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  1. patrick42h

    This place is dead as a doornail - are we all just waiting for Highland?

    Personally, I am waiting to see what pricing and tax credits are like on Highland. I may not be able to get the full $7,500 with an LFP Model 3 in 2024, but the Highland seems like a better car overall, especially for what I am looking for.
  2. patrick42h

    tire slow leak on Model Y

    I have a rental Model Y this week from Hertz with the exact same issue, slow leak on the right rear with no visible evidence of damage. Hertz gave me a voucher to get it repaired in a couple of days on my 650-mile drive home. Hopefully that fixes it.
  3. patrick42h

    Elon Musk

    I think it would be in everyone's best interest if Elon would stop antagonizing regulatory agencies.
  4. patrick42h

    Why charity do you think Elon donated his shares?

    I think it probably ended up in his own charity.
  5. patrick42h

    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    I think there is a difference between having aspirations in your advertising and having aspirations in finishing a software suite that has been promised for six years.
  6. patrick42h

    Racism lawsuit will go ahead

    Transport Evolved just released their video about this situation.
  7. patrick42h

    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    To be honest, I felt his rebuttals were hit-or-miss. He lost me when he implied it was okay for Tesla to sell Full Self Driving at additional cost for the promise of future value and functionality. I do not believe that customers should be treated as investors, just as customers who pay for a...
  8. patrick42h

    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    I am glad that Ben made this video. It was made even more impactful because it came from someone like him, who has been in the community for the better part of a decade. Tesla has some major internal problems that it needs to work out if it is going to continue to grow and thrive as a car company.
  9. patrick42h

    Now we get horses on the display

    This could actually be useful for drivers in areas with lots of Amish. I see buggies on the road all the time in northern Indiana.
  10. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Madison, WI - South Livingston

    Huh. I heard about this site but I thought it was going to be level 2 charging stations for the power company employees.
  11. patrick42h

    Connecting Tesla Charge cable to OpenEVSE box

    I'm thinking about attempting a similar project. I'd love to hear how yours turned out!
  12. patrick42h

    Cybertruck Poll

    I really want to like it. The specs and pricing are great, but it is just plain hideous. It's like Franz was only given a ruler to design this thing.
  13. patrick42h

    Limited to 12 Amps

    That's a fair point. I guess it's good to know where things typically get missed before I call anyone out to install anything.
  14. patrick42h

    Limited to 12 Amps

    I am amazed by the number of electricians who have apparently done all the steps of running the correct size wire and installing the correct circuit breaker but don't set the HPWC for the current it is supposed to draw. I mean, it's not like the current that the car will be allowed to draw was...
  15. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I haven't seen anyone post about it yet, but the Indy service center now has two Model 3s, one on display inside and one outside for test drives. It was really exciting to see the car in person after more than two years of waiting!
  16. patrick42h

    Touch Up Paint for Red Model 3

    Signature Red has never been available for the Model 3. You're looking for Multi-Coat Red.
  17. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    So this may sound like a dumb question, but I was looking at Tesla's "Find Us" map and the Indianapolis service center shows up as a store too. I have not been inside the service center yet, but do they really have a showroom that you can just walk into like the one at the Fashion Mall?
  18. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    It looked like they had started making forms for the concrete when I went by this morning.
  19. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    When I open Tesla's map from my home in Carmel, it drops me on Carmel, CA for some odd reason.
  20. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    I'm neither an S or X owner and I got my invite over 6 weeks ago.
  21. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    I went by the site today. It looks like they have HVDC conduit in the ground. It looks like there will be five charging stalls. There were five charger cabinets and conduit run to five parking spaces.
  22. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I saw my first in-person Model 3 while I was driving home last night. Pretty exciting to see them start to pop up in Indianapolis!
  23. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    Wait, the store at Keystone at the Crossing is closing? I went by there a couple of days ago and they were open. They had three cars on the showroom floor and a Model X waiting for delivery in the back.
  24. patrick42h

    Covering gloss black console with satin SunTek film

    I think the center console looks much better with the matte film. That glossy black plastic is just going to be a magnet for dust and fingerprints.
  25. patrick42h

    Model 3 review

    That would be a ridiculous design mistake for Tesla to make. I guess Doug just misspoke.
  26. patrick42h

    Full Towing Video & Range examination

    For anyone who might still be reading this thread, this has changed. Tesla currently offers a tow package retrofit that is $500 more expensive than ordering it on the car from the factory.
  27. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I'm glad it's finally open. I would love to see the inside of the building.
  28. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I think they are cutting doors for cars out of the side and front of the building.
  29. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    It looks like the Indy service center is well on its way. There are already Tesla signs on the outside of the building and it looks like there are renovations going on inside.
  30. patrick42h

    Is excessive heated seat use good for guys "children"?

    I wasn't aware that heated seats were one of our more widely available contraceptive options.
  31. patrick42h

    Improving Supercharger Availability $0.40 idle fee

    A Supercharger would provide way, way more power than the car's HVAC system could ever possibly use. Maybe if you were charging at 120V and 16A or less, the HVAC system could draw more power than the UMC could provide.
  32. patrick42h

    Improving Supercharger Availability $0.40 idle fee

    Wouldn't that just be Tesla paying Tesla?
  33. patrick42h

    Update to Supercharging Program

    This is not a dealbreaker for me at all. 400 kWh free every year and everything after that is still cheaper than gas. Considering how big the Supercharger network is and how fast it charges a car, it still seems like a really good deal to me.
  34. patrick42h

    How many are going to pass on the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Service Driving

    I'm not sure where you're getting that from. Autopilot can be disengaged by the driver at any point.
  35. patrick42h

    How many are going to pass on the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Service Driving

    I think I would probably get regular Autopilot capability up front to handle highway and bumper-to-bumper traffic at first. It's nice knowing that the hardware will be there if I change my mind. Maybe if I do a really long road trip (longer than 7-8 hours), I might consider having Tesla switch...
  36. patrick42h

    Tesla Glass in Model 3

    I got a chip in my windshield getting on I-65 in downtown Indianapolis. A truck ahead of me kicked up a loose piece of pavement.
  37. patrick42h

    Tesla Glass in Model 3

    I wonder how long it will be until someone starts asking for Tuscan shingles on their Model 3?
  38. patrick42h

    Transverse vs Vertical SCREEN POSITION!!

    I am going to reserve judgment until I have had the chance to sit in a Model 3 and use the touchscreen. The portrait orientation in the Model S and Model X works well, but maybe landscape will be better in the Model 3.
  39. patrick42h

    Tesla Glass in Model 3

    This idea keeps coming up and the areal efficiency, the amount of power generated per unit of area, of modern photovoltaic panels is not nearly high enough to power the smallest of systems on a Tesla, much less charging the main battery pack. We're all much better off with that added weight...
  40. patrick42h

    P100D for Sale Now

    Autopilot is indeed $500 more expensive: $3,000 when you order or $3,500 to activate after the fact.
  41. patrick42h

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    What about going through the Mishawaka Supercharger?
  42. patrick42h

    Any Showrooms That Have the 2016 MS

    The Indianapolis showroom has a red 70D with the new front end. I went in and saw it on Tuesday. It looks really nice.
  43. patrick42h

    Would you every buy a car that you could not drive yourself?

    I love driving and I would not want to give it up altogether. Things like long road trips or bumper-to-bumper traffic would make (semi)autonomous driving really helpful. I still like driving and having complete control over the car. Maybe when I get old enough that driving won't be safe, a fully...
  44. patrick42h

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN

    I am curious about what happened, whether it was a clerical error at IPL or something else.
  45. patrick42h

    What will you name your Model X?

    If I do get a Model X some day, I am saving the name "Canyonero" for it.
  46. patrick42h

    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    We have a few people in the ##teslamotors channel on Freenode. Here's an online chat client. Just put in a nick and come join in!
  47. patrick42h

    Am I supposed to receive an e-mail confirmation or?

    I placed my order around 11:15 am EDT. I have not yet received my email and it's not showing up in MyTesla. I will wait, I guess.
  48. patrick42h

    Priority Given to MS&X Owners

    I'm not sure why preference is being given to people who already own a Tesla.
  49. patrick42h

    Get J1772 adapter to pop charge port door

    I took my Arduino project over to the Tesla showroom and tried it. It didn't work, which is about what I was expecting for my first foray into electronic signaling. I think I might just shelve this project until I have a Tesla of my own to experiment on.
  50. patrick42h

    Lincoln Navigator Gull Wings?

    Can we talk about the hilarious staircase that leads up into the car? It's like what you see on RVs but bigger.