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  1. Diana

    Supercharger - Marysville, CA (LIVE 6 Feb 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    I work on base and just noticed it popped up on my navigation map. Had to stop by to check it out!
  2. Diana

    Supercharger in Antelope Valley (unconfirmed, no location known)

    Can anyone swing by the AV mall and see if there's any construction?
  3. Diana

    Supercharger in Antelope Valley (unconfirmed, no location known)

    No... Got all my info from the mobile service guy
  4. Diana

    Supercharger in Antelope Valley (unconfirmed, no location known)

    Got some details on the Palmdale super charger. Planned 12 stations at the mall. City is holding the permit till November with an expected completion early next year. According to the mobile service guy who just replaced my 12v battery and happened to run into an installation crew on his way up...
  5. Diana

    Supercharger in Antelope Valley (unconfirmed, no location known)

    There might be hope! Looks like some construction right next to the current chargepoints at the Target. Anyone feel like going to City Hall to dig up permits?
  6. Diana

    Supercharger - Yuba City, CA

    Anyone here news on location or if the build has started. Tesla's website still says it's slated to open in 2018 but thats about it. Thanks!
  7. Diana

    Supercharger - Concord, CA (LIVE 2 Mar 2018, 19 V2 stalls)

    following...would be nice to have it open for all the holiday travel...a girl can dream i guess ;)
  8. Diana

    21" Staggered Grey Turbine Wheels + Michelin PS Tires + TPMS + Spare Tire - Bay Area

    If your are open to it, how much for just one of the rears? Apparently, I've bent one of mine and I'm my exploring options.
  9. Diana

    100D vs P100D Track Runs to Charge Time

    Thanks for the link that video is very helpful. So assuming we start off with a full battery and loose 1-2% per max power run (which seems to be the average based on the videos I've seen) we could get about 45 or so runs. It will probably be less than 45 just due to the extra systems (AC...
  10. Diana

    100D vs P100D Track Runs to Charge Time

    Ok, so typically they do the initial takeoff chase that is shown in the video in the article, than while the U2 is in the pattern they have to do a "run in" from a taxiway to match speed with a U2 over the runway in order to give height above the runway callouts. These "run ins" is when they...
  11. Diana

    100D vs P100D Track Runs to Charge Time

    This is my first time starting a thread so forgive me if I miss an important detail you may find obvious. Quick background without getting too carried away with details. I'm sure many of you saw this article and video earlier this week, Watch a Tesla Model S assist one of the US's most...
  12. Diana

    When is your Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive due for delivery, mine is in late 2018?

    I think you are right. Mine said July-Sept 2018 yesterday and today it's staying May-July 2018. Current owner reserved at the Rocklin Service Center in California and was probably the first 100 or so in line on day one.
  13. Diana

    Blog Which Model 3 Color Will You Choose?

    I love the blue and the midnight silver (grey). I also loved the matte black they had at the original reveal. Perhaps save the money on paint and get it wrapped in a color of choice.
  14. Diana

    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    or just get it wrapped in something else, i was thinking the carbon fiber like i have in my S
  15. Diana

    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    soooo...does long range = dual motor or is it just a bigger battery
  16. Diana

    2016 Model S Pearl White 90D AP1 .. For Sale

  17. Diana

    Tesla Service Center and Supercharger Issues

    I think the bigger issue, aside from the warranty, is that a Supercharger disabled, not one, but 2 cars in a short span of time. I don't recall reading any sort of warning at a Supercharger saying that plugging in may fry your car. I know that occasionally an ICE will catch fire at a gas...
  18. Diana

    Glacier National Park, Tesla, and My Dog

    Tesla Glacier National Park by Diana posted Jul 10, 2017 at 6:16 PM This is very exciting to me, as my husband (Kraken) and I visited Glacier a few years back. In fact, we were the first Model S to charge at the Whitefish destination charger and our car is still the Plugshare primary picture...
  19. Tesla Glacier National Park

    Tesla Glacier National Park

  20. Diana

    Charging problems

    Hmm...that is odd. When it was with Tesla was it in an air conditioned area? Did they turn the cabin overheat off? How hot is it in your garage when this is happening? It probably could be fixed with a software update to limit the amount of energy drawn for cabin overheat when plugged in and...
  21. Diana

    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    Looks like the same one to me!
  22. Diana

    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    The "Tesla Owners Northern California" group on Facebook may have pics of SN001....waiting on the guy who took them to get back from grabbing food to confirm. He was charging at the Factory about 10 mins ago.
  23. Diana

    Charging problems

    Did you try plugging into a different outlet with your spare cable that came with the car? Or try a destination charger nearby that has an HPWC? I tried a local HPWC and had the same symptoms so it was definitely something in the car, especially since I could Supercharge just fine.
  24. Diana

    Charging problems

    Update It was the onboard main charger that failed. Thankfully the extended warranty covered it. That's $2100 I didn't want to spend. I wonder if there is a list somewhere of parts cost with an average failure time? That would be very useful when trying to decide on getting the extended...
  25. Diana

    Charging problems

    I am having a charging issue but I think it is slightly different than the one that started this thread. Took my 2013 P85+ in for service on Wednesday to have the 4 year service done on it. Due to my current mileage they actually ended up doing the 8 year and I had to ask them to go back and do...
  26. Diana

    REFUEL/TMC Connect 2017 Registration Open

    If you are getting a car wash El Estero has coupon online...and you don't even have to print it out El Estero Car Wash - Download Counpons
  27. Diana

    Wiki Table Topics for 2017 Connect

    Charging at work....convincing a government facility to at least install some sort of pay per use charging like Chargepoint.
  28. Diana

    REFUEL/TMC Connect 2017 Registration Open

    June 1st is when early bird pricing ends also, correct?
  29. Diana

    REFUEL/TMC Connect 2017 Registration Open

    All registered...see you all in June! :)
  30. Diana

    REFUEL/TMC Connect 2017 Registration Open

    so...when does "early bird" registration end for those of us who like to procrastinate ;)
  31. Diana

    2017 TMC Connect?

    Now to ask the question everyone really wants to know....will there be a picnic or something similar on Sunday. I know Bonnie has moved north and we are in need of a new venue/host.
  32. Diana

    TMC Connect 2016

    I did the National Auto Museum tour in April when I had some family in town. The tours are given by volunteers so you never know. To whoever is leading the charge on this (HankLloydRight) I'd recommend calling a few days ahead just so they are aware a group will be stopping by so they can be...
  33. Diana

    TMC Connect 2016

    Kraken and I are all signed up! Super excited for the short drive to Reno :) P.S. Would anyone be interested in doing a little ice-breaker before or after registration on Thursday. Break-Through Reno has some pretty fun escape rooms. We've found they are a great way to get out meet new people...
  34. Diana

    TMC Connect 2016

    anyone else hear crickets? jk doug we are just anxiously awaiting the opening of registration :)
  35. Diana

    Save the Date - Gigafactory Party July 29th in Reno

    Well, I think I'll jump on the bandwagon. I live a mere 98 miles from 1 Electric Ave and might be willing to provide room and board to those making the drive. The supercharger in Reno ought to make it an even easier commute over the pass than it was before. side note...would like to attend if...
  36. Diana

    Model 3 Reservation Influence on TMC Conference

    There will probably be a few (ok, a lot) of new faces. I'm guessing just the religious TMC followers will sign up but you never know. I have a few co-workers who just put in Model 3 reservations and I'm doing my best to not go too EV fanatic on them. I'll probably tell them about Connect at least :)
  37. Diana

    TMC Connect 2016

    Will Connect being held in SoCal affect the "party at picnic creek"? I know it's scheduled for Sunday afternoon/evening. Hoping there's enough travel time for all of us to caravan to Bonnie's ;) ...Caravan sounds pretty fun actually (assuming superchargers aren't crazy busy)
  38. Diana

    Whitefish montana destination charging up and active !!!

    So...that's my car in the plugshare picture so I can speak to the amps. The Lodge had thought they had 80 amps going to the HPWC and 40 going to the J1772 but I think the electricians didn't get the memo. They were going to look into making it 80 amps on the HPWC after we told them we were only...
  39. Diana

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    i finally created an account because I HAD to share this. Any chance for a delivery (err...post delivery) party for the locals? Nate and I are super excited for you!