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  1. Jim R

    Site to give feedback to Tesla?

    Those pry devices are too thick and too many of them. Use a small screwdriver like this one. It fits in the crevice and has room to pry. Works well.
  2. Jim R

    Site to give feedback to Tesla?

  3. Jim R

    I've been wondering what it looks like to drivers behind me...

    Thanks. There's a ton of voice commands. Google for them and you get lots of them that use entire paragraphs to describe each. A wall of text! I like the list I found in this link: List of Tesla voice commands available after 2019.40.50 software update
  4. Jim R

    I've been wondering what it looks like to drivers behind me...

    There's no need to look at the screen to adjust temperature. Voice command: "Set temperature 23" will do it. (I use celsius degrees)
  5. Jim R

    Will the Model Y Fit in my slightly uneven garage door

    How about measuring the opening? Measure from the part of the left side that sticks out the most to the part on the right side that sticks out the most. Pretty basic thing to do. Your other question about 240V is simple too. A picture or two will reveal. Picture of the panel and a picture...
  6. Jim R

    Setting up Model Y home charger

    Electrician questions. Don't get your answers here. No way to know who knows and who is misinformed. Besides, you're going to need an electrician so ask him almost all the questions. He may not know things like 60 Amps is highest you can go or that 80% of that is max, but he knows...
  7. Jim R

    Touch up paint

    I looked up Dr. Colorchip. Shipping (to Nova Scotia, Canada) was about $35. Makes no sense. I passed on that.
  8. Jim R

    Cross Country Road Trip...Must needed items to bring?

    I would not carry a CCS adaptor. Plenty of SC's along the way. I'm not in favour of the tire stuff either - takes up room and tire failure is rare. I like your battery bank plan. I take some cloths and a spray bottle of water and soap to clean the bugs off my white car's front. I haven't...
  9. Jim R

    Retrofitting parking sensors for a new Model Y

    I'm curious what you drive now and the ability of the parking sensors on that car.
  10. Jim R

    Thinking of a Model Y after 5 years with Model 3

    Compare range of 3 vs Y using EPA figures, rather than what people say. I don't think they are "vastly" different.
  11. Jim R

    Roof rack bike mount

    Should be better out of the wind. Two ebikes shown.
  12. Jim R

    First Road Trip In 2023 Tesla Model Y

    I agree with most of the above comments, but really some are not needed, IMO. My trip - Nova Scotia - Ottawa - Orlando and back was about 7000kms. Preplanning was zero. Got in the car and after a few minutes gave a voice command: "Take me to _____". It was that simple. Sometimes we changed...
  13. Jim R

    A Thread for New 2023 Model Y/3 Owners AND First Time EV Owners!

    This part of Tesla Motors Club is designated for Model Y discussions. Does it make any sense at all to have a thread for MY/M3/New EV owners within it?
  14. Jim R

    2000km in a Model Y up to the mountains - NL to Swiss

    A wonderful story and pictures are beautiful. The ONE thing I think people should understand is that NO planning is required for these trips. Yes, we all consider where we are going to stop overnight and many will plan where to stop for charging. But you don't need to plan your charging...
  15. Jim R

    Homelink Not Available for 2023 Model Y?

    I live two hours from nearest service. I ordered the opener with my Tesla app and a Tesla rep installed it - while parked in my garage.
  16. Jim R

    ABRP help (or ABRP is so frustrating)

    Very unhappy with user interface and lack of available instructions. Your shouldn't need 4 or 5 tries to change your starting charge level, for example. Also downright WRONG info. Examples: 1 Routed me to a ferry that didn't exist. 2. on a route from point A to B to C to D, It routed me A to...
  17. Jim R

    Got any road trip advice?

  18. Jim R

    Got any road trip advice?

    Just took a trip from Ottawa Ontario, Canada, to Orlando Florida. Trip planning? None. Got in the car, pressed the right hand scroll wheel and said "take me to (resort name). Passed by 2 or 3 Superchargers for every one I used. Car even changed charging locations a few times on its own...
  19. Jim R

    Camping mattress to sleep in Model Y?

    If room is an issue, choose inflatable mattresses. I use 2 singles left over from camping days, but there are several on the market that are sized to fit the 3 and Y, some even with pillows.
  20. Jim R

    New Model Y vs Model 3

    The reason Model Y is (or is about to be) the most popular car in the world must be related to the extra room and still holding the economy just a bit more than the smaller Model 3. You want more room? Model Y.
  21. Jim R

    Anyone have a 6MT car in addition to their Y?

    Wish I knew what a 6MT car was. Why so many made-up acronyms?
  22. Jim R

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (I'd choose the Y). What's inside makes a world of difference. I'd choose the company with 15 years of experience.
  23. Jim R

    Battery dent tolerance?

    Send them your pictures. They'll say one of two things - It fine, or bring it in.
  24. Jim R

    Circuit Breaker trips while charging my Model Y

    Quite a comprehensive answer from canoe! Good thorough advice. One thing that stood out for me in skool's post: "...reduce the amps to 48 or 46..." There is no way the amps should be more than 48. (60 Amp circuit and breaker. Tesla Wall charger will use 80% which equals 48 Amps.) How many...
  25. Jim R

    How do I get charging location to work properly in the app?

    You didn't charge at a SC and you didn't charge at home. So by default you charged at "other". It doesn't matter if it's at work or at a hotel or shopping center, they still total it as "other".
  26. Jim R

    Discussion: Experiences Renting a Tesla Model 3 / Y from various companies

    I've booked a Model 3 rental starting in Frankfurt, Germany with a company called UFODrive. You don't see an agent at the start or end of your rental. Charging is included. You find the car with their app (not the Tesla app). Your phone is your key. They have rental locations in Germany (3)...
  27. Jim R

    Need help on a question on fitting 2 bikes in the Model Y

    Weigh your ebikes AFTER you remove the batteries. You may be within limits then. Seems to be a lot of people don't understand the limits like you do.
  28. Jim R

    Tow hitch, does it affect acceleration or range?

    A small flat tipped screwdriver is ideal. Mine is about 4 inches long, fits in a shirt pocket (describing size, not where I store it.) It stays in my center console.
  29. Jim R

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Is there a way to display these so the title can be read easily? When I click to see the title, it downloads the whole thing. I just want to browse the titles to see if anything applies to me.
  30. Jim R

    Strange email from Tesla

    Amir took your car home for a day, but don't worry he can't do that again. :)
  31. Jim R

    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    I'd like a quick way to engage the front camera when parking. Proximity sensors are still good (on my car at least) but sometimes you want to see up front, such as when a low object might be there.
  32. Jim R

    Teslas - Family /w Teenagers

    Yes I would and did. E class Mercedes at the time and the other car a huge Toyota SUV. Responsible and careful drivers all times and he had no issues. YMMV (guess it did!)
  33. Jim R

    Strange home charging situation

    Good advice from ATPMSD above. I think you could skip step 3, as long as the charge level shown on your car's screen is higher than the present charge, it should start charging.
  34. Jim R

    Homelink for model Y no icon

    The icon may only be visible when you are within range of your garage.
  35. Jim R

    Parking in my garage

    I'm enjoying my 2021 MY that still tells me how far I am from objects in front when I park (in my garage or elsewhere). It reacts to changes, like when someone puts an object at the front of the garage. The tennis ball and parking mats won't do that. I predict that software advances in the...
  36. Jim R

    I need some help deciding on what to do in this situation

    The title of your post should say SOMETHING about the issue.
  37. Jim R

    Steering wheel heater

    I'm on 36.6. Steering wheel heat turned on via my iPhone app.
  38. Jim R

    2022 MYP won’t shift into Drive

    I thought the dual motor version was designed to allow one motor to continue to power the car when the other one failed.
  39. Jim R

    Cabin Climate control system requires service

    They always fail "mid flight". Rarely fail when not in use. :)
  40. Jim R

    Any good place in Ottawa to get Winter tires set for Model Y?

    I used PMC tire last fall. Good selection of tire brands and sizes. Good selection of rims. They also sold me Tesla tire pressure sensors and mounted and balanced the tires. They will ship to your home or to your tire shop for mounting. Recommended. They are in Quebec, so shipping should be...
  41. Jim R

    Nema 14-30 to 14-50 adapter

    Plugging and unplugging your dryer and your car cable will get old after a time. Consider the convenience of a Tesla Wall charger. It can be hooked up to a 60 Amp breaker switch and provide 47 or 48 Amps at 240V. The convenience of this setup is a very good thing. Yes, it costs about $700...
  42. Jim R

    Anyone Using Thule EasyFold XT 2 Bike Carrier?

    I'm liking mine.
  43. Jim R

    How to quickly defrost windshield while driving?

    One button solution: Press right hand steering wheel button and say: "Defrost front window." Later, say "Set climate to automatic". This solution lets you defrost without taking your eyes off the road.
  44. Jim R

    Enlightening review

    This is not an "Enlightening Review". Some reviews are credible and others are to be avoided. I put this one in the "Don't Bother" category. Someone who says "Only Tesla can fix the tire" and "This car is too fast" isn't someone I'd look to for enlightenment.
  45. Jim R

    Cool MagSafe iPhone Holder (Behind Steering Wheel)

    Great. You could look at the phone when you should be looking at the road and ....
  46. Jim R

    No camping in your car.

    Maybe risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is a factor in the no camping in car rules.
  47. Jim R

    Add Lights to Bike Rack?

    Good suggestion. I've bought the THULE EASYFOLD XT. It has a 45 lb weight. Removing batteries gives me about 6 or 7 pounds advantage.
  48. Jim R

    Add Lights to Bike Rack?

    So using a bike rack, the proximity sensors alert. I understand I can select trailer mode but it doesn't work without a trailer plugged in. Is that correct? If so, I was thinking of installing a trailer light kit on the bike rack and plug that in for use with trailer mode. That would silence...
  49. Jim R

    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Glovebox is best opened with a voice command.