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  1. Arpe

    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    Awesome, so basically equal to a Lamborghini Urus, how long have you had that time without telling us? 🤔
  2. Arpe

    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    First 0-60 mph for the LR now measured here. A little closer to quarter mile times... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/has-anyone-measured-0-60-for-2022-lr-x.268647/#post-6822874
  3. Arpe

    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    Still nobody has tested the LR Model X quarter times 😢
  4. Arpe

    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    So, anyone got a number yet? Will Model X LR be faster than the 11.4 of the new BMW M3 AWD? Edit: Does anyone know this site, can it be confirmed? https://www.carindigo.com/tesla/model-x-electric-2022/0to60
  5. Arpe

    Autopilot Stopped Working

    I am on 2022.8.2 just happened to me on my way home. A quick parking --> locked --> open didn't work.. This is the 2nd time it happened to me this month. I hope they will fix the issue soon, such an annoyance to drive myself on the highway 😅
  6. Arpe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Completely normal. What most typically happens is that the car does charge to 85% and then the vampire drain happens and you lose 1%, or the car recalculates the state of charge based on new information. (State of charge is difficult to calculate and Tesla does that calculation best when you...
  7. Arpe

    Supercharger - Beaver, UT

    Ahh, you are right. Supercharge.info now have a 8 stall V2, and a 24 stall V3 listed. They are so close together that you have to zoom in to find them both. I was also very confused!
  8. Arpe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    This might be useful for the acceleration discussion: Looks like very old prepped surface (motortrend posted a video on twitter). Dragtimes (on YouTube) ordered a newly prepped dragstrip few months ago to get the WR for the Mclaren 765LT. He might do that again when he get the Plaid. Could...
  9. Arpe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    We are on the blue Model S as well. My dad is considering to upgrade from Model 3 to S. I guess there is only a tiny chance they will reach Europe in 2021.
  10. Arpe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Much more likely to be 28th April. 5th of May is only if Tesla have really bad news. With an estimated ~170k deliveries in Q1 Tesla have good news to share and earnings call should be sooner.
  11. Arpe

    Anyone actually get Overtake Acceleration on TACC working?

    Same as Momo here. After we got FSD the Model 3 speeds up as it changes lane. Before FSD it didn't do anything before being well into the new lane.
  12. Arpe

    Model 3 SR+ (Europe) No Heat Pump?

    It is because Q4 SR+ variants are coming from China, these vehicles do not have the heat pump. Whereas LR and Performance which comes from US they have the heat pump. Some markets have seen lower prices of the SR+ for Q4.
  13. Arpe

    Tesla Model 3 With 4680 Pack

    That was only seen from one variable. Other variables may have given significantly better charging. I am not a battery expert but Tesla didn't really tell us anything. With my limited knowledge about batteries I would think the 4680 cell (tab less) would be able to charge faster than older cells.
  14. Arpe

    Actual Driven Miles and Miles per The battery-30% off!

    Hey bvles, there is nothing wrong with your consumption. What you need to know is that, the shorter your trip the more rated miles vs actual miles you will use. The first 3-5 miles in an EV is spend on heating/cooling the vehicle interior, battery and motors, only after the first few miles you...
  15. Arpe

    Moving, driving 2,000 miles over the next 6 days. Any advice?

    Enjoy your trip! We just drove 1300 miles from Denmark to Croatia in 2 Teslas, no problems at all just a few traffic jams. Safe driving :cool:
  16. Arpe

    Why is Tesla limiting supercharging to 120kW in Europe?

    Hehe, it felt like many more in my head. I also count 11 through supercharge.info, but many constructions are underway :cool: Have you experienced slow V2 chargers?
  17. Arpe

    Why is Tesla limiting supercharging to 120kW in Europe?

    There is 20+ V3 superchargers in Europe.
  18. Arpe

    Why is Tesla limiting supercharging to 120kW in Europe?

    Most likely V2, so now Gustavo have made an article about this "problem" on InsideEVs: Tesla Is Limiting Supercharging To 120 kW In Europe, But Why?. Have anyone here actually experienced a V2 with a supposedly 150 kW only giving about 120 kW or less?
  19. Arpe

    AutoPilot dangerously veering back into overtaking lane midway through moving back into middle lane

    I am pretty sure this is a EU only problem. In Europe we have so many rules for "autonomous vehicles" that make them get more dangerous than safe. In EU a lane chance most not take more than 5 second (all included), if anything happens during the 5 second your vehicle are forced (by the EU) to...
  20. Arpe

    Fallout Shelter [game] issues

    We have been playing Fallout Shelter a lot in our Model 3 LR AWD. We haven't had any of the issue you mentioned. One time Spotify wouldn't turn off and kept playing on/off in the background. Other than that it has been pretty flawless for us. We are on 2020.28.1 at the moment.
  21. Arpe

    Tesla Removing Features...

    Tesla really need to up their game. These kind of stories is the reason why I haven't ordered FSD yet. I am too scared that they will just take it away from me or a future owner because it is difficult for me to prove. My dad got FSD but never received a text, receipt or anything. I am really...
  22. Arpe

    2020.8.3 Updating hitting now...

    Exactly the same story here. Seems like I have been waiting forever to move away from 2020.4.1. Teslafi shows that now less than 10% have the 2020.4.X versions. But with this virus thing it will be awhile before I can drive again... :(
  23. Arpe

    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    I think Throttle House have you covered: (at 4:32) Model Y will be the vehicle for you! Enjoy! :D
  24. Arpe

    Tesla Y & towing

    Model 3 tow hitch have been upgraded to 1.000 kg in Europe a few months ago. I do think Tesla would upgrade towing for the Model Y, hopefully in the 1.400 to 1.800 kg range.
  25. Arpe

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    It was just a picture I found while search for more pictures of the Model Y. I don't have access to anymore pictures. We have to be patient, hopefully deliveries will start soon :-)
  26. Arpe

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    This a picture of the well in the trunk of the Model Y, in addition to the first picture:
  27. Arpe

    Would you be comfortable buying an inventory car with over 1k-2k miles?

    I do not understand why we didn't go for an inventory or demo car. After 2 months, I have had over 50 people trying our new Model 3 so they know how the future looks like :-). If they took somewhat care of the inventory vehicle I see no problem in saving some cash and go for a marginally used...
  28. Arpe

    Headlights in France

    I never thought of that, quite interesting. If you need to adjust the headlights settings is in the service menu.
  29. Arpe

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - My Opinion

    I really hope Ford will be ready for the Mach-E, but it takes time. Here in Europe my dad have been driving the Renault Zoe since 2013 in Denmark. He tried to get it serviced in my hometown where my parents still lives, but they didn't know what an electric vehicle is. For the last 7 years he...
  30. Arpe

    Surprise surprise

    We got the same bug in our 5 day old Model 3. Happened twice so far. Edit: Software 2019.40.50.1
  31. Arpe

    2020 seats are different?

    Interesting, I haven't seen anyone talking about this. MotorTrend previously only had the very early Model 3, maybe it is just the "2017 to 2018" change of seat. Anyone knows for sure?
  32. Arpe

    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    I mapped my entire neighborhood to make Pokemon Go working. They haven't updated the game map for years, but OSM looks perfekt!
  33. Arpe

    Experiencing regenerative braking issues after 1 year

    It is called BRAKES. Regen changes energy from the speed into energy for the battery. Brakes changes energy from the speed into heat. Thus they will need to apply the brakes to make you feel like you are regen'ing above 90% change :).
  34. Arpe

    Winter issues, frozen windows, door locks, seals, etc.

    I agree set the charge to 50%, when batteries are transported/shipped for a long time, they are always set to 50% because that is best for the battery. Keep the car plugged in.
  35. Arpe

    Europe deliveries

    Metsz, don't panic. Tesla Sold 99% of their Model 3's in September. Very few models have been sold this October. But don't worry. Last night Vessel Grand Dahlia arrived in Zeebrugge with new Model 3's and Grand Pioneer is about 6 days from Europe. Both vessels have thousands of Model 3's with...
  36. Arpe

    Picked my car up from SC and now have no regen

    A full battery will give little to no regen. If battery get below 85% and still no regen there might be some trouble. You have of course checked the regen button on the display :-)
  37. Arpe

    Game Controller possibly wireless ?

    Same as mine! Was surprised it worked, but it certainly does :cool:
  38. Arpe

    Zero Inventory

    They have 1 for sale in Denmark, 9 yesterday and 15-25 vehicles for the last few days.
  39. Arpe

    First boatload of M3 to Europe

    Haven't heard of SR+ but a LR RWD is scheduled for my colleague this Wednesday in Copenhagen.
  40. Arpe

    Buy now or wait?

    Tesla is at a great pricing point at the moment, after changing the prices like every 7. day for a few months, it has now been a while since the last change. Base prices of: 39,500$ 49,500$ 59,500$ is beautifully balanced, the only reason for Tesla to change prices is demand. I think they will...
  41. Arpe

    Vehicle premium tax

    Please let us know what Tesla is saying to this. These discussions are all over the internet, i am not fully convinced what the right conclusion is yet :-)
  42. Arpe

    Model 3 LR RWD and AP

    It could be that $3k is higher cost for AP in the RWD than all the online configs. Standard+ gets AP for $2k, AWD for $1k and Performance for free compared to before AP was included. I would also like to have it confirmed we would really like a LR RWD either with or without AP, but not for $3k!
  43. Arpe

    Except for being electric is it really that good

    So, Ramona48, you had your Model 3 for some more days. What are your thoughts now?
  44. Arpe

    Is this the right car for me? Advice needed!

    You can start with this video: Surely it differs from vehicle to vehicle, but all the important things on a Tesla such as battery, motor and the drive train in general is incredible reliable. When you read negative articles about Tesla reliable it is normaly about very minor things like door...
  45. Arpe

    New car 35 miles Autopilot still can't turn on

    I think the calibration is faster if you find roads with good markings. My dads Model 3 was calibrated after just 10 miles on new danish highways. If it is not calibrated after 75-100 miles, a camera/radar might be broken og covered by something. If so contact Tesla to solve the issue.
  46. Arpe

    How many Teslas you see a day?

    Here in Denmark I see about 1 each day on my 40 mile round-trip. Haven't seen another Model 3 in the wild besides those at the store and my dads Tesla model 3. With about 500 Model 3's and 2500 Model S/X in the country it seems about right. A lot more model 3's are arriving these days! :D
  47. Arpe

    Any Model 3 Nürburgring Nordschleife numbers?

    Video is on YouTube now for easy access: (Start at 2:15)
  48. Arpe

    First boatload of M3 to Europe

    So first International ship in Q2 seems to be Glovis Sonic, First Q2 international shipment will be aboard the Glovis Sonic : teslamotors But this ship is going to Japan, anyone knows more about this?
  49. Arpe

    Any Model 3 Nürburgring Nordschleife numbers?

    So much traffic! Also seemed a little damped? - Should be possible to take about 30 secs of that time, we will see :cool: