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  1. Screwbal

    No more Uber Credits or loaners after warranty expiration

    Loaners may not be free, but Tesla has inventory vehicles and letting a customer leverage one goes a long way beyond the value of uber credits towards brand appreciation. I've owned two Tesla's at this point with a MS 85D first and a 100D MX now. They have changed and gone downhill for customers...
  2. Screwbal

    Just got a new update 2019.40.2.1

    Trust me I know... I've figured out that all works off the ability to render websites through the browser. When it's not working I try to reboot the MCU and before the network comes up browse to a simple page like Google and see if it at least fails. Then when the network does come up the web...
  3. Screwbal

    Just got a new update 2019.40.2.1

    Trying second image again since it didn't want to work.
  4. Screwbal

    Just got a new update 2019.40.2.1

    Here's the notes from my 2017 Model X with MCU1 and AP 2.5.
  5. Screwbal

    New Sofrware 2019.32.11

    No change in the release notes on 2019.32.12.2 FYI.
  6. Screwbal

    New Sofrware 2019.32.11

    I got 2019.32.12.1 641e9fa as well last night and now I see my car some ~16 hours later is downloading 2019.32.12.2 as I type. Two updates in less than 24 hours...
  7. Screwbal

    New OEM Tesla Model X 22 Black Onyx Wheels and Tires (4)

    3200? I can come pick them up from you.
  8. Screwbal

    Will I regret buting a 75d?

    To the point of folks talking about the 90 packs and range, those 90 packs only have ~82kWh of usable capacity. The 100 packs have ~99kWh of usable capacity.
  9. Screwbal

    An MCU1 to MCU2 Upgrade might be REALLY worth it

    I wonder if we'll see some program eventually where we can refund our FSD that won't show up some day for something tangible like the MCU2 swap. Maybe something similar to the folks who bought the M3P without track mode then had the option to select if they wanted to get a refund or keep free SC.
  10. Screwbal

    Did they just remove the option for financing solar?

    It’s back now so it was just s glitch. Wonder if they are thinking about pulling it though given they were messing with the website code tonight.
  11. Screwbal

    Did they just remove the option for financing solar?

    I’ve been looking at the different options the last couple days and it seems after midnight PST the option for financing just disappeared. Had it already been mentioned they were going to quit doing it or is it just a website glitch?
  12. Screwbal

    $2000 FSD Poll

    Ahh, so that’s just stating a seperate potential upgrade path. From the initial comment here I read that as FSD included the new MCU. If that had been the case I’d be on this like white on rice.
  13. Screwbal

    $2000 FSD Poll

    Was it mentioned somewhere I missed that FSD comes with the new MCU2 if you didn't already have it?
  14. Screwbal

    FS: NEW Model X 22” Black Turbine Wheels - Full Kit (Pirelli tires + TPMS)

    Wish you were in the northwest. Would be super interested if didn’t have to add shipping on top of any price. Good luck!
  15. Screwbal

    Rain Sensing wipers

    Make sure to keep giving feedback. My $.02 is that the software sensor trigger is maybe the same as the S and 3 however with the large windscreen on the X and the longer slope it means the driver has more surface area and softer angle to look through. This means the driver sees much more water...
  16. Screwbal

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    Quick question while talking about features being removed in case I’ve missed other posts... did they silently remove the ability to play music from a usb drive? Haven’t seen it on any of the v9 releases so far in my car.
  17. Screwbal

    BioWeapons Defense Mode

    Sounds like Harris Ranch... been by there a few times on road trips and one day was so bad our son started gagging when the door opened heh.
  18. Screwbal

    Rattling noise from sun visor?

    Mine does this once in a while but I found a fix (at least for now). When you go to put them away rotate the visor further towards the headliner then snap it in place. that extra contact stopped the rattle and has been good since I figured this trick out and didn't require a SC visit.
  19. Screwbal

    Lowering kit for a Model X

    Since it's been many months how has your tire wear held up?
  20. Screwbal

    2017.50 2275226

    I’m still stuck on .44 with no update notifications. A bit back my FW was failing to install because of a bad sensor. They temporarily plugged in a sensor they had just for this reason and flashed firmware so it would stop prompting and failing but I wonder if they didn’t then put my VIN on a...
  21. Screwbal

    X: What's your 90%?

    Weird to see the 100Ds at 267 people reporting. Mine day one and still after a couple months hits 265 at 90%.
  22. Screwbal

    Regenerative Breaking Limited at Moderate Temperature ( 68 F)

    The battery you have to imagine is a very dense object. if it cooled for many many hours over night to below 50 and you aren’t driving far for the warmer or consumption to heat things it will internally be cold for a long time.
  23. Screwbal

    Valet mode glitch?

    Not sure yet if it’s valet mode for sure but when at home if I turn on valet mode then turn it off I’m unable to use the homelink to open the garage door. Has anyone else observed the same? Version 2017.38 f87c64d5
  24. Screwbal

    12v Battery Needs Service

    I had the battery in my old S fail at 1 year. Haven’t done enough digging to look for a correlation but those who have it die are you using 3rd party data logging where the car is woken up often or just never gets to deep sleep? I was during that first year but stopped after the battery...
  25. Screwbal

    Is it possible to drive in Very Low Suspension Mode for extended periods?

    Interesting item maybe, or someone just did it wrong. My new X showed up with the suspension set to always low. I’ve been around and know about tires being eaten so I asked and was told low is the default suspension height on new Xs. Could have been the showroom folks blowing smoke but I’m half...
  26. Screwbal

    2017.38 f87c64d5

    My day old 100D is loading an update not but I didn’t really check my previous version number. I did see the last release notes talked about showing super charger power output so by that description if it was the latest I’ll be able to share shortly what this one that’s loading now has in store.
  27. Screwbal

    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    My number could be off there I’m going off her mention. I’m sure smarter people here can say for sure what the capability of the onboard charger is for throughput.
  28. Screwbal

    Turtle on its back (upside down X) what happens?

    Taking delivery of a 100D X tomorrow and trading in my S. A curious question cane to mind I haven’t seen here before so here I am. Let’s say you flip/roll any normal car and it’s on its lid. People in the car or responders can easily open the doors because of where the hinges are. Not let’s...
  29. Screwbal

    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    ^ there’s no real button for it though I’ve seen some 3rd party apps mentioned before that’ll do it for keeping you warm while sleeping. The term goes back to camping in the model S where there’s lots of space in the back once you fold the seats and could sleep. Problem with just turning on the...
  30. Screwbal

    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    Or throw it into camper mode where it's in neutral which should basically be a drive mode (not in park) and set the parking brake so it stays put.
  31. Screwbal

    Feedback on pending X P100DL inventory deal

    Generally curious... how where did you even find it? Through Tesla’s site or a 3rd party one or was that working with an owner advisor who was looking in inventory not posted? I have a 100D coming next week but the curious side of me had to wonder for reference.
  32. Screwbal

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    100D ordered 8/26... delivery scheduled for 9/26 :)
  33. Screwbal

    Tesla Cable Organizer

    Or find a friend with a 3D printer and just make one :) the op found one so he's set. Btw OP I don't catch them all but I enjoy your stuff on YouTube :)
  34. Screwbal

    Would Extended Warranty Make Sense?

    Pretty sure it's a combo not an either or of having to purchase before 4 years and be below 50k miles at the time of purchase.
  35. Screwbal

    Software version 17.34 2448cfc

    Have you played with the turn thing on the lower left stalk to adjust the following distance? I move mine around all the time from the max distance at speed to something like 3-4 in stop and go traffic and it affects both how much gap is present on acceleration as well as how aggressive the...
  36. Screwbal

    Updated 0-60 performance on new inventory MX?

    I had been told delivery needed to happen in September (which aligns to the close of the quarter)
  37. Screwbal

    supercharing only

    After some number of charges (don't recall but in the hundreds) the car will lower the max power I've read the battery can accept during a DC charge.
  38. Screwbal

    Driving on the sand? Ocean Shores

    anyone taken their S out to ocean shores? Late last minute thing but was about to drive out there today and curious if people have had problems or it is pretty safe if you're not in the lose stuff by the dunes etc?
  39. Screwbal

    Definitive 21inch Turbines vs 19inch Slipstream Photo Thread

    Anyone following the thread split the difference with the 20 inch turbines from T Sportline? I've been heavily considering it and just going back and forth for matte or gloss black.
  40. Screwbal

    21 inch non staggered wheels?

    The older S's had a wider rear wheel vs the newer ones are the same size. I'm not actually sure if a staggered setup fits on th newer ones but I've seen it stated the staggered ones can't be rotated front to back.
  41. Screwbal

    21 inch non staggered wheels?

    Hey all, I know there's a dedicated section for sell/buy but most people with wheels are out of state and don't want to ship if they can avoid it. To keep local I figured I'd ask here if anyone had a set of 21 inch wheels they maybe want to part ways with. If anyone does hit me up!
  42. Screwbal

    Is it possible to swap orders with someone?

    I talked to them today to get the news that it was now in production and that I'm stuck. It wasn't until this evening when this came to mind and figured I'd ask the wider audience in advance of me talking to them again tomorrow for anyone with a similar experience or hearing of one.
  43. Screwbal

    Is it possible to swap orders with someone?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap orders with someone else? Some backstory is I started with a 6 seat order, later changed it to a 5 seat which has now been confirmed. The family pendulum swung the other way towards the 6 seat however the car just went into production and I can’t...
  44. Screwbal

    Audio upgrade? Anyone?

    Many probably know but speakers do take time to break in etc. if anyone just got their car with the standard sound and think it's not quite ther give it some time and it'll get better (at least a bit)
  45. Screwbal

    X: What's your 90%?

    Is it me or does that seem super low? ... as if your 75 is software locked to much less and they forgot to set an it somewhere?
  46. Screwbal

    What do you do if you run out of juice?

    My guess they and afraid people would super charge for free then run their home for a few days and repeat.
  47. Screwbal

    ST3 vehicle tabs sticker shock

    /rant This is such crap and I don't support the project with how its structured. Don't know where I'd start to offer support but anything I can find to back which will cut this off at the knees is going to be my new free time project.
  48. Screwbal

    HVAC for 5-Seater Model X

    Fwiw so folks aren't confused, you're referring to the vent on the A pillar between the first and second row seats I'm guessing. In the 5 seater there aren't vents in the back back like what a 6+ seater has
  49. Screwbal

    Tesla Mobile App 3.0 Released

    I guess I could start a new thread but I won't... looks like it's out on android too now