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  1. BluestarE3

    Auto Dimming Mirrors.... Kinda Dark

    I'm currently on 2021.32.21, but IIRC, it *may* have been introduced on an earlier update. The option is accessed on the Mirrors setting.
  2. BluestarE3

    Auto Dimming Mirrors.... Kinda Dark

    This probably has been mentioned already elsewhere, but just to follow-up in this thread, Tesla has finally provided an option to disable auto-dim mirrors. It was introduced a couple of software updates back. I can finally see objects and landscape in the side view mirrors at night rather than...
  3. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    Yep. Just like there were a lot of "smart" people who continued to believe and invest in a medical equipment startup (whose founder and CEO is on trial currently in San Jose) even though there were warning signs about the viability of the underlying technology, let alone the company's ability to...
  4. BluestarE3

    Elon Musk

    Elon on the PBS series "In Their Own Words" tonight: https://www.pbs.org/video/episode-5-preview-elon-musk-8vvora/
  5. BluestarE3

    Auto Dimming Mirrors.... Kinda Dark

    Heck, I'd be happy with just auto/on/off settings as with the other controls, such as the high beams and wipers.
  6. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    GM says they have "Over 50 years experience in fuel cell technology", but they have yet to introduce a mass production vehicle that employs this technology. Somehow, Nikola was going to come to market with game-changing fuel cell tech in 1/10 that time. Anyway, Nikola and Hydrotec deserve each...
  7. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    According to this NY Times article, that's exactly what GM is demanding:
  8. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    For GM, it's a face-saving move. If they had gone through with the original deal or if they had simply canceled the whole thing, it would have been embarrassing to GM for not properly vetting the company in the first place. This way, they can say that yeah, they're interested in doing business...
  9. BluestarE3

    Wish I had dual visors

    My early 1990s Ford Taurus station wagon had this. Very useful feature. Have not seen it in any other car I've been in.
  10. BluestarE3

    Have your Tesla Short Short's Arrived ?

    Due to the stock split, you will be receiving 5 thongs for each pair of short-shorts you had ordered.
  11. BluestarE3

    Auto dimming mirrors

    They dim sometime around sunset, regardless of the actual amount of light hitting the mirrors. At least that's how the original ones work. Don't know about the recently reintroduced ones.
  12. BluestarE3

    Auto dimming mirrors

    It wouldn't be so bad if the mirrors actually responded to ambient lighting conditions (e.g., bright headlights shining into mirrors). Instead, it seems to dim based on the time of day. I don't want/need them to be dimmed just because it's night time -- even when there are no other cars...
  13. BluestarE3

    Website Down?

    Works fine for me.
  14. BluestarE3

    Headrest material breakdown

    What hair products, if any, do you use?
  15. BluestarE3

    PG&E PSPS this weekend (2020-09-26)

    Hmm... I just checked the PG&E PSPS map and it doesn't show any current or planned outages for Marin or other nearby counties. PGE Emergency Site - Outage Map
  16. BluestarE3

    Cabin camera and mic; Elon!

    That will be called the "You Sly Dog Mode" when the interior camera is enabled. ;)
  17. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    Not unlike what this earlier "Tesla-killer" company did in North Las Vegas a few years back: Faraday Future Has Spent $160 Million Moving Dirt Around And Not Much Else Interestingly, FF is still around, so the earlier comments here about Nikola perhaps going into a zombie state, but not...
  18. BluestarE3

    All discussion of Nikola Motors

    And let's not forget Crazy Eddie and his empty boxes of inventory... The auditors verified the contents of the boxes stacked in the front row(s), but wrongly assumed the boxes behind them likewise had equipment in them. :)
  19. BluestarE3

    Car Cover for Y

    I had a custom-fit heavy-duty cover for my previous car (don't remember the brand) that I used while parked at work so the car wouldn't be an oven at the end of the day. While it did the job intended, it was a PITA putting it on and taking it off. It was so bulky that, unless I spent the time...
  20. BluestarE3

    SpaceX in the comics

    From "Bliss", 2020-07-01: Bliss by Harry Bliss for July 01, 2020 | GoComics.com
  21. BluestarE3

    How do you open glove box after an accident?

    And now it's back... except that when you say "open butthole", it now opens the charge port instead of the glovebox. I think this current implementation is much more apt. :)
  22. BluestarE3

    How do you open glove box after an accident?

    And, just like that, it's gone! Just updated to 2020.12.11.1 and this undocumented command no longer works. Guess I'll have to settle for the more pedestrian "open glovebox" command instead. That's too bad since it went so well with fart mode for a more complete scatological experience. :p
  23. BluestarE3

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Jonathan, the contractor, needs to get the Cybertruck when it becomes available. In addition to providing utility for his line of work, this will further differentiate him from his white collar twin. :)
  24. BluestarE3

    $860 worth of "rodent damage" to my S's wiring.

    Hmm... I thought that would be covered under your Comprehensive. My friend's damage was covered, but don't know which insurance company she used. Maybe talk to your agent instead of relying on the chat person? Yeah, go ahead with your claim.
  25. BluestarE3

    $860 worth of "rodent damage" to my S's wiring.

    I don't know if the insulation on my coaxial cable was soy-based or not (it's pretty old, so I think not), but rodents chewed through that along with the braided shielding and foil shielding all the way down to the bare copper wire. I was surprised they went through the two layers of...
  26. BluestarE3

    $860 worth of "rodent damage" to my S's wiring.

    A rat can squeeze through an opening 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter; for a mouse, it's .25 inch (.635 cm). Trying to physically block them from getting into the innards your car can be a challenge.
  27. BluestarE3

    $860 worth of "rodent damage" to my S's wiring.

    It was covered by your insurance, right? A friend of ours had extensive rodent damage to her Prius and the cost of repairs was in the thousands. Last year, my cable TV signal started to get spotty, so I went out to the garage to tighten the connections and discovered that rodents had chewed...
  28. BluestarE3

    Is it me, or is the Model Y really ugly?

    I think the view from this angle is adorable in a New Beetle kind of way. I like the Model 3 better (less bulbous), but given the Y's additional utility, it's an appealing overall design.
  29. BluestarE3

    Caught doing 110 mph OVER the speed limit!

    "But, officer, I was just trying to keep the COVID-19 virus from sticking to my car!"
  30. BluestarE3

    My Model Y has a pedestrian speaker installed

    Open a window and drive slowly (under 18 mph) on a smooth, quiet road and listen?
  31. BluestarE3

    So how does one go about getting this trim piece?

    That's probably right. I have a cover on both sides, but that thing doesn't seem very secure. It rattles to the touch, especially on the driver's side of my car. I wonder if this is a contributing factor to some of the complaints of noise coming from the A-pillar area?
  32. BluestarE3

    Front license plate holder.

    I guess you'd have to be pretty much committed to your current license plate and not switch to a different style or to/from a personalized one?
  33. BluestarE3

    My Model Y has a pedestrian speaker installed

    Hmm, interesting. Maybe Tesla is using the 50% "loophole" for the Model Y? The regulation required 50% of new EVs/hybrids to have the noisemaker by Sept. 2019 and 100% by Sept. 2020. When Tesla implemented this on all Model 3s starting last year, I thought they didn't want to bother playing...
  34. BluestarE3

    My Model Y has a pedestrian speaker installed

    Being a newly introduced model, I'd think all Model Ys would have this already, no?
  35. BluestarE3

    USB flash drives no longer recognized

    The failures aren't always due to the device hardware itself, so I don't think there's any such thing as the perfect USB storage device for the car. Incorrect device formatting and/or bugs in the car's software have a lot to do with these issues. That explains why brand XYZ recommended by one...
  36. BluestarE3

    USB Music Interuptus

    I had a similar problem when I first got my car over a year ago. Every fifth song or so would stutter for a few seconds. I tried several different USB "thumb" drives, putting music on a separate drive (vs. just separate partitions) from TeslaCam and formatting the drive as ext4 instead of...
  37. BluestarE3

    How do you open glove box after an accident?

    There isn't such an option in the Tesla mobile app. Maybe in one of the third-party apps?
  38. BluestarE3

    What did Tesla expect when they built a factory in China

    Tesla may have to re-evaluate doing business in Foster City, California as well: :rolleyes: Tesla wins monetary settlement in lawsuit over self-driving car startup Zoox stealing secrets - Electrek
  39. BluestarE3

    How do you open glove box after an accident?

    Holy sh*t, I just tried it and it works! :p
  40. BluestarE3

    Date Mode

    The OTA update itself is easy; the design, coding and testing of the feature will take some work.
  41. BluestarE3

    Tesla changed the SR+ door plate soft material to hard plastic recently?

    Which model is yours? I also have a Nov. 2018, but it's an MR with "premium" interior and it's soft-ish to the touch.
  42. BluestarE3

    Two different usb drives not recognized..

    And ext4 no longer works for TeslaCam as of 2020.12.5. Still works for music though. Hopefully, they'll restore ext4 in a future update.
  43. BluestarE3

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    Yes, that's the same approach (or limitation?) taken by Tesla's on-board dashcam viewer. Probably because there would be too many extraneous recordings to have to wade through if they were included.
  44. BluestarE3

    Tesla changed the SR+ door plate soft material to hard plastic recently?

    Maybe some 2020 Model 3 owners can chime in on whether their Fremont-made cars have hard plastic in that area as well?
  45. BluestarE3

    Tesla changed the SR+ door plate soft material to hard plastic recently?

    I wonder what other differences there are between the Shanghai and Fremont versions aside from this, the MiC emblem and the non-Panasonic battery cells?
  46. BluestarE3

    Tesla to build Cybertruck in Texas.

    I dunno. Seems pretty clear to me what he meant (emphasis mine): He wouldn't start out by saying Giga won't necessarily be in Texas and then immediately contradict himself in the same sentence by saying it will be in Texas (as would be the case if "there" is referring to Texas). The only other...
  47. BluestarE3

    Sentry mode sticker

    Well, an "educated" thief would know about Sentry Mode on a Tesla and how it works, regardless of whether or not there's a decal. So, I'm not sure the presence of one would increase the risk of a break-in simply to steal a USB drive. Thumbdrives and SSDs aren't worth much and take far too much...
  48. BluestarE3

    Sentry mode sticker

    A large number of the smash-and-grabs here in California (and likely elsewhere in the US) are perpetrated by organized gangs of car thieves rather than by some bored teen or some druggie looking for goodies to fence for a quick fix. They operate in groups and use tried-and-true techniques to...
  49. BluestarE3

    Audi plagiarized Tesla's website

    When crafting their own EV FAQs page, someone at Audi Ireland opted to just copy the text from Tesla's website. Who can blame them? Much more expedient to simply lift someone else's work than to create your own original content. Only, they forgot to remove or modify text explicitly referring...