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  1. rhaekar

    HomeLink Auto Close?

    I use it everyday. It opens when I come home and closes when I leave the house. Are you trying to get it to close when you come home and park?
  2. rhaekar

    Stereo won't turn off

    It's happened to me a couple of times, I just have to open and close the driver's door again and it shuts off.
  3. rhaekar

    TAPTES terrible experience [order from july still not delivered]

    That's strange, I've always had great experiences with them. I bought my wireless charger and spoiler from them. They were very responsive and had really fast shipping. Wonder what went wrong.
  4. rhaekar

    11kW charging?

    There's not many wall connectors that will give you that much current since most other EV's don't support it. There's Wall Watts and ClipperCreek ones but they're expensive. It's cheaper to just keep your existing one for the J1772 connector and add a Tesla HPWC.
  5. rhaekar

    Tesla Loaner Tires are AWESOME

    Seriously complaining about getting a free loaner wheel and tire? SMH.
  6. rhaekar

    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    How do you not have $7500 in tax liability, are you a business owner? I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to all be claimed in one tax year, you can use the remaining for the next year.
  7. rhaekar

    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    Is the wait really that long still? I had no idea.
  8. rhaekar

    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    $40k doesn't seem too bad. I paid $55k with EAP, got 10k back. I've driven it for almost 2 years.
  9. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    The advanced button trick only worked on that one update. I dont have early access and just got 40.50.
  10. rhaekar

    Tesla as only vehicle

    ??? A model 3 dual motor is $49k and a Y dual motor is $52k.
  11. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.3 and .4 [nothing new in release notes In comparison to prior version]

    Never had to before but I will try and report back.
  12. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.3 and .4 [nothing new in release notes In comparison to prior version]

    .4 broke my front left usb port. One of the other updates did something similar but a reset fixed it. I've tried both soft and hard resets and it still doesn't work. Hopefully 40.x fixes it.
  13. rhaekar

    Owning Model 3 with 2 kids?

    No problem at all. I can fit it in either way but I usually just collapse it and put it in with the front wheel facing inward. Makes it easier to get in and out.
  14. rhaekar

    Any Taco to Cyber Converts?

    I had no idea the Tacoma only had a 5' bed when you get the 4 door version.
  15. rhaekar

    Chances of a 5-seat option?

    Chances are very low. It's far easier and cheaper to crank out similar cars/trucks w/o differences. Maybe in the refresh a couple years after it's release they would be an option.
  16. rhaekar

    Thank you Tesla for free [insert]

    My cousin's SR+ has free EAP/FSD. I think it's been almost a year and they still haven't removed it.
  17. rhaekar

    Anyone else going to trade their Model 3 for Cybertruck?

    Nah, I'll trade it in for a plaid P3D.
  18. rhaekar

    Road Rage

    "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
  19. rhaekar

    Buying new car outside California/ Tax questions

    You shouldn't be paying sales tax in the state that the car comes from but you'll pay the sales tax when it's registered in California. Maybe some states have crazy laws that they'll charge you tax regardless of where you are registering it but for California, any car registered with under 7500...
  20. rhaekar

    Is there anything on the Mach-E that you liked BETTER than your Tesla?

    Even with the full fed rebate, the GT isn't much cheaper than a PYD and it's slower. The Performance Pack on the GT might even make it more expensive.
  21. rhaekar

    Tap Advanced 5 times to force car to check for latest software update [Update: debunked, not true]

    Haha same here. I was thinking, man they got everyone in on this then I tried it and it worked.
  22. rhaekar

    Road Rage

    Some people are just crazy when they get behind the wheel. To be fair you had time to merge in early but you waited too long and stopped the flow of the HOV lane to merged back in really late. Still doesn't justify his actions.
  23. rhaekar

    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    Secret HUD. Just to stick it to all those damn early adopters! Honestly though, you can get different wheels on the performance model. There's no confirmation when / if the 3's have gotten the new sound insulation yet.
  24. rhaekar

    Auto Pilot Is Dangerous

    I feel like people are jumping on this guy's back before even watching the videos. If my AP did this I honestly would never use it.
  25. rhaekar

    Auto Pilot Is Dangerous

    This is very strange. I was expecting to see in the video that the cameras weren't properly recognizing the lanes and it was ping ponging you around but it clearly sees the lane markings and still drifts off. I've never seen AP act like this before, something is definitely off.
  26. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    Yes, I just use a 128 gb flash drive.
  27. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    I haven't had the long black screen for a while now, many patches ago it was pretty much resolved. The longest I ever have to wait is like 2 seconds but it's usually instant now. I heard before if you periodically do a soft reset it helps, like maybe once a week.
  28. rhaekar

    Model 3 SR+ charging speed increased to 170kw

    I want to see the charge graphs on it, I wonder how long it can maintain the 170 kW. The LR's don't maintain the 250 kW rate for very long.
  29. rhaekar

    Console protector - clear

    You monster!
  30. rhaekar

    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    0. Usually when I'm out I have my son with me and I don't want to summon the car and have it in the way while I put him in his car seat. I mainly use it at work when we are moving our cars to and from the charging spots we share.
  31. rhaekar

    EAP on window sticker but I didn’t pay for it, it worked initially and then didn’t

    This has to be a joke. The entitlement and the stupidity of it all. What kind of person almost crashes because autopilot didn't activate? It makes a distinctive sound and the UI is obvious it's activated.
  32. rhaekar

    Best AMP for Wall Connector?

    If the cost isn't much more for the thicker wiring, I'd just go 80A now for future expansion. If you get a second Tesla you could daisy chain a second HPWC so they share the load.
  33. rhaekar

    Auto High Beam Turning Off?

    Make sure your profile is set to your actual profile and not Easy Entry when you change the setting to auto. I had an issue when I kept trying to turn off the horn on auto-lock and the setting wouldn't stay.
  34. rhaekar

    Would you pay just to get automatic lane changing?

    Yes, or FSD. The free version of vanilla AP only does auto-steer and TACC. I doubt they will ever split up the package. Soon it'll start looking like traditional manufacturers with 100 options.
  35. rhaekar

    Real degradation and how do you know by percentage display?

    I can't imagine there is unless you charged to 100% and drove the entire way down to 0% and saw the kWh used. Even then you wouldn't have a baseline. With the way the BMS works, it's all just an estimated calculation.
  36. rhaekar

    I raced a new Acura NSX with my Model 3

    Nice. No time slips?
  37. rhaekar

    Lane Departure Avoidance vs. Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance?

    You were correct. Elda only activates if you depart your lane and will hit something. Ela will activate if you're going 39+, I think, and depart your lane.
  38. rhaekar

    Lane Departure Avoidance vs. Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance?

    I can't believe we're having an argument whether you need to use your damn turn signals or not.
  39. rhaekar

    Best Adhesive for Model 3 spoiler?

    I have a taptes spoiler and it came with 3m double sided. That sucker is on solid, hasn't come off at all.
  40. rhaekar

    Sentry mode active with no usb?

    I never get app alerts for sentry mode, do you have to set something specific? I have car alarm enabled on my app.
  41. rhaekar

    Best Course of Action for Denied Warranty Claim

    I had what looked like a curved streak in my windshield. You could only see it in the sunlight but it was definitely noticeable. I reported it within the first week and they replaced my windshield. I would keep pushing because your issue isn't the first time this has happened.
  42. rhaekar

    Mrs caused paint damage to rear bumper

    Damn that sucks. First you gotta pay to repaint that bumper and then the divorce lawyers too.
  43. rhaekar

    Model 3 light show

    Wow, that's really impressive. No idea how he did all that.
  44. rhaekar

    Parking in EV Charging stalls and not charging?

    Some people are just entitled, doesn't matter what they drive. As long as there are no consequences, it's not going to stop.
  45. rhaekar

    Where can I purchase Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure Sensors

    I bought mine on amazon for ~$110 and had somejoe program them for me. For Sale: Programming Service for Autel TPMS Sensors - $25
  46. rhaekar

    So what's the latest best practice to avoid AC smell happening in new car?

    That totally makes sense. I've done some home remodeling myself and when doing construction, anywhere hot air meets cold surfaces it creates condensation on the cold surface so that's when you need to introduce a vapor barrier to prevent mold growth.
  47. rhaekar

    So what's the latest best practice to avoid AC smell happening in new car?

    I never quite understood why this would work. If you're pulling in fresh air, that outside air is usually more humid than the recirculated air.
  48. rhaekar

    So what's the latest best practice to avoid AC smell happening in new car?

    Turn of AC for cabin overheat protection. If using your AC, especially if it's humid, when you're almost at your destination turn off the AC and re-circulation and let the filters and evap dry out.
  49. rhaekar

    Did you have to convince your significant other?

    Unless you have 3 kids, the 3 is a great car for young kids. I have a 2 y/o and being able to pre-cool the car is amazing. We've taken it on several road trips, camping from San Diego to Zion. I have no issues with his car seat but a rear facing one does eat up a lot of the front passengers...
  50. rhaekar

    error message "Lane departure assistance limited"

    Same here. After the alert went away, I tested it and the lane departure assistance was working again.