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    Supercharger - Capitola, CA (under construction Dec 2023, 16 V3 stalls)

    Anyone see an update on this? I walked by the proposed site yesterday and there is absolutely zero work done on it. Did the proposed location change? are they re-submitting for v4 stations? did they back out entirely?
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    What's your 90%?

    I would like that weird thing to happen to my P90DL. Mine just crossed the 50,000 mile mark and it has a 90% rated range of 224 miles. I feel like mine is worse than everyone else’s that I read on here.
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    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    Also... It doesn't seem like there is a way to sign out of the app.
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    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    +1 for this question. It looks like a great app but it shows my wife's Tesla instead of mine.
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    Stranded! (forgot keyfob at home, was still able to drive car away)

    The other day I was driving with my key in my pocket and the instrument cluster beeped and displayed a message saying something to the effect of "key not in vehicle. Car will not start without key once parked". Perhaps my battery is getting old and this is something that has actually already...
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    Had my Cyclones Painted

    Looks good! Looks like the rare OEM version: Reportage - Met de Tesla Model S naar Brussel - YouTube
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    Is there a better solution to the trunk floor cover?

    I dislike it too. It hasn't become any better in the 2015 models either.
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    Wall Connector or 240V Outlet

    We have a NEMA 14-50 outlet and it is sufficient to charge both of our Teslas back to 90% each night. We both have a commute of about 80 miles round trip.
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    Tesla App still gives alerts even though not logged in?

    Obviously not forever, but maybe toggling it off and on will break the notifications from going through. You can verify by signing out of the app on your phone and seeing if the charge alerts persist after you disable mobile access
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    Tesla App still gives alerts even though not logged in?

    Fun. Maybe if you turn off mobile access from within the Tesla center console settings?
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    slacker not moving to next song

    I've had this happen to me before. When it's in this state, as a song plays, do you also notice that there is no track time information?
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    I have the loudest brakes in the world. Please help

    Hard to tell from inside the cabin, but to the best that I can tell it happens from both sides.
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    P90D Owners - What Is Your Wh/mile and 90% Rated Range?

    I have the 21" wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires.
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    software update for 2013 model s

    We can't predict the future, but currently all Model S vehicles are still receiving software updates. Congrats on the purchase!
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    I have the loudest brakes in the world. Please help

    Do they sound like this? Squeaky Brakes on Vimeo I took mine to the service center and they determined that due to infrequent use the rotors had glazed over. To rid the noise they took a grinder to the rotors. Fixed the problem for about a week but it is starting to come back. They...
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    P90D Owners - What Is Your Wh/mile and 90% Rated Range?

    Yeah, apparently i reset both of mine 3,137.9 miles ago.
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    P90D Owners - What Is Your Wh/mile and 90% Rated Range?

    California owned/operated P90DL, 9000 miles on the odometer. 240 miles at 90% 348Wh/mi (216Wh/km) over the last 3,137.9 mi (5,050 km). I'm not sure where to find lifetime Wh/mi.
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    Feature Request: On-Screen Cruise Control

    My preference is to keep driver controls away from passengers as much as possible.
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    Minor Summon Crash

    Email Tesla with this summary and the approximate time that it happened. I'm sure they have a few engineers there that would love to take a peek at your car's logs to see if they can determine what went wrong.
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    Squeaky Brakes?

    I picked up an inventory P90D on 12/26 and it has had a loud brake sound when coming into and out of a stop. Curious if anyone has had a similar issue with theirs and might be able to offer ideas of what the cause might be. I have an appointment to have it checked next week, so hopefully it...
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    Help: Door not closing properly

    My front driver door has this issue. We have a 2014 S85 that I drove for a year, just recently upgraded to a 2015 P90DL and I frequently find that I have to make a second attempt to get the door to close all the way. Never was an issue in the 2014. I'm interested in hearing how they fix your issue.
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    New Buyers Beware / Negative repair process

    Anecdotal, but our first Model S received a ding on the trunk lid from a truck reversing into it in a parking lot. The body shop Tesla had us take it to (Chilton in Santa Clara, CA) repaired and repainted the panel rather than replaced it.
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    PG&E Charging - Solar and EV

    If you have an iOS device, there is a great app that will look at *your* usage and do the math for each of PG&E's plans. Costs a few bucks but if you consider what it could save you, definitely worth the purchase. My PG&E Toolkit by Ndili Technologies, Inc. My PGE Toolkit on the App Store
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    Charging stops at different mileage

    I've noticed that the rated range tends to fluctuate based on my previous day's driving efficiency. i have been paying closer attention to my Wh/m number and the lower I get it, the higher the rated range is the next morning after it finishes charging. I recently picked up a P90DL and with an...
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    Pictures of the 20 and 22 inch wheels

    There seem to be more options in the works then have been officially announced. The iOS app has the following wheel options available for the Model X: