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  1. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Milan, NM

    This will be very handy for visits to the Crownpoint rug auctions, and Acoma pueblo. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. JimVandegriff

    Waldport, Oregon Destination Chargers 16Kw (72A)

    Thanks for the report, Budwinvon. It is so sad that the owner's seem to be lacking the vision to entice Tesla owners to their establishment by encouraging people to use the chargers.
  3. JimVandegriff

    Free to a good Model X home (Well, you pay the postage)

    The car cover has been spoken for. We have a person and an alternate. Thanks for the interest, best, Jim
  4. JimVandegriff

    Free to a good Model X home (Well, you pay the postage)

    We have a never used model X exterior car cover from Tesla which we are willing to give to anyone who can use it. PM me with your address (US or Canada), and we will ship it to you whichever way we find is cheapest. You can send me a check for the postage after you get the cover. You can see...
  5. JimVandegriff


    We also received the email notification (March 2016 build). I'm hoping for a mobile tech visit, but there was no word on that yet. I'm not hugely concerned with this recall, but I'm glad Tesla is addressing the issue.
  6. JimVandegriff

    Alto A2124 Hitch Concerns

    I'll throw my two cents in here too, hgpayne. I also have an Airstream trailer towed by my 2016 Model X 90D (see my avatar). We used a weight distribution setup with our stock Bosal hitch, and as happened to ohmman, we had two Bosal hitches loosen in their socket when in use. We replaced our...
  7. JimVandegriff

    Model X Road Trips

    I'm assuming you will be traveling on Rt. 26. If that is the case, and you get concerned about the distance, there is a free Tesla destination charger for a short top up at the historic Hotel Prairie in Prairie City, Or. It is about 164 miles by car from Bend (so says Siri). I got the info...
  8. JimVandegriff

    Size comparison

    From Teslarati: Spanning 231.7 inches long, 79.9 inches wide, and 75.0 inches tall...
  9. JimVandegriff

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    We put in our deposit on the long-range version. You can see what we will be towing in my avatar. I'm a bit put off by the design, but I wanted something a bit different, and I think it will grow on me.
  10. JimVandegriff

    Raining While Charging

    We did have an issue with the area just beneath the plug (which is supposed to drain off) getting gunked up, not draining, and creating problems for the lights in the plug receiver. Plug receiver was replaced by mobile tech. We cover the plug with a microfiber cloth now if charging in the...
  11. JimVandegriff

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    I tried the pricing when the site first went up and it came up 94% higher than what I currently pay. I tried it again today because I read that they redid their algorithms for pricing. My new quote, which I carefully matched to current coverage deductibles, was much better (but still about 12%...
  12. JimVandegriff

    Planning to Order Tonight

    I just configured one on the Tesla.com website and it says free unlimited supercharging comes with it. Lucky person, you.
  13. JimVandegriff

    Another Life (Netflix) and the "Elon Musk Space Station"

    I've been watching the new Netflix series "Another Life", a futuristic space adventure with one of my favorite actresses as the lead, Katie Sackhoff. In episode three there was a question in a trivia game being played about the orbital time of the "Elon Musk space station". I thought that was...
  14. JimVandegriff

    It’s a hit!

    Today I attended an incoming student’s orientation day event focused on alternative transportation at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. As part of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s EV enthusiast group, I brought my model X to display. Soon after the picture was taken about...
  15. JimVandegriff

    Ouch! (Fender Garnish injured)

    Yes, ordered from the service center. It came with the rivets. I don't remember how much it was.
  16. JimVandegriff

    All "gassed up" and ready to go...camping

    Love Newport (and camping at the Marina). The aquarium is a jewel. Also the brewery tour and restaurant is great fun. (On our next trip). Jim
  17. JimVandegriff

    All "gassed up" and ready to go...camping

    Short trip this time - only to Humbug Mountain State Park just south of Port Orford. Will check out Washburne. Jim
  18. JimVandegriff

    All "gassed up" and ready to go...camping

    We replaced the stock Bosal hitch with a Draw-Tite hitch last year after failure of two Bosal hitches. I do hope future Tesla's have more robust hitches than the Bosals. We are happy with our equalizer hitch as it is rock solid around sway issues in every kind of weather condition while...
  19. JimVandegriff

    All "gassed up" and ready to go...camping

    To paraphrase the Fifth Dimension - Up, up, and away in my beautiful, my beautiful, Tesla...We are heading up the Oregon coast for some camping fun. It is great to note that so many of us are doing this these days.
  20. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    I'm not sure of the V2 or V3, but it has 8 stalls and 150 kW per Supercharge.info. (After doing a bit of research, it appears that this is V2 by its specs.)
  21. JimVandegriff


    Tesla recently announced that it has identified the cause of a Model S fire that was reported in Shanghai last Apri. The incident, which attracted a notable amount of attention from international media, was due to a single battery module near the front of the vehicle, according to the carmaker...
  22. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for your continued info on this Supercharger. Your dedication is much appreciated. Jim
  23. JimVandegriff

    File a complaint against the service facility at Santa Clara

    Wow, I'm quite sorry for your treatment. I don't have any suggestions about how to complain, but I hope you persist and get the vehicle fixed to your satisfaction. Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress.
  24. JimVandegriff

    Model X in Handmaid's Tale

    I think this shot is a sly takeoff on the Danaerys scene of addressing her assembled troops after taking Kings Landing in Game of Thrones (with her dragon landing in the background and its wings showing behind her.) I'm hoping our heroine here has a different fate and leads a successful...
  25. JimVandegriff

    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    We also like going to the Oregon state parks. Our next adventure takes us to Humbug Mountain near Port Orford in August. Where have you been camping?
  26. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    A friend of mine who lives in Benbow who is not an EV driver just messaged me today with a note saying he saw the Laytonville station and it looked almost ready. He also mentioned an ev charger going in at the Peg House. These stations are great advertising!
  27. JimVandegriff

    Model X endless problems, 60 days to fix latest

    I am sorry to hear about your car's extremely problematic behavior, and the lack of appropriate response to this latest problem. Is it possible for you to talk with other service location techs to find one that will take an interest in the situation and attempt to solve it? I know that there...
  28. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    Does Boomers serve food (while we charge)?
  29. JimVandegriff

    Anyone found solution for water collection under rare spolier

    We also have this water collection occurring. I carefully wash it out with a spray nozzle when washing my X and then dry it with a rag. Ours tends to collect leaf debris in there as well so I'm fairly careful to get that out.
  30. JimVandegriff

    Okay, we're going in...(to the San Rafael service center)

    Resolution! The problem was a condenser fan for the A/C. They replaced it today, reported that the main battery was within parameters, updated the vehicle and replaced the car fob batteries. Yahoo, and all in all, a decent repair experience. Illijana is taking the advice of our service...
  31. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    There is a Chademo level 3 charger in Benbow now if you are going up that far. It would require unhitching, but it is an option at this point.
  32. JimVandegriff

    Okay, we're going in...(to the San Rafael service center)

    A small update - service replaced a part for the cooling system, and updated our software, but the part was defective, so it was removed and another was ordered from Fremont. They put an expedite on the order, so hopefully it will be to San Rafael by tomorrow at 11 am. What this means...
  33. JimVandegriff

    Okay, we're going in...(to the San Rafael service center)

    We've had our X for just over 3 years and 37,000 miles, and usually problems are handled here at home by Tesla rangers dispatched from the Bay Area to our home about 300 miles north. This time a problem showed up on our last trip pulling the Airstream to Napa that cannot be fixed at home, so...
  34. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    Sounds fun - are you going? PS Earth Day display to happen at Eureka Natural Foods in Eureka on Saturday Apr. 27th, and at Bayside Grange on Sunday the 28th. I'll be there (in Eureka) with our X - want to show your S?
  35. JimVandegriff

    Model X Road Trips

    If you come up 101, you can charge in Ukiah, soon in Laytonville, and can get a level 3 charge in Benbow should you need one. Eureka, of course, has its supercharger. Enjoy the "friendly city" (Fortuna) when you visit, and check out the Victorian town of Ferndale nearby. The VI restaurant has...
  36. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    The mall in Eureka has pretty significant security whom I've seen patrolling the Tesla superchargers on a regular basis. I have not heard any reports of smash and grab at the superchargers in Eureka, but admittedly have heard of smash and grab at the winter holiday times in the mall parking...
  37. JimVandegriff

    Unusual problems - Mobile service fixed them

    I had two unusual problems with my 2016 X. The first dealt with a glitchy driver's side mirror, and the second was focused on the charge port lights. Here is the story - about two weeks ago I noticed that when I opened the driver's side door to get into the car, the driver's side mirror...
  38. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    I'm heading south with my trailer in the last week of the month, and was hoping to use this supercharger, but I'm guessing that it won't be ready yet (with Zextraterrestrial's report.) Sigh, "patience, old jedi. (to massacre a quote)
  39. JimVandegriff

    positive thread regarding Tesla Service

    Technician told me that fluids are changed in even years (2,4,6, etc), but not in odd years, so service at home in odd years may be feasible. They are still in the process of making the decision. I'm hoping!
  40. JimVandegriff

    positive thread regarding Tesla Service

    Tesla mobile technician arrived late yesterday to repair the door seal on our 2016 X. The seal required removal of the door panel, and some tricky maneuvering on his part to get the pieces to align, and the strip covering the glue to come off after placement. Our technician was thoughtful, fun...
  41. JimVandegriff

    positive thread regarding Tesla Service

    Living three hundred miles from a service center gets us mobile service - we have a mobile tech coming up tomorrow from the SF Bay Area to do a minor repair of a door seal. We have been impressed with Tesla's mobile service techs and service for the last three years. The ranger coming tomorrow...
  42. JimVandegriff

    Supercharger - Laytonville, CA (LIVE Jun 28, 2019, 8 stalls)

    Google tells me it is 111 miles between Eureka and Laytonville for all you trailer pullers out there. Looking forward to this supercharger.
  43. JimVandegriff

    Elon on 60 Minutes 12/92018

    Another segment aired on 60 Minutes Overtime - one that gave some context to the interview. Here is the url:Tesla's Elon Musk: What's changed in a decade?
  44. JimVandegriff

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Well, I finally got to the filter today. I watched the video above before installing it, had trouble with getting the wires detached from the frunk lights (my wife figured it out), used the 10 mm sockets to get the bolts out, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned the area below the windshield wipers...
  45. JimVandegriff

    Question on adding an HEPA filter to a MX without PUP

    Here is the video the folks whom I purchased an aftermarket filter from sent to me after the Amazon purchase. They gave me permission to post it. I'm doing mine tomorrow when a ranger is here to replace my auxiliary battery.
  46. JimVandegriff

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    A ranger is appearing at my house tomorrow to replace the accessory battery (which is giving out warnings). I thought it would be a good time to put in the HEPA filter in my non-pup model X. I asked a Tesla employee to sell me the filter so I could put it in, and he refused, saying it was not...
  47. JimVandegriff

    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    You are sure right, ecarfan! Wow, remote from electricity without even any campgrounds to charge at. That stretch of I-40 could use another supercharger. Any alternate routes possible? Jim
  48. JimVandegriff

    Airstream Towing Equipment Recommendations - Sport or Nest

    Hi Kirk, I had to use an plug adapter (there are two that work) for the Tesla to recognize the LED lighting and the trailer. I detailed our adapter adventures in other threads (Initial trailer pulling report - 90D and Airstream 22ft Bambi Sport and X and Airstream Bambi - the new...
  49. JimVandegriff

    Airstream Towing Equipment Recommendations - Sport or Nest

    Sorry Atlantian. I incorporated my answers to your questions inside your post above. My general advice is the same as Ohmman's. I am so glad you are traveling. Jim