a number. Personally I charge to 75%. It hardly ever happens, but I want to be covered for those unscheduled longer-ish local trips. 2. Makes sense 3. Also makes sense 4. You will find your new Model X charges crazy fast, regardless of the SoC upon arrival. WRT 100% charge at home...
  38. DCGOO

    Bluetooth Headphones + Rear Screen?

    That is really sweet!... Do you know if it supports multiple Bluetooth devices connected?
  39. DCGOO

    Stolen Tesla X Plaid

    Yep, that is all that is required. The first card is blessed by the app on your phone, everything after that is based on the previously blessed card.
  40. DCGOO

    Stolen Tesla X Plaid

    It is because your phone app (the special card) is authenticated to Tesla. Once that is set up, and you are logged in. Any number of cards can be added. once a card is added, that can be used authenticate any fobs and other cards, you might have. When I took delivery, they only wanted to make...
  41. DCGOO

    2023 Model X work with CCS charging?

    Yes true. My 2022 has the feature, and with the adapter, I have used it a few times. Pretty rare though, to find one where there are no Superchargers nearby. Although many non-Tesla chargers are advertised to be 350 kW, that will only be achieved by vehicles running 800 volts. Tesla uses a...
  42. DCGOO

    Model S and X air suspension reliability

    I had a 2018, and now have a 2022. I ALWAYS drive in Low. My tires wore completely evenly. I know this is a common problem for some, but it is far from affecting everyone. I was able to get nearly 40,000 miles from my original Continentals. (I didn't quite make it to 40,000, because I broke...
  43. DCGOO

    Vibration on brand new Model X at about 38mph to 60mph

    I have no vibration at any speed on my 2022 refresh. Never have.
  44. DCGOO

    Trunk Lock Behavior Changed

    I have never had that happen, phone detection is very reliable. My X was delivered with fobs, but the only thing I use them for, is dropping the car at the car wash. Half the time, I forget to grab one on the way out the door. Then I have to dig out the card key from my wallet to give to the...
  45. DCGOO

    Cruise Control on new Teslas

    Press the button twice. It (double press) works with TACC engaged or not. The easiest way to disable autosteer while leaving TACC on, is to turn the yoke/wheel slightly.
  46. DCGOO

    Trunk Lock Behavior Changed

    It would less expensive if you become convinced to change the lock behavior in settings.
  47. DCGOO

    22" Rims and Pirreli Scorpion Zero AS Sell or just Keep

    My car came with 20 inch wheels. The 22 inch wheel set was free, as part of a referral promotion at the time. I tried them, but did not like them. Took them off and sold them.
  48. DCGOO

    22" Rims and Pirreli Scorpion Zero AS Sell or just Keep

    Asked and answered. Just include your location so the buyer knows precisely where you are. I sold a set with around 6,000 miles on them for $2,500. Buyer drove 120 miles, one way and paid me in cash (which was a pain, cash is very inconvenient). There is virtually no value keeping extra...
  49. DCGOO

    22" Rims and Pirreli Scorpion Zero AS Sell or just Keep

    Yes there is a market for 22 inch wheels. Don't post them here, instead go to the marketplace section of this board and list them there. Be sure to advise where they are located. Most tire sets are local pickup only.